13 best smartphones under 20,000 rubles

There is a certain amount that a person is willing to give for a smartphone. For someone it is 100 thousand rubles, for someone it is 20 thousand rubles, and for someone it is only 10 thousand rubles. In this article we will talk about those devices that will suit the second category of people. At a cost of 20 thousand “wooden” from the device you can expect a powerful processor, a large amount of memory and a high-resolution display. But what else will please such devices? Let’s find out.

Rating of the best smartphones under 20 000 rubles

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best smartphones under 20 000 rubles: price-quality1Xiaomi Mi8 SE 4/64GB19 590€
2Huawei P20
  • te
  • 3Honor 9 4/64GB17 690€
    4LG Q6 M700AN12 990€
    5Meizu 15
  • te 4/32GB
  • 13 890€
    The best smartphones under 20 000 rubles with a big display and a good battery1Samsung Galaxy A8+ SM-A730F/DS18 140€
    2Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4/64GB16 890€
    3ASUS ZenFone 5
  • te ZC600KL 4/64GB
  • 17 889€
    The best smartphones under 20,000 rubles with high performance1Xiaomi Mi6X 6/128GB16 980€
    2Huawei Mate 10
  • te 64GB
  • 19 490€
    3Meizu Pro 7 64GB14 309€
    The best compact smartphones under 20 000 rubles1Apple iPhone SE 32GB17 150€
    2Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB23 890€

    The best smartphones under 20 000 rubles: price-quality

    Xiaomi Mi8 SE 4/64GB

    Rating: 4.9

    Xiaomi Mi8 SE 4/64GB

    An excellent frameless smartphone that sells for reasonable money. At the top of the display used here is the so-called “bangs”, in which the front camera and several sensors are located. From afar this device may seem similar to the iPhone X, but up close the differences are clearly visible. The Chinese manufacturer decided to stand out due to the bright coloring.

    The display placed here is based on AMOLED technology. This allows you to look forward to long battery life and near-perfect color reproduction. The screen diagonal is 5.88 inches, and the resolution is 2244×1080 pixels. Aspect ratio of 18.5:9 allows you to comfortably use two applications simultaneously. We can also praise the screen for its high brightness, thanks to which the sunlight does not cause any inconvenience. Above the display is a chic front camera, whose resolution reaches 20 megapixels. The Chinese company even managed to implement a system of 3D-scanning of the face with its help. In short, the developers have replicated the capabilities of the iPhone X, using for this purpose less expensive “iron”.

    The processor involved here is Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. It is an octa-core chipset, the maximum clock frequency of which reaches 2.2 GHz. Adreno 616 graphics gas pedal is used in games. Also under the body of the gadget hides 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. For data transfer LTE-A and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Bluetooth 5 is used to connect a wireless headset.0. But there is no NFC, as is traditional for Xiaomi products.

    On the back of the device is a dual camera, complete with LED flash. Optical part added with f/1 aperture.9 9 and f/2.0. After they pass the light hits the matrix with a resolution of 12 and 5 megapixels. The user is sure to appreciate the portrait mode, when the background is beautifully blurred. Also pleases the presence of optical stabilization, which saves in low light conditions. By the way, this camera can shoot and high-quality video – its resolution will be 3840×2160 pixels (unless you reduce this parameter for the sake of saving memory).

    Perhaps for such a smartphone is extremely difficult to pick on. It has a fresh version of the operating system. Its battery supports fast charging technology. If necessary, you can install a couple of SIM cards here. The Chinese manufacturer did not forget about the fingerprint scanner. It’s not ideal, though. The gadget does not have a slot for memory cards. And this is important, because 4K video weighs a lot – regular shooting will use up the built-in memory extremely quickly.


    • There is a fingerprint sensor and face scanner;
    • Large battery with support for fast charging;
    • A decent amount of memory;
    • It uses a powerful processor;
    • Excellent dual camera with optical stabilization;
    • A very good front camera;
    • High-speed wireless modules are built in;
    • Installed AMOLED-display with high resolution;
    • The latest version of Android.


    • No NFC;
    • There is no slot for a memory card;
    • No 3.5 mm audio jack.

