8 best phones BQ

*Review of the best according to the editors. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Russia is a unique country. We have several brands under which are distributed allegedly domestic devices. For example, the Russian products are considered BQ (not to be confused with those phones that are sold in other countries). No doubt, the Russian company makes some efforts, but mainly only for the distribution of its products in stores. In fact, it does not design its own products, and chooses blanks from Chinese factories. However, this does not mean that these smartphones are bad. On the contrary, the items included in our rating are sure to please their owner! And they can not help but find a buyer, because the cost of such devices is very inexpensive.

We are going to tell not only about smartphones. The fact that under the brand BQ also sell regular phones. It is impossible not to mention the pushbutton mobiles, because they, too, are in active demand. Do you agree that it is easier for elderly people to buy just such a device than to puzzle over how to use a monster with a touch screen display.

Rating of the best phones BQ

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best smartphones BQ1Q 6200L Aurora15 990€
2Q 6015L Universe10 990€
3Q 5516L Twin7 990€
4Q 5201 Space8 490€
5Q 5500L Advance6 990€
The best phones BQ1Q 2205 Ruffe2 280€
2Q 2433 Dream DUO2 331€
3Q 3201 Option1 965€

The best smartphones BQ

BQ 6200L Aurora

Rating: 4.9

BQ 6200L Aurora

It may seem that the Russian company BQ will not bother with devices with exquisite design. But no. In its range is the BQ 6200L Aurora – a frameless smartphone, which has a monobrow, as in some iPhone X. In the cutout is not only the front camera, but also auxiliary sensors. By the way, the “frontal” here is supplemented by the function of facial recognition. This method of locking is characterized by high reliability – the system is sure not to confuse your face with a photo.

If we talk about the display, its diagonal is brought up to 6.2 inches. At the same time it can not be called huge. The width of the screen is left standard, resulting in the control of the operating system Android 8.1 and any applications do not cause difficulties. The display is extended in height – this allows you to use two programs at the same time. As for the resolution, it is 2246×1080 pixels. The only disappointing thing is that for the production of the display used IPS technology. The presence of a separate backlit layer does not allow for perfect black colors, and also negatively affects power consumption. However, BQ company does not have access to AMOLED panels, so to put this fact to the drawbacks makes no sense.

The smartphone is quite beautiful, but too heavy. 197 grams feel in your hand and in your pocket. It is absolutely unclear why the device is so heavy. What are the components that led to this? Certainly not the battery, the capacity of which does not exceed 3000 mAh.

Budget smartphones rarely get a decent camera. BQ 6200L Aurora is a kind of exception to the rule. On the back of this gadget is a dual camera lens. The resolution of the sensors used here is 16 and 5 megapixels. Of course, there is no optical stabilization or anything like that. But even without the camera almost perfectly copes with its main task. It knows how to blur the background, resulting in good portraits. Well, and the video is written in resolution F

    l HD – you are unlikely to have any complaints about the picture.

    BQ 6200L Aurora can be easily compared with the flagships of previous years. The work of this device provides octa-core processor MediaTek He

  • o P60. This is a great chipset, which clock speed reaches 2 GHz. With it, the smartphone dials in AnTuTu Benchmark about 140 thousand. points! Even under the body of the smartphone hides 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. Enough space for absolutely any number of applications! And if you are going to store media files, it will not hurt to install a memory card, a slot for which the manufacturer did not forget. You can download files with the help of LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. The high speed is sure to please you! A nice bonus can be considered the USB Type-C connector, the plug into which is inserted exceptionally the first time. There is also a fingerprint scanner – in case the face recognition does not suit you for some reason.

    Alas, the device has some unpleasant things. For example, there is no 3.5 mm audio jack. Want to use wired headphones? You will have to connect them with the included adapter. Someone will complain about the lack of NFC-chip. Because of this smartphone can not be replaced with a bank card.


    • There is a fingerprint sensor;
    • Large display with high resolution;
    • A fresh version of the OS is installed;
    • A good dual camera;
    • Decent “front camera”;
    • High-speed wireless modules are used;
    • Built a powerful eight-core processor;
    • A large amount of memory;
    • There is a USB Type-C connector.


