The 9 best Russian smartphones

Unfortunately, Russia does not have factories that produce any sophisticated microelectronics unless it is done for military purposes. However, you can still find Russian smartphones in stores. How so? It’s really quite simple. Only the brands are Russian, while the production of the device is done in China. They actually develop these devices there. Let’s get acquainted with the best Russian smartphones.

Rating of best Russian smartphones

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best Russian smartphones1Highscreen Power Five Max 28 118 €
2Yandex.Phone9 990 €
3BQ 6200L Aurora9 990 €
4YotaPhone 214 990 €
5INOI 5i Pro5 837 €
6BQ 6015L Universe8 489 €
  • NX PAY 4G
  • 4 759 €
    8BQ 5516L Twin5 990 €
    9Digma HIT Q500 3G2 817 €

    The review is based on the analysis of technical characteristics of the products on the resourcesmartphones/.

    Highscreen Power Five Max 2

    Rating: 4.9

    Highscreen Power Five Max 21.webp

    The Highscreen brand is well known to fans of smartphones with a large battery. It used to be under it distributed devices that have a battery with a record capacity. It is a pity that later the Russian company caught up and overtaken by the Chinese, previously not seeking to increase the duration of battery life.

    Now the most relevant creation of Highscreen is the Power Five Max 2. This device runs a fairly recent version of Android. On its back panel found a place for a dual camera. And not the worst, I must say! But not to the point where it beats the results you get with much better competitors, even with a similar price tag. The second module here is auxiliary, and it is practically inactive. In theory, it should serve to blur the background, but here this feature is not implemented at the level of software. As for the main matrix, its resolution is 16 megapixels. About shooting in the dark, of course, it is better to forget, because the aperture is not opened too wide. As for the front camera, it has half the resolution, but for some reason, the selfies it creates are of much better quality.

    On the front panel of this model is not only a “front face”, but also a 6-inch IPS-display. No cutouts, with a decent enough frame. All this makes the smartphone gigantic. But no wonder, because under its back cover is a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. Its charging is carried out through the connector micro-USB. Sadly. Why, gentlemen from the company Highscreen, you decided to equip the new device obsolete interface? Pleases the same availability of 3.5-millimeter jack. Russian companies understand that not all consumers want to completely switch to wireless headphones. By the way, when you connect a headset FM-radio becomes available. A nice bonus.

    As for wireless modules, the device supports LTE and Wi-Fi 802.0.11n. Also, the device has an NFC-chip, which allows you to use it to pay for purchases.


    • Not a bad IPS display;
    • Low cost;
    • There is an FM-radio;
    • There is support for NFC;
    • It uses a very powerful processor;
    • A decent amount of memory;
    • A very capacious battery;
    • There is a fingerprint scanner.


    • The weight reaches 220g;
    • Built-in micro-USB;
    • The quality of the back camera will not suit everyone.


    Rating: 4.8


    The most controversial device in our selection. This is not due to the characteristics, but the origin of the smartphone. There are big doubts that Yandex had anything to do with the development of the device. In fact, the Russian company only installed its own proprietary shell. Its specialists have not even been able to think through the software enough to work the second rear camera – in fact working here is only one lens, under which hides a 16-megapixel sensor. By the way, its aperture is opened only to the value of f/2.2. This means that in low light conditions around the camera is better not to use.

    Now “Yandex.The phone” sells for 8 thousand. RUB. It definitely seems worth the money (it was originally sold for much more). This is not a bad enough smartphone, the body which was created from metal and glass. The Chinese supplier has introduced two slots for SIM cards, and the company “Yandex” added a paper clip to extract the tray, designed in the form of the initial letter of his name.

    The size of the gadget can be called average. The same is the weight. On the front panel of the device is placed IPS-display, the diagonal of which is 5.65 inches, and a resolution – 2160×1080 pixels. What happens on the screen is responsible Android 8.1. No need to wait for an upgrade to a newer version. This is due to the low sales of the device – Yandex is simply unprofitable to develop new software for it.