    Huawei P20
  • te
  • Rating: 4.8

    Huawei P20<li></div><p>te” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/78216666194531-7013.jpg” title=”Huawei P20</p><li>te”><p>Another smartphone in our ranking, complete with “bangs”. Note, here its width is reduced to a minimum. At the same time in the cutout found a place and the speaking speaker, and the front camera, and a couple of sensors. By the way, the “frontal” here is also very advanced. Its sensor resolution is 16 megapixels, and light enters it through the f/2 aperture.0. The result will please any fan of selfies! If we talk about the display, its diagonal is 5.84 inches. Resolution – 2280×1080 pixels. Trivial calculations show that the pixel density reaches 432 PPI. It seems that this option will suit every buyer. By the way, the screen here is covered by protective glass Gorilla Glass fifth generation.</p><p>If you look at the back, you can see the two lenses and the LED flash. However, you should understand that in this case, the second module is auxiliary, because it has only a two-megapixel matrix. The aperture on both lenses is not wide open, just to f/2.2. The main sensor resolution is 16 megapixels, which for many users will be quite enough. If you want to shoot video, the picture will be written with a resolution of F</p><ul>l HD and 30 fps.<p>The smartphone is not cheap, so it must have a powerful processor. The choice of the Chinese fell on their own HiSi</p><li>con Kirin 659. This is an octa-core solution, showing itself perfectly in heavy applications and games. Half of the cores are clocked at 2.36GHz and the other half at 1.7GHz. The product also has 4 GB of RAM. As for the built-in storage, its volume can be different – smartphones sold in Russia offer 64 GB. This capacity can be increased by using the microSD slot. However, for this would have to give up the second SIM-card.<p>Chinese company Huawei makes a lot of money on the design and sale of telecommunications equipment. In this regard, should not be surprised by the presence of high-speed wireless modules. It works on both LTE and Wi-Fi 802.0 networks.11ac. To connect a wireless headset uses Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX HD support. By the way, the manufacturer did not deprive his creation of a traditional audio jack, so a wired connection is possible without any adapter. Also the device can be used as a bank card, involving the NFC-chip.</p><p>In short, Huawei offers a near-perfect device, functioning under Android 8.0. The Chinese even managed to achieve a small weight – here it does not exceed 145 grams. You want to pick on the device, but among the reasons to do so are little things like the lack of search in the Contacts app.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A fresh version of the operating system;</li><li>Very light weight;</li><li>Large display with high resolution;</li><li>A good rear camera;</li><li>An excellent front camera;</li><li>Implemented support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac and LTE;</li><li>There is an NFC chip;</li><li>It uses a powerful processor;</li><li>There is a fingerprint scanner;</li><li>Large amount of memory.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The screen is based on IPS technology.</li></ul><h3>Honor 9 4/64GB</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Honor 9 4/64GB

    Another smartphone, the cost of which does not exceed 20 thousand. RUB. At least, if you don’t look for the version with up to 128GB of onboard storage. The variant we reviewed has half the amount of permanent memory, but this is enough for most buyers. And we should not forget that there is a slot for microSD, which recognizes drives up to 256GB.

    This smartphone has a familiar look, no notch in the IPS display used here. The diagonal of the screen reaches 5.15 inches, and its resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. Individual pixels can not distinguish even a person with sharp eyesight – he will definitely need at least a magnifying glass. It is impossible not to mention the fact that there is a protective glass with the effect of 2.5D. This means that its edges protrude above the front panel, which makes the smartphone more memorable. However, such a glass is fragile – on its edges quickly appear cracks. If you want to keep your smartphone in perfect condition, then you must use a case or try never to drop it.

    The Android 7 operating system handles what happens on the screen.0. It is possible that in the near future there will be an update to the “eight”. Well, the work of the operating system and all applications provides eight-core processor Kirin 960. This is the top solution, half of the cores of which run at a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. The other half of the cores are slightly weaker – their clock frequency can reach 1.8 GHz. The chipset includes a graphics gas pedal Ma

  • -G71 MP8, which without any problems copes with running heavy games. Processor is helped by 4 GB of RAM.

