9 best chicory powder

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Chicory is a healthy alternative to coffee. It comes in the form of granules, powder or liquid concentrate. There is a difference in taste, flavor, and properties for the body between them. We found out what chicory is most often chosen by customers.

9 best chicory

Best granulated chicory1Elza natural selective granulated chicory199 €
2Chicory “Chicory” GOLD granulated classic49 €
The best chicory in powder form1Chicory Health instant powder232 €
2Instant Chicory Dr.DiaS Classic137 €
3Natural chicory Moscoff, the highest grade119 €
4Chikoroff instant instant chicory powder397 €
5Chicory Health soluble powder with ginseng extract102 €
The best chicory in the form of liquid extract1Chicory syrup “Let’s eat with benefit466 €
2Chicory Seve 100% natural, liquid109 €

The best chicory granules

The chicory granules, compared to powders and pastes, are the most economical, concentrated, flavorful and healthy at the same time. It is made from a concentrated extract in the same way as granulated coffee by freeze drying: it doesn’t need time to dissolve and leaves no residue.

Elza Natural Selected Grained Chicory

Rating: 4.9


Chicory from German brand Elza contains 100% of chicory root, judging by reviews, this is the closest in taste alternative to coffee. This product looks the same as its granular “counterpart. The product contains inulin, which stimulates digestion and normalizes the metabolism and helps relieve nervous tension during the day. The concentration of useful substances is beneficial for the heart, so the product will be a lifesaver for coffee addicts suffering from cardiovascular diseases, for whom the use of caffeine itself is contraindicated (it is not in the composition).

The advantage of Elza selected chicory is a decent dose of protein – 3.8 gr. Per 100 gr. of the product. It helps to cheer up without detriment to health and figure – it has only 0.1 grams of fat. The energy value of the product is 305 kcal, which is also not much for a drink.

Chicory is sold in 100g glass jars.


  • Flavor and aroma close to that of coffee;
  • It consists of 100% chicory root;
  • Normalizes the heart, nervous system and metabolism;
  • No age restriction on consumption;
  • Glass jar.


  • Not defined.

Chicory “Chicory” GOLD granulated classic

Rating: 4.8

Chicory Chicory GOLD granulated classical

Granulated chicory “Chicory” GOLD is made entirely of chicory root extract, sugar and other additives are not included. One of the few products of its kind that is not bitter and has the maximum resemblance to coffee in taste and aroma, as evidenced by the reviews on the marketplaces. In chicory a high dose of inulin, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular and digestive systems, many lovers of the drink note a marked improvement in digestive function when using.

Chicory “Zikorich” GOLD is available in doy-pack with a Zip-lock fastener, it is a convenient form for storing the product, which retains flavor, aroma, vitamins and valuable minerals. Per 100 grams. The chicory has 2 grams of protein, 0 fat and 80 grams. carbohydrates. Energy value of the product 370 kcal per 100 grams. granules.


  • Convenient Zip-lock packaging;
  • Approximate to coffee taste and aroma;
  • High content of inulin.


  • Not identified.

The best chicory in powder form

The powdered chicory is less concentrated compared to granular, so it will be to the taste of those who do not like drinks with a strong taste, and prefers a gentle note. It is important to pay attention to the type of powder when choosing: ground – it’s dried chicory roots, ground into a fine fraction, they require infusion when making a drink. The soluble powder is made by the same technology as the granular one – from a liquid substance, it dissolves instantly.

Chicory Health instant powder

Rating: 4.9


Chicory “Zdorovye” in powder form has a pleasant taste, which is repeatedly noted in reviews of the product. The powder is made according to GOST from pure root. No additives in the composition. Inulin in the total weight of the chicory at 30% is an excellent dose for the maintenance of good health of body systems, including the treatment of digestive problems and constipation due to the high absorption of water by the substance. Chicory will be helpful to those who lose weight.

Chicory “Health” has a sweet taste, so sugar lovers need to add less than usual, when cooking the surface forms a thick foam.

Chicory comes in a zip-lock bag that seals the powder tightly. Protein per 100 gr. 4 grams of product., 0.2 grams of fat., Comparatively few carbohydrates – 65 gr. Total value – 280 kcal.


  • Packaging with zipper fastener;
  • Low energy value;
  • 30% inulin;
  • Sweet taste – you can drink it without sugar.


  • No.

Instant Chicory Dr.DiaS classic

Rating: 4.8

Dr.DiaS instant instant classic chicory powder

The classic chicory Dr.DiaS in powder form consists entirely of ground plant root, sugar and flavorings are not included. The product is safe for people suffering from insomnia, cardiovascular disease, hyperexcitability. The way of chicory root processing allows the manufacturer to preserve maximum beneficial properties of the plant, which have a beneficial effect on the body. Dr.DiaS – a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural probiotic that helps improve intestinal function. The product is recommended for use while taking antibiotics.

Chicory Dr.DiaS is quite rich in flavor and aroma, in a package of 100 grams. Approx. 50 servings, economical consumption. It has a slightly sweet taste, which is a plus for those who lose weight – you can either not add sugar at all or minimize its amount.

Nutrition value per 100 gr. 4 grams of powder. Protein, 0 fat and 68 grams. Carbohydrates and 290 kcal. Sold in a zip-lock bag.


  • The natural probiotic in the composition;
  • Pure composition – ground chicory root;
  • Sweetish taste;
  • Does not contain caffeine.


