10 Best Restaurants in Ufa

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying the purchase must consult with a specialist.

In the rating of the best restaurants in Ufa we have collected popular establishments of various levels. They constantly delight guests and residents with excellent cuisine, high level of service and beauty of the interior.

Rating of the best restaurants in Ufa

Rating of the best restaurants in Ufa1Rossinsky5.0
2Sherlock Holmes4.9
5Mac Highlander4.6
7Meat Meat4.4
8Restaurant Azyk-Tulek4.3
9Balkan Grill4.2
10At the lake4.1


Rating: 5.0


Rating opens a status restaurant, located in the historical center of Ufa. It is famous for its excellent cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. The staff serves original and exquisite food that tastes great. Visitors are delighted with the interior of an old house, a varied menu, a pleasant stop. The guests are served by attentive and unobtrusive waiters, there is live music. There is a staff call button. There is a cigar room for men, which is the only one in Ufa.

Menu includes appetizers, bruschetta, salads, soups, pastas, hosperas, side dishes, desserts and ice-cream specialties. The duck breast and sea bass are especially popular. For dessert, you should get the caramelized pancakes. Bar list includes classical cocktails, beer from Rossinsky brewery, strong drinks. Tequila, gin, rum, cognac, homemade lemonades, freshly squeezed juices, dessert teas.

In our opinion, the prices here are of Moscow level. So we would recommend the restaurant to wealthy people and gourmets. Address: 3, Frunze str. Tsyurupy, 7. Phone: +7 (347) 295-95-05. Phone for delivery: +7 (347) 295-95-05. Opening hours: 12:00-00:00.

Sherlock Holmes

Rating: 4.9

Sherlock Holmes


We gave the second line of the rating to the restaurant “Sherlock Holmes” in Ufa. The restaurant occupies two floors, the first floor is usually cheerful and noisy, here they watch sports broadcasts, play darts. On the second – calm and quiet. The floor is suitable for banquets and negotiations. The atmosphere is like a classic English pub.

We agree with the residents of Ufa and think that “Sherlock Holmes” serves the most delicious steaks in town. The quality of meat here is excellent. Enjoys a wide range of specialty beers and big portions. The menu includes not only meat on coals. The restaurant often brings a Kamchatka crab. Average bill: 1500-2500 rubles.

Address: 3, Seidi str. Chernyshevsky, 75. Phone +7-347-293-45-30. Phone for delivery: +7-347-293-45-30. Opening hours: 12:00-23:00.


Rating: 4.8



Restaurant “Maximilian’s” has the most reviews from visitors. This place deserves its popularity thanks to reasonable prices, own brewery, high-quality German dishes and fun pastime.

“Maximilian’s” is a whole network of club restaurants operating in major cities of our country. There is always a cozy interior, live music and friendly atmosphere. The chef is a famous member of the association of European chefs Hans Voll. The restaurant owes it to specially developed menu in the traditions of Bavarian cuisine.

What’s interesting is that you can see the process of brewing beer with your own eyes. Foam beverage will always be fresh and delicious. The restaurant also includes a concert stage where popular show-business stars perform.

On the website of the institution you can sign up for e-mail mailing list and get discounts on the bill, concert tickets and admission to parties. Address: Ufa, ul. Mendeleeva Street, 137. Phone: +7 (347) 229-47-89. Phone for delivery: +7 (347) 229-47-89. Opening hours: 18:00-00:00.


Rating: 4.7


Lovers of exoticism will appreciate the restaurant “Indokitai. Here you can taste original dishes cooked on traditional Asian recipes. Admires the unique interior of the room in the Chinese style. You can order a separate room with curtains for the company. The menu at Indochina is strikingly unusual. Here you can find oyster eggs in oyster sauce, lotus root with bell peppers, fern with a mix of sesame seeds, young bamboo shoots with garlic. High prices are justified by hearty and large portions.

We want to note the colorful website of the restaurant with a user-friendly interface. All the pictures of the menu look very appetizing. Visitors recommend to try the spicy-sour soup. Those who are indifferent to Chinese cuisine should order dim sum with lamb and dill. They taste like dumplings.

Judging by the reviews, Indochina is clean, cozy, quiet, romantic. The staff is polite and courteous. There is no live music. Delivery around the city. True, the quality of food in the restaurant is much higher. We recommend to visit Indokitai for residents and guests of Ufa to enjoy the entourage and tasty food.Address: Ufa, Kommunisticheskaya str., 80. Phone: +7 (347) 246-16-46. Delivery: +7 (347) 246-92-92. The restaurant works from 12-00 to 02-00.

Mac Hylander

Rating: 4.6

Mac Highlander

The next line of the rating belongs to a well-known restaurant in Ufa “Mac Highlander. It has an unusual and inexpressible flavor. The interior is made in the style of far away Scotland. The waiters are dressed in national costumes. Plays appropriate background music.

The menu offers dishes of Scottish cuisine, wine and cigar lists. Barinoff brewery products are served. Prices at Mac Highlander are democratic. Average bill – 1500 rubles per person.

There are reviews about the rude waiters. Employees don’t respond immediately to customers’ requests. Praised for its amazing salads, tasty beer sausages, ice cream and cookies. The location of the restaurant is very convenient. Easy to get here by public transport. Address: Ufa, ul. Karla Marksa, 24/1. Phone: +7 (347) 272-83-83 Working hours: daily, 13:00-00:00.


