10 best beauty salons in Saratov

*Editor’s Choice Awards. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Today not a single woman can do without a visit to a beauty salon. Some people come to get their hair dyed and cut, some just for a manicure. Many people choose comprehensive services, including medical, image and spa procedures. Modern centers of this type try to improve their work: equipment is updated, staff qualification is raised. Salons that value their clients, carefully monitor trends in the world of beauty industry and offer more and more new services designed specifically to preserve women’s beauty and youth.

Many similar places are open today. Each of them has its own regular customers. What are the best beauty salons in Saratov, and where the services are rendered at the highest level?? Our ranking features 10 nominees that have outperformed their competitors and earned exceptionally positive reviews.

Rating of the best beauty salons in Saratov

Nominationplacebeauty salonrating
Rating of best beauty salons in Saratov1Jean-Claude Biguine5.0
5Territory of Beauty4.6
74 elements4.4

Jean-Claude Biguine

Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 5.0

Jean-Claude Biguine

The first salon is owned by the famous French chain Jean-Claude Biguine, which includes 400 centers around the world. It perfectly combines everything: the European level of service, advanced equipment, creative team of craftsmen, and the exact observance of sanitary and hygienic norms. Professional cosmetics of well-known brands are used during work. All employees have been trained at international schools and confirmed their qualification.

Hairstyling services include a complex of procedures: head massage, haircut, coloring, and styling. It uses innovative technologies that are not yet used anywhere in the city. The beautician will choose a program of care, will help you quickly get rid of all skin flaws. Manicure (including men’s), pedicure, depilation are included in the price-list.

The center cares about its customers, offering interesting promotional programs. Thus, the birthday boy gets a 30% discount on all procedures. Over the years the center has acquired a large number of loyal customers and each year the number is growing steadily. It is located on Vladimirskaya str. The beauty center is located in Shevchenko Street, 18, and is open every day from 9:00 to 20:00. Manager’s phone: +7 8452 26 11 11.


Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.8


Silver nominee of the rating – the salon, which was one of the first to provide services of European level in Saratov. This year he turned 25 years old, and he still holds the leading position, overtaking younger competitors. management stays abreast of the latest tendencies in the world by buying more advanced equipment. The team consists of masters, who started their activity with the opening of the center. Today they are participants of Moscow and foreign trainings and master-classes to be the first in the city to learn the latest news in the world of beauty industry.

At the center, special attention is paid to aesthetic medicine. It is all kinds of cosmetology, laser procedures, weight loss and body correction programs. Here experienced doctors-dermatologists create individual methods for diabetics to care for the skin of the face and legs.

Different offers allow you to receive complex services at more favorable prices than the price list. For example, to prepare for a wedding or prom night. “Diva” is located not far from Kirov Avenue on ul. Chapaeva Street 56. It works from 8.00 to 22.00 every day off. Call the city number 73-53-53, you can learn about all the procedures offered.


Rating beauty salon (Saratov): 4.7


The third place is occupied by the beauty and health center, where even very demanding clients receive services of European quality. It employs masters, many of whom were trained not only in Russia, but also abroad. Some of them come from European countries. Certified masseur from Italy to relieve stress, help you relax. Apart from the classical type, Emperor’s massage gouache, fitness-forming and sculpture-beauty massages are offered.

Cryolipolysis is used for eliminating excessive weight, and the latest generation Israeli Vela Shape III machine is used only in this beauty parlor in Saratov. Volume reduction for 1 session is 2 cm. Victoria is a popular place among the star guests who come on tours of the Opera House in St. Petersburg. They get image services before they go on stage and take away the tiredness and tension after the performance.

According to reviews, this place is the first in the city to offer new procedures that have only appeared in Russia. Many customers noted the availability of free Wi-Fi and parking, the ability to drink tea or coffee with special sweets from the institution during the waiting period. “Victoria” is located on the Saratov str. Michurina, d. 38/44. Working mode is very convenient: from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.00. Phone: +7 (8452) 54 8282.


Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.6


The salon with a loud, saying name occupies the fourth place in the rating. If you want to change and to look like a movie star, you have to visit DrugoY, where the international level of service is combined with the Russian hospitality. After the procedures you do not always want to leave these walls, and want to come here again. Not only women feel comfortable here. Professional barbers will do the beard, the moustache and the fashionable masculine haircut.

Creative hairdressers choose a stylish image, brave and audacious enough, but perfectly corresponding to the appearance of the client. Treatments are performed using the products of the famous professional brands from France. Among the most popular services: enluminations, coloring in different trendy techniques, hair extensions. Also in high demand are permanent makeup, eyebrows and eyelashes restoration, spa care of hands and nails, peelings, wedding haircuts.

Many have noted that the real guru of hairdressing work here, who constantly improve and help their customers transform. There are two working places in Saratov. One is located in a large shopping center “Forum” at the address: 1, Pavlovskaya str. Saratov, ul. One is on Tankistov St., 1, the other – on Akademicheskaya St., 1. Moskovskaya Street, 115. They are open every day from 10 am to 9 pm.00. Contact phone: 8 (8452) 27 21 05.

Beauty Territory

Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.5

Beauty Territory

A real beauty oasis – this salon, located on the fifth line of the rating. Its interior coincides with the inner comfort of every visitor. There is a tenderness inherent in every woman, so this is her place, her territory. The furniture and interior is created in pale yellow tones with bright colors. Red poppies are on the signboard, the walls are decorated with them.

