10 Best Laser Vision Correction Clinics in Moscow

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

Laser correction is a quick, painless and, most importantly, effective procedure for improving vision functions. In contrast to conventional surgery, no contact of the instruments with the eyes is possible. Manipulations are performed with a beam-blade. We have chosen 10 best clinics for laser vision correction in Moscow with modern equipment, qualified specialists and reasonable prices.

Considering individual peculiarities of the eye apparatus, we have tried to select clinics with different types and methods of laser correction. Also we were guided by the reviews and evaluations of patients who have already undergone non-contact treatment.

10 Best Laser Vision Correction Clinics in Moscow

Top 10 laser eye correction clinics in Moscow1Excimer5.0
2FGATI National Research and Technology Center Eye Microsurgery named after S.N. Fedorov. acad. s. n. Fedorova4.9
33Z Clinic4.8
4“Sphere” by Professor Eskina4.7
5Spectrum Ophthalmic Clinic4.6
7Eye Clinic of Doctor Belikova4.4
8Eye Microsurgery Center Consilium4.3
9Novyi Vzglyad Clinic4.2
10Professor Trubilin Family Eye Clinic4.1


Rating: 5.0


The clinic takes the first place in our rating for the best price-quality ratio. Has been in operation since 1997. There are branches in many Russian cities. Provides a large package of ophthalmic services. Here you can correct vision, get rid of glasses or lenses for various diseases: myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia. Children’s Department.

High-tech equipment and modern types of laser – Femto-LASIK and LASIK – are used for the procedure. Femtosecond method leads the world. Allows treating with high precision of the cornea and cataract without a scalpel. Our consultations are conducted by ophthalmologists with extensive experience in practice and science. The cost depends on the chosen method and category of complexity. Starts at 21,000 rubles. With a discount card there is a discount. There are periodic promotions, such as free diagnostics and tests.

From the reviews we got to know that the attitude towards the patients is friendly, the specialists work on the highest level, they do not charge for any additional services. The only disadvantage is that expenses for further rehabilitation are not included in the initial work plan. More than one visit to a doctor. However, patients are warned about it.

Located at: 7 Verkhnyaya Str. 3, Marxistskaya str. 1. Tel.: +7 (495) 241-47-13. Operate on a daily basis.

Scientific and Research Center for Eye Microsurgery after I.I. Mechnikov Federal State Institution. acad. s. n. Fedorova

Rating: 4.9

The Federal State Institution

The Interbranch Scientific and Technical Complex was founded in 1986. Has earned an excellent reputation over time. The main goal of the center is to find and quickly implement the best methods of diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases not only in the capital, but also in other regions. And they did it. Today the clinic has several large branches all over Russia. Millions of patients have been spared from wearing glasses, including citizens of other countries. This is confirmed by reviews.

High-tech equipment corresponding to international standards is used here. Experienced doctors of various specialties in one place, which is very convenient. The advantage of the center is the use of almost all types of laser: LASIK, Femto-LASIK, ReLEx SMILE, PRK. It is possible to choose the best and safest way of treatment taking into account the peculiarities of your visual apparatus. There is a department for adults as well as children from birth to 18 years.

Services are provided at the expense of the MHI fund and for a fee. The list of free services can be found on the website: . Located at: Beskudnikovskiy Blvd., 59a. Tel:.: +7 (499) 906-50-01. Weekends: Sat., al. Hotel, cab and café are available for out-of-town patients.

Clinic 3Z

Rating: 4.8

3Z Clinic

The federal network “3Z” is in the top three clinics that offer a full package of services to improve vision functions, including a special method of strengthening the cornea – cross linking. There is a children’s ophthalmology department. Modern laser types are used for treatment of different eye diseases: Relex Smile and budget FLEx, LASIK and Super LASIK, PRK (laser assisted laser removal). The treatment is performed on German equipment. Our patients are attended by specialists who have been specially trained to work with different methods of laser correction.

The cost of services starts at 28000 rubles. One can say it is above average in Moscow. Some procedures using the latest minimally invasive technologies start from 100 thousand rubles. There are also long waiting lists and impossibility to get through on the phone. On the one hand, this indicates the popularity of the clinic, but on the other hand, it affects the final assessment of the patients.

The clinic is located in Moscow. Address: 3, Boris Galushkin Street, Moscow. Tel:.: 8 (800) 250-33-30. Open daily.

“Professor Eskina’s Sphere

Rating: 4.7

In operation since 1996. Equipped with the latest certified equipment. Professor Eskina is the only surgeon in Russia who is an expert in laser equipment and has the right to train other specialists in Russia and in Europe. The clinic treats tens of thousands of patients with eye diseases of varying complexity. Many are completely free from wearing glasses or lenses.

Individual approach for every patient. Before the procedure we provide comprehensive diagnostics. It costs 5800 rubles (Moscow average). Then the safest type of laser is chosen according to the findings. The clinic gives a guarantee. The recovery time is from 2 hours to 4 days. Discounts for pensioners and other persons on benefits are often available. There is a children’s department.

From the reviews, we learned that the staff is responsive and friendly. Specialists know their business, ready to help in any situation. The operations are very fast – 2-3 hours on average. It doesn’t take long to get prepared. The disadvantages include close quarters. You should also be aware that the selection of both children’s and adult eyeglasses is not included in the comprehensive diagnostic procedure. Although the reception can say the opposite.

Address: 3Z Clinic, Pushkinskaya str. 6 Starokachalovskaya St. Tel:.: +7 (495) 846-21-24. Operates on a daily basis.

