11 best debit cards with cashback

Today modern banks offer an original service of cashback, which involves the return of funds after making purchases. Our experts have ranked the most popular debit cards, which guarantee a fixed percentage back to the account. Let’s learn more about banking services and the rules for using plastic.

How to choose a debit card with a cashback

When searching for the perfect bank card with decent cash back, it’s important to pay attention to certain parameters:

  1. Refund policy.Some banks transfer cashback (CB) in the form of bonuses, points or real money. You can spend them in specific shops.
  2. Exceptions. It is necessary to clarify at what operations cashback is not accrued. This can be an online casino, AC or Internet payment.
  3. Fee for use. Usually card with cash back has a fixed amount for the year, which does not depend on the amount of spending.
  4. Amount of refund. As practice shows, the card with a high percentage of cash back will not always be beneficial. Before choosing a product, you should understand the nature of your expenses and get acquainted with the rate for all categories.
  5. Additional services. It is good if the payment instrument implies the possibility of management through an application on a gadget.
  6. Interest Rate. You should pay attention to the terms of accumulation of money under the contract.

It is no secret that banking organizations in all ways lure clients with high CB. But behind the loud promises often hide hidden conditions and pitfalls. It remains to get acquainted with the participants of our rating and interesting offers of banks. When selecting products, we considered not only the simplicity of the terms and conditions, the profitability and accessibility of the plastic, but also online reviews.

11 best debit cards with cashback

The best debit cards with cashback in rubles1Tinkoff Black5.0
2Rocketbank, up to 10%4.9
3CASH BACK Alpha bank, up to 10%4.8
4MTS Money Weekend4.7
5Multicard from VTB4.6
Best debit cards with cashback in points1Sovcombank Halva, up to 12%4.9
2VISRAZU Raiffeisenbank4.8
3Home Credit, Poland4.7
4Yandex Money4.6
5Your cashback Promsvyazbank, up to 5%4.5
6Pyaterochka, Post Bank4.4

The best debit cards with cashback in rubles

This nomination includes payment instruments, cash back of which is accrued in Russian rubles.

Tinkoff Black

Rating: 5.0


The winner of various popular ratings more than once became a card Tinkoff Black with cashback up to 30%. Maximum percentage of refunds you can expect after shopping at partner stores. You can find the list of these categories on the web-site of the organization. Every quarter you can choose three categories to get a 5% cashback. CB pay back once in 4 weeks in the form of live money. Cost of service – 99 rubles. per month if the balance on the account is less than 30 thousand rubles.

Monthly accrue 6% per annum. The amount over 3000 p. Can be withdrawn in any automated machine. Informing in the form of messages is paid. It costs 59 rubles. It is optimal choice for those who want to get profitable cash back and interest rate.


  • largest cashback of 30%;
  • charging real money;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • optimal annual percentage.


  • 59 rubles per month for information in the form of sms;
  • monthly fee.

Rocketbank, up to 10%

Rating: 4.9


Rocketbank payment instrument is chosen for its free service, which does not depend on monthly purchases or balance. It is also convenient that the plastic can be brought by courier directly to your home at a convenient time. On all shopping 1% refund is accrued. Every 4 weeks you can choose three favorite categories, the cashback on which will be 3-10%.

The card has another advantage – the daily accrual of money at a rate of 5.5 percent per annum. It is possible to withdraw money five times in 30 days in any automated machine without any additional charges. It is allowed to open deposits through an individual account on the company’s resource. The program “Bring a friend” gives an opportunity to earn 500 rubles.


  • Opportunity to easily get 500 rubles;
  • A selection of favorite stores;
  • maintenance for free;
  • withdrawal of money without a commission;
  • delivery by courier;
  • 5.5% on the balance.


  • Limited withdrawal limits;
  • cashback withdrawal only after accumulating 3000 rubles.

CASH BACK Alfa Bank, up to 10%

Rating: 4.8


We couldn’t help but include a banking product that may be of interest to car owners. Alfa-Bank plastic gives up to 10% back for purchases at gas stations. Paying in cafes and restaurants, you can get back up to 5%.