  • Not defined.

Natural Moscoffee, Extra Virgin

Rating: 4.7


Chicory Moscoff is made from the root of the highest-grade plant, grown in India, in the foothills of the western Himalayas. It is a fast-soluble powder that does not require infusion when prepared. The drink has a sweetish taste – a natural property of the plant, while the sugar is not included.

Moscoff powder does not contain caffeine, it has a taste like coffee, but interesting in its own way, with characteristic notes. Per 100 g. Protein powder 4.4 g., carbohydrates 56 grams. – These are moderate values for the product. Total energy value 298 kcal.

It is interesting that the powder is allowed to keep 545 days – which is about a year and a half. Fortunately, the package with a Zip-lock lock allows you to do this.


  • Raw material grown in the Himalayas (India);
  • Mild flavor of chicory;
  • Zip-lock packaging;
  • Quickly dissolves in water.


  • It is not recommended to pour the steep boiling water, 60 degrees maximum.

Chikoroff instant instant chicory Oriental powder

Rating: 4.7

Chikoroff instant instant chicory Oriental powder

Chikoroff powder is produced in Russia from raw materials, grown according to French technology and processed by LEROUX unique method. The instant drink has a flavor that is achieved by cooking the powder in a turkey. Chikoroff oriental suits those who like tart flavor and aroma of chicory.

The ground soluble product has no caffeine and has all the health benefits of chicory. Besides the crushed root it contains natural spices, so those who like pure taste should be prepared for that.

Chicory Chikoroff is available in a cardboard tube (150g packing).) And in individual sachets of 5 grams. In both cases, the properties of the drink is preserved as much as possible – in a tube due to the tight cover, in sachets – individual bags that are convenient to take anywhere.

Per 100 grams. Protein powder dose – 1.5 grams., fat 1.2 grams., Carbohydrates are significantly lower than its predecessors at 1.2 grams. Only 16 kcal per 100 grams.


  • Sold in a tube with a lid or in portion sachets;
  • Rich flavor and aroma in a soluble product;
  • Reduced caloric content;
  • Unique roasting technology.


  • Spices in the composition – for lovers.

Zirconia Zdorovie instant powder with ginseng extract

Rating: 4.6


Another type of chicory, which is often bought by fans of the drink is “Health” with ginseng. Flower extract gives a specific flavor and aroma that goes well with crushed root.

The powder has a valuable benefit for the body – in addition to inulin, it contains fructose, glycoside intibin (it gives a slight bitterness), B vitamins, minerals. The product has a complex anti-inflammatory, sedative, choleretic and antimicrobial action, is effective in the complex treatment of colds (does not replace the main treatment) and normalizes the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems. Ginseng root has a proven effectiveness in stimulating immunity and rejuvenation, toning the body, the drink is ideal for morning use.

Per 100 grams. 4 grams of powder. Protein, 81.7 grams of carbohydrates., 32.2 grams of dietary fiber. Energy value – 345 kcal. The product is sold in a ZIP bag and may be stored for 545 days (one and a half years).


  • The aroma and flavor of ginseng;
  • It has a relaxing and revitalizing effect;
  • Suitable for improving condition in the treatment of diseases;
  • Dissolves well.


  • Significant not identified.

The best chicory in liquid extract form

Chicory root concentrate is suitable for making a flavorful drink and various sauces. It is characterized by the fastest solubility, but it is not economical. Syrups can be drunk as a dietary supplement to get a dose of vitamins and trace elements.

Chicory syrup “Let’s Eat for Good”

Rating: 4.7

Ricory syrup

The universal syrup “Let’s eat with pleasure” is suitable for cooking sauces and beverages. It is sugar-free and sweet, suitable for blood sugar control, appetite reduction due to its low glycemic index of 0-3. The product has a strong aroma and taste and is not bitter. In stores, chicory can be found on the shelves of diet foods, to buy it for sure, we recommend turning to online stores and marketplaces.

Practical housewives use syrup for cooking confectionery – cookies, desserts, they dress up breakfast cereals and smoothies, ice cream. It is ready to use, it does not need to be diluted, it has a light yellow color without impurities and turbidity.

Chicory syrup “Let’s eat with pleasure” comes in glass bottles of 400 ml. They do not have a dispenser. Per 100 g. 9,5 g. carbohydrates, 65.5 kcal, zero fat and protein.


  • Expressed flavor and aroma of the chicory root;
  • It does not contain sugar;
  • You can substitute sugar with it when making homemade desserts;
  • Thick consistency;
  • Suitable for dietetic and diabetic food.


  • Not specified.

Seve 100% natural, liquid chicory

Rating: 4.4


Seve liquid chicory is 100% natural – it contains only root extract, no sugar or maltodextrin. The product has a dense, intense taste, so the expense for the preparation of drinks economical. Form release – viscous paste in a jar, to make it a syrup or confit, you will need to dilute it with water.

Chicory in Seve pasta contains 59% inulin, an effective prebiotic that has a positive effect on the GI tract and the overall health of the body.

In 100 gr. chicory paste 286 kcal.


  • Concentrated chicory extract paste;
  • A pronounced flavor and aroma;
  • Convenient jar with twist-off lid;
  • Low price – about 150 rubles per 200 grams.


  • The paste needs to be diluted to make syrup or confit.
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