16 best smartphones for girls

The richest variety of commercially available smartphone models allow you to pick the perfect match for anyone and for any purpose – work, school, entertainment, even to emphasize the social status of the owner. Major marketplaces initially classify smartphones in the catalog according to this characteristic – for business, for the elderly, for sports and extreme professions, for children, for girls, etc. d. And lastly, this is not about gender stereotypes, but rather about preferences. Today the editorial staff of Expertology magazine has prepared for you a special review of the best smartphones for girls in 2020.

How to choose a smartphone for a girl

Before we start to consider specific models, let’s understand what signs can be guided when choosing a phone for a girl. This is especially true when the smartphone is intended as a gift.

Design and colors

In any direction of industrial design of gadgets naturally and long ago there was a certain stereotype that black and strict forms – a “male theme”, and almost any other colors, starting with white, not to mention red and pink – “female”. Although it is a stereotype, but it reflects the real preferences of the fair sex. From this and should proceed, choosing a smartphone for a gift for the girl, if there is no more accurate information about the tastes.

The size and proportions

“Shovels” with huge screens look normal in men’s hands, and a girl may find it difficult even to hold such a copy with one hand, let alone to quickly dial messages. Therefore, if we really choose a smartphone with a large diagonal, then at least with such proportions that the device is comfortable to hold with one hand. Such “long” smartphones on sale enough, including the same iPhone many models.


This criterion is more than obvious – the smartphone must be equipped with a powerful rear camera, and in 2020 it is already relevant to talk not about one rear camera, but a whole block of cameras of different “specialization”. No less, and in some places even more important will be the front selfie camera. And here this is no reason to joke, because a bad front camera can make a gift for a girl almost meaningless.


Numerous selfies, photos and videos from vacations, funny moments from everyday life, trying your hand at beauty-blogging and all related things should be seen on something, and the “picture” should not disappoint. Therefore, the quality of the screen in smartphones for girls is also important. The high resolution and OLED-like matrix technology – the best option to get a flawless image quality on the screen of your smartphone, which, moreover, will not “glare” in the sun.


The most controversial and overgrown with not the most pleasant stereotypes category. But, it would be unreasonable to deny that for many girls, the premium class, the flagship status of the smartphone is of serious importance. Therefore, in our review we will take the class of the product as one of the criteria for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages.

As a brief summary add that there are other equally important characteristics – the processor power, the amount of memory and other. They we believe are important by definition and do not emphasize. As for the above criteria, the optimal combination of all of them in one single model is not encountered very often, and sometimes it makes sense to sacrifice one characteristic for the sake of a more successfully realized other. For example, the quality of the selfie camera can matter much more than the type and quality of the sensor. All of this can only be taken into account individually.

Rating of the best smartphones for girls

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best inexpensive smartphones for girls1Bluboo S8 3/32GB Gold9 700€
2Doogee X60L (Gold)6 990€
3Honor 8A Gold7 990€
4Meizu M6T 2/16GB5 999€
The best mid-priced smartphones for girls1Huawei P40
  • 6/128GB
  • 17 990€
    2Vivo V1722 990€
    3OPPO A9 2020 4/128GB17 999€
    4Motorola One Action15 330€
    5Samsung Galaxy A80 8/128GB Gold29 990€
    The best premium smartphones for girls1Xiaomi Mi 10 8/128GB Peach Gold43 200€
    2Samsung Galaxy S2069 900€
    3Samsung Galaxy Z F
  • p 8/256GB Purple Mirror (SM-F700FZPDSEK)
  • 99 990€
    Best iPhones for girls1Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold35 900€
    2Apple iPhone Xr 128GB54 990€
    3Apple iPhone Xs 64GB Gold (MT9G2)52 990€
    4Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Gold131 990€

    The review is based on the analysis of smartphone specifications with the servicesmartphones/.

    Best inexpensive smartphones for girls

    The first selection in our review will be traditionally dedicated to the most inexpensive models of those recommended by Expertology. As a good surprise for a girl, they are the least suitable, but as an informed choice – quite. Some brands are faintly recognizable, but the smartphones themselves are quite capable and in some respects even give the impression of a higher real value than that declared by the manufacturer and distributors.

    Bluboo S8 3/32GB Gold

    Rating: 4.6

    Bluboo S8 3/32GB Gold

    Opens the review inexpensive, but very interesting smartphone Chinese brand Bluboo. The brand is known far beyond the Celestial Empire – the company specializes in inexpensive electronics of good quality, which is in marked demand in many countries around the world.

    This model impresses with its design and appearance in general. Curved edges of the screen already says a lot, and the more knowledgeable immediately notice in the device close resemblance to the Galaxy S8 – the flagship of Samsung. And this similarity is conscious, the manufacturer does not deny borrowing at all. There is no plagiarism here, as borrowing successful and not directly patented ideas from each other is a normal practice among manufacturers of portable gadgets.

    Smartphone size – 70.6×149.5×8.4mm, weight – about 180g, that is, the dimensions of this model has the most usual parameters. Sides of the screen are in the ratio of 18:9. Screen side frames are thin, the back cover with an interesting shimmering surface texture. Comes with a simple transparent protective case, charger, protective glass and cable USB Type-C.

    The screen size in diagonal – 5.7, S-IPS type matrix resolution – 1440×720. Viewing angles – 178 degrees in all directions, typical of IPS technology. Here and below, if the IPS matrix is mentioned, wide viewing angles should be assumed automatically. The image quality is decent, there is a quite tangible margin of brightness, plus adaptive adjustment.

