10 best Moscow barbershops

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a guide to purchase. You should consult with a specialist before buying.

Barbershop – a men’s club, which until recently, even women were not allowed into, and some establishments still adhere to this rule – only men can be in the institution. It has its “tricks”: all-male atmosphere, conversation, trappings, entertainment. The absence of women is crucial, including for some religions, but today such salons on the fingers count.

However, the barbershop is chosen not only for its atmosphere. It is important that the range of services for haircuts, styling and hair care is worthy, the approach to the client is comprehensive, and the result is enjoyable for men.

We have studied Moscow barbershops, investigated reviews, ratings, prices, range of services. On the basis of this data we made a rating, which includes the 10 best barbershops.

10 best barbershops in Moscow

10 best barbershops in Moscow1OLDBOY5.0
4Black Bone4.7


Rating: 5.0



Large international network of barbershops OLDBOY is presented in 11 countries of the world, in Moscow there are several dozens of men’s barbershops in all districts of the capital. The barbershops stick to the traditions of European barbering, the masters use traditional techniques of hair and beard care, make fashionable haircuts, trim and unconventional hairstyles, dangerous shaving. Men are helped to find their own style, to decide on the form of beard and haircut, to choose means of care. Let us mention additional useful procedures – gray hair camouflage, eyebrow correction, HAIR TATTOO.

The administrator offers coffee or tea to the clients while they are waiting for their masters. The waiting area and the room itself in each barbershop are decorated in a brutal style, creating a masculine atmosphere. In OLDBOY you can buy premium grooming cosmetics.

The network has its own online application, where you can sign up for procedures, choose the right salon.

Prices for the procedures correspond to the high class of barbershops – they are higher than average and are fully justified by the quality of the result and the atmosphere, which is one of the reasons to return to the OLDBOY again and again. For complex services or visits in the company of a friend or relative there are special offers – nice discounts.


  • haircut and hair and beard care;
  • Own store of cosmetics for men;
  • Online appointment application;
  • salons in all districts of Moscow;
  • Discounts for the complex procedures or group visits.


  • there is no single phone number to make an appointment – all bartenders have different numbers.


Rating: 4.9

  1. Website:
  2. Single phone number: +7 800 505-08-65

Borodach Barber Shagabarber is a federal chain of men’s barbershops, there are 50 of them in Moscow. You can find the nearest one and make an appointment by phone or through the mobile app of Borodach salons. Haircut, styling, trimming, hair and beard care, matching of style – the barbershops offer the whole range of popular services.

The barbershops interior is designed in the same style, creating a masculine atmosphere. Cozy atmosphere is created for men, in the waiting area you can play a game for free, drink coffee, tea or other drinks, look through a business or style magazine. Most of the barbershops have their own parking spaces for visitors coming by car which are free of charge for the clients.

Clients have an opportunity to buy cosmetics for hair care.

The Borodach chain has its own training center for barbers, who, after completing a course, can be employed by the chain. A special introductory course, “The Barber Profession,” is available for free to introduce yourself to the school. At the center you can get a profession from scratch, as well as improve professional skills of already experienced barbers.

Advantages of

  • 50 barbershops in Moscow;
  • The whole range of specialized services;
  • Sale of cosmetics for grooming;
  • free parking for customers;
  • entertainment in the waiting area.


  • are not defined.


Rating: 4.8



Professional men’s barbershop Shagabarber one of the few in our review is not a chain. All concentration of professionalism, quality of service is concentrated in the barbershop on Charles Street. Kozhevnicheskaya, 20a/1, near the metro station Kozhevnicheskaya. Poveletskaya. The guests of the salon can leave a car in the parking lot next to the salon, but sometimes you will have to look for a place to park – the place is very busy and the traffic is heavy.

Shagabarber Barber Shop is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Recording is often tight – you should book a place in advance, the barbershop is in demand among men. Barbershops straighten beard, make haircuts, grooming procedures. In the salon the brutal interior, masculine atmosphere, playing music, always interesting company.

Barbershop Shagabarber – an atmospheric place. In the salon there is an opportunity to learn the profession of men’s hairdresser. You can make an appointment online via social networks.


  • Reasonable prices for procedures;
  • barber training;
  • A full range of hairdressing services for men;
  • convenient location;
  • brutal atmosphere.


  • It is not always possible to park the car.