    Many people buy the Honor 9 for its camera. It includes two lenses. Under the first of these is the 20-megapixel sensor, which gets the picture through the f/2 aperture.2. The second lens has a longer focal length, as a result of which the smartphone owner can take advantage of the double optical zoom. Underneath this optic is a sensor with 12 megapixels. When taking photos at night helps dual LED flash. Available here and video recording, when the picture is written in 4K resolution.

    There is also a “front”, but the manufacturer has thought about it to a lesser extent. This is evidenced at least by its 8 megapixel resolution. Also on the front side of the device is a fingerprint scanner. It is noticed that this is the best location of the sensor – it is very convenient to use, no matter how long fingers would be in man.

    Otherwise, this is a typical mid-budget creation of Huawei. It uses high-speed wireless modules, thanks to which the Internet surfing is just a pleasure. The manufacturer did not forget to introduce and NFC-chip. It not only allows you to pay for purchases in the store, but also speeds up synchronization with Bluetooth-devices. Some more buyers will be glad that the 3.5-mm audio jack is not missing. USB Type-C port is present on the body as well.

    It remains to add that the autonomous work of the Honor 9 smartphone provides lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh. Surprisingly, with such a parameter the weight of the gadget does not exceed 155 g.


    • Excellent rear camera with optical zoom;
    • Not a bad front camera;
    • There is a powerful eight-core processor built in;
    • There is a fingerprint sensor;
    • High-capacity battery with support for Huawei SuperCharge technology;
    • A decent amount of memory is used;
    • There are high-speed wireless modules;
    • Not forgotten NFC and infrared transmitter;
    • The display has a high resolution;
    • Relatively light weight.


    • The screen is created by IPS technology;
    • Slippery body and a fragile protective glass;
    • The rear camera has no optical stabilization.

    LG Q6 M700AN

    Rating: 4.7

    LG Q6 M700AN

    In its time, the company LG was one of the first smartphone, the corners of the display is elegantly rounded. Perhaps this is the design element that LG Q6 owners like the most. Otherwise, this is a typical inexpensive smartphone. Some surprise for the buyer is the lack of a fingerprint scanner. It seems that it should be present in every modern smartphone, the cost of which is 16 thousand euros. RUB.

    IPS display installed here has a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Its resolution is 2160×1080 pixels. As you have already realized, it uses an aspect ratio of 18:9, very convenient for simultaneous work with two applications. That is, on such a screen you can write in a messenger, without interrupting from watching a video on YouTube. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 you can also do it, but you will not get such comfort.

    Above the display is the front camera. It is clearly borrowed from even cheaper smartphones – five-megapixel resolution is enough only for video calls, while taking selfies will be noticeable insufficient detail. As for the main camera, it has a 13-megapixel sensor. Don’t expect miracles from it either – in many ways the camera is inferior to the modules built into the models reviewed above. However, and they cost more.

    About the status of the device says at least FM-radio – in the top smartphones it is present rarely. You can only start the radio after plugging in wired headphones. Normal MP3-music can be played through the built-in speakers, as well as transmitting it to Bluetooth-headphones. It is pleased that the smartphone has got NFC-chip, greatly speeding up synchronization with some headsets, action cameras and other similar devices. More supported wireless technologies here include Wi-Fi 802.11n and LTE-A sixth category.

    The processor here is an octa-core Snapdragon 435. This is a mid-budget solution that runs at a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. The device also includes 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. Somewhere under the back cover there is a 3000 mAh battery. The fact that to charge it it is necessary to use an obsolete connector micro-USB.


    • The viewing angle of the front camera reaches 100 degrees;
    • Not the weakest processor is built in;
    • It is possible to transmit data over LTE-networks;
    • There is an FM-radio;
    • There is an NFC-chip;
    • Nice rear camera;
    • The high resolution of the display;
    • Weight is less than 149g.


    • No fingerprint scanner;
    • Low resolution of the front camera;
    • Not the fastest Wi-Fi;
    • The screen was created with IPS technology.