    The rear camera unit consists of a main camera with 13 MP resolution and the second 3-megapixel, which is obtained by blurring the background of the subject. Front camera – 5 megapixels. There is a dual LED flash for the main (rear) unit. There is a slight annoyance with the not quite right location of the fingerprint scanner. If you use it, the bottom camera will inevitably quickly get clogged.

    The smartphone supports two sim cards, the second of which can work in a hybrid slot, which can also serve as a slot for external memory cards, but only alternately – either sim card or flash drive. There is LTE support. Of the other wireless connectivity, there’s dual-band Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth 4 radio module.0. It must be said that the power of these modules – perhaps the weakest point of this model. Not only that, quite weak even the GPS navigation unit, which itself is relatively simple.

    The battery life here is average, but overall not bad. The battery capacity of 3450mAh can provide up to 6 hours of work with a decent load. If you use the smartphone in moderate mode, the charge can last up to two days.


    • Premium Appearance;
    • Original and attractive design elements;
    • A high-quality IPS-matrix;
    • Accurate and fast fingerprint scanner;
    • Not a bad battery life;
    • A high-quality and stylish packaging (suitable as a gift).


    • No standard audio output 3.5 mm;
    • Weak wireless and navigation modules.

    Doogee X60L (Gold)

    Rating: 4.5

    Doogee X60L (Gold)

    Let’s continue with another interesting and extremely affordable “Chinese”. Doogee brand specializes almost exclusively in smartphones and has succeeded worldwide. The brand belongs to the subsidiary company of a large concern KVD International Group.

    This is also a gadget with a premium look, in which the rounded edges of the screen decide a lot. Size of the body is 70.8×151.9×9.35mm. Diagonal screen size – 5.5 in. The sides correspond as 18:9. Not a bad matrix with a resolution of 1280×640 and a pixel density of 260 pixels per inch. In terms of design, there are two colors available – black or rose gold. For a girl, especially as a gift, would be preferable to the second option. But this is already a matter of taste, and further we will only indicate the available colors, and the final choice will be left to you.

    Rear camera unit consists of two elements – the main camera with 13Mpixel resolution and an additional wide-angle 8Mpixel camera. Front camera with the same resolution – 8MP.

    Set of communication tools here is quite modest, but quite enough for most users. In addition to GSM-telephony supported by 3G and 4G LTE, is a satellite navigation module GPS, wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For wired connection, a miniature USB interface is provided. The developers have not even abandoned the standard socket 3.5mm “mini-jack”, which definitely pleased us.

    The center of all calculations is a 4-core mobile processor MediaTek MT6737. The graphics subsystem is actually part of the processor, and here Ma

  • -T720 MP2. Built-in memory installed 16GB, RAM – 2GB.

    Battery life of this smartphone is approximately comparable to the indicators of the above variant. Battery capacity – 3300mAh. With moderate use, the smartphone can easily work for up to two days.

    Separately worth mentioning is the quality of the sound. On the one hand, we see a pretty good stereo pair in this model, successfully placed in the bottom of the smartphone, from the end. At moderate volume, the sound is well balanced and pleasant. But the threshold of the combination of volume and quality is rather low, and at a certain excess (depending on the song) will already appear unpleasant rattle.


    • picture quality;
    • Not bad in this class cameras, including the front;
    • fingerprint scanner;
    • stereo speakers;
    • nice appearance;
    • Quality oleophobic coating of the screen;
    • value for money, features and quality.


    • Often the speakers are hoarse.

    Honor 8A Gold

    Rating: 4.5

    Honor 8A Gold

    As the third number in the budget selection let’s consider a subsidiary brand of Huawei Technologies – Honor, namely – an inexpensive and cute smartphone model 8A, which will be perfect for a girl. Available colors – black, blue, gold. It’s a relative newcomer to the market – sales started last March 2019.

    The dimensions of the smartphone – 73.5×156.28×8.22mm, weighs 150g. Screen size – 6.09 inches diagonally with a proportions of 19.5:9. The resolution of the matrix is 1560×720 with a dot density of 282 per inch. Classic body design. Supports two sim cards nanoSIM format in alternating mode.

    The camera configuration in this case is very modest, especially for 2020, but looking at the cost combined with the overall quality it can be taken for granted. The main rear camera is 13Mpix, single; the front camera is 8Mpix. The maximum resolution for shooting video is F

      lHD 1920×1080.

      The communication profile of the smartphone is presented as a whole standard, but still a little extended set due to the presence of the module NFC, which finds the widest application for contactless payments. Telephony and data transfer with support for all generations of today’s technologies – from GSM900 to LTE-A Cat. 4. Wi-Fi module standard 802.11n, supports direct connection between devices Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, Satellite navigation module with GLONASS, GPS support. There is a tiny USB interface for wired connection to the computer. For headset – the usual standard “mini-jack” 3.5mm.

      The basis of all electronics is a fairly powerful 8-core processor MediaTek He

    • o P35 (MT6765) with integrated PowerVR GE8320 graphics module. RAM 2GB, built-in – 32GB. A notable plus of this model is a separate slot for flash memory cards, rather than paired with a second SIM, as is often the case, especially in low-end smartphones. The maximum capacity of flash memory supported is 512GB.

      3020mAh non-removable battery for about the same battery life as the previous two variants. The smartphone will last a day for sure, if you don’t “abuse” resource-intensive applications, and with a gentle mode of operation, the charge can last even longer.


      • image quality;
      • powerful processor;
      • appearance;
      • NFC module for contactless payments;
      • a separate slot for memory cards;
      • fingerprint scanner;
      • A normal headset jack;
      • value for money.