    • No NFC-chip;
    • There is no 3.5 mm audio jack;
    • A lot of weight;
    • Fingerprint scanner doesn’t always work the first time.

    BQ 6015L Universe

    Rating: 4.8

    BQ 6015L Universe

    Don’t like the traditional “monobrow”? In this case, we recommend to consider buying a BQ 6015L Universe. Here instead of her applied drop-shaped notch. This means that it only has room for the front camera lens. The sensors have moved to the bottom of the front panel, and the talking speaker is placed in the upper area of the frame.

    The work of this device provides the operating system Android 8.0. It displays an image on a 6-inch display made using IPS technology. The manufacturer tried to save money in every way, so the screen resolution was 1528×720 pixels. We can say that this parameter is literally on the verge of pixel recognition. If you have not used a more expensive smartphone, then you are unlikely to complain about this display – you will remain delighted with it. By the way, the aspect ratio of 19:9 should contribute to the convenient work with two applications at the same time.

    The smartphone came on sale in two colors. In any case you get the device which weighs not more than 157g. You can tell at once that inside there is no place for a particularly high-capacity battery. Nevertheless, 3000 mAh – this is also a decent parameter, someone enough for a day and a half of using the device.

    Unlike the model discussed above, this representative of our rating does not have a dual camera. On the back of the BQ 6015L there is only one lens. When the light passes through it, it hits the 13 megapixel sensor. Do not even think about any background blurring. As a result you will get pictures of average quality. It can be seen that the manufacturer has saved most of all precisely on the camera. On the back, but not on the front – the one is able to boast of a 16-megapixel sensor, quietly capturing even all the defects of the skin.

    To access the World Wide Web you can use Wi-Fi and LTE. And there is NFC, so the owner of this smartphone can refuse to use a bank card on a permanent basis. But there is no infrared transmitter – only Xiaomi and Huawei implement it in their devices. It’s nice that the manufacturer has not forgotten about the fingerprint scanner. However, it feels that it does not belong to the last generation.

    Well, what components provide the work of all of the above good? This smartphone is based on the Snapdragon 435. This is a good eight-core chipset created by Qualcomm. Its power is enough to run any application here. You can even play, but with slightly reduced graphics settings. The product also has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. You can’t do without a microSD card, you can be sure. Unless you only use this device for messenger correspondence, watching YouTube and visiting certain sites.

    It remains to add that the manufacturer has announced support for OTG. It means that the corresponding adapter will help you to connect your smartphone to the usual USB-flash drive.


    • Several color options to choose from;
    • The device came out very light;
    • Installed the latest version of the operating system;
    • Relatively good front camera;
    • There is a fingerprint scanner;
    • Built a good processor;
    • There is an NFC-chip;
    • A decent amount of RAM;
    • Reasonable price.


    • Not a very high resolution display;
    • The rear camera will not suit everyone;
    • The micro-USB connector is used;
    • The cutout in the screen may not be to one’s liking.

    BQ 5516L Twin

    Rating: 4.7

    BQ 5516L Twin

    This device has a much more familiar design of the front panel. There is no monobrow here. There is even a frame, which is sure to disappoint someone. However, the frames can not be called very wide, so they almost do not interfere. Under the display there is room for touch buttons. However, the manufacturer has decided to get rid of them. At the same time, he moved the fingerprint scanner to the back.

    Perhaps BQ can be commended for trying to install a fresh version of the “green robot” on their smartphones. Android 8 is used here.1, which will only become obsolete in three or four years. Also this representative of our rating can boast of two slots for SIM-cards and weight not exceeding 154 grams.

    If the previous model we looked at suffered from a low resolution display, but here there is no problem. The IPS panel placed here is ideal for watching videos on YouTube, because it has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The 1920×1080 pixel resolution also contributes to comfortable viewing. At 5.5-inch diagonal, this led to a pixel density of 401 PPI. In a word, it is impossible to pick on the screen. The only problem is the side bezels, painted black, they might be distracting for some people.