Spectrum Eye Clinic

Rating: 4.6

Spectrum Ophthalmology Clinic

Continues the ranking of the center that provides care in all areas of ophthalmology. They include popular laser correction of vision with ReLEx SMILE, Femto LASIK and PRK methods. To find out which laser is optimal for the patient the following diagnostics is performed. Doctors of different specializations are practicing in one place: ophthalmologist, orthokeratologist and two leading ophthalmosurgeons of Russia Kozhukhov Arseniy and Unguryanov Oleg. They are the founders of the clinic.

The cost of examination and correction depend on the complexity of disease. We can say that the pricing policy is below average. For example, photorefractive keratectomy, which is performed on eyes with thin cornea or other anatomical features, costs 47000 (both eyes). While the previous nominees in the rating – from 50000 rubles. Interest-free payment plans. Discounts for disabled persons and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Patients note the high quality of the service, friendly attitude and short waiting time. Located at: Prospekt Av. Address: 12 Birch Grove Street, Yerevan. Tel:.: +7 (495) 241-66-11. Every day from 10.00 to 18.00.


Rating: 4.5


Relatively young eye clinic. In operation since 2015 and in that time has earned the trust of patients. Equipped with innovative ophthalmological equipment. Provides full examination and treatment of the organs of vision in both adults and children. Modern methods allow us to take patients even with the most complicated cases. Reception is conducted by doctors of different directions with work experience not less than 10 years. They regularly improve their professional level, participating in competitions in Russia and abroad.

Most of the reviews are connected with the night vision lenses, because it is one of the main directions of the clinic’s activity. The cost of full examination before procedures starts from 4900 rubles. Same as in the other centers. Overall, this is a good place for vision restoration with a personalized approach to the patient and 24/7 support.

Address: 1st Nagatinsky Ave., 11, bldg. 1. Tel:.: +7 (499) 944-03-03. Works every day from 10.00 to 19.00.

The eye clinic of Dr. Belikova

Rating: 4.4

Dr. Belikova Eye Clinic

Founder – Elena Ivanovna Belikova. Member of the General Council of “Business Russia” and the society of refractive and cataract surgeons. The main objective of the center: to improve the patient’s vision, therefore, improve his or her life. Head of the clinic is personally responsible for all stages of treatment. The excimer laser used here has a high precision and smooth effect. The procedure takes less than two minutes. There are no contraindications to doing routine activities the next day. Services for examination and treatment of children from 6 months.

Complex eye diagnostics – 4000-5000 rub. The cost of the complete treatment program depends on the chosen laser type. The most popular and safe LASIK method costs about 40000 rub. It is more expensive than other similar offerings. However, observation by doctors after surgery for a month is free. Whereas in other clinics additional expenses will be needed.

We have not found any other serious defects. Unsuccessful location of the main office at 26 Budyonnogo Prospekt, Bldg. 2. From the subway more than 1 km. There is a branch at: 3, Seidi str. Poklonnaya, 6. Tel.: +7 (495) 108-45-48. Open every day.

Eye Microsurgery Center Consilium

Rating: 4.3

Eye Microsurgery Center Consilium

Been in business since 1994. Part of the largest network of eye clinics. Has 12 centers in different Russian cities, including Moscow. Provides services for adults and children from 6 years of age. Provides primary diagnosis, complete treatment and prevention of eye diseases: cataract, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

This procedure uses a high-precision excimer laser from Alcon, the world’s largest company. Different methods Lasik, Super Lasik or PRK are used depending on the individual peculiarities of each patient. This makes the procedure safe and effective. Support and counseling after surgery.

The users are satisfied with the quality of the specialists’ work, and most importantly, with the result. Lowered estimate due to the reception staff, which is still the “face” of the clinic. And also because of the too long waiting time for surgery.

Address: Moscow Region, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Balashikha, mcrt. Olgino str. Main, 7 corp. 1. Tel:.: +7 (498) 66-44-900. Working schedule: daily.

New Look Clinic

Rating: 4.2

New View Clinic

The Moscow Research Center opened its doors in 1996. Laser vision correction has since become the leading activity of the institution. Accepts patients of all ages. Clients of the clinic were famous singers, showmen, actresses, presenters. Specialists have been trained at the best ophthalmology institutes, and received surgical training in Great Britain and Germany.

Practically the only nominee in our rating that uses LASIK 3D technology. In contrast to the traditional method, creates a less thin flap with a special laser blade. Irreplaceable in non-standard, one might say, in delicate cases. Novy Vzglyad is also famous for its good hospital, which is located on the basis of MEDSI hospital.

The lack of a separate branch for children is considered a significant drawback that influenced the overall rating. There is a rush and a queue in the corridors. Although the surgery itself does not have to wait long. The price policy is similar to other offers.

Address: Chapaevsky lane, 6, Poklonnaya str.3, Triumph Palace Residential Complex. Tel:.: +7 (495) 412-20-01. No days off.

The clinic of family ophthalmology of Professor Trubilin

Rating: 4.1

The clinic of family ophthalmology of Professor Trubilin

Our rating is completed by the new generation center, which employs the whole family and the best specialists in different areas. Regular invitations of our staff to international surgery sessions testify to our recognition abroad. Modern equipment from leading manufacturers is used in our work.

Adults and the very young are admitted. Perform operations of any complexity. Great attention is paid to family treatment because of the structural specification of the center. There is a 50% discount for primary diagnostics of eyesight of relatives or friends of current patients. There are discounts on the reception of children’s ophthalmologist on certain days, as well as for disabled veterans and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Generally, our pricing policy is more than loyal.

The disadvantages of the clinic that lowered its rating are bad-tempered employees at the reception and inconsistency of prices on the website and in the contract. For the latter, it should be noted that the final cost depends on the chosen doctor. Consultations with Prof. and k.m.n. significantly different.

Located at: ul. The Clinic at 2, building 2, marshala Rybalko St., Bld. 6. Tel.: 8 (495) 126-71-66. Work without days off.

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