      • The main rear camera is too simple;
      • battery life.

      Meizu M6T 2/16GB

      Rating: 4.4

      Meizu M6T 2/16GB

      Completes the selection of the best inexpensive smartphones for girls according to Expertology well known and bright brand Meizu with its budget, but very well proven child – M6T. Available colors of the body – black, blue, red. For the European market still comes in gold, but there may be difficulties with its availability. Sales started in June 2016.

      The device dimensions are 73×152.3×8.4mm, weighs 145g. The body of a strong polycarbonate with a classic design. Supports two nanoSIM cards in alternating mode. Screen size – 5.7 inches diagonally. Sides ratio 18:9. Matrix resolution – 1440×720. The pixel density is 282 per inch.

      The camera configuration is a little better than the previous model: a pair of 13 and 2MP rear and a front with 8MP. The rear is equipped with an LED flash. The aperture of the leading rear camera is F/2.20.

      The processor in this model is comparable in performance to the previous example – 8-core MediaTek MT6750 with a built-in graphics card Ma

    • -T860 MP2. RAM and built-in memory minimal, but sufficient for most tasks and styles of operation – 2GB RAM and 16GB built-in. The model comes in different modifications, so it is quite possible to pick up a variant with expanded memory, but then it is inevitable a noticeable increase in price. Slot for flash memory is combined with a second SIM card, recognizes cards up to 128GB.

      For communication and interfaces in this model the situation is as follows. Telephony and data transfer – from GSM900 to LTE in the extended version (FDD-LTE,

      -LTE). Wireless communication modules – Bluetooth version 4.1, Wi-Fi generation 802.11n. Supports GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation.

      The battery is the most ordinary lithium-ion with a capacity of 3300mAh. This is the most mass variant, in which you can not count on autonomous operation for several days in a row, but a day or two smartphone on a full charge may work well, depending on the mode and intensity of loading. Charging via micro-USB with USB-host.

      Recall that in the state of searching the network, the battery drains almost faster than when viewing multimedia content, and this often happens unnoticed by the user, especially when traveling. This fact applies to absolutely all modern smartphones, regardless of class.


      • A prominent, as for a “budget” brand;
      • performance;
      • image quality;
      • USB-host;
      • fingerprint scanner;
      • A combination of price, functionality and quality.


      • Many users do not have enough built-in memory;
      • The screen becomes “blind” in the sun.

      The best mid-priced smartphones for girls

      Now let’s pay attention to more interesting smartphones in all senses, where the question of price is no longer in the first place. These are great options for girls if you’re buying a smartphone “for yourself,” and also suitable as a gift, not least because of the not-so-open budget. A higher class is expressed in almost everything – the resolution and quality of the matrix, composition and capabilities of the rear camera unit, the performance of electronics, etc.

      Huawei P40
    • te 6/128GB
    • Rating: 4.9

      Huawei P40<li></div><p>te 6/128GB” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/8716666193301-4416.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Huawei P40</p><li>te 6/128GB”><p>Will open the extended selection of an interesting model produced by Huawei. It’s</p><li>The te-version of the P40 model, which despite the fact that<li>te, itself is quite performant, and in relation to the above described inexpensive variants – a head above any of them. Available colors are black, emerald green and pink and blue with a smooth gradient (sakura pink).<p>The dimensions of this model are universal and do not hint in any way at “gender priorities” – 76.3×159.2×8.7mm, weight also does not say anything in particular – 183g, that is, a little more than most inexpensive options, but also the electronic stuffing is much denser, and the battery is much more capacious, so it is still quite acceptable weight.</p><p>The screen size here is 6.4 inches diagonally. Matrix occupies a large area, capturing the area where it is “historically” customary to place the front camera. Different manufacturers have different solutions to this question. Huawei has decided that shifting the front-facing camera to a corner would be a lesser evil than the camera in the center – this significantly reduces the visibility of the hole when looking at the screen. In general, this approach gets the most positive feedback from users than variants with the folk names “drop” or, even more so, “monobrow”.</p><p>The resolution of the matrix is much higher than any budget smartphone described above – 2310×1080 with aspect ratio 19:9. Dot density 398 per inch. The higher class of matrix is noticeable – it reproduces up to 16.78 million colors, images are crisp, bright, contrasty, realistic.</p><p>Of great interest in this model, especially for girls, is the main camera unit on the back. It’s as much as 4 lenses with different purposes – basic photography, wide angle, depth detection, and more. However, it is noticeably upsetting the lack of stabilization, that is, to shoot well “with his hands” is quite difficult.</p><p>The means of communication are represented here by the full range of cellular up to 4G LTE, the module Wi-Fi 802.11ac, generation 5 Bluetooth unit.0, support for satellite navigation of all three major systems – Ga</p><li>Leo, GLONASS, GPS (including A-GPS cold start).<p>The impressive speed of the smartphone provides 8-core central processing unit HiSi</p><li>Kirin 810 with Ma graphics subsystem<li>-G52, backed by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in.<p>One of the obvious advantages of this model is a fairly high-capacity battery – 4200mAh⋅h. Charging via USB Type-C, supported by fast charging technology original Huawei SuperCharge.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>performance speed;</li><li>quality matrix;</li><li>responsive touch screen;</li><li>Lush, realistic colors;</li><li>compromise front camera placement in the active area of the screen;</li><li>powerful main rear camera unit;</li><li>high-capacity battery;</li><li>Bluetooth 5.0;</li><li>NFC;</li><li>original bright colors of the case.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No effective stabilization in the main camera unit.</li></ul><h3>Vivo V17</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Vivo V17

      The Vivo V17 series smartphone continues the review. This is a very powerful model, productive, with excellent cameras and progressive solutions on key technical characteristics. An important point for girls – aesthetics – is also quite at the level here. The design, although completely classic, is well balanced by the shimmering colors of the body, and even the names of the available colors speak for themselves – “shining night”, “cloudy azure”, “blue fog”. The model was announced quite recently – in November 2011.