    Despite a very affordable price tag (in Russian stores BQ 5516L Twin sells for 8 thousand euros). The device is equipped with a dual camera (for more details see the table below). Of course, any high resolution can boast only the main matrix. The auxiliary module is only two-megapixel, and its main task is to detect the background, which the system then tries to blur. “Frontalica” here is much easier – it consists of a single lens under which the sensor is located, the resolution of which is 8 megapixels. The pictures are not bad, but no more than that.

    Not at all surprised by the fact that such an inexpensive smartphone does not have the NFC-chip. For such money you would not expect to get even a fingerprint scanner. But it is here! Not the best, but at least some! If there was also a USB Type-C socket, it would be a miracle! However, instead of it, the obsolete micro-USB is used. A pity . But for him it is easier to find OTG-adapter, which allows you to access the contents of the USB-flash drive.

    Of course, on some components the manufacturer has saved mercilessly. For example, it involved albeit an eight-core, but low-power processor. It is a MediaTek MT6750, providing in AnTuTu Benchmark not more than 37 thousand. points. In short, a gamer will not like this smartphone for sure. It is safe to say that this unit should be used as a “dialer. Otherwise, you may also encounter a lack of available space to install the next application – the device has only 16 GB of permanent memory. Well, as for the battery, its capacity is 3080 mAh.


    • Uses a fresh version of the OS;
    • Low weight;
    • Low cost;
    • A good resolution of the IPS display;
    • A relatively good for such a price tag dual camera;
    • There is a fingerprint scanner;
    • There is an FM-radio.


    • There is no NFC-chip;
    • Weak processor;
    • Little memory;
    • Built-in micro-USB connector;
    • The size won’t suit everyone;
    • A simple front camera.

    BQ 5201 Space

    Rating: 4.7

    BQ 5201 Space

    This representative of our rating functions under Android 7.0. This version of the “green robot” shows that the device was not released yesterday. This is evidenced by the design of the front panel. The fact that there are fairly wide areas above and below the screen. Moreover, the manufacturer has introduced a touch button, between which there is a physical button “Home” – in recent years, this concept has been abandoned by almost all. Note the physical key integrated fingerprint sensor. It is much more convenient to put your finger in the area below the display than to reach for the scanner on the back, if it were exactly there.

    The device is very compact, although it can not be called thin. Is it possible to place a high-capacity battery inside?? At 162 grams, it doesn’t seem to say that much about the weight. In fact, however, the product is able to boast of a battery, the capacity of which is brought to 4000 mAh. The only pity is that the charging is done through the connector micro-USB, famous for the fact that not always you get into it with the plug the first time.

    In such a small smartphone could not accommodate a huge display. Here its diagonal is a modest by modern standards of 5.2 inches. To create the screen used IPS technology, which contributes to the soft colors and maximum viewing angles. Resolution is 1280×720 pixels. Not much, but at this diagonal image detail seems almost ideal.

    Slightly surprising and cameras used here. No double modules, of course, but under the lenses are hidden matrixes with high resolution. In particular, the rear camera is a 16-megapixel. Although you have to admit that the quality of photos obtained still does not pull at such a number of pixels. It is possible that interpolation is used here. However, we must admit that a rare smartphone with such a price tag can offer at least something similar. If we talk about the front camera, it provides 13-megapixel pictures.

    BQ 5201 Space can be used to access the Internet. Of course, the manufacturer did not forget about the LTE-module, thanks to which the data are downloaded at a fairly high speed. There is also Wi-Fi, maximally capable of working with the standard 802.11n. It seems that its capabilities of such a device is enough.

    Sold for 8 thousand. The representative of our rating has a good amount of memory. Agree, 32 GB is quite acceptable. You’re unlikely to run out of free space, no matter how many applications you install. If you want to keep your smartphone music, videos and other media files, it is better to buy a memory card. A slot for it is separate, so no one will prohibit you from using two SIM-cards and external storage.