Black Bone

Rating: 4.7

Black Bone
  1. Website:
  2. Phone for an appointment +7 (906) 061-96-53

Black Bone Barber Shops is another federal chain of franchised men’s salons. Only one of them works in Krasnodar, the other 86 in Moscow. Note that the franchise is in demand, the network is steadily expanding. Why? – the rate is made on a high quality of service at affordable prices. In the salons you can get a haircut, beard, grooming procedures at a very low price. The price-quality ratio is responsible for the high demand for services, so the barbershops always have a tight booking. Reservations can be made by phone or online appointment.

Among the barbershop services are haircuts starting from 600 rubles, beard modelling, perilous shaving and waxing. Among the grooming procedures we note masks and patches, scrubbing. There are complex procedures, children’s haircuts.

In the waiting area at the barbershops Black Bone has a PS4 and a punching bag.


  • low prices for services;
  • 86 barbershops in Moscow;
  • A game console and a punching bag in the waiting area;
  • men’s interior;
  • discounts on complex services.


  • tight appointment.


Rating: 4.6

  1. Website: /msk
  2. Phone for an appointment +7 495 150 26 06

The federal network of barmeshops BOY CUT is presented in two countries and eight cities, but there are only three salons in Moscow. Men’s Hairdressing focuses on providing premium quality services for those who care about looking good. The owners do everything so that every willing man can easily get to the master: online appointment, mobile BARBER

UCK is the first Russian barbershop on wheels, convenient location in Moscow. Traditional methods of work with hair, including dangerous shaving, cosmetic care and selection of products for keeping beard and hair in a healthy condition, toning and cutting beards – all these services are provided in the salons BOY CUT. In the barbershops you can buy cosmetics for the care, developed in conjunction with the barbers, it is exclusive.

BOY CUT is written about by the Russian media, in 2014 the barbershops were added to the list of leisure places in Moscow according to Afisha.The Best”.


  • barbershops on wheels;
  • convenient location in Moscow;
  • premium quality service;
  • sale of cosmetics for care by BOY CUT.


  • high prices.


Rating: 4.5

</div><p>ITVA” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/43316666197781-1210.jpg” height=”180″ title=”<br />ITVA”></p><ol><li>Website:</li></ol><p>To make an appointment in the barbershop <br />ITVA online through a special application <br />ITVA, in the same choose a suitable branch in Moscow. The list of services includes haircuts, beard design, facials, nail work – in the barbershop you can literally “clean the feathers. And the level of the master – choose for yourself: “barber”, “top barber”, “brand-barber”. Prices for their services are respectively different, you can feel the status of a visit to the master “brand”, although the quality of service with all decent. The higher the status of the barber, the more his experience, and therefore the function, skill, less time is spent on the procedure.</p><p>Every tenth haircut at the barbershop is given as a gift, discount on first visit, students, waxing service for a review, bonuses for a friend and happy hours. Each haircut is covered by a warranty – if you do not like the result, no money is taken, although there are no negative reviews, all clients leave satisfied and come back again.</p><p>The peculiarity of barbershops <br />ITVA – location in residential areas, where the services of men’s hairdressing salons are mostly of insufficient quality. The chain salons operates a beauty studio SODA.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>choice of class of the master;</li><li>Haircut and hair and beard care;</li><li>Convenient location in residential neighborhoods;</li><li>guarantees of results;</li><li>a lot of special offers and bonuses.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>are not defined.</li></ul><h3>BARBARELLA</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=BARBARELLA
  1. Website: barbarella.moscow
  2. Address: ul.Bolshaya Yakimanka 38a
  3. Phone for an appointment: +7 495 180-48-42

BARBARELLA barbershops are a special kind of barbershop for men. They employ only women who skilfully use scissors and razors, make haircuts and trim, trim, take care of the hair and beard of the clients. The idea of such a barbershop is to show women’s views on male attractiveness.

Barbershop masters have different levels of professionalism: a regular barber, a senior and a top barber. They differ in skill level and experience, respectively, the master of a higher category usually has less time to work.

In the barbershop masters-girls help men not just to arrange the hair, they help to find an individual style for each client. They understand the current trends in the world of haircuts and beard work. And also it helps to choose professional cosmetics for hair care – it is presented in the salon and can be bought in the shop.

