10 best MTPL insurance companies in Novosibirsk

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

Despite the fact that the prices of MTPL policy are fixed by law, the cost of the service may vary from one insurance company to another. Reliability of the company and quality of customer service remain the main criteria for choosing the company.

Discover the best MTPL insurance companies in Novosibirsk. When choosing participants for the rating, we were guided by personal experience, opinion of car owners, information on the number of legal claims and the share of insurance payouts.

Rating of the best insurance companies in Novosibirsk

Rating of the best insurance companies in Novosibirsk1SOGAZ5.0
5Sovcombank Insurance4.6
7Renaissance Insurance4.4
8Zetta Insurance4.3
9Absolut Insurance4.2


Rating: 5.0


The first company in the rating shows the optimal ratio between the level of monetary compensation and the number of trials. Number of insurance reimbursements is about 68%. Percentage of claims – 0.03%.

Expert Ra rating agency gave the insurance company the AAA level, which indicates the stability of the organization on the Russian market. SOGAZ declared leader in 2019 in terms of premiums collected.

Contradictory reviews of the insurance company. Residents of Novosibirsk choose SOGAZ for decent compensation rates and meeting claims settlement deadlines. From the disadvantages noted large queues at the office. You can spend a whole day on drawing MTPL insurance. Phone: 8 (800) 333-08-88. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. 230/1 Frunze.


Rating: 4.9


Ugoria, Russia’s largest insurance company, is in second place in the rating. Main business line of the organization is motor insurance. In each office of Novosibirsk there are competent specialists who provide quality services for registration, prolongation and cancellation of MTPL policy.

Prices here are slightly lower than other insurance companies. Pleasant discounts are waiting for drivers with great experience and a good driving history.

Judging by the reviews, the amount of compensation in Yugoriya is not underestimated. Sometimes the payment is delayed for a long time. Customers complain about website malfunctions. Service often gives out an error. Support service works around the clock. Address: Novosibirsk, Chelyuskintsev 14/2. Phone: +73833280808.


Rating: 4.8


The honourable third place of the rating belongs to one of the most popular insurance companies “AlfaStrakhovanie. The company is chosen for prompt fulfillment of obligations and decent size of indemnities. Compensations are paid without unnecessary proceedings in court. Payout rate is 54%. I am happy to have a mobile app with additional discounts.

At drawing up an MTPL policy online, there may be difficulties. Service often generates errors, the minimum insured sum is calculated incorrectly.

Most claims prove that AlfaStrakhovanie meets its obligations. The staff is easy to reach. It’s a pity, that there are always long queues at Novosibirsk offices. You have to wait up to 3 hours. Phone number: 8 (800) 333-09-99. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. Ordzhonikidze, 38


Rating: 4.7


The universal insurance company founded in 1991 continues a rating. “RESO-Guarantee offers a wide range of services. The organization has many honorary awards and prizes.

Rating agency every year confirms the status of the company “exceptionally high level of reliability”. The number of payments of “RESO-Guarantee” is about 41%. Percentage of claims – 0,11 %.

It is easy and convenient to draw up a policy of MTPL insurance on the site. But if there is a mistake, one will have to go to the office to correct it. The agencies in Novosibirsk are competent and polite professionals. There are no claims from the insured to their work.

There are a lot of negative reviews in Internet which may cast doubts on the rightness of “RESO-Guarantee” choice. We think that bad comments are written on forums more often.

The only thing I would like to warn future policyholders is the incorrect operation of the site. The resource constantly hangs up at different stages of registration. After that you have to start the procedure all over again. Address: Novosibirsk, 19 Dimitrova ave. Phone: 8-800-234-18-02.

Sovcombank Insurance

Rating: 4.6

Sovcombank Insurance

The next position in the rating belongs to the insurance company Sovcombank Insurance. Organization considers documents quickly and compensates losses. The price of MTPL policy is much lower. Regular customers receive personal discounts. The percentage of lawsuits is 0.07%. The amount of refusals reaches 50%.

