11 best karaoke clubs in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

Many Muscovites prefer to spend time in karaoke clubs. To the choice of such an institution is worth to approach seriously enough. Practice shows that not all entertainment places meet customers’ requests. Let’s find out what to look for and which clubs are among the best karaoke clubs in the capital.

The most important criteria for selection include:

  1. atmosphere of the institution;
  2. attitude of the staff;
  3. room design;
  4. guest reviews;
  5. sound quality
  6. menu assortment
  7. choice of drinks;
  8. the cost of services;
  9. song selection;
  10. The availability of parking and separate rooms;
  11. show program.

Choosing clubs, we took into account these parameters and did not forget to specify the contacts of the best karaoke clubs in the capital.

Rating of the best karaoke clubs in Moscow

Nominationplacenameaverage bill
Rating of the best karaoke clubs in Moscow1Lounge Club Royal Arbat2 000 – 3 500€
2My Place Karaoke restaurant700 – 1500€
3Kadril2 500 – 5000€
4Empress Hall1 500 – 2 500€
5Arbat 13700 – 1500€
6Jimmy Poy2 500 – 5000€
7La La Fa700 – 1500€
8Pioneer700 – 1500€
9WINTAJ700 – 1500€
10STUDIO 461 500 – 2 500€
11AU-ROOM2 000 – 3 500€

Lounge Club Royal Arbat

Rating: 4.9

Lounge Club Royal Arbat.webp

The rating starts with the premium karaoke club which includes five zones including a common hall, three VIP-rooms and a lounge. The unique complex occupies more than 1,500 square meters. Royal Restaurant offers a unique design, delicious cuisine and perfect service. Rare reviews about boorish security guards and administrators. But customers praise the delicious food and a pleasant hookah.

The repertoire is quite large, from pop hits to rock, from chanson to classic songs of the past. For one visit will have to pay a minimum of 2500 rubles. Phone: +7495-787-7577. Address: Novy Arbat, 21. On Friday and Saturday the institution works from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., on other days – until 6 a.m.

My Place Karaoke restaurant

Rating: 4.8

My Place Karaoke restaurant

In My Race you want to come again and again. This place differs from the other participants of the rating with its comfortable location, special charm and style, polite staff and original entertainment program. This trendy place is located near the Novy Arbat subway station. Metro station Prospekt Mira. In the club you can order a banquet for 120 people, listen and sing your favorite songs. The cuisine of the restaurant offers dishes of three cuisines, including Japanese. They are all prepared by an experienced chef.

The catalog of songs is updated every month. It has both super-hits and popular hits. On Thursdays this place organizes romantic dinners with candles. There is a mobile app with a function of bonus accumulation. The average bill is 1500 rubles. Address: 42c2a Schepkina St., Gull Plaza first floor. Opening hours: Fri-Sat from dinnertime to 6am, on other days until 12am. Tel:.: +7495-1064055.


Rating: 4.8


The club “Kadril” is located on 7/5, Pushechnaya street. You can get to it from anywhere in the city. The institution belongs to the premium segment and has VIP-halls. In total, it has five rooms that can accommodate from 15 to 70 people. Each of the rooms has a unique design and excellent noise insulation. Thus, the cafe often hosts several events at a time.

The customers like the loyalty program, which provides a discount of five percent for the next visit starting from 2500 rubles. At the same time the first time you need to relax for 50 thousand rubles. This elite place can not be called super-expensive. Average bill – 2500 rubles. Serious attention is paid to the show program, from which visitors of the institution delight. Often in the “Cadril” you can meet popular personalities, who are involved in show business. Phone: +7495-744-3535. Hours: Every day from 21-00 to 06-00.

Empress Hall

Rating: 4.8

Empress Hall.webp

Next in the ranking is a banquet complex with karaoke club Empress Hall. This is a large-scale establishment, suitable for celebrations of any format. The guests note the soft lighting, pleasant environment, comfortable furniture and stylish tables that create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Here you can sing a desired hit to the accompaniment of professionals – guitarists, saxophonists. You only need to choose the most suitable room for the company.

In total, the complex has 10 spacious VIP-rooms, an Italian restaurant for 90 guests, Grand Hall, which seats 300 people. Visitors praise the exquisite delicacies and the availability of impressive discounts. The average bill: 2000-2500 rubles. Every day from 5 pm to 6 am. Address: 150, Mira Avenue, Cosmos Hotel. Tel.: +7495-213-8487.

Arbat 13

Rating: 4.7

Arbat 13.webp

Arbat 13 karaoke club is famous for its convenient location, reasonable prices and delicious food. You can sing any song here, even the newest. Guests found the atmosphere very cordial. Usually there are regulars who sing as well as popular stars. For those who are shy to sing in front of everyone, there is a separate room where you can sit with friends.