    Meizu 15
  • te 4/32GB
  • Rating: 4.6

    Meizu 15<li></div><p>te 4/32GB ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/58916666194531-8713.jpg” title=”Meizu 15</p><li>te 4/32GB”><p>The Meizu-released smartphone has very narrow side frames. Thanks to this the device has turned out to be very compact. It is not immediately obvious that his faceplate display, the diagonal of which is 5.46 inches. Many people will be able to reach with their thumb to any point on the screen, that can not fail to please. The display resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. This is more than enough to comfortably watch videos and movies. The screen was created by IPS technology, so the user expects the maximum viewing angles and the normal color reproduction. It is a pity that the energy efficient display can not be called. The 3000 mAh battery lasts at best for a day of battery life. But this is not particularly important, because there is support for fast charging technology.</p><p>As befits any Chinese smartphone, Meizu 15</p><li>Te allows the use of two SIM cards. To send and receive data here are used LTE-networks. But the Wi-Fi module is built in here is not the fastest – at most it supports the standard 802.11n. Other wireless modules present here include Bluetooth 4.2. NFC is unfortunately missing – you can’t replace your bank card with this smartphone. But it can be used as a remote control, in the upper end of the gadget there is an infrared transmitter.<p>Under the body of the device is an octa-core Snapdragon 626 processor. It is a mid-budget chipset, half of whose cores can run at a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. Somewhere nearby is 4GB of RAM and 32GB of permanent memory. The volume of the latter may seem insufficient, so a slot for microSD cards will come in handy.</p><p>If we talk about the cameras installed here, it is quite difficult to pick on their capabilities. On the back of the device there is a lens, which includes an aperture of f/1.9. The sensor of this camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels. With the Meizu 15</p><li>te you can shoot video with a resolution of F<ul>HD – many buyers of relatively inexpensive gadgets is enough.<p>Surprisingly, but the “frontal” here is almost in no way inferior to the main camera. And in terms of resolution it even surpasses it – it uses a 20-megapixel sensor. But the front-facing camera is not as bright as the f/2 aperture says.0. Nevertheless, the user will not feel much of a difference.</p><p>In short, the company Meizu has created an excellent device, the cost of which ranges from 17 to 20 thousand. RUB. It is gratifying that the Chinese have not forgotten about the fingerprint scanner – this component will protect personal data in case of loss of the smartphone. But they did not dare to add water protection.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Weight is only 145 grams;</li><li>The display has a high resolution;</li><li>Not a bad back camera;</li><li>A good “frontal;</li><li>There is support for 4G networks;</li><li>Built-in quite a powerful processor;</li><li>Decent amount of RAM;</li><li>There is a fingerprint scanner and face scanning;</li><li>Inexpensive.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The screen is created by IPS technology;</li><li>Not the fastest Wi-Fi;</li><li>There is no NFC;</li><li>Not the largest amount of internal storage.</li></ul><h2>The best smartphones under 20 000 rubles with a big display and a good battery</h2><h3>Samsung Galaxy A8+ SM-A730F/DS</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Samsung Galaxy A8 + SM-A730F/DS

    As you know, the products of the South Korean company Samsung has a certain markup. This is either a premium for the brand, or for durability, or for the breadth of functionality – no matter, with similar characteristics the South Korean product will cost more. This is clearly visible on the Galaxy A8+. The device formally should not have been in our rating, since it costs almost 25 thousand for it in Russian stores, but the front camera is less bright, as evidenced by the aperture f/2 aperture. Rub. Fortunately, there are sales and price war, thanks to which you can buy the device significantly cheaper.

    The South Korean manufacturer has tried if not to get rid of its creations from the side frames, then at least greatly reduce their width. At the same time, the screen used here has no cutout – in the area above it was found a place and a camera, and sensors, and the speaking speaker. The display was created by AMOLED technology, which means that it is highly energy efficient. In this case it is quite bright, so that with the use of a smartphone will not be a problem in any circumstances. The screen resolution is 2220×1080 pixels, and the aspect ratio of 18.5:9 allows you to comfortably work with two applications simultaneously. Some may be confused by the only 6-inch diagonal – because of it the device is too large. Following this, it also turned out to be heavy – its weight is 191 g. This device will definitely not suit girls with miniature palms!

    To process a picture with the above resolution requires a powerful processor, and the smartphone does not lack it. Built-in eight-core Exynos 7885. Two cores of the chipset work at a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, and the rest – at 1.6 GHz. When playing games, it activates Ma

  • -G71, most of the time allowing you to keep the graphics level down. Under the gadget hides 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. If you accept the lack of a second SIM card, you can install a microSD card.

