10 best food delivery services in Saratov

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

The modern man in the frantic pace of life does not always have time to do household chores, especially cooking, eating, eating and cooking. That’s why food delivery service has been so popular lately. People turn to the service not only to get a bite to eat during the lunch break, but also to surprise guests with exquisite dishes that are difficult to prepare at home. Companies offer a variety of menus that include international cuisine from around the world. Gourmands can choose exotic delicacies, people who prefer the usual foods – pizza, rolls, sushi, fast food.

No one wants to waste time and learn from their own mistakes. This also applies to choosing a caterer. To match expectations with reality, and to avoid disappointment, we have compiled a rating of food delivery services in Saratov, which, according to the reviews of real customers are the best in their segment.

Rating of the best food delivery services in Saratov

Nominationplacedelivery servicerating
Rating of the best food delivery services in Saratov1I WANT TO EAT5.0
6izola BBQ Bar4.5
7Dodo Pizza4.4


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 5.0


First place goes to a service that combines restaurants and cafes in a single service and delivers ready-made food from any selected food outlet. The menu always has more than 100 items. Here everyone will find food to suit individual needs. Fast food lovers will deliver burgers and sandwiches, pizza lovers can enjoy a hot and delicious meal prepared by the best pizzaiolo Saratov in a short period of time. Those who appreciate more refined viands will not go hungry either.

People turn to the company when they just want to have a bite to eat, organize a corporate meeting or a grand celebration at home, in the countryside or at the office. Food is packaged in such a way that its appearance will not change even when transported over long distances. Customers get the most cold or the most hot dishes, depending on the recipe.

A nice bonus is the accumulation of points, which can later be used to pay for the meal. When registering for “Saratov.I want-to-eat.Welcome 200 rubles are accrued to the “rf”. The undoubted advantage of this service is that you can order any food products at the same time with a ready meal. Contact phone number: 8800100 75 23.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.9


The second in the ranking is a service that for several years, pleases Saratov citizens and visitors with quality and affordable service. It takes a maximum of 1.5 hours from call to delivery to the address. According to statistics, the food reaches the addressee in 10-15 minutes in the central districts. Well-established service attracts more and more new customers. Free delivery for orders over 500 p. From the menu you can choose rolls fried, baked, thin, sushi, uramaki, futomaki, snacks and nuggets.

The main principle of the chef is no preserves and frozen semi-finished products. After ordering, the team begins to prepare meals using only fresh products. Payment can be made in any way. This can be cash or a bank card. Courier comes to the customer with a portable terminal.

Sets are especially in demand. So, the dish weighing 1,050 g costs 599 rubles. A set of 10 dishes with the total weight of 2 kg will cost 1499 rubles. According to reviews, there were no complaints about time, appearance or quality of food. Couriers are polite and always have money for change. If you want to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, then please call us at: +7 8452 707578.


Delivery service rating (Saratov): 4.8


Bronze of the rating – the service, which is in demand among fans of a tasty and nourishing snack with rolls, sushi and pizza. The site is very simple and clear. All information is present, so there will be no difficulties in choosing and ordering. Due to the fact that several establishments operate in different areas, there is no load on the kitchen and delivery is made from the point closest to the recipient.

Procurement and brewing processes are tightly controlled. All ingredients are fresh, sanitary requirements are met. Transport uses our own fleet of new vehicles, which deliver both corporate and individual orders in individual containers, preserving as much as possible the quality of the food.

Among the most frequently ordered items: fried rolls, cheese sticks and balls, seafood fettuccini, udon with pork, Caesar salad with shrimp, tahtan with chicken. Promotions give you the opportunity to buy additional products for free or at a reduced price. Regular customers like the big choice of pizza and rolls, which are suitable for gourmets, seafood lovers and vegetarians. The operator takes requests by phone: 8 8452 469459.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.7


The fourth place of the rating is given to the service of well-known beer restaurant, the menu of which includes German, Bavarian, Russian and European cuisine. The food is prepared exclusively according to traditional recipes. These are appetizers, salads, sausages, meat and fish delicacies, seafood, grilled, burgers. Delicacies from Klausberg are often ordered for foreign guests from Germany, who are pleasantly surprised by the taste, aroma and appearance.

Delivery is from 10 a.m. till 00 a.m.00, on Friday – until 02.00. For special events you can personally visit the restaurant and choose fish and meat from the icebox, from which the delicacies will be cooked afterwards. Our own brewery is the largest in Saratov. Craft beer is brewed according to the old recipe. If ordered by the customer, the courier will bring ice and fill portable refrigerators.

The minimum amount of the check – 500 rubles. Free delivery of food within 1 hour after the call. Customers like the fact that you can buy ready-made meals, as well as semi-finished products, which can be cooked on their own at any time. Address: Saratov. Saratov, Rakhova 26/40. Phone: +7 8452 93 00 93.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov) 4.6


A company that delivers European and Georgian dishes, Ossetian pies and many other tasty and appetizing delicacies at any time of the day or night is in the top five. This place has been working for more than 15 years. During this time guests appreciated the high quality of food and began not only to visit the restaurant, but also order it at home and office. Menu is wide, with 145 titles. Not only meat-eaters, but also vegetarians are satisfied.

Dishes from children’s menu, homemade pastry, desserts and drinks are included in the request. Special thermocontainers maintain ideal temperatures, even when transported to remote areas. Cold snacks and drinks will not be heated, as they will be in appropriate packages. The minimum order amount is 1,000 rubles.