    And with what you have to put up with, buying a device? Perhaps first of all it would be desirable to complain about the processor. Yes, MediaTek MT6753 is a chipset with eight cores. But the power reserve is barely enough to run games on low graphics settings – it is unlikely to suit some teenage gamer. You can also lament the lack of NFC-chip. Alas, it is missing in most BQ smartphones.


    • There is a fingerprint sensor;
    • Built-in high-capacity battery;
    • A decent amount of memory for such a price;
    • There is a separate slot for microSD card;
    • Not the worst rear and front cameras;
    • Three color options to choose from;
    • Low price.


    • There is no support for fast charging;
    • Uses the micro-USB socket;
    • Built-in weak processor;
    • No NFC chip;
    • Not a very recent version of operating system.

    BQ 5500L Advance

    Rating: 4.6

    BQ 5500L Advance

    Another representative of our rating, which exists not for the first year. Now it sells for only 6-7 thousand. RUB. We must admit that now such a purchase may be the best. For this money you get a device that behaves perfectly in all conditions – even in bright sunlight what is happening on his screen is clearly visible. But, of course, the budget status imposes certain restrictions on the power indicators.

    The operating system used here is Android 7.0. This is not the most recent version, but it is unlikely to become outdated in the next couple of years. But this smartphone will not be used for a long time – in the future you will definitely want more, starting to look for a device with more advanced features.

    This device can not be called small. However, the manufacturer managed to stay within the 159 grams, which can not fail to please. The device can be felt in the hand, but it does not burden the pocket. Of course, the product is not frameless – the boundaries of IPS-display used here are clearly visible. Perhaps that’s why the manufacturer decided to stop at 5.45 inches – a larger screen in such a framework could not be used. Well, the resolution of 1440×720 pixels indicates that the company BQ had to save. By the way, even with this parameter each square inch of display area consists of 295 pixels, which is an excellent result.

    This smartphone can be used for taking pictures. For that it is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera. Of course, to achieve blurred background is impossible. Well, in terms of photo quality the device is comparable with the top devices six or even seven years ago. In short, the pictures are not perfect, but the buyer of a budget smartphone they have to suit. It is better to forget about taking pictures in the evening. And you can certainly not count on high-quality video recording – it uses strong compression, because of which the picture is supplied with a huge amount of artifacts.

    Surprisingly, even so inexpensive unit can boast of an 8-megapixel “frontal”. However, the pictures make you wonder if interpolation is used here. In short, the result will not please those who take selfies on a daily basis. It is clear that in the first place this camera is designed for video communication – in some Skype its capabilities are quite enough.

    Some people believe that those who sell for 6-7 thousand. The smartphones do not have high-speed wireless modules. Such consumers are wrong. BQ 5500L Advance without any problems works in LTE networks. This means that it allows you to watch YouTube videos in any environment, even outside. As for the Wi-Fi module, it transmits and receives data only on the 802.11n. But this standard is enough for such a smartphone, you will not download multi-gigabyte files here.

    Alas, the rest of the gadget’s specifications are more disappointing than pleasing. For example, the quad-core processor MediaTek MT6737 will hardly allow you to use the smartphone for gaming. Even more disappointing is the amount of permanent memory, which is only 16 GB. In the future you are sure to run into a lack of free space to install new applications, even if you regularly move certain programs on the memory card. And also it is possible to present claims concerning the absence here NFC-chip. But the device has a fingerprint scanner. One of the first generation, but the buyer of a cheap smartphone will be happy with it anyway.

    It remains to add that under the back cover of the BQ 5500L Advance is a battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh. Unfortunately, you will have to use the charger every night.


    • There is a fingerprint sensor;
    • Implemented LTE support;
    • The display behaves well in the sun;
    • Low weight;
    • Low cost;
    • The slot for a memory card is separate.


    • Not a very long-lasting battery;
    • Little memory;
    • It uses the micro-USB connector;
    • The processor is very weak;
    • No NFC chip;
    • Built-in simple camera.