    The processor used here is Snapdragon 630. Its power is quite enough for more or less stable operation of the operating system. But if you install a large number of applications, there may be slowness. However, this is the problem of almost all Russian smartphones, because this is not the flagship.

    This model has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. If the volume of the latter will be not enough, you can insert a microSD card. More under the body of the device hides a variety of wireless modules. You can use LTE and Wi-Fi 802 networks to access the Internet.11ac, and to pay for purchases – NFC. The manufacturer has saved money on the “blue tooth”, here it is used only the fourth version.

    Many Russians refuse to buy a smartphone that includes a battery with minimal capacity. Must be why “Yandex.The phone” can boast of a battery of 3050 mAh. It is charged via USB Type-C. The device also has a 3.5 mm audio jack, which also can not fail to please.


    • Not forgotten fingerprint sensor;
    • It uses a modern connector;
    • A decent amount of memory;
    • High-speed wireless networks are supported;
    • There is support of NFC;
    • The display is not bad;
    • Affordable price tag.


    • Not the longest battery life;
    • Not the best proprietary shell;
    • A simple front camera;
    • Some copies have minor defects.

    BQ 6200L Aurora

    Rating: 4.7

    BQ 6200L AURORA.webp

    Smartphones of the Russian company BQ usually please with a low cost. At that they are usually modern devices with good technical characteristics. In particular, the 6200L Aurora can be considered as such. This unit has a frameless design, its front camera and numerous sensors are located in the so-called monobrow – a shaped notch display. The fingerprint scanner was moved to the back, and there is a dual camera. And for all this for only 10k. rubles.

    The work of this device provides Android 8.1. Access to the global web is via LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Alas, the list of other wireless modules is limited to the fourth version of the “blue tooth”. The manufacturer refused NFC for the sake of, as it seems, reducing the price tag.

    For photos and videos the device uses a dual camera. However, the impression is that there is only one lens working, under which there is a 16 megapixel sensor. No optical stabilization here, so shooting video implies certain problems. Curiously, a similar sensor is built into the “frontal. This makes the facial recognition feature work without any problems.

    It should be noted that the smartphone is quite heavy. Its weight is 197 g. This is due to the presence of a very large IPS-display – its diagonal reaches 6.2 inches. The screen has an aspect ratio of 18,5:9, its resolution – 2246×1080 pixels. Remarkable parameter, but it is impossible not to notice that the processor MediaTek He

  • o P60 has to work hard to process such a picture.

    Most of the criticism of this smartphone gets because of the lack of 3.5 mm audio jack. The customer has to use wireless headphones. Or connect them via the USB Type-C adapter that comes with the kit.


    • There is a fingerprint scanner;
    • Good display;
    • The cost can not be called high;
    • Not a bad front camera;
    • USB Type-C connector is used;
    • High-speed wireless networks are supported;
    • Not a bad amount of memory.


    • There is no 3.5 mm audio jack;
    • The smartphone is quite weighty;
    • There is no NFC-chip;
    • Not very high battery life.

    YotaPhone 2

    Rating: 4.6

    YOTAPHONE 2.webp

    Definitely the most unusual representative of our selection. What else smartphone can boast of an additional display, created on the basis of electronic paper? We can say that this device combines the functions of a smartphone and a book reader. Of course, all of its competitors are also able to display books, offering the user the opportunity to read. But here this process does not cause increased strain on the eyes, and almost does not consume battery power.

    YotaPhone 2 is included in our rating, but not its continuation, for one reason. This is really a Russian device. Unfortunately, the production of YotaPhone 3 was bought out by the Chinese, and from Russian developers in it remained only the software.

    It should be noted that the release of YotaPhone 2 was very long ago. In connection with this, to find the device on sale is quite difficult. It is surprising that the gadget still has a very high price tag – often asking 15k for it. The price of the smartphone was about $500 rubles (at the beginning of sales it was twice as expensive). Well, they have the right, because the device is still unique.