The atmosphere in the barbershop, besides people, is created by art-space, which was created by Moscow artists, sculptors and restorers. The interior is full of art, vintage accessories. What is important, all items are clean, there are no layers of dust on the decor. There is a bookcrossing, where you can take any book to read, as in the library.

You can make an appointment in the barbershop through a mobile app or online. By calling the administrator by phone you can get a free parking place for the duration of your visit at the barbershop. The salon has a professional coffee machine, any client can treat himself to delicious coffee or tea, as well as stronger drinks. Prices for services above average, when buying a complex service you can get a discount, the bonus is entitled to those who came along with his father or son, a good discount given on the day of birth and a review on Yandex and Google.


  • there are gift certificates;
  • The choice of the level of skill of the barber;
  • All masters – girls;
  • free parking for customers;
  • coffee and drinks.


  • High prices for services appropriate to the class of the establishment.


Rating: 4.3

  1. Website: b-
  2. Phone for an appointment +7499 686-11-24

There are 5 Frant barmeshops in Moscow: on Taganskaya, Meshchanskaya, 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya, Lusinovskaya Street and Bolshoi Tishinsky Lane. The barbershops have been around for several years, during which time the team has managed to become famous for the excellent quality of services and service. New guests often come by word of mouth, which is a great indicator of success.

One of the rules that the administration of the barbershop adheres to – the timely updating of services to adapt the work of the barbershop to the modern trends of world barbering. Partly that’s why Frant’s frequent guests are famous people and artists: musicians, artists, showbiz personalities, athletes.

The barbershop offers the whole range of hairdressing services from haircuts to care and sale of professional cosmetics. To become a client of the salon you can register in a mobile app or online on the website. Information about services, costs, available dates and places to visit is also available there.


  • Five barbershops in Moscow;
  • high quality services;
  • Famous barbershop in celebrity circles;
  • mobile app;
  • Sale of professional hair and skin care cosmetics.


  • high prices.


Rating: 4.2

  1. Website: chopchop.me
  2. Phone for registration +7 495 150-02-82

Barbershop CHOP-CHOP – one of the largest international networks of barbershops, focused on serving men. It is chosen by men of all ages and statuses from students to Forbes list representatives. In the capital of Russia, in the heart of it, there are 5 barshops chain, to find the nearest you can make an online appointment on the website or in the application.

The list of services for men in CHOP-CHOP barshops is extensive: haircuts hand or machine for men and boys, beard and mustache design, close shave, styling, manicure and pedicure. Prices are average in the segment; however, a visit to CHOP-CHOP is not cheap.

At barbershops, barbers help men find their own style, hairstyle and beard shape. Often in the studios work photographers, you can get into a fashion lookbook.


  • barbershops in the center of Moscow;
  • Assistance in choosing a haircut and beard;
  • Shooting lookbooks;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • barbers dispose of all customers.


  • are not defined.


Rating: 4.1

  1. Website:
  2. Phone for an appointment: +7800200-44-20

The leader in the number of barbershops of one network in Moscow is TOPGUN, there are 135 barbershops for men in the city.

Signing up through the application is not only convenient and allows to find the nearest barbershop, but also gives an interesting cashback. You can choose a service there and read the prices. Among them are men’s and children’s machine and hand haircuts, beard modeling and correction, traditional shaving, hair styling, gray camouflage, hair removal with wax, various masks, branded patches TOPGUN BY ANSA

  • GY. There is a service of premium scalp washing, facials. The treatments are given by masters of different levels – barber, PRO and TOP. Prices for their services differ slightly.

    TOPGUN barbershops has a unique service – men’s haircut for women FADE. Hairdressing is performed according to the men’s technique based on fade with a smooth transition from bare skin on the neck to 6 mm on the nape of the neck and temples. There are also two times of head washing: before and after the haircut. This service may not be available in all chain barns, it is better to clarify the information with the administrator before making an appointment.

    One more interesting chip of the network – possibility to get GARMIN watches with your haircuts paid, which can be a great present for yourself or for a friend. By the way, there are gift certificates in hairdressing salons, too.

    TOPGUN network has its own school of barber training, it is one of the largest in Russia.


    • The largest chain of barbershops in Russia;
    • different bonus programs;
    • A variety of men’s haircuts, their selection;
    • Sale of hair cosmetics;
    • Men’s haircut for women;
    • mobile app for appointment.


    • are not defined.
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