Regular customers rate the service at the highest mark. Order is brought just in time. Delicacies for celebrations will keep their original presentation, you will only have to unpack them and serve the table. The company works with organizations, delivering business lunches. The website is very simple and accessible. Each item comes with a picture and description of ingredients. The restaurant is located at 1 Izobilniy passage, 55. The operator takes calls at 68 22 66 from 10 am to 10 pm.

izola BBQ Bar

Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.5

</div><p>izola BBQ Bar” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/8261666197311-510.jpg” title=”<br />izola BBQ Bar”></p><p>Sixth place in the ranking is the service that delivers all the dishes from the steak burger bar menu. Our chef has got an irreproachable reputation. It cooks food comparable to haute cuisine: steaks of marbled beef of different grilling, meat burgers, kebabs, carpaccio, tartare, grilled vegetables, seafood delicacies and much more. Signature soups are a gastronomic delight. There are 19 kinds of sauces on the menu!</p><p>When you order at home or work, all food is delivered flawlessly and at the same cooking temperature. It is offered to include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: homemade lemonades, beer, juices, mineral water, wine, champagne, liqueurs. Delivery is carried out by cars with the institution logo. You can pay by cash, through a mobile terminal or on the website after checkout.</p><p>The company operates twenty-four hours a day. Product prices are above average. But this is explained by the use of only high quality, fresh and natural products. Meat lovers are glad that you can order your favorite delicacies at any time in the city. Address of the institution: g. Saratov, ul. Kutyakova, 12A. You can make a request or verify details by phone: 8 8452 93 93 11.</p><h3>Dodo Pizza</h3><p>Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.4</p><div style=Dodo Pizza

Seventh in the ranking is a free delivery service of pizza, appetizers, salads and drinks, which is very popular among residents of the city. Federal chain has established a service of the highest order. Statistically, orders are delivered within 37 minutes. Company policy: if you exceed the delivery time, which is set at 60 minutes, the pizza is a gift to the client. There are enough trucks to promptly fulfill requests even during a particularly busy period of the city’s roads.

Pizza and other food are preserved by packaging made of thick cardboard. The customer will be able to assess the taste even at a fairly large distance from the cafe. The menu is varied. It includes 24 kinds of salty, spicy and sweet pizza for meat-eaters, vegetarians and sweet-tooth people, salads, appetizers, desserts and drinks. Combo sets are reasonably priced and suitable for a large company snack.

According to reviews, “Dodo Pizza” is the best format of such institutions in the country. The company has earned high marks from its customers and continually improves the service and quality of service. An undoubted advantage of regular promotional programs. Multichannel free phone: 8800333 00 60.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.3


On the eighth line of the rating is a delivery service popular in Saratov teahouse “Uzbek”. Eastern delicacies lovers can not only enjoy the gastronomic pleasure in the restaurant, but also order them home for family dinners or particularly important celebrations. All meals will be delivered to the address exclusively by the appointed time. The package will keep an appetizing look, spicy flavor and great, delicious taste.

The request is processed within 15 minutes. During this time the operator gets in touch with the buyer and clarifies the details. Express delivery is made depending on the distance within 60-90 minutes. The restaurant takes upon itself the organization of banquets, business dinners, corporate parties in the open air. Guests can try traditional dishes and real masterpieces from the chef – expert of Uzbek cuisine. The menu also includes drinks, which can be included in the application.

The site provides full information about the dish with bright illustrations. You can check the quality of food by visiting the institution on Chapaeva St., Bldg. 93. There you can also place your order. Applications are accepted by phone 8 (8452) 999111 on Fridays and Saturdays until 01.20, other days up to 22.20. Online service is available 24 hours a day.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.2


On the ninth place of the rating is a network service, which delivers food promptly, regardless of the remoteness of the area. The menu offers international cuisine. Sushi, rolls, Italian and American pizza, snacks, noodles. You can order soft drinks, sauces and alcoholic beverages. Hot food is packed into heat-retaining containers and is delivered unrefrigerated.

The company pays special attention to preserving the appearance and taste of the food ordered. Therefore, all dishes are delivered just in time and remain hot or cold depending on the recipe. They are prepared from natural ingredients without the use of preservatives and freezing. In case of intolerance of any products the cooks will take it into account. Site provides complete information, including bright, colorful photos to help quickly select a meal.

Payment is possible by any means. Promotional offers allow you to save up to 50%. Significant discounts are given to corporate clients. Free delivery starts from 500 rubles and depends on the area of the city. In Zavodskoy this parameter is 1500 rubles. The cost of the service from 100 to 200 rubles. Applications must be made directly to the cafe at. Saratov,50 let Oktyabrya, 69, on the site or by phone: 8 8452 70 45 70.


Rating of delivery service (Saratov): 4.1


We wrap up the rating with the service organized on the basis of a well-known Saratov institution. The menu is presented by Japanese, Caucasian, Italian, European cuisine. It includes children’s and dietary meals, which are also included in the order if you wish. The customer can choose pizza, burgers and light salads for a snack or more complex viands for a festive event.

An undoubted advantage which distinguishes the company is the presence of own brewery. Fresh craft beer is always available with your meal of choice. Courier service works quickly and smoothly. Urgent orders are delivered to the address within half an hour depending on their complexity. If you need delivery to a certain time, it will occur precisely at the hour that the customer planned.

Packaging maximizes appearance and temperature control. According to the reviews, the food is equally delicious in the restaurant and when brought home. Stock offers are very tempting. Birthday boy gets 30% discount from the order on his birthday. At the amount of 1500 rubles 1.5 liters of beer is free of charge. Address of the institution: g. Saratov, Dnepropetrovskaya street, 2/33. Phone: 8 8452 35 25 25.

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