Most praise for the desserts, but some of the fish and vegetable dishes are far from ideal. The staff treats every visitor well. The average bill – 1500-1800 rubles. Address: Arbat, 13. +7495-695-7997. Opening hours: Monday through Thursday till 24-00, Friday through Saturday till 4 AM.

Jimmy Poy

Rating: 4.7

Jimmy Poy.webp

One of the most stylish karaoke in the capital is a club Jimmy Poy. Its interior is made in loft style and the space is divided into three areas – bar, main room with stage, separate VIP-room for 30 guests. Here you can hold a corporate party, have a dinner with your partner, celebrate your birthday or a hen night with your favorite songs.

Visitors say that the contingent of the club is very decent, the service is at the highest level, and the attitude of the staff is friendly. The prices of alcohol seemed overpriced to some. Somebody would like to see a dress code in the club, as some girls and guys come in jogging suits, shorts. Address: Lubyansky Proezd, 15\2. Tel:.: 8495-624-1003. Jimmy’s is open from 8 pm to 6 am.

La La Fa

Rating: 4.7

La La-Fa.webp

Next in the ranking is karaoke “La La Fa”. The club is chosen for the good sound, amazing presenters, decent service and kind personnel. Orders are submitted promptly. The restaurant stands out for its interesting interior design, large wine list and reasonable prices. Karaoke is organized well. There is a small stage and a few televisions inside. The sound is quite acceptable.

The set of songs is mediocre. The most popular songs in Russian and English are in it. The cuisine may seem a bit pricey, but exclusive dishes are served in large quantities. They are tasty and beautifully decorated, so they correspond to the declared price. Address: Big Putinkovsky lane, 5. Phone: +7495-920-3969. The institution is open from 9 am to 6 am.


Rating: 4.6


Club “Pioneer” can seat 70 people at a time. The minimum check – 1500 rubles. This is the price of admission and deposit. Visitors perform their favorite songs of all trends. In this institution, perhaps, one of the most extensive galleries of compositions. Guests emphasize the club’s pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. There are separate rooms where you can sing with your company.

It is noteworthy that the institution operates 24 hours a day. That is why people come here at any time of the day or night. Judging by the reviews, there is a delicious cuisine and good alcohol. Guests praise DJs who adjust the sound to each singer, but scolded the waiters for rudeness and cheating in the checks. There is a paid parking with security. Contacts: Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 10. Phone number: +7495-763-3002.


Rating: 4.6


Next in the ranking is a relatively inexpensive club where you can relax for 1500 rubles. According to Yandex, it is most often searched for by potential visitors on the Internet. Delicious cuisine and cozy atmosphere are optimally combined in this institution. The menu has a variety of directions, including Asian cuisine. The Serbian dishes are especially popular.

Guests are delighted with the vintage style interior. They like the songs of cover bands that perform live every night. Some people were not happy with the staff that organize the queue at karaoke. I end up singing once an hour, and that’s if I’m lucky. Sometimes waiters take a long time to serve food. Phone: +7495-796-5585. Location: Bolshaya Nikitinskaya 60, building 1.


Rating: 4.5

STUDIO 46.webp

The next best concert hall. Here is a great sound and a roomy room, which is suitable for the celebration of any celebration. Those who want privacy can go to a separate room with high sound insulation. There is a VIP-room with a special cozy atmosphere, a lounge zone for quiet romantic evenings.

Average bill starts from 1.5 thousand rubles. The menu has dishes prepared according to recipes of Italian and European cuisine. In the catalog of more than 60 thousand songs that are updated regularly. Everyone will find a song to his liking. The latest equipment allows you to sing a hit no worse than a professional artist. STUDIO 46 is located at Novoslobodskaya 46. To contact the administrator you can call +7495-970-4242. Working hours: Every day from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.


Rating: 4.5


At the end of the rating it is worth mentioning such an interesting place as AU-ROOM. It is famous for its moderate prices and twenty-four-hour operation. The minimum price for a night out is 1500 rubles. The institution works without weekends and breaks. Going into it in the morning, you can see a full room of guests. This is quite a popular club, chosen for its modern music library with a huge number of songs. You can also sing the classics.

Among the merits stand out excellent sound, which is achieved through the latest music equipment. Inside, there are comfortable couches and tables. There are 4 separate rooms in the club that can accommodate different number of guests. You can sing here as long as you want without being embarrassed by strangers or having to wait in line. Phone: +7495-182-3412. Address: 15, 3rd Street, Yamsky Prospect. On Thu, Fri and Sat the club is open until 6 am, on other days – until 11 pm.

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