    This smartphone has a full-fledged water resistance, which in this price segment is fairly rare. And it also has a fingerprint scanner, which also can not but rejoice. Connection to the Internet is via LTE networks, or via Wi-Fi 802.11ac. If you want to use a wireless headset, the Bluetooth 5 module will not be superfluous.0. There’s NFC here, too, which helps with checkout payments. But the camera should please the buyer even more. It consists of a single lens, but the resolution of the sensor hiding under it is brought up to 16 megapixels. More importantly, the light penetrates through the aperture f/1.7. That is, it is wide enough open. It is a pity that the video smartphone shoots only in F

      l HD. Interestingly, the front camera is less bright, but it already consists of two sensors – their resolution is 16 and 8 megapixels. When taking selfies, this camera design allows you to blur the background nicely – you will love it!


      • There is an FM-radio;
      • Very good front camera;
      • There is water resistance to the IP68 standard;
      • Decent rear camera;
      • A high-capacity battery with support for fast charging technology;
      • Not forgotten is the fingerprint sensor;
      • There is support for LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11ac;
      • Integrated chips NFC and ANT +;
      • A large amount of RAM;
      • There is a powerful processor;
      • Great AMOLED display.


      • The amount of permanent memory could have been larger;
      • The device turned out to be heavy;
      • High cost;
      • Slippery body.

      Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4/64GB

      Rating: 4.8

      Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4/64GB

      Another representative of our rating with a very narrow side frames. There’s no cutout either, so nothing distracts from what’s happening on the screen. It should be noted that the smartphone does not get such a name for nothing. The fact is that it has a maximum size of. The diagonal of its IPS-display is brought to an impressive 6.9 inches. It turns out that we almost have a tablet! On this screen is comfortable to watch videos and even more comfortable to read books. The display resolution is 2160×1080 pixels, which can be considered an acceptable parameter, no more than that. 350 pixels per inch of screen real estate. Pay attention to the aspect ratio of 18:9 – it is ideal for simultaneous work with two applications.

      It is gratifying that inside the smartphone there is room for an octa-core Snapdragon 636 processor. Its power was enough even to implement face-scan unlocking. However, for the presence of such a function to thank 8-megapixel “frontal”. It’s a pity that this camera has only one lens in its composition – you will not be able to blur the background beautifully.

      The device has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of RAM. Perhaps this is the optimal volume, which will be enough for most buyers. If the built-in storage is full, you can replace the second SIM card with a microSD card – the maximum operating system Android 8.1 recognizes 256GB of storage. On the back of the gadget is a dual camera. Under its lenses hide 12 and 5 megapixel sensors. Their capabilities are quite enough for 4K video shooting, which can not fail to please. By the way, if you reduce the resolution to 720p, you can increase the frequency up to 120 frames per second. It means that here is available high-speed video! It remains to add that the main lens has an aperture of f/1.9, which makes it quite bright. But not too much, some competitors can boast of a more open aperture.

      This smartphone has a lot of means of communication. For example, it has a Wi-Fi module that supports the high-speed 802.11ac. You can receive and transmit data via 4G networks. Connect a wireless headset or speaker via Bluetooth 5.0. Also this smartphone allows you to control household appliances, using the infrared port. It’s nice that the manufacturer didn’t forget about the FM radio – someone will definitely need it.

      If you do not like heavy smartphones, then the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with all the mass of advantages you definitely will not be satisfied. The thing is that its weight reaches 221 g. This is due not only to its large size, but also to the battery, the capacity of which reaches 5500 mAh. Needless to say, the battery supports fast charging technology – the whole night for this process will not be required. The device also includes a fingerprint scanner, which you should look for on the back. There is also a USB Type-C connector, the wire into which is inserted only the first time.


      • There is a fingerprint sensor;
      • FM radio is not forgotten;
      • It uses a high-capacity battery;
      • A large amount of memory;
      • Quite a powerful processor;
      • There is support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac and LTE;
      • Good rear camera;
      • A very good “frontal;
      • Installed the latest version of the operating system.


      • The resolution of the display at this diagonal could be higher;
      • No NFC;
      • A very large weight;
      • The screen was created using IPS technology;
      • The size will not suit everyone;
      • Not always adequate work of the touch keys under the screen.