      The size and weight of the device is almost similar to the previous model – 75.19×159.25×8.68mm and 178g. The screen size of 6.38 with proportions of 19.The 5:9 doesn’t even have an IPS matrix anymore which is good for everyone but an AMOLED. These are obvious advantages in terms of image quality, stock brightness and, most importantly, the behavior of the screen in sunlight – these screens practically “do not blind. The resolution of the matrix – 2340×1080 at a density of 404 dots per inch.

      The smartphone supports two nanoSIM SIM cards in alternating mode. Supports the full range of GSM telephony and data transmission across multiple generations of technology up to 4G LTE. There is also Wi-Fi and high-speed Bluetooth 5.0. NFC module for contactless payment. Supports all three major systems of satellite navigation – BeiDou, GLONASS, GPS (including a cold start A-GPS).

      The camera configuration is similar to the previous model – four rear modules with a resolution of 48, 8, 2 and 2 megapixels. On the rear there is also a LED flash. But in what this model is far ahead of its “colleague” from Huawei, it is the front camera. It has a resolution of 32Mpix, which gives a big advantage of this model in terms of quality selfies.

      The smartphone electronics also commands respect in its class. Powerful 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor with built-in Adreno 610 graphics, backed by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in, give truly tangible performance. Another plus is that the slot for external memory cards is dedicated, not combined with a second SIM-slot. The maximum card capacity is 256GB.

      Finally, the battery life. Here, too, the developers of the smartphone did not skimp and equipped it with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity clearly above average – 4500 mAh. This approximates 30 hours of talk time, 90 hours of listening to audio content and over 600 hours of standby time.


      • AMOLED matrix;
      • picture quality;
      • Speed and performance in general;
      • NFC;
      • A powerful rear camera unit;
      • The front selfie camera with a resolution of 32 MP;
      • high-capacity lithium polymer battery;
      • a dedicated memory card slot;
      • The bright and attractive design.


      • Complaints from users about the frankly mediocre sound of built-in speakers.

      OPPO A9 2020 4/128GB

      Rating: 4.7

      OPPO A9 2020 4/128GB

      We will continue our review with another new product from late 2019, early 2020 – a very remarkable “Chinese” of the already very reputable brand OPPO. This is a good choice for a girl because of the powerful cameras, quality screen image, performance and the choice of not trite colors.

      In terms of dimensions and weight, the smartphone does not stand out in any way: 75.6×163.6×9.1mm at a weight of 195g. The body is also classic, but even in appearance looks attractive, and the tactile feel adds to the favor of users. Colors – “space blue”, “sea green”, purple with shimmers.

      The diagonal screen in this case – 6.5 inch. The matrix is not as progressive as in the previous model (AMOLED), but it is high-quality IPS with juicy color rendering (16 colors are displayed).78 million colors), good contrast and the widest viewing angles. Resolution – 1600×720 with a density of 270 dots per inch. The proportions are 20:9.

      In terms of cameras this model is almost similar to the previous. Almost, because the fundamental difference consists only in the front camera. It here has a resolution of 16mpix – this is half the resolution of the Vivo V17, but for selfies this is more than enough in most cases, while 32MPix for selfies camera is often simply an excessive feature. The four rear cameras are exactly the same in terms of features – 48, 8, 2 and 2MP. On top of that, this smartphone already has the ability to shoot video in 4K 3840×2160 quality, but at a frame rate of no more than 30fps.

      As for connectivity, in this case we also see a lot of parallels with the previous model: the same support for the entire spectrum of cellular technology to 4G LTE, the presence of Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, support for all satellite navigation systems. In many descriptions of the model on the network you can see an indication of the presence of NFC-module proximity contactless. In fact, this is an option, and equipment with an NFC module may depend on what market the smartphone goes to. Therefore, when buying online, but this point should be stressed.

      Power electronics is also comparable to the previous model – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 128GB of internal memory, 4GB of RAM. The RAM here, although it is twice less, often this is fully sufficient. In an extreme case, there are modifications with a different set.

      The real praise in the OPPO A9 2020 deserves the battery. A 5000mAh non-removable battery pack is already a serious statement for not having to worry about charging for days at a time in moderate use. Fast charging, unfortunately, is not provided.


      • image quality;
      • Speed of operation and performance in general;
      • Powerful rear cameras;
      • high resolution front camera;
      • NFC (availability of the module – optional, depends on the market sales);
      • shooting video in 4K;
      • high-capacity battery.


      • No fast charging;
      • complaints about the raw software, including the operating system.

      Motorola One Action

      Rating: 4.6

      Motorola One Action

      Now consider a smartphone legendary brand Motorola, although after dramatic changes in the fate of the company, from the former Motorola remained only sonorous name. Nevertheless, the current owners of the brand honestly try to keep the brand, and they generally succeed. This model is fairly recent, but has already passed the test of time – it was announced in August 2019.

      This is a relatively inexpensive smartphone with good-quality, but not top-notch features, which can optimally suit the girl because of its proportions. The size of the body is 71.2×160.1×9.15mm, meaning it’s not a “shovel” that’s hard to hold with one hand, even in a man’s hand. That is, the screen is still big, but the body is narrowed and elongated – much more convenient for a girl. The smartphone weighs relatively moderately – 176g.

