7 best mobile apps for individuals to invest in

*Ranking of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Investing in recent years has become one of the most popular ways to preserve and increase capital. First of all, thanks to advertising and simplification of the process of investing. Previously one had to visit stock exchanges, open accounts and be engaged in other gestures and the entry threshold was from a seven digit sum, but now it is possible to open a mobile app and buy a couple of Apple or Gazprom shares, investing a few thousand rubles.

However, not all investing apps are equally reliable and convenient. There are some that allow you to buy a stock or an asset with just a couple of clicks, and some that require some kind of economic education to use. And to make investing easier and safer, we have collected 7 best mobile investment apps for individuals.

Rating of the best mobile applications for retail investments

Rating of the best mobile investment apps for individuals1Tinkoff Investments5.0
2Sberbank Investor4.9
3VTB My Investments4.8
4Alfa Direct4.7
6BCS World of Investments (formerly BCS My Broker)4.5
7Otkritie Broker. Investments4.4

Tinkoff Investments

Rating: 5.0

Tinkoff Investments
  1. Exchanges: MOEX, SPB, NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE.
  2. Assets: Shares, corporate bonds, OFZ, ETFs, currencies.
  3. Score: 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play Market.

“Tinkoff Investments” is a brokerage app of Tinkoff Financial Group. One of the most popular investment platforms in Russia, as it offers the lowest entry threshold. In particular, the minimum investment amount is only 1000 rubles. In addition, the app itself is available training course, tips and advice for novice investors.

But simplicity does not mean loss of functionality. Thus, Global Finance rating in 2018 called “Tinkoff Investments” “the best investment service in the world”. This is due to the wide opportunities for investment:

Tinkoff Investments presents financial instruments from five global exchanges, including two Russian ones. So you can invest in the domestic economy by buying federal loan bonds or, for example, shares of Gazprom. Or join investors with NASDAQ companies;

Integrated news and social service. It is possible to track changes in the world of finance without leaving the applications;

Wide range of features for professional investing – even if you want to “play short” or participate in an IPO without a lock-up period.

“Tinkoff Investments” is recommended to use together with the bank card Tinkoff Black. In this case, deposit and withdrawal of funds from the brokerage account will be instant. If you will use any other card, these transactions may take up to 3 working days, as interbank transfer is made.

Sberbank Investor

Rating: 4.9

Sberbank Investor
  1. Exchanges: MOEX.
  2. Assets: Shares, ETFs, bonds and OFZs, precious metals, currencies.
  3. Score: 2.7 out of 5 on Google Play Market.

First of all it should be noted that Sberbank Investor is primarily an application for accumulation, preservation and multiplication of capital, rather than for fast stock exchange trading. Its functionality is often slightly lower than that of competitors, and the range of financial instruments is limited to those traded on the Moscow Exchange.

Nevertheless, Sberbank Investor is a great brokerage app for Sberbank clients. It features a simple and user-friendly interface, extensive FAQ and deep integration with other services of the financial institution. In addition, it constantly publishes recommendations from Sberbank analysts, which will help novice investors to properly form a portfolio and buy shares with a high level of profit or minimal risk.

One of the advantages of Sberbank Investor is a training mode. It allows you to try investing “funds” first, and then track the financial results without the risk of losing money. Nevertheless, this training mode is available after opening a brokerage account. By the way, the minimum deposit amount (and investment, as a consequence) is only 1000 rubles.

One more detail is worth noting. “Sberbank publishes the content of curated portfolios. And the one that has the least risk and offers a yield of about 8% per annum, suggests investing… in “Sberbank.

VTB My Investments

Rating: 4.8

VTB My Investments
  1. Exchanges: MOEX, SPB, on premium rates – more than 30 world exchanges.
  2. Assets: Shares, bonds (including OFZ), Eurobonds, futures, IPOs, OTC market, currencies.
  3. Score: 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play Market.

“VTB My Investments – one of the most functional brokerage applications in Russia. Please note that it is designed for experienced users. Of course, it has some tools for beginners, like the robot-advisor for forming a portfolio, but the novice investor can simply get “lost” in the abundance of charts, graphs, columns and numbers.

According to the official information, the application is available for more than 10 thousand financial instruments. This number includes stocks, bonds of various types, futures, and other assets. However, only instruments from the Moscow and St. Petersburg exchanges are available for novice investors. All other futures and IPOs are offered at a premium.

VTB My Investments also offers advice from VTB Capital analysts. Unlike Sberbank, they are updated very frequently. Separate menus are available for stocks with high growth potential, the most stable and reliable. Beginners can also use the robot-advisor, which will take control of a package worth from 50000 rubles. Thus the minimum amount of investment – 1000 rubles.