      ASUS ZenFone 5
    • te ZC600KL 4/64GB
    • Rating: 4.7

      ASUS ZenFone 5<li></div><p>te ZC600KL 4/64GB ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/96016666194531-3913.jpg” title=”ASUS ZenFone 5</p><li>te ZC600KL 4/64GB “><p>Taiwanese company ASUS continues to produce excellent mid-budget smartphones. Its devices have balanced characteristics, a pleasant appearance and a relatively low price tag. A good example of this is the ASUS ZenFone 5</p><li>te. With its specifications, it certainly will not impress the imagination. However, the operating system Android 7.1 here works steadily, which is what many people need most.<p>The smartphone is dual-sim. At the same time, the device has a separate slot for a memory card. Whether it will be useful is a big question, because the device includes 64 GB of permanent memory. Also the product has received 4 GB of RAM, which is enough to run a large number of applications simultaneously. By the way, the front panel of the smartphone is a 6-inch IPS-display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. On such a screen is quite comfortable to sit on a social network and watch YouTube at the same time. The screen resolution is 2160×1080 pixels, which at this diagonal is the optimal parameter.</p><p>Above the display you can see the dual camera. It turns out that the product is endowed with four lenses, because the rear camera is dual! With the “frontal,” you get 20-megapixel pictures. Interestingly, it has an LED flash that can help in the dark.</p><p>As for the rear camera, it produces 16-megapixel images. Problems can arise in low light conditions. If the flash can cope with the light of a person, you can not think about taking pictures of nature – it affects the aperture, opened only to the value of f / 2.2. Low light output affects even in the daytime – you will regularly get blurry pictures. The video here is only recorded in F resolution</p><ul>l HD. The lack of 4K support is due to the underpowered processor – there’s an octa-core Snapdragon 430, clocked at no more than 1.4 GHz. However, there is a version with Snapdragon 630. Under the body of the smartphone, which got into our rating, there is also FM-radio. To activate it, you’ll need to plug in wired headphones. It is nice that for this purpose is intended 3.5 mm audio jack. By the way, to connect the charger uses micro-USB, that now we can safely include in the disadvantages.<p>Smartphone is not deprived of the fingerprint scanner. There is a high-capacity battery with support for rapid charging technology ASUS BoostMaster. We can not ignore the presence of the NFC-chip, which allows you to pay for purchases with your smartphone. The Taiwanese manufacturer didn’t forget about high-speed wireless modules. In short, can the buyer complain about something?</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>High-capacity battery with support for fast charging;</li><li>Good front camera, complete with a flash;</li><li>There is a fingerprint sensor;</li><li>NFC-chip is not forgotten;</li><li>Quite a powerful processor;</li><li>A large amount of memory;</li><li>The microSD slot is a separate one;</li><li>There is an FM radio;</li><li>Built-in high-speed wireless modules.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>It uses the connector micro-USB;</li><li>The size may seem too large;</li><li>Installed IPS-display;</li><li>Rear camera still leaves much to be desired.</li></ul><h2>The best smartphones under 20 000 rubles with high performance</h2><h3>Xiaomi Mi6X 6/128GB</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Xiaomi Mi6X 6/128GB

      Xiaomi’s top-of-the-line smartphone. This is one of the few representatives of our rating, which operates under Android 8.1. On its front panel there is room for a 6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. On this screen it is convenient to work with two applications at the same time – for example, to sit in a messenger and watch a movie. The resolution of 2160×1080 pixels does not cause any problems in this regard. The display is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, that too can not but please. Although the Chinese manufacturer could splurge on the fifth generation.

      Somewhere under the metal body of the device hides an octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor. This is not a top, but a very powerful chipset. Its capabilities are enough for any heavy application. Adreno 512 graphics gas pedal starts working in games. The gadget also includes 64 GB of permanent memory and 6 GB of RAM. Strangely, the device does not have a microSD card slot. This is very sad, especially when you consider that the built-in camera here is able to shoot 4K video. That’s why we recommend looking at the more expensive version, endowed with twice the amount of built-in storage.