Rating: 4.5


Continues the rating popular restaurant “Shchepka”, which will appeal to residents of Ufa, who prefer the Russian cuisine. In an inexpensive place you can sit with friends in the evening or have lunch in the afternoon.

“Sliver” – a great family option. There’s a kids menu. Adult visitors will enjoy burata with sweet tomatoes, country stew and ukha. Worth a try is the specialty posikunchiki – small fried pies with meat stuffing. There are daily specials. For example, a business lunch from 12 to 17 o’clock costs only 300 rubles for 3 courses. The children’s menu for kids under 7 years old is free on Saturday and Sunday.

It is worth considering that the restaurant is sometimes very crowded, and parking spaces for all is not enough. Address: Ufa, ul. Richard Zorge, 64. Phone for booking: +7 (919) 159-61-45. Phone for delivery: +7 (917) 746-06-47. Opening hours: 12:00-23:00.


Rating: 4.4



Ufa restaurant “Myaso Myaso” is located in a legendary place – in the House of merchant Sakharov. The institution is stylized epoch of the gold rush in America. The name speaks for itself. The restaurant is entirely devoted to “men’s” food. Meat is cooked here over a live fire, using a wood-burning stove. The bar has a unique collection of frothy drinks from our own brewery. The institution is located in the city center. It is suitable for business meetings and lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. TV shows the main sporting events.

The original interior of Meat Meat caught our attention. You want to consider each item here. Stylized design immerses you in a special atmosphere. Visitors recommend tasting the restaurant’s specialty cheeseburgers. They are juicy and nourishing. You can see it even in the menu photo on the website of the institution. In our opinion, the prices are quite consistent with the quality and weight of the food. Chicken wings with sauce costs 280 rubles (180 g), mushroom cream soup with croutons – 290 rubles (255 g), lamb shoulder from the oven – 590 rubles (210 g).

Reviews about the restaurant are quite controversial. There are some comments connected with long table service. Often the items on the menu are out of stock, and the waiters offer to order something else. Praise the polite staff, excellent service, large selection of beers and warm atmosphere. Address: Ufa, ul. Communist Party, 47. Phone: +73472465552. Opening time: from 12-00 to 02-00.

Azyk-Tulek restaurant

Rating: 4.3

Restaurant Azyk-Tulek


The main advantages of the next participant of the rating – a convenient location, the availability of several rooms for any number of guests, the use of natural and fresh products in cooking. With each purchase you get cashback on your loyalty card. The 15% discount is valid when ordering from 60000 rubles.

Visitors praise Bashkir cuisine in a new way, where horse meat tartar is cooked under the cheese mousse and chicken liver is served in a cherry glaze with seeds. However, not all dishes on the menu match the description. Prices here are moderate.

The polite staff and quiet atmosphere of the place are worth your attention. For those who want to sing live, karaoke room. Address: l. Karla Marks St, 3B, Ufa, Phone: +73472162168. Working time: from 12-00 to 23-00.

Balkan Grill

Rating: 4.2

Balkan Grill

Balkan Grill restaurant definitely deserves to be in the top list. Cooks from Serbia. And visitors can watch the process of creating culinary masterpieces. Good meat dishes cooked after proven national recipes. One portion is enough to satiate you. Dishes are delicious, fresh and nourishing. The atmosphere inside is calm and measured. This place is not for a cheerful noisy company. The atmosphere is more conducive to the company and a pleasant conversation.

Interesting deals and offers are always on offer. Birthday persons get up to 15% discount. It is valid for the birthday and for 6 days after it. If you order a meat plateau, you can get Serbian homemade wine as a gift. Only for 600 rubles a buffet from 7-00 to 10-00. Choice of a huge number of dishes with an unlimited number of servings.

We recommend to look closely to this institution for those who choose a place for a banquet. At Balkan Grill you can bring your own alcoholic drinks, juices, cake and fruits when ordering parties of 10 people or more. The minimum bill per person is 2500 rubles.

Judging by the reviews, sometimes the order is brought after a long time. For the rest of the serious complaints to the service is not available. Address: Ufa, Mendeleeva Street, 141/2. Phone: +79174520125. opening time: from 12:00 to 23:00.

At the lake

Rating: 4.1

At the lake

The last place in the rating we gave to the restaurant “At the lake”. This is the best choice for those who want to have a calm and peaceful time after a hard and stressful work. The establishment has a unique location and atmosphere. It is located in a picturesque park named after M. Gafuri. Cozy and spacious gazebo, warm colors, comfortable seats – what else do you need for a good rest??

Visitors enjoy Caucasian, Russian and European cuisine. Meat and fish are cooked on coals and in the oven. Specialties are pork leg, mutton shoulder, sturgeon, calf on a spit. For families with babies there is a children’s room. On the territory there is a zoo with exotic birds.

The establishment also offers fishermen’s houses with verandahs, pavilions for banquets. The guests are provided with gear. You can catch fish in a small lake and ask to cook it. The main disadvantages of the restaurant – overpriced, small portions, long waiting time order.

Address: Ufa, Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure. m. Gafuri, Ave. October, 77/2. Restaurant “At the lake” works on advance booking and pre-agreed menu. Phone: +7-919-600-16-26. Weekdays work mode: from 16-00 to 02-00. On Saturday 13-00, on Sunday 12-00.

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