      The screen diagonal of this model is 6.3 inches. The matrix – high-quality IPS with good color reproduction and a high resolution of 2520×1080. High dot density of 435 per inch reduces pixelation to almost zero, providing a natural and as realistic picture as possible.

      The camera configuration in this case is not as impressive as in the above-described pair of models, but also quite decent. Rear triad – 12, 16 and 5MP with LED flash. Front – 12 Mpix. On the rear you can shoot video in quality up to 4K 3840×2160.

      The smartphone electronics is based on the Samsung Exynos 9609 mobile processor with eight cores with integrated graphics Ma

    • -G72 MP3. RAM is 4GB, built-in storage is 128GB. In terms of communications, there are no surprises here, and the model is almost exactly the same as the previous one – exactly the same modules for telephony, Internet and navigation. A special “thanks” users say to the developers that they have not abandoned the standard familiar audio jack for headset 3.5mm. Card reader supports flash memory up to 512GB.

      What frankly frustrates Motorola One Action users is battery capacity. It is 3300mAh here, and that would still be tolerable for the most budget smartphone category. In fact, the smartphone has to be recharged every day, almost regardless of the mode of use.


      • Quality matrix;
      • realistic image (largely due to the high pixel density);
      • Shooting video in 4K;
      • A “normal” headset jack 3.5 mm;
      • fingerprint scanner;
      • Fits large flash memory up to 512GB.


      • The battery could be more powerful.

      Samsung Galaxy A80 8/128GB Gold

      Rating: 4.6

      Samsung Galaxy A80 8/128GB Gold

      And the legendary Galaxy series from Samsung completes the selection of the best mid-priced smartphones for girls according to Expertology. The mere combination of these names alone clearly hints at a high technological level and highly decent quality. In general, everything really is, with rare and not too fundamental exceptions. The model was announced last April 2019, and sales started a month later, in May.

      The Galaxy A80 is not even close to a flagship, but the South Korean company’s standards are so high that even in such mid-priced models at least the flagship style is maintained. Here you can see it in the case material – tempered glass on all surfaces with metallic inclusions where necessary. Dimensions – 76.5×165.2×9.3mm, the weight is pretty decent – 220g, but in its significant part is the glass body, so that such weight in this case is inevitable. Available colors are black, silver and gold.

      In this model I am definitely happy about the screen, namely the AMOLED matrix with all its advantages – energy efficiency, viewing angles, image quality. Resolution – 2400×1080 with a fairly high pixel density – 393 per inch. Aspect ratio is quite universal – 20:9. The screen size in diagonal – 6.7 inch.

      The avant-garde multimedia part of the smartphone is the rear triad of cameras, the main one with a resolution of 48Mpix. And the most striking “chip” of this model – is the way the designers have solved the problem of placement of the front selfie camera. The front camera itself is not provided, but the rear camera unit is rotatable, and in selfies mode it simply turns to the face of the shooter. This elegant innovation is not without criticism, but is an “escape” for perfectionists who can not be satisfied with any position of the front camera in today’s frameless style smartphones.

      In terms of connectivity, the Galaxy A80 at first glance has a fairly standard set of features. The advantages of the model on this part become apparent if you start using the smartphone for its intended purpose. Noticeably high quality of communication, confident signal reception, stability and speed of data transfer.

      The electronics here also commands respect. Powerful 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, plus 8GB of RAM, plus 128GB of internal storage – this is a very good configuration for the price.


      • brand and series;
      • Frameless form factor;
      • AMOLED matrix;
      • high resolution;
      • powerful electronics;
      • rotary camera unit;
      • high quality of communication;
      • NFC module;
      • design and materials;
      • high technological level in general.


      • Complaints about the slow operation of the fingerprint scanner;
      • Obviously a weak battery, as for this level of device.

      The best premium smartphones for girls

      Now we move on to the most interesting part of the review of the best smartphones for girls according to Expertology, where we look at the best, in the opinion of our experts, premium models. This wording immediately evokes associations with the iPhone, but “apple” solutions we will consider individually a separate category.

      Xiaomi Mi 10 8/128GB Peach Gold

      Rating: 4.9

      Xiaomi Mi 10 8/128GB Peach Gold

      Despite the fact that there is a stereotype around Xiaomi as a budget brand, in fact the company has long been successful in producing high-end electronics, very expensive. And here it is the case where a premium smartphone in every sense can be purchased for quite reasonable money. The model was announced just “yesterday” – in February 2020.

      To begin with the appearance of the smartphone, and it is very expressive, although far from replete with design refinements. The whole thing in a frameless screen, which in addition curves around the edges, going to the ends. Such a concept is named “waterfall”. It has its own difficulties, for example, difficulties with reading, if the text on a web page comes close to the edge of the screen. However, the fashion for such a solution is still in the top, and the aesthetics and beauty for girls is still not in last place.

      The dimensions of the smartphone – 74.8×162.6×8.96mm, weight – 208g. Screen size 6.67 inches diagonally with proportions of 19.5:9 equipped with a high-quality AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 2340×1080 and a fairly high density of dots – 386 per inch.

      Configuration of cameras is really impressive. The rear group consists of four cameras for different purposes, the leading one has an absolutely forbidding resolution – 108Mpix. The rest – 13, 2 and 2MP. The front camera is also more than at the level – 20MP. You can shoot video in high quality with a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second.