      Any buyer will immediately notice that there are two lenses on the back. Under them are placed matrixes with a resolution of 12 and 20 megapixels. The aperture in both cases has a value of f/1.8. In short, the rear camera is very bright. Its capabilities should suit any buyer. The only problem is the built-in memory, which tends to run out with prolonged video.

      The front camera is also no complaints. It uses a 20-megapixel sensor, the light to which penetrates through an aperture of f/1.8. Such a camera helps in organizing high-quality video calls, and it also contributes to obtaining chic “selves. By the way, personal information can be protected by scanning the fingerprint – if you lose your smartphone, the person who found it simply can not unlock the device.

      To access the Internet here can be used LTE-networks and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Also included in the product is a Bluetooth module 5.0. To control the TV and audio equipment uses the IR port. FM-radio comes in handy for someone. But the absence of 3.5-millimeter audio jack does not please – to connect wired headphones will have to use an adapter.

      It remains to add that the autonomous operation of the device provides lithium-ion battery capacity of 3010 mAh. There is support for Quick Charge 3.0, so the charging lasts relatively short. The smartphone weighs 166g with this battery.

      Note that technically the smartphone is a full copy of Xiaomi Mi A2. The only difference is the presence here of the proprietary shell.


      • There is a fingerprint sensor;
      • A large amount of memory;
      • It uses a powerful processor;
      • There is support for high-speed wireless standards;
      • FM radio is not forgotten;
      • A good back camera with 2x optical zoom;
      • Decent front camera;
      • Installed a fresh version of the operating system.


      • There is no 3.5mm audio jack;
      • The display is based on IPS technology;
      • No NFC chip.

      Huawei Mate 10
    • te 64GB
    • Rating: 4.8

      Huawei Mate 10<li></div><p>te 64GB ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/14416666194531-1913.jpg” title=”Huawei Mate 10</p><li>64GB”><p>A real hit, impressive both for its features and price. You can immediately notice that the device is quite high. This is due to the presence of the display, the aspect ratio of which is 18:9. This feature is gradually becoming a standard – many companies want their smartphones to be easy to use two applications simultaneously. But this solution has a disadvantage: while watching a video or movie you will see black bars on the sides. You will see them even at night, as it uses an IPS panel, which includes a separate layer with backlight. The resolution of the 5.9-inch display is 2160×1080 pixels. This is the optimum setting where pixelation can only be distinguished under a magnifying glass or microscope.</p><p>A selfie lover will definitely appreciate the smartphone. The fact that there is a 13-megapixel front camera with a wide enough viewing angle. On the back of the device there are two lenses, under which there are sensors with a resolution of 16 and 2 megapixels. This camera is relatively good at blurring the background. However, not ideal – sometimes the auxiliary sensor does not have enough resolution. It is possible to send a photo or a video to a social network via LTE-networks. Also here there is a Wi-Fi module, though not an ultra-fast (at most they support the standard 802.11n). Some disappointment causes the lack of NFC-chip, so that the smartphone will not replace the bank card.</p><p>As the processor the manufacturer has used its own Kirin 659 – eight-core chipset, supplemented by a graphics gas pedal Ma</p><li>-T830 MP2. The product also has 64 GB of permanent memory and 4 GB of RAM. The Chinese did not forget about the slot for microSD cards, but it is combined with a place for a second SIM-card.<p>Almost all of the smartphones in our rating have a fairly high-capacity battery. Huawei Mate 10</p><li>te is no exception. It has a fingerprint scanner, which serves to protect personal information. You can complain about the connector micro-USB – as we know, the wire to it is often connected to the third time. But the manufacturer did not cut the thickness of the device by eliminating the 3.5mm audio jack.<h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>There is a fingerprint sensor;</li><li>A large amount of memory is used;</li><li>Rich package, including a case and headphones;</li><li>There is support for 4G networks;</li><li>High resolution display;</li><li>Not a bad rear camera;</li><li>Good front camera;</li><li>Bluetooth has support for aptX.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No NFC;</li><li>The screen is based on IPS technology;</li><li>Not the fastest Wi-Fi;</li><li>The processor could have been more powerful.</li></ul><h3>Meizu Pro 7 64GB</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Meizu Pro 7 64GB