The QB limit is two thousand rubles for 30 days. Thus for 4 weeks it is necessary to provide a turnover of means in the sum of at least 20 thousand roubles. Otherwise, there will be no refund. Maintenance for 365 days is 1900 rubles. Most cardholders consider this amount overpriced. To get a plastic, it is enough to leave an application on the official resource of the banking organization.


  • The ideal option for those who often fill up the car;
  • easy to get;
  • Contactless.


  • The high cost of service;
  • not accumulate more than 2 thousand rubles.

MTS Money Weekend

Rating: 4.7


The card from “MTS” is next in the ranking. Its annual possession costs from 299 rubles. This is probably the only disadvantage of plastic. Otherwise, there are no serious complaints about the product. Cashback is up to 10%, interest is received on the account balance. If the total cash turnover of more than 15 thousand rubles, the use of the card is free. SMS-notification will cost 708 rubles for 12 months.

CB pay weekly real money. Above average refund limit. It makes 3000 rubles. Customers choose the MTS card for the opportunity to apply through the site, Google Play and PayPass support, mobile application and online banking.

The merits

  • 5 percent on cafes, cabs and restaurants;
  • contactless payment;
  • Weekly payback in the form of cash.


  • Issue costs 299 rubles;
  • transfer from card to card with a fee.

Multicard from VTB

Rating: 4.6


If to spend from 15000 rubles per month, it is not necessary to pay for the card from “VTB”. Users choose it for the free informing by sms, they like the possibility to withdraw money from any software complex without interest. The amount of cashback is almost unlimited. It is allowed to adjust payment tool settings, change options at your discretion.

Cars and entertainment allow you to get back up to 10%, travel – up to 4%. Despite all the advantages of the product, the terms and conditions of the plastic are too confusing. A simple holder will need a lot of time to understand all the features of Multikart usage. Compared to other participants in the rating, the interest on the balance is too low. This card is suitable for those who spend more than 75000 per month.


  • high reliability of the bank;
  • Savings option;
  • Free withdrawal from any bank machines;
  • no charge for the service;
  • high threshold for accruing interest;
  • Up to 6% on the card balance.


  • ridiculous cacheback;
  • a lot of hidden conditions;
  • The best benefit at expenses from 75000 rubles.

Best debit cards with cashback in points

The second category contains cards, the percentage of return of which is expressed in points. Afterwards they are exchanged for rubles.

Sovcombank Halva, up to 12%

Rating: 4.9


The main task of the first participant of the category is to get an installment for the purchase of goods without paying interest. There are no hidden commissions in the credit agreement. This card can also be used as a debit card. It is necessary to replenish the account and purchase upgrades. The bank charges from 3 to 12 percent of the amount spent. The largest refund for 4 weeks – 5 thousand rubles. The money is transferred at the beginning of each month.

Starting from 2019, after purchases with the card “Halva” in Samsung and Arl stores accrue a cashback of 6 percent. The product is served free of charge. It is possible to connect sms-informing and control expenses in myAlpari for free. Enjoys the presence of the program “Bring a friend”, according to which you can get five hundred rubles to the account.


  • understandable conditions;
  • “Bring a friend” program;
  • year-round use without charge;
  • acceptable percentage of cashback;
  • The convenience of using the application and Internet banking.


  • refund up to 5 thousand rubles.

ALLSRAISE Raiffeisenbank

Rating: 4.8


The second place of the nomination belongs to an original product from Raiffeisenbank. Cashback is up to 3.9% on all purchases. Funds are credited in the form of points. 1 bonus is equal to 100 rubles. For new holders 1 point equals 50 rubles in the first 12 months. It is important to understand that unused bonuses burn out after 3 years.

It is possible to exchange cashback only for certificates. You can get acquainted with the list of stores on the bank’s official website. Accrual of bonuses in the form of a greeting, before the New Year’s Eve and on the date of birth is pleasant. As for the other terms of the debit card, the savings account accrues 5.5% per annum. Cash disbursement via its ATMs is commission-free. Holders are not satisfied with high cost of annual maintenance. It is 1490 rubles (for the second year).