“Sovcombank Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in Novosibirsk. You can contact the support service at any time of the day and night. Specialists will answer any questions.

Unfortunately, in Novosibirsk opened only one office of Sovkombank. It may not be easy to get here. In addition, there are practically never free parking spaces. Phone: 8 (800) 100-21-00. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. 38, Revolution St.


Rating: 4.5


“Ingosstrakh” is a famous insurance company with a huge client base. The company offers all car owners pleasant bonuses. The company occupies a considerable percentage of the market. In 2019, the rate was 7%.

Probability to face Ingosstrakh in court is minimal. Payout rate is 49%. It is worth mentioning the good informational background around the firm and the absence of negative news about it. MTPL policy can be purchased online, providing details of the category of vehicle, number of drivers, driving experience and region.

Clients are dissatisfied with refusals of payments without good reason and understated indemnities under MTPL insurance. Company employees are not always ready to meet a client’s needs. Address: Krasny Prospect, 11/2. Phone: +7 (383) 230-25-30.

Renaissance Insurance

Rating: 4.4

Renaissance Insurance

The biggest plus of the next ranking participant is a handy site, working without technical errors. If the resources of other organizations can not make changes to the policy through a personal account, in Renaissance it is not a problem. Also on the site is easy to check PBM, extend and terminate the policy.

Payout rate is 52%. The percentage of claims is as high as 0.20%. It is worth noting that the company prefers to solve the dispute in favor of the client.

During the period of existence IC “Renaissance Insurance” has proved its reliability. The company tries to compensate for the damage with the repairing work, but not with money. Service centers work promptly and accurately.

From our personal experience we have seen that the amount of monetary compensation may be undervalued, and the period of payment is “extended”. It is worth noting that the hotline is quite hard to reach. Phone number: +7 (383) 335-81-00. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. Lenin Street, 52.

Zetta Insurance

Rating: 4.3

Zetta Insurance

Insurance company “Zetta Insurance” is in the leading positions in people’s ratings. Car owners choose the firm for the acceptable cost of MTPL policy, quality repair after an accident and decent payments.

We should note the competent support, working 24/7. In case of a positive decision, the insurer will reimburse the loss in money or offer to repair in a workshop. Compensation will cover the costs, and all damage to the car will be repaired in a quality.

The main drawbacks – more than 50 % of refusals from the total number of the claimed insured events and a high percentage of legal claims, which amounts to about 1.5. There may be problems with the “Zetta Insurance” website. It is impossible to correct the data in the Personal profile. Phone number: 8 (800) 700-77-07. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. 119, Zyryanovskaya Street.

Absolut Insurance

Rating: 4.2

Absolut Insurance

Insurance company “Absolut Insurance” continues to top the rating. The company carefully watches its reputation and strives to compensate for damage in time. But the time to consider an insured event is usually protracted.

We recommend you to apply for MTPL policy at the office, because the Internet service often generates an error. It is impossible to make an adjustment in the current contract on the site.

Insurance company prefers to offer car repair as a payout. There are complaints about the work of the service centers.

There is only one branch in Novosibirsk. It can be hard to get through. Phone number: 8 (800) 200-18-38. Address: Novosibirsk, ul. Maksim Gorky, 79.


Rating: 4.1


We gave the last place in the rating to VSK. Founded in 1992, it has since gained popularity among car owners. In 2020 the company was included in the Forbes list of “200 largest private companies in Russia.

The insurance company is famous for a prompt decision on the insured event. Losses are regulated within 5 days after the claim. You can get information about the status of the case right on the site is nice.

If you need to make changes, you will need to come to the branch of VSK. Usually there are long lines here. Many customers are not satisfied with the low amount of payments and difficult conditions for repairs in the service center offered.

There are 4 VSK branches in Novosibirsk. One of them is located at Novosibirsk, Gogol Str., 42. Gogolya Street, 42. Phone number: 8 (800) 775-15-75.

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