      Recently, smartphone manufacturers are trying to completely get rid of the keys under the display. But some people like this kind of control of the operating system. In this regard, our rating could not help but get Meizu Pro 7. Under its screen, which occupies 71% of the front surface, there are two touch and one physical key. The latter has a built-in fingerprint scanner, as it is implemented in mid-budget smartphones from Samsung. Another Chinese manufacturer has tried to minimize the width of the side frames. As a result, the 5.2-inch LCD seems much smaller. The perception is affected by the fact that the user can reach with his thumb to any point on the screen, even to the upper right corner. Meizu clearly has one of the most compact smartphones among those that are endowed with a very powerful components. By the way, installed here display is created by AMOLED technology. This contributes to a long battery life. Also this display is able to boast of colorful color reproduction.

      The work of the gadget provides eight-core processor MediaTek He

    • o P25. It consists of two clusters, clocked at 2600 and 1600 MHz. For most tasks, this will be quite enough. In the games will be used video gas pedal Ma
    • -T880 MP2, which also can not be called weak. The device also includes 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. It is not possible to expand the latter – there is no microSD card slot.

      A modern smartphone should provide high-speed Internet access. In this respect, Meizu Pro 7 has no complaints. Here are supported and LTE-networks, and standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Also included in the number of wireless modules is Bluetooth 4.2. If your headset is wired, there is no problem – the manufacturer did not abandon the 3.5-mm audio jack. There is a USB Type-C port on the body and.

      Many people estimate the smartphone by its cameras. If we talk about the rear module, it is a dual. It was created by Sony – the world leader in this area. Both sensors are 12-megapixel, with one of them being monochrome. This design of the module should contribute to obtaining the clearest possible images. Unfortunately, you can not call a fast camera – it uses an aperture of f/2.0. Video is written in F resolution

        l HD and at 30 frames per second. If you reduce the resolution to 720p, you can quadruple the frequency.

        The smartphone has a 16-megapixel front camera. However, it will be used very rarely. The fact that the product has received additional OLED-display, placed on the back. It could well be used as a viewfinder, taking selfies with the main camera. The resolution of the 1.9-inch screen is 536×240 pixels.


        • Excellent AMOLED display;
        • Compact size;
        • There is an auxiliary screen;
        • Not forgotten is the fingerprint scanner;
        • A good rear camera, which is a dual camera;
        • Decent front camera;
        • Built-in powerful processor;
        • A decent amount of memory;
        • There is support for high-speed wireless networks; Pris
        • There is a separate audio chip.


        • There is no memory card slot;
        • Slippery case;
        • Not the longest battery life.

        The best compact smartphones under 20 000 rubles

        Apple iPhone SE 32GB

        Rating: 4.9

        Apple iPhone SE 32GB

        Many fans of Apple products will be surprised, but it is the iPhone SE is the best-selling smartphone of the company. No matter how you look at it, people don’t want to save a very large sum of money or take out a loan for a flagship. Instead they go to the store to buy an iPhone SE for 18-21 thousand euros. rub. We have included this device in our rating not only because of its popularity. We thought that the article should include at least one device that operates under iOS. Also this model is the most compact, and its weight does not exceed 113g.

        The smartphone is available in four colors. Also the amount of memory can vary. We recommend to pay attention to the version that includes 32 GB of permanent memory. That much capacity is enough even for the many photos taken with the built-in 12-megapixel camera. Many users are quite satisfied with the quality of photos. Only some people rightly notice that the f/2.2 aperture is not enough for normal nighttime shooting. And the lack of optical stabilization makes itself felt. Interestingly, the camera is able to shoot 4K video, albeit only at 30 fps. But you can not shoot for a long time – the limited amount of permanent memory affects.

        Let’s dilute the list of advantages with a few disadvantages. For some unknown reason Apple has given its creation a simple front camera, the resolution of which is only 1.2 megapixels. Even for video calls this camera will not make you happy, and it is better to forget about selfies… Also upset the unprepared buyer can one SIM-card slot. But in fact it is usual for Apple smartphones. And you can’t insert a memory card, which has also long been a tradition for “apple” devices. It is possible to pick on the amount of RAM, which is 2 GB – it is felt that the latest version of the operating system is not enough.

        Fortunately, this is