    Sadly, the work of this smartphone provides a gradually outdated version of Android. It displays an image on a 5-inch display with a resolution of F

      l HD. It is pleased that this screen is energy efficient, since it was created using AMOLED technology.

      The smartphone can please with the support of high-speed wireless networks. Moreover, there is even an NFC-chip. But at the time of its development, the device was not very popular! Not forgotten and GPS-navigation, augmented support for Russian satellites.

      Otherwise, the characteristics of the device is still not impressive. It uses a quad-core processor, which is saved only by the high clock speed. Even under the body hides 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. The saddest part is the lack of a microSD card slot. Because of this it is better not to try to install here heavy applications, because a lot of space will take photos, videos and music.

      Negative emotions are caused by the camera used in the YotaPhone 2. It is only 8-megapixel, which by modern standards is no good. However, if your purpose – pictures for Instagram, then you will be fine. But it’s not worth thinking about selfies.


      • There is a second display based on electronic ink;
      • Unusual features of Russian software;
      • The cost can not be called exorbitant;
      • Relatively small size and weight;
      • A good AMOLED display;
      • There is an FM-radio;
      • Supports LTE network and Wi-Fi 802.11ac;
      • There is an NFC-chip.


      • Only one slot for a SIM-card;
      • Disgusting front camera;
      • No room for a memory card;
      • An older version of the operating system;
      • The micro-USB connector is used;
      • Weak processor;
      • Little RAM;
      • No fingerprint scanner.

      INOI 5i Pro

      Rating: 4.5

      INOI 5I PRO.webp

      More often than not, Russian smartphones are sold for very little money. Otherwise they simply wouldn’t be in demand, because they can’t be called unique in any way… What, for example, makes INOI 5i Pro stand out?? But it sells because they ask only 7 thousand for it. rubles. Buyers of such devices are not at all worried about the fact that the 5.5-inch display has a resolution of only 1280×640 pixels. What a difference, because the device will be used mainly for calls and access to social networks.

      Despite its budget status, the device has the operating system Android 8.1 – a very recent version. Also here there are two slots for SIM cards, which is also important. Access to the Internet is via LTE-networks. Or via Wi-Fi 802.11n, if you suddenly ran out of traffic. It also has Bluetooth 4.0. But many buyers use the traditional wired headphone connection instead, as there is no problem with it.

      For photos and videos, it supposedly uses a dual camera. However, rather for photography, because the videos are obtained very mediocre quality. As for the “frontal”, it is even less impressive. Its 5 megapixel resolution is barely enough to make video calls.

      On the body of the device there are two connectors. The first serves to connect headphones, while the second is micro-USB. Well, once again have to insert the wire from the charger with the second or even third time. And you will have to do it often, because it uses a battery capacity of 2850 mAh.

      In fact it is a typical budget “dialer. This is evidenced by the presence of the MediaTek MT6739 processor, which has never grabbed the stars from the sky. Also smartphone has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent memory. I am glad that there is at least a slot for a microSD card. If it was absent, INOI 5i Pro would not be in our review.


      • There is an FM-radio;
      • Not the oldest version of the operating system;
      • The screen is well visible in the sun;
      • LTE networks are supported;
      • Small size and weight;
      • Very low cost.


      • There is no NFC-chip;
      • No fingerprint scanner;
      • Not particularly long battery life;
      • The display resolution is only 1280×640 pixels;
      • Weak processor;
      • Little memory;
      • It uses a micro-USB jack.

      BQ 6015L Universe

      Rating: 4.4

      BQ 6015L Universe.jpeg

      Russian company BQ must be the most prolific smartphone manufacturer. In fact, she, of course, just orders the devices from Chinese suppliers, then branding them, but we can not think about it. Because of such prolificacy in our rating got as many as three devices from BQ. One of them is 6015L Universe. This device should appeal to anyone looking for a frame-less smartphone with a teardrop neckline at a low price. However, you have to put up with the relatively low resolution of this screen. It is only 1528×720 pixels. However, the pixelation is not noticeable, so I doubt anyone will be worried about this.