  • Bonuses for holidays;
  • Raiffeisenbank ATM withdrawal fee-free;
  • 5.5 percent per year on the account balance.


  • Overpriced for the use of a year;
  • It is necessary to use the bonuses not to burn out.

Home Credit, Poland

Rating: 4.7


Card from “Home Credit” gives the opportunity to return up to five thousand rubles per month for purchases in public catering establishments and gas stations. When paying online, you can count on 10 percent. Refunds are made by the 15th day of each month.

The main difference of the product – the return of the percentage of payment for the Internet, taxes and insurance, cell phone and housing and communal services. The first year the plastic is served free of charge, and then it is necessary to pay 99 rubles. per month. This is the most serious disadvantage of Home Credit. To make the service free, you need to maintain a balance of 10 thousand rubles. In this case, the accrual percentage will be 7% per annum. The points are exchanged for rubles. They are credited in 7 days after purchase payment.


  • Five no-cost cash withdrawals in four weeks;
  • service with a balance of 10,000 rubles for free;
  • categories with increased cashback;
  • receipt of the card via courier delivery.


  • fee for a transfer to another card as much as 500 rubles.;
  • Few store partners.

Yandex Money

Rating: 4.6


The YAD card is ideally suited for those who regularly pay for purchases via the Internet. The plastic attracts low cost of service (per year, from 350 rubles) and successful conditions of return on interest. The only thing that discourages is a large fee for withdrawals from ATMs and transfers to other accounts. the card can be issued on the official resource of the bank.

For every fifth purchase, 5 percent is credited. Payments for utilities, internet or cell phone do not count. Cash back in the form of points can be used for purchasing goods in the shops-partners. 10,000 rubles can be withdrawn without a fee even at someone else’s ATMs. It is convenient to track your expenses and bonuses accrual via the app on your device or My Account on the website.


  • Convenience of application on your device;
  • Up to 10,000 withdrawals are royalty-free;
  • Suitable for those who receive funds to an electronic purse;
  • Instant replenishment from another card.


  • no free courier delivery;
  • Not more than two thousand points per month;
  • 3% of the withdrawal of money over 10000 rubles;
  • Large commission for transferring funds to another bank.

Your cashback Promsvyazbank, up to 5%

Rating: 4.5


The next line of the rating belongs to the debit card from Promsvyazbank. The plastic can be obtained from the courier directly at home. This is undoubtedly very convenient. The advantages of the card include the ability to recharge up to 150 thousand rubles. It is allowed to transfer money from the card to another organization provided that the transfer does not exceed 20 thousand rubles per month.

Cashback of 1 percent is credited for the entire shopping, 5 percent – for certain categories chosen by the card holder. The received points can be exchanged into rubles at a ratio of one to one. The amount that can be returned for a year, is 36000 rubles. Maintenance costs 149 rubles for 30 days.


  • Delivery by courier is free of charge;
  • Online registration;
  • supports contactless payments;
  • free cash withdrawal at many banks
  • 5% APR;
  • Availability of Internet banking and smartphone application.


  • if the account has less than 20 thousand rubles, they will charge 149 rubles per month;
  • Relatively low level of cashback;
  • 299 rubles for cash withdrawal at ATMs of third parties.

Pyaterochka, Post Bank

Rating: 4.4


The last place in the ranking is occupied by the debit card from “Posta bank”. This is a relatively new product that immediately interested the customers of “Pyaterochka” stores. The plastic card is free of charge and gives an opportunity to get back up to 2% in the chain’s stores for the amount in the receipt of 555 rubles and more. For the first shopping 250 rubles will be credited. The same amount is due to the birthday boy.

It is gratifying that other stores also charge 1% cashback from the purchase price. It’s a pity that the savings can be spent only at the cash register in Pyaterochka. The card takes about 5 minutes to be issued. It can be replenished through automated devices “VTB” and “Post Bank”.


  • There are different promotions all the time;
  • Fast execution;
  • easy refills;
  • no service charge.


  • It is possible to use bonuses only in Pyaterochka;
  • chargeable SMS-notification (49 rubles monthly in 2 months after use).
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