    The best phones BQ

    BQ 2205 Ruffe

    Rating: 4.9

    BQ 2205 Ruffe

    The push-button phones have at least one advantage, which is a low price. And some models have other advantages. For example, BQ 2205 Ruffe has a shockproof housing. This is essential for anyone who regularly drops the phone on the floor or even on the pavement. A usual cell phone after such a fall to pieces, forcing you to look for the battery and the back cover. This device will definitely survive the fall without any consequences – you can even continue the conversation.

    It should be noted that the BQ 2205 Ruffe is not like other secure phones. It is not painted in any bright color. No, the cell phone can have a green or yellow insert, but look for it only on the sides and as a border on the front side. Strangely enough, it is enough to quickly recognize the device in water or in the snow.

    As expected, the device can be inserted two SIM-cards. You can also use a memory card. The external drive can contain music and some images. The device itself has only 32 MB of internal memory. But this is quite normal for any modern “button” – for a long time already none of the manufacturers even think of equipping their creations with a large amount of internal storage.

    Classic pushbutton phones weigh almost nothing. About BQ 2205 Ruffe this can not be said. The impact and moisture protection has affected the weight – in the end, it was 145 grams. However, this certainly will not scare those who have ever used a smartphone with a screen diagonal of more than 5.7 inches.

    If we’re talking about the display, here its diagonal does not exceed 2.2 inches. This is a typical parameter for all the “buttons” present on the market. The resolution is disappointing, but not too much – for some phones and 220×176 pixels are unattainable parameter.

    Under the display there are handy buttons. The controls are realized with the four direction keys and the central button – it is impossible to get confused in the menu.

    If you look at the back of the phone you can see the built-in camera lens. The resolution of the matrix used here is not specified, but you can be sure that the user expects low-quality photos. However, the resulting images are enough to add them to the contact book, but the owner of such a phone and does not need more. It seems that FM-radio is much more useful – buyers of such cell phones like it much more.

    The phone is able to communicate with the Bluetooth-headset. Well, the battery capacity of 1500 mAh provides autonomous work of this mobile. It seems that you will need to use the charger very rarely. Interestingly, the battery replacement and SIM card installation is associated with some difficulties. The fact that the back cover is screwed. The appropriate screwdriver is supplied, but this does not negate the fact that the process of unscrewing will take a very long time.


    • There is some water protection;
    • Reliable design;
    • It is possible to insert two SIM cards;
    • There is a slot for memory cards;
    • It uses a high-capacity battery;
    • There is a Bluetooth-module;
    • FM-radio is not forgotten;
    • Several color options.


    • The resolution of the display could have been higher;
    • Not everyone will find this cell phone light;
    • Rather high price.

    BQ 2433 Dream DUO

    Rating: 4.7

    BQ 2433 Dream DUO

    The cell phones, made in the form factor “clamshell”, gradually become exotic. Now these devices are manufactured by only a few companies. One of them is the BQ. Of course, its folding phones can not impress with the characteristics. These are the usual “dialers”, which have a minimum amount of memory and a very modest battery. For example, the BQ 2433 Dream DUO works with a battery capacity of 800 mAh. But this device exists in at least five color variants! And it also weighs very little – only 112 grams.

    The cell phone is dual-cell. It is also endowed with a slot for a memory card. You can not do without an external drive if you want to use the built-in camera and listen to music. The thing is that the size of the permanent memory installed here is only 64 MB – this is barely enough for a couple of music tracks and a few pictures.

    Strangely enough, it is the BQ 2433 Dream DUO is the most advanced clamshell on the market. The fact that this unit has two screens. The competitors have an empty top cap, on which you can find only the SOS button, and that not always. Here the buyer is waiting for a full color display, the diagonal of which is 1.77 inches. Inside the phone is an even larger screen. The resolution of the 2.4-inch display is 320×240 pixels – as in the old smartphones Nokia, powered by Symbian 9.0. It is a pity that it uses a much simpler firmware, which does not allow you to install additional applications.

    As usual, the manufacturer does not specify, what kind of camera is built in here. However, its features are quite enough to create a picture for the contact book, and the buyer of such phone and does not need more.

    This model includes a Bluetooth module. It means that it is possible to connect a wireless headset to your cell phone. But many phone owners will use it much more often with wired headphones. With their help, you can listen to FM-radio, which seems to be built into most modern cell phones.