      The device is powered by Android 8.0. Its slide-out tray can accommodate two SIM cards. Here you can not do without LTE-module, so the Internet surfing is done at a decent speed. More here are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even NFC.

      On the back of the device is located the usual camera module, consisting of a 13-megapixel matrix. Interesting that the resolution of the front camera is even a little bit higher. This suggests that the BQ 6015L Universe is mainly designed for taking selfies, not taking pictures of landscapes. It’s nice that the budget device has a fingerprint scanner, which can protect your photos from prying eyes.

      Under the body of the gadget hides an octa-core Snapdragon 435 processor. It has a decent power reserve. This chipset is certainly better than the budget MediaTek creations. The device also got 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. If the capacity of the latter will be insufficient, you can use the slot for microSD card, the system defines the maximum 128-gigabyte drive.

      Perhaps this is not a bad smartphone. For it is quite possible to give the money they ask even outside the sale. You only have to put up with the low resolution of the display and aging jack, used to connect the charger. But the device was not deprived of the 3.5 mm audio jack!


      • Not the oldest version of the OS;
      • Low cost;
      • The screen has a wide viewing angle;
      • NFC supported;
      • Works in LTE networks;
      • Not a bad front camera;
      • It has a fingerprint scanner.


      • The low resolution of the display;
      • It uses the micro-USB connector;
      • Not a very long battery life.

    • NX PAY 4G
    • Rating: 4.3

      DIGMA<li></div><p>NX PAY 4G.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/53316666193691-529-.jpg” height=”400″></p><p>And this is an even cheaper smartphone. It should be treated with even more leniency. This model is designed for older people who do not need any extensive functionality. Also Digma</p><li>NX PAY 4G is regularly bought by schoolchildren. Those will definitely appreciate the possibility to access the Internet via LTE-networks. They will also be pleased with a relatively fresh version of the operating system.<p>It should be noted that this smartphone is weighty. And it is absolutely unclear what caused this. On the front of the device is not particularly large display, its diagonal is only 5.5 inches. Battery capacity of 2900 mAh also can not be heavy. And certainly the weight was not affected by the plastic casing. Well, we can only guess..</p><p>Despite the extremely low cost, the device has a fingerprint scanner. Of course, it belongs to one of the very first generations, but the fact of its presence can not but rejoice. The product also has an NFC chip. This means that it can pay for purchases in conventional stores. Also in the list of wireless modules that are present here are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.</p><p>You may get the impression that this is a great smartphone that has no disadvantages. However, he practically closes our selection for a reason. The creation of the Russian company has a modest quad-core processor MediaTek MT6739. You should not expect miracles from it. Even more embarrassing are 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent memory. With the purchase of such a smartphone you will definitely have to forget about installing any heavy applications.</p><p>Above we have described what kind of people will like this device the most. For the rest you should not buy it. In particular, the option of buying it is definitely not worth considering for those who are going to use a smartphone for photography. The fact that it uses only 8-megapixel camera. It is ostensibly a dual, but in fact the second module is practically not used. As for the “front”, there is nothing to talk about, because it has a 2 megapixel sensor.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>There is a fingerprint scanner;</li><li>Very low cost;</li><li>LTE-networks are supported;</li><li>There is NFC;</li><li>Not the worst IPS-display;</li><li>FM radio is available;</li><li>A very recent version of Android.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Micro-USB socket is used;</li><li>Very little memory;</li><li>Built a weak processor;</li><li>Not the longest working time;</li><li>A lot of weight;</li><li>Disgusting cameras.</li></ul><h3>BQ 5516L Twin</h3><p>Rating: 4.1</p><div style=BQ 5516L TWIN.jpeg

      Another very inexpensive smartphone. Its price in Russian stores is about 6 thousand euros. rubles. For this money it is foolish to ask for a device with luxury features. However, it is impossible not to admit that this device is able to surprise. For example, its 5.5-inch display has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Full-value F

        l HD in such an inexpensive device! What more could you want?