Rating: 4.7

Alfa Direct
  1. Exchanges: MOEX, SPB, OTC trading.
  2. Assets: stocks, bonds (including OFZ), mutual funds, BPIF, ETFs, futures, currencies.
  3. Score: 4.0 out of 5 on Google Play Market.

“Alfa-Direct” – another app for experienced investors. A huge number of financial instruments for trading and money management are available “out of the box” here. According to the official information, more than 1500 types of assets are available.

Being oriented for professional investors, Alfa-Direct floods the user with information after a short training. It is actually very practical – the owner has access to a full-fledged trading terminal to manage their capital from anywhere. Notifications, chart trading, real-time updates, financial news streams, chat with other traders – all this makes investing a full-fledged job.

It is important to note that “Alfa-Direct” offers, perhaps, the simplest mechanism of trading with leverage. This is a great way for experienced traders and investors to exaggerate capital. However, for beginners, it can be dangerous.

As with other banking applications, you’ll get the most comfort when using Alfa-Direct if you have an Alfa-Bank card. Transfers from card to brokerage account (and back) are made instantly.


Rating: 4.6

  1. Exchanges: MOEX, over-the-counter market.
  2. Assets: Shares, mutual funds, bonds, including federal loan bonds, foreign currency.
  3. Score: 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Market.

FinamTrade is one of the oldest brokers in Russia. Provided a platform for individual traders even before every bank had its own instruments. This is also reflected in the mobile application. FinamTrade is surprisingly “conservative” and designed exclusively for experienced investors. The beginners, who are used to simple trading, just get confused.

But experienced traders will appreciate convenience and functionality of the trading process. Detailed interactive charts and “glasses”, informative orders and informative portfolio – all this will help to control your capital more accurately and receive maximum profit. Unless, of course, you already have experience.

Therefore, for example, the company has strict rules with a system of penalties. This can discourage novice users. In addition, a “bonus” will be experience with the Forex environment, as FinamTrade primarily uses market orders, not only limit orders.

As a consequence, FinamTrade will give you more opportunities to control and increase your capital. But only if you do not need to install a separate training app, and you already know everything. Yes, and for newbies here is just a short tutorial that shows you what to click and where to click.

BCS World Investments (formerly BCS My Broker)

Rating: 4.5

BCS World of Investments
  1. Exchanges: MOEX.
  2. Assets: Shares, bonds, futures, ETFs, mutual funds, exchange-traded notes.
  3. Score: 3.3 of 5 on Google Play Market.

“BCS World of Investments is a great combination of functionality and simplicity and new-user friendliness. Experienced investors will appreciate the wide range of instruments available for trading. And those who want to make their first investment – an intuitive interface and low entry threshold, from only 1000 rubles.

For example, tips and recommendations are already available on the main screen. There you can find the results of BCS Analysts, up-to-date financial information and other. For example, if you have too many high-risk stocks in your portfolio, BCS World Investments will advise you to rebalance.

A nice feature of “BCS World of Investments” is the connection to the SBP. This means that you can instantly replenish your brokerage account from the card of any Russian bank just by phone number. Classical depositing option – purchase with card is also available. All is not so good with the withdrawal. It is made only to the bank account by requisites.

Another nice feature – buying and selling currencies with a minimum lot size of 1 dollar or 1 euro. This allows you to trade more precisely, losing less and winning more.

Otkritie Broker. Investments

Rating: 4.4

Otkritie Broker. Investments
  1. Exchanges: MOEX.
  2. Assets: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and mutual funds, currencies, futures.
  3. Score: 4.5 of 5 on Google Play Market.

“Otkritie Broker. Investments” is a good solution for investors of different qualifications. For example, this app is suitable for those who just want to invest some money, forget about it for a few months to a year, and then take it back with a profit. To do this, in “Otkritie Broker. Investments” has a whole section with ready-made solutions compiled by the bank’s analysts. It includes mutual funds, IIM strategies and coupon structured products.

For experienced investors, there are detailed and structured trade deals, detailed toolcards, a handy catalog, and advanced financial reports. This allows you to accurately control your portfolio without recommendations from robots, analysts or other third-party experts.

Among other “niceties.”

  1. Deal History;
  2. Trading Ideas;
  3. Company descriptions;
  4. Informative forecasts.

The disadvantages – “Otkritie Broker. Investments” is focused on traders with significant capital. Of course, you can open an account with 1000 rubles. But, for example, you have to buy currencies in amounts starting from 1000 dollars or euros.

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