11 best bookstores in Moscow

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Even in the age of electronic gadgets, many people prefer the good, old-fashioned paper book, which is more pleasant and comfortable to read and hold in your hands. Strange as it may seem, the number of bookstores has been growing lately, and there are always enough visitors for the business to develop and flourish with confidence. We represent the 11 best bookstores in Moscow which offer the widest choice of literature, manuals, dictionaries, study materials for children of different ages, students and businessmen.

Rating of the best bookstores in Moscow

Nominationplaceproduct namerating
Rating of best bookstores in Moscow1Moscow5.0
2Read City4.9
4Moscow House of Book4.7
6The Republic4.5
8At the centaur’s4.3

rimus Versus



Rating: 5.0

  1. Site:
  2. Address: 3, Seidi str. Moscow, Tverskaya str. 8, p. 1

Well-known in the capital Moscow bookstore is the oldest, in the city it has been working for more than 60 years. Here you can buy collection books, works and collections of different genres, developing children’s and specialized literature for professionals in different spheres of life and business.

In addition to the direct sale of books, stationery and periodicals, in “Moscow” an active and interesting life is organized: literary meetings with authors, poets, exhibitions and presentations are regularly held in the store. Regularly scheduled events are attended by regulars and literature lovers. Immersion in the atmosphere provides a format of the conversation – the authors are in dialogue literally with each guest.

The site of the book store is also interesting: in addition to literature, stationery and student supplies, you can find interesting articles, essays, reviews of books, as well as learn about the latest books in the world of literature, recommendations by literary critics, interesting book selections for children to read, and much more. Booking of interesting goods with subsequent delivery or self-delivery is available.


  • Huge selection of books and collectibles;
  • Organization of literary meetings;
  • Delivery and self-delivery of goods;
  • Bonus program for regular customers;
  • Interesting selection of books and articles on the website of the store.


  • The only store in the capital without branches.


Rating: 4.9

  1. Site:chitai-

Offline and online store “Chitay-gorod” – one of the largest in Russia, including the size of retail departments and the number of submitted literature, including collectible books, gift editions and specific collections of encyclopedias, reference books, manuals, as well as stationery.

In “Chitay-gorod” you can choose a book in the store, and also arrange for self-delivery of goods and even their delivery to your home or work. Many books that are not on sale or are currently in stock, you can order, add to waiting list. By the way, the company’s warehouse is in Moscow, so for the residents of the capital delivery time to the store or to the house is minimal – 1-3 days.

In addition to books and stationery in “Chitay-gorod” a huge selection of products for needlework, options for gifts for various holidays, board games. The store regularly conducts actions, in separate showcases the “hot” offers, popular literature and novelties of book creation. Also the prices are pleasantly surprised, for regular customers is available customer card with a cumulative system of discounts.


  • 75 stores in the capital;
  • The widest choice of literature;
  • Books are available for delivery and pre-order from stock;
  • Discounts for regular customers;
  • Reasonable prices.


  • Not defined.


Rating: 4.8

  1. Site: bib
  2. o-
  3. Address: 3. Moscow, Myasnitskaya ul., d. 6/3, pp. 1.

The third largest store, Biblio-Globus, is a huge shopping mall in northeastern Moscow. Here you can find, perhaps, the widest range of literary editions of various kinds – more than 200 thousand titles, as well as stationery, antiques and collectibles, various options for gifts, souvenirs, goods for creativity and floristics, and even some food. Lovers of listening to the works will appreciate the big library of audiobooks on the site of the Internet store. To navigate in the vast halls of Biblio-Globus, customers are offered to use kiosk-navigators – convenient terminals in the pavilions. They work on the principle of searching for the right product by name or by category selection.

Along with literature and other goods Biblio-Globus offers sale of cinema tickets, theater tickets, even travel vouchers. Also at the site book reservations and delivery are available. From unusual services store managers offer the formation of private and office libraries, selection and packaging of gifts for individuals and corporate customers.

The store regularly conducts actions, offers club cards for customers, personal service.


  • Huge selection of books and other goods;
  • Convenient navigation in the halls;
  • Delivery, self-delivery of books and goods;
  • Customer service;
  • Useful Services.


  • The only store in town.

Moscow House of Book

Rating: 4.7

Moscow House of Books
  1. Website: mdk-

The 28 Moscow House of Books is one of the most visited bookstores in the capital; it was established with the support of the Department of Culture of Moscow. There is a wide choice of educational, classical literature and other genres, including non-standard ones – the shelves feature books and reference books on construction, physical and mathematical sciences, radioelectrics and other specific areas.

Home Books – a network of large stores with a range of more than 200000 titles, including antiques, collectibles and gift items, stationery and goods for creativity. All of them are available both from stock in the sales area and to order, including delivery. Interestingly, there is a 5% discount for students, Muscovites, and Moscow library card holders.

For lovers of literature, the Moscow House of Books organizes meetings with authors, presentations of book novelties, creative evenings. The site regularly publishes interesting articles, reviews, the magazine “Let’s read together. Navigator in the book world”.


  • 28 large stores all over the capital;
  • A lot of specialized literature;
  • Discount for Muscovites, students and visitors to libraries;
  • Literary cafe.


  • Not specified.


Rating: 4.6

  1. Site:

Several dozen stores and hundreds of points of sale in the Labyrinth store are the largest book chain in Russia. The retail outlets are relatively small; the company focuses on Internet orders. Nevertheless, the main genres and the most popular books are represented in stores, and at good prices. Often you can buy goods with good discounts – up to 65%! Good deals are available on the site before you go to buy a book or in retail outlets, where friendly supervisors can help you make your choice.