      As for the communications, you can not even describe anything here, and say that the smartphone supports 5G technology. Developers have shown attention even to such little things as one hundred percent support for navigation systems – Xiaomi Mi 10 even supports the European system Ga

    • leo, not to mention GPS and GLONASS.

      All these high characteristics are standing firmly on powerful electronics. Powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 on eight cores with a graphics card Adreno 650 – a guarantee of the highest performance even when playing the most resource-intensive toys. RAM – 8GB, built-in – 128GB.

      The smartphone electronics are well optimized, but its power consumption is still quite serious. Therefore, the battery with a capacity of 4780mAh⋅h does not look quite convincing, but the hard negative feedback on this part from users is not observed. In the end, insufficient autonomy is a “disease” of many, even premium models.


      • novelty;
      • expressive appearance;
      • AMOLED matrix;
      • Exceptional quality of materials and assembly;
      • Frameless form factor, curved screen “waterfall”;
      • powerful electronics;
      • fast charging;
      • Top interfaces and connectivity;
      • very fast charging;
      • 5G support;
      • Combination of functionality, quality, prestige and cost.


      • Only one sim card (in the global version);
      • a TV camera with only 2 MP.

      Samsung Galaxy S20

      Rating: 4.8

      Samsung Galaxy S20

      The next flagship in the selection is the famous Galaxy S20 series. An excellent choice for a girl who appreciates the best. The series includes three main modifications – S20, S20+ and S20

        With a truly “flagship” cost. We will consider the most affordable option, as it is actually the best balanced in terms of price, features and quality. Same
          tra meets too much criticism for the obvious overpricing on the background of not too convincing advantages. The Galaxy S20 is a full-fledged newcomer to the market, announced in February of this year 2020.

          In this model, we quite expectedly also see a frameless screen. The developers decided not to do anything with the camera aperture – it is in its usual place, although the active area of the sensor surrounds it on all sides. In general, it’s a good compromise solution, not unlike the “monobrow” or even “drop. The matrix is AMOLED with a top resolution of 3200×1440. At this resolution combined with a screen diagonal of 6.2 inches naturally high pixel density – 566 per inch, which greatly improves the natural “picture. The screen proportions are 20:9.

          The cameras here, even though they do not show such exorbitant values as the above model, but here and the configuration is completely different. So, the rear triad consists of 64, 12 and 12MP. The quality of the optics does not cause any doubts, and on top of that there is even optical stabilization. The front camera is 10 megapixels.

          With the means of communication, the developers have decided to do, guided by considerations of reasonable optimization. For example, they did not equip the novelty module to support 5G technology, as there is every chance that before the introduction of technology in the mass exploitation of the smartphone is banal outdated. It also has support only for GPS, without frills like Ga

        • leo. But what is really important, in this model is highlighted new is the Bluetooth module 5.0 and new generation Wi-Fi 802.11ax. There is a module NFC.

          The smartphone’s electronics are controlled by Samsung’s proprietary 8-core Exynos 990 processor. The graphics subsystem is an integrated Ma

        • -G77 MP11. RAM – 8GB, built-in – 128GB. Battery capacity of 4000mA⋅h quite well cope with autonomy, as the system is well optimized. Fast and wireless charging functions.

          The size of the smartphone is 69.1×151.7×7.9mm. The weight is unexpectedly small (relatively) – 163g. Available and popular colors of the body – gray, blue and red.


          • novelty;
          • brand and series, the flagship status;
          • Relatively low weight;
          • flawless quality of materials and assembly;
          • AMOLED matrix with a prohibitive pixel density;
          • high resolution;
          • effective moisture protection;
          • high-performance electronics;
          • NFC module for contactless payment;
          • optical stabilization;
          • wireless charging.


          • come across complaints about the functioning of the fingerprint sensor.

          Samsung Galaxy Z F
        • p 8/256GB Purple Mirror (SM-F700FZPDSEK)
        • Rating: 4.7

          Samsung Galaxy Z F<li></div><p>p 8/256GB Purple Mirror (SM-F700FZPDSEK)” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/81816666193301-4816.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Samsung Galaxy Z F</p><li>p 8/256GB Purple Mirror (SM-F700FZPDSEK)”><p>Completes the selection of the most unusual model in the review and the most expensive in this selection. This is also a Samsung Galaxy, but in a completely different form factor, which may be optimal for a girl for many reasons. Announced in February this year 2020.</p><p>First things first – this model is one of the few on the market that combines the power and functionality of a modern premium smartphone and moreover can literally fold up twice. This format offers a compromise between modern smartphone standards in terms of large screen size and the ability to carry it around in even the tiniest of women’s handbags. And perhaps most importantly for a girl – with such a smartphone you can certainly emphasize your feature and individuality, even staying within the mainstream.</p><p>The full dimensions of the device when unfolded are 73.6×167.3×7.2mm, weight – 183g. The two main colors – black and purple with a gradient transition and iridescence. The full size of the main screen is 6.7 inches diagonally. High-quality AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 2636×1080 with a pixel ratio of 425 pixels per inch. There is also an additional miniature screen size of 1.1 inch with the same AMOLED matrix resolution of 112×300 pixels.</p><p>In order to implement such an original idea and at the same time fit into acceptable for a girl dimensions, the developers of the model went for some tricks. So, two sim cards are supported here, like most modern smartphones, but slightly different supported formats of the sims themselves. The main – nanoSIM, the second – eSIM – is a universal integrated electronic module, which can be programmed accordingly, and it will work as a full sim card.</p><p>For the same reasons, the designers proposed a compromise with the cameras. There are only two rear cameras here, both with 12MP resolution with different apertures – F/1.80 and F/2.20. There is also a front camera with 10 megapixels.</p><p>Otherwise, it’s a pretty powerful smartphone powered by an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with Adreno 640 graphics. RAM 8GB, built-in – as much as 256GB. The battery capacity of 3300mA⋅h though not a record of autonomy, but thanks to good optimization with moderate use, the smartphone can last a couple of days. In audio listening mode, about 40 hours on a full charge. But in fact many users, unfortunately, do not have enough autonomy.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The novelty of 2020;</li><li>The original folding form factor;</li><li>high-quality AMOLED matrix of the main screen;</li><li>additional screen with an AMOLED matrix;</li><li>high resolution;</li><li>image quality;</li><li>performance;</li><li>powerful electronics;</li><li>a lot of memory.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>clearly insufficient battery life.</li></ul><h2>The best iPhone for girls</h2><p>Finally, the final category in the review of the best smartphones for girls according to Expertology magazine. And it is dedicated exclusively to Apple gadgets, namely iPhones. These are the smartphones most closely associated with girls’ preferences in terms of aesthetics, quality and, of course, prestige. As for the iPhone as a gift, it’s almost a perfect and versatile choice, which will delight any girl with the fewest exceptions.</p><h3>Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold

          We’ll start with the most inexpensive option in 2020, which, although it’s a few generations behind the most recent flagship, but still remains relevant, and owning an eighth iPhone is certainly not a shame, although it was a hundred percent novelty only in late 2017.

          For a girl, intuitively, white body or gold (Gold) would be optimal. But in the context of the iPhone itself, the brand name far outweighs many other characteristics in priority, so appearance may not be the main thing here. In any case, the new iPhone 8 is still on sale in an assortment of body colors – black, gray, silver, gold, red.

          Recall what is the eighth iPhone in technical terms. The body material is tempered glass. Size – 67.3×138.4×7.3mm, weight – 148g. Only one nanoSIM format SIM card is supported. It still wasn’t considered a flaw when the eighth iPhone first came out. Only in the next generation of Cupertino “gave up” and leaned toward dual-sim support.

          The screen size of the “eight” – 4.7 inches, which is significantly less than any model described above, but here we do not consider this point a disadvantage. This is only a consequence of the size of the smartphone set by the developers, and they are just optimal for miniature women’s hands. The matrix – high-quality IPS with a resolution of 1334×750. Also not too impressive, but let’s not forget the size of the screen. The pixel density is 326 pixels per inch. 16:9 aspect ratio. Picture quality is beyond praise – this is a well-known and almost the main priority of Apple, along with the aesthetics of the device as a whole.

          Considering the camera configuration, we must also keep in mind what generation the iPhone 8 belongs to. Here we have only one rear camera with 12Mpixel resolution. And you’ll have to live with it, because at the time of the model release smartphones with double, triple and other composite camera units simply did not exist in nature. The front camera is 7MP. On the rear you can shoot video up to 4K 3840×2160 with a high maximum frame rate – up to 60 fps.

          And here is a complete set of interfaces and means of communication here top-notch even for 2020. “Indicators” are high-speed Bluetooth module generation 5.0 and a built-in NFC near-field communication module. The rest of the set is standard – the whole range of telephony and data up to 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, support for satellite navigation systems GLONASS, GPS.

          The electronics are built on a 6-core proprietary Apple A11 Bionic processor. Built-in memory – 64GB. Lithium-ion battery gives up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 40 hours of audio listening. There is wireless charging. The main and only wired interface –

        • ghtning.


          • brand;
          • Dimensions are optimal for a girl;
          • Impeccable quality of materials and workmanship;
          • impressive image quality;
          • Shooting video in 4K;
          • affordable in 2020;
          • liquidity.


          • Only one SIM card is supported;
          • Lags behind in some key parameters from modern smartphones.

          Apple iPhone Xr 128GB

          Rating: 4.8

          Apple iPhone Xr 128GB

          Let’s go up a whole generation of iPhones and consider a model from the iPhone X series, which met in its time a strong and very mixed reaction of the target audience. But despite all the ambiguities, this model was a crazy success in exactly the same scenario, and buyers have been lining up for the first batches since the evening. The model was announced in September 2018.

          The materials of this model – aluminum and glass, the quality of materials and assembly is traditionally flawless for the iPhone. Case size – 75.7×150.9×8.3mm, weight – 194g. Choice of colors – white, gold, red, pink, blue and black. The size of the screen corresponds to the dimensions – 6.1 inch diagonally. Matrix – IPS of excellent quality with excellent color rendering. Resolution – 1792×828, dot density – 324 per inch, aspect ratio screen – 19.5:9.

          In the iPhone X series, humanity for the first time encountered an active screen area expanded to the front camera area. At that time, the best compromise the Cupertinians considered a visor, popularly called the “monobrow”. The solution received a lot of criticism, but that did not stop other manufacturers from picking up and quickly replicating the idea. Nevertheless, in 2020, the “monobrow” is considered a distinct disadvantage.

          Here we already see support for two SIM cards, though, similar to the previous selection of Samsung Galaxy Z F

        • The second is an integrated programmable eSIM. Leading – nanoSIM.

          With the cameras this generation and specifically the modification of the Xr compared to the “eight” has not undergone any changes – the rear 12MP and front 7MP. This can already be considered a disadvantage, since serious consumer expectations were aimed at the improved camera configuration.