Make-up artists and hairdressers will help to radically change the image. Health massage will relieve fatigue, anti-cellulite massage will help to get rid of “orange peel”. Rejuvenating programs with the use of injection methods and modern apparatuses eliminate the signs of ageing. For those who want to lose extra pounds fast, there is a unique method of express weight loss. Keratin prosthetics will help to restore the healthy look of hair and prevent hair loss.

The wide choice of types of decorative nail care pleases not only women. The price includes both children’s and men’s manicure. Opening hours: 9 to 9 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.00 on weekends. Address: d. Saratov, Moscow street, 149 A. The administrator can answer any questions at: +7 8452 60 00 61.


Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.4


The sixth in the rating is a salon whose name is also embodied in the interior. Visitors get into the blue lagoon, which is especially pleasant during the autumn slush or winter frosts. A warm cozy atmosphere with comfortable turquoise-colored furniture, azure walls, soft light from the threshold lifts your spirits and allows you to fully rely on the masters of the highest level.

Light music is played in the room, and the TV sets with big screens broadcast programs about the life of marine creatures. Clients receive image, corrective, rejuvenating services. Specialists select individual programs, so when you come to “Oceania” you can have your hair styled and have a massage. Hairdressers will color, tint, cut, advise on home care of your hair.

Trichologists can help you cope with curl problems, returning health, density, and shine. Here they stop hair loss, alopecia treatment and hair implantation. The institution is located in the city center at the intersection of road interchanges and has its own guest parking lot. Open seven days a week from 9 to 21.00. Phone administrator: +7 (8452) 75 40 54.

4 elements

Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.3

4 elements

The seventh position in the rating is occupied by the salon, which strictly adheres to the philosophy that everything must be harmonious and natural both inside and outside a person. No invisible, naked-eye treatments that make female clients look alike are available here. For health and beauty a complex approach is provided. Image-boosting procedures are unavoidably combined with relaxing ones.

Visitors choose anti-cellulite, Thai, lymph drainage massage, which is performed by professional certified specialists. Hairstyling procedures are performed using luxurious French cosmetics brands. Here the most modern technologies are used, for example, “velvet manicure” or lifting Collagene Hyaluronique.

Loyalty program is well developed. Regular customers accumulate bonuses. First-time guests may take part in special offers. Learn about current offers on the site or in social networks. Visitors highlighted the convenient location near the City Park and the availability of a large parking lot. You can repair your hair every day from 9 am to 8 pm at the following address: Moskovskaya St., Saratov. Saratov, 2 Stantsionniy driveway, 15 A. Contact phone: +7 8452 44 89 45.


Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.2


At the eighth place of the rating is Saratov salon, which welcomes clients with the original design right from the entrance. Artificial stone facade, neon signboard illumination, modern interior and exterior design – everything disposes to come here again and again. People make an appointment in advance to the masters because everybody has had a chance to estimate their qualification. Even particularly demanding female customers leave satisfied and happy.

Many hair, skin and hand care procedures are included in the services. Here you can get your hair cut and colored with the latest technology, manicure, pedicure, nail and eyelash extensions. The dermatologist-cosmetologist will choose the best program to remove acne, wrinkles, age spots. Well-equipped physiotherapy room is the pride of the institution. VIP equipment-

  • ne and STARVAC will help to get rid of excess weight, to tighten the figure.

    Thai massage lovers can relax under the skillful manipulation of an experienced masseur. Piercing service is very popular. Here you can get pierced any part of the body. The cost is quite accessible and starts from 500 rubles. The beauty center is located on Chernyshevskogo street, 116. It is open daily from 9 to 20 hours. Phone for an appointment: 8 8452 20 33 73.


    Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.1


    Saratov beauty salon included in the rating has long been a favorite place of many women who appreciate comfort and high skill of the specialists. “Versailles” – in ninth place. Its name is reflected in everything. Design reminds of a royal palace with luxurious furniture. But there are no superfluous details aggravating the interior. Everything is done for a client to feel comfortable during any procedure.

    There is no doubt in the competence of the masters. Everyone was trained in the most famous schools of the country and attend various master classes to improve their skills. The Center offers image-making procedures, services for rejuvenation of face and body, relax in the SPA-cabinet, get rid of excess hair, grow nails, do pedicure. The hairdressers will help to change completely, choose the best option of haircut, dyeing and styling.

    The respondents noted that the atmosphere in the salon is always friendly, the equipment is new, cosmetics and care products are well-known European brands. The beauty center is located on Chelyuskintsev Street, 144. It is open from 9.00 to 19.00 every day, seven days a week. You can make an appointment for any procedure by calling: 8 8452 27 57 98.

    The Standard

    Rating of beauty salon (Saratov): 4.0


    At the back of the ten salon, which is quite young compared to the other nominees of the rating, but has already gained loyal customers, who from the first visits appreciated the high quality of service. The interior is calm, classic without bright details, contributes to maximum relaxation during the procedure. The main ones are aimed at restoring hair and giving the appearance of a fashionable and modern look.

    Prices are quite affordable. Women’s haircut on short hair will cost 350 rubles, men’s – 250 rubles. The price list includes a wide range of services for the recovery of curls. Classical procedures are also in demand: dyeing, bleaching, coloring, everyday styling and festive hairstyles. The center has a cosmetology room, where they can get rid of acne, improve and rejuvenate the skin. Experienced specialists will do manicure, pedicure, hair extension, paraffin therapy and painless hair removal from any area.

    According to reviews, “Etalon” is ideal with its location in the center of the city and a variety of services at affordable prices. It is located on Kutyakov street, 41/59, and is open every day from 9 to 20 hours. On Sunday it works until 19.00. Contact phone number: 8 8452 27 27 50.

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