For regular customers in Labyrinth there is a 5% discount on the guest card, which is issued on the first purchase and immediately activated at the cash register.

An interesting difference between “Labyrinth” and other bookstores – is the opportunity for readers to earn money from feedback on the books they buy on the site.


  • The largest selection of literature, stationery, toys and other products in the online store;
  • Hundreds of points of issue all over Moscow;
  • Good discounts on goods;
  • Bonuses for reviews on the site.


  • Relatively small retail stores.


Rating: 4.5

  1. Site: respub

Respublika stores are huge department stores with several themed departments, one of which is a bookstore. The range consists of works of the main genres: business, classics, popular science and children’s books, textbooks, collections of atlases and encyclopedias, in total over 30000 titles in the department. You can buy them both in the stores themselves or on the site with delivery in the capital or Russia.

Regularly updated list of literature, which you can buy at a good discount. The store offers an interesting and useful gift idea – a subscription from the Republic for electronic or classic books at bargain prices!


  • A good selection of literature;
  • A lot of related products and gadgets;
  • Discounts on merchandise;
  • There is delivery and self-delivery.


  • Little specialized literature.


Rating: 4.4

  1. Website:
  2. Address: Khokhlovsky pereulok, 7-9, pg. 3.

Hyperion club-shop is known to all Moscow literature critics and fans of reading real paper editions. Although the area is small, only 100 square meters. m., On the shelves there is an impressive range of products: fiction books, popular science books, children’s books, as well as a variety of handmade goods from modern craftsmen, home baking, tea and coffee are offered, there is a bar. The club regularly holds various meetings with authors, creative evenings, film screenings, performances, lectures, master classes and exhibitions – the area with a stage can be used for any purpose and is available for rent. A room that can be used as a dressing room and storage space is provided for tenants and event organizers. Events can be recorded and broadcast using the book club equipment.

Hyperion is an iconic metropolitan spot, a creative space for the cultural projects of individual authors and communities. Well-known Moscow designers and sculptors took part in designing the space on a voluntary basis, and this defined the atmosphere of creativity, in which the club members and book buyers stay.

In 2012 Hyperion was awarded the title of “The Best Bookstore in Moscow.


  • The best bookstore in Moscow in 2012;
  • A unique selection of books;
  • Conducting a variety of thematic activities;
  • Technical equipment of the hall;
  • The unique atmosphere of the book club.


  • The choice of books is relatively small.

At the centaur

Rating: 4.3

At the centaur
  1. /kentavr
  2. Address: Miusskaya sq. 6, building 6, RGGU

A book shop is in the main building of the Russian State Humanities University. Store assortment is defined by its location – in the shop windows you can find mainly scientific literature, works of scientists, discoveries in the humanities. In addition to specific works in the windows there are also modern art books.

The shop cooperates with various editions, the key one being the Moscow-based Kuchkovo Pole, which specializes in memoirs, research, historical documents and monographs.

Shop “At the Centaur” does not have its own online store, find out about the presence of the books you need in social networks or by phone. Note that the range of publishing house “Kuchkovo field” is represented in the store as much as possible and is regularly updated. Prices for literature are optimal, periodic books can be purchased with a good discount.


  • A good shop specializing in humanities literature;
  • Regular updating of the assortment;
  • Holding themed events.


  • A limited range of genres.

rimus Versus

Rating: 4.2

Primus Versus
  1. Website:
  2. Address: ul. Pokrovka, d. 27

Primus Versus bookstore is an interesting place for fans of reading mostly modern literature of different genres. On a site it is possible to trace arrival of novelties, to familiarize with reviews of works. Primus Versus cooperates with authors and artists, there are exhibitions, presentations and book sales in the store. Administrators arrange interesting book selections every month, give recommendations when choosing literature according to reader’s preferences.

Versus Versus – atmospheric store. Books can be bought both from stock and to order, including delivery in Moscow and Russia. Prices are not the lowest, but for rare books and unpopular works – quite decent.


  • An interesting assortment of books;
  • Thematic selection of collections and works;
  • Lots of books about religion and humanities.


  • Not all genres are represented4
  • Prices are not the lowest in the segment.


Rating: 4.1

  1. Website: falanster.su
  2. Address: ul. 17 Tverskaya str

This unique in its kind bookstore offers mostly modern literature. Almost all of the latest creations of the authors, creating in our time, hit the shelves Phalanster. Despite the modest size of the store, the reader will find works of different genres. The store cooperates with most metropolitan publications, so many books are available to order in any quantity.

Customers note a wide range of books, low prices for the capital, friendly staff and perfect quietness in the sales area. Many readers become regular customers of Falanster. More recently, the store has opened a literature delivery. The disadvantages are only the complexity of the search for works on the site – there is no search line and a systematic menu, the mechanism of delivery has not yet debugged, but we are confident that in the near future it will be improved.


  • Large selection of literature;
  • Low prices;
  • Updates the assortment in accordance with the release of literary novelties;
  • Book delivery.


  • There is no systematic menu on the site;
  • The mechanism for processing online orders is not fine-tuned.


Rating: 4.0

  1. Website:
  2. Address: Pyatnitskiy lane, 8

Closes our review Tsiolkovsky bookstore, organized by the previously reviewed Falanster team and the Foundation for the Development of the Political Museum. It contains mostly scientific literature, philosophical works, historical works, and other interesting books. “Tsiolkovsky” is also a publishing house, that’s why the shelves also feature books from our own collections. Rare editions are available both from stock and with delivery in Russia and all over the world.

In addition to books in Tsiolkovsky you can buy gift certificates.


  • A wide choice of scientific literature;
  • our own publishing house;
  • worldwide delivery.


  • Mostly professional literature.
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