    Perhaps this is a good choice for those who need an ordinary “dialer” made in the folding form factor. It has basic functionality, but for many owners of this phone and does not need more. It’s a pity that the cell phone costs about 2600 rubles. Not every resident of our country will agree to pay such an amount for an ordinary “button.


    • Five colors to choose from;
    • Minimum weight;
    • Two slots for SIM cards and one for a memory card;
    • High resolution display;
    • The top cover has an additional screen;
    • FM-radio is not forgotten;
    • Built-in Bluetooth module.


    • The price does not suit everyone;
    • Low battery capacity.

    BQ 3201 Option

    Rating: 4.4

    BQ 3201 Option

    At the end of our rating is another button phone. He is the usual monoblock. However, even this device strongly stands out against the competition. The matter is that on its obverse panel there is a place for a huge display. Its diagonal reaches 3.2 inches! Once upon a time, even smartphones could not boast of such a parameter! However, only the physical size is big. The resolution is 320×240 pixels – this is the maximum available for the modern “button. You can be sure, a picture with a higher resolution the processor used here simply would not digest. In short, the pixelation on such a screen is clearly visible. For a man with perfect eyesight. If the phone will be used by an elderly person, it is unlikely he will make any complaints about the display. On the contrary, he will be glad of big menu captions and no less big icons.

    BQ push-button phones turn out to be very light. The 3201 Option is no exception to the rule at 116g. You can find at least three color options on sale – you do not have to limit yourself to a cell phone, the body of which is painted only black. As for the price, it is equal to two thousand rubles. It seems that for such an atypical phone you can definitely pay such money.

    Of course, this device attracts not only a large screen and stylish design. This unit can be used to talk on two SIM cards – not every “button” has such a number of slots. There is also an FM-radio. It will allow you to enjoy music even if the memory card does not have a single MP3-track. Why an external display?? The fact that the built-in memory is only 32 MB, to throw music here is absolutely meaningless. By the way, the cell phone has a TV tuner. But it is analog, and this type of signal is gradually ceasing to broadcast (for example, Moscow has completely switched to “digital” in mid-February 2019).

    It is not difficult to notice that the back panel of the device is a shelter for the lens of the built-in camera. Oddly enough, it can take pretty good pictures. At least the capabilities of 1.3 megapixel camera is enough to get a picture for the phone book. You have to take pictures in good light, because there is no flash. This is unfortunate, because the lack of it indicates that the phone can not be used as a flashlight.

    Of course, the device does not provide access to the Internet, as there is no possibility to install Java applications. But there is a Bluetooth-module, which allows you to connect a wireless headset. Don’t count on great sound quality – the phone is basically designed to be used with a mono headset which would free your hands in a car for example.

    Included with this cell phone you will get a USB-cable, charger and a removable battery, which provides the phone. Battery capacity is 1750 mAh. This time the manufacturer is not stingy. Get ready to remember the network adapter once in three or four days, or even less frequently.

    But what complaints can be presented to this cell phone? It’s not for nothing that it’s at the bottom of our selection? Perhaps the most disappointing is the absence of a front speaker. Despite the presence of an appropriate cutout, instead of a speaker there is a fake part. When talking, the voice of the interlocutor is heard from the rear speaker, just at low volume. This is unpleasant. Also, not everyone will like the fact that you need to plug in headphones to activate the radio. It is this that does not allow you to call this model granny phone.


    • Two SIM card slots are complemented by a memory card slot;
    • Very small weight;
    • Several color options;
    • Large display with good resolution;
    • There is FM radio;
    • Built-in Bluetooth-module;
    • It uses a high-capacity battery.


    • No conversational speaker.


    This is the list of the best smartphones and BQ phones. You may have noticed that the Russian company has to save a lot of money by bringing in devices with average characteristics. But practice shows that many residents of our country are looking for just such gadgets. Often people simply do not need anything other than the ability to communicate in a messenger and watch YouTube. And with this perfectly copes and cheap smartphones.

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