        The functionality of the gadget provides Android 8.1. This is the standard for most manufactured now budget smartphones. The gadget has two SIM card slots. While they are not installed, the scale under the gadget shows only 154 g. Not bad! And this at the battery, the capacity of which is brought to a pretty decent 3080 mAh!

        If you turn the device upside down, you can see two lenses. Yes, this is another cheap smartphone with a dual camera. As you have already guessed, the matrix under the second lens is mostly inactive. As for the main optical unit, under it is a relatively good 13-megapixel sensor. Surprisingly, but a sufficiently high resolution has a front camera. However, all of the above by no means says that the device creates a perfect picture. If you want to regularly engage in photography and video, then you do not need a Russian smartphone, but something from Samsung, Huawei or at least Xiaomi.

        The buyer should definitely be pleased with the processor installed here. This is a creation of MediaTek, but at least the eight-core. And the memory capacity here is very small. And if there are no problems with RAM, then the 16GB of internal storage does not allow you to install some heavy applications. It is better to use a memory card to save music, photos and other things.

        As for the wireless modules, you will find the standard set of them. This means that the device supports Bluetooth 4 standards.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n and LTE. Alas, the Russian company had to give up NFC. There is no infrared transmitter, but hardly anyone will be worried about its absence.


        • There is a fingerprint sensor;
        • Quite a small weight;
        • Excellent IPS display;
        • Very low cost;
        • A fairly recent version of the OS;
        • Not a bad front camera.


        • The micro-USB connector is used;
        • Not a very long battery life;
        • There is no NFC;
        • Very little memory.

        Digma HIT Q500 3G

        Rating: 4.0

        DIGMA HIT Q500 3G.webp

        The cheapest and quite old smartphone completes our selection. In stores for it ask only 3 thousand. rubles. Even some of the button phones are sold at a higher price! This is a clear indication that the Digma HIT Q500 3G is similar to them in its capabilities.

        When using this device you may encounter a lack of memory. The fact that the amount of built-in storage here does not exceed 8 GB! So, the device should be used only as a “dialer. Of the additional applications will be installed only social networking clients, and not all.

        The device is built on the Spreadtrum SC7731 processor. Now this is one of the cheapest quad-core chips. It is helped by 1 Gb of RAM. The body of the device is made of plastic, which is partly why the smartphone weighs only 146 grams. Apparently, the Russian company is hoping to sell the device in large quantities. That is why she released as many as five versions of the device, different colors of the body!

        The operating system used here is Android 7.0. The interface is displayed on a simple display, the diagonal of which is five inches. The resolution of 854×480 pixels doesn’t allow to recommend using smartphone for reading or watching books. If you look closely, you can even see the pixelation! Also, this screen can not boast a wide viewing angle.

        The buyer of Digma HIT Q500 3G will be most upset by the lack of LTE support. It also uses a very old Bluetooth-module. However, this is not a problem, in most cases, this device will connect wired headphones. Well, the NFC-chip is not there at all, as there is no fingerprint scanner.

        Despite the simplest components, which are endowed with this device, you can still buy it for an elderly person or child. But, of course, the period of use of such a “handset” is unlikely to be long, soon it will want to replace.


        • There is an FM radio;
        • Extremely low cost;
        • There is a slot for a memory card;
        • Compact size;
        • Low weight;
        • Five colors to choose from;
        • Not a bad look.


        • Simplest Cameras;
        • No fingerprint scanner;
        • Uses a micro-USB socket;
        • Very little memory;
        • Very weak processor;
        • Poor display.


        This is the list of the best smartphones among those that conditionally can be considered Russian. However, the product called YotaPhone 2 is really a domestic device – it is the only representative of our rating, which was developed by our specialists. It can be considered the most unique device, because none of the competitors can boast of a second display based on electronic paper.

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