          The electronics are built around Apple’s proprietary A12 Bionic processor. There is 3 GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in memory. At first glance, the amount of RAM may be considered limited, but here we should remember the outstanding optimization of iPhones, both in terms of “iron” and in terms of the operating system. A mass of limitations of iOS and its closedness is harshly criticized, but in terms of optimization, stability and longevity of the original performance is still no equal.

          The non-removable lithium-ion battery provides a good battery life – up to 25 hours of talk time and up to 65 hours of audio listening.


          • prestigious brand;
          • The quality of materials and assembly;
          • support for two sim cards;
          • Impeccable image quality, rich colors;
          • performance;
          • optimization;
          • autonomy;
          • liquidity.


          • “monobrow.”
          • Outdated camera configuration.

          Apple iPhone Xs 64GB Gold (MT9G2)

          Rating: 4.7

          Apple iPhone Xs 64GB Gold (MT9G2)

          Staying within the big iPhone X series, let’s consider the top configuration, which traditionally received the index “s” to the name. There are some clear improvements here that are impossible to ignore – at least the same dual rear camera, but in 2020, this model costs quite moderately and not comparable to the prohibitive overpricing that was expected at the time of release. This modification was announced synchronously with the previous model – in the fall of 2018.

          The dimensions of the body of the smartphone – 70.9×143.6×7.7mm, 177g weight. Available colors – gray, silver, gold. Here, too, two SIM cards are supported and exactly the same format as in the previous version – the first nanoSIM, the second built-in programmable eSIM.

          The screen size of the iPhone Xs is 5.8 inches in diagonal. It is slightly smaller than the Xr, but just a little, and thanks to this choice the designers managed to narrow the body, and in this form it fits more under the delicate female palm.

          A significant improvement – the matrix OLED with all its obvious advantages – accurate color reproduction, brightness, good visibility even in direct sunlight, the highest possible viewing angles in principle, energy efficiency. The resolution of the matrix is 2436×1125, the pixel density is 463 per inch, the aspect ratio is 19.5:9.

          Also here we see a noticeable improvement in camera configuration. The rear cameras are a pair with 12 megapixels resolution each. There are important functional additions – 2x optical zoom, macro mode, optical stabilization. The front camera remains unchanged – 7MP, and this decision met with some criticism from fans of the brand. The objectivity of the claims is a matter of debate, but such feedback is there, and we can’t ignore it.

          Electronics are built on the same Apple A12 Bionic processor as the previous model. RAM a little more – 4GB. Built-in on the contrary less – 64GB. Also a controversial point, given the categorical rejection of third-party memory card support by the Cupertinians. There is an output for an extreme case – an external card reader, but this solution does not blend in with the overall elegance of technology Apple.

          Built-in non-removable lithium-ion battery provides up to 20 hours of talk time and up to 60 hours of audio listening time without recharging.


          • prestigious brand and series;
          • The optimal proportions for a girl;
          • OLED matrix;
          • Impeccable image and photo quality;
          • dual-sim card support;
          • Improved camera configuration (stabilization, optical zoom, macro mode);
          • Face ID.


          • Little built-in memory on the background of the lack of a card reader;
          • User dissatisfaction with the relatively weak selfie camera.

          Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Gold

          Rating: 4.7

          Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Gold

          And finally, to crown it all, we look at the top option for a girl, especially as a gift. This is the iPhone 11, and not just any iPhone 11, but in the Pro version and the maximum package. In terms of prestige and technological level as of June 2020, there is simply nothing better. The model was announced late last year, and even if the 12th iPhone is coming soon, it won’t be until the fall of 2020 at the earliest.

          The body here is already bigger than in the previous narrowed model – 77.8x158x8.1mm, and the weight is much more than any of the above mentioned iPhone – 226g. Supported two sim cards with exactly the same configuration as the “ten” – nanoSIM and integrated programmable eSIM.

          The screen here is almost the same as in the iPhone Xs, and it can not help but please. High-quality OLED matrix with a resolution of 2688×1242 and a pixel density of 456 per inch with aspect ratio of 19.5:9 gives indescribable image quality, visible from any angle without distortion. The screen diagonal at the same time is more than impressive – 6.5 inch.

          The iPhone 11 has received even more improvement in terms of cameras. So, the rear group is a triad with the same resolution – 12 MP each, but with a different aperture – F/2.40, F/1.80, F/2. It is this point distributes the role of cameras and their specialization, so that it is possible to achieve the amazing quality of pictures with smooth background blur, perfect bokeh and other bright in every sense advantages. You can also shoot 4K 3840×2160 video on the rear unit. The front selfie camera here, too, is an improved 12Mpix.

          The 11th iPhone also got a more powerful next-generation processor Apple A13 Bionic. And here we can consider the lack of internal memory solved. 512GB is already a big deal – even many laptops with SSDs can’t boast of that kind of capacity.

          Communications support is comprehensive, but no frills. So, for example, we see here Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC module, the application value of which is undoubted. But at the same time we do not see support for 5G, and this is a reasonable decision of the Cupertinians, as the fifth generation network is just beginning to be implemented. Wired connection is traditional for the last few generations of iPhones – a unified interface

        • ghtning.

          We see some improvements in this model and in terms of autonomy. The exact battery capacity is not advertised, but it won’t say much in the context of an iPhone with its optimization. For orientation, let’s say that in audio listening mode, a full charge can last up to 80 hours.


          • A prestigious brand and series;
          • The most recent new iPhone as of mid-2020;
          • OLED matrix with high resolution;
          • three rear cameras;
          • Perfect image quality and picture quality;
          • performance;
          • liquidity.


          • The subjective claims of the “opponents” of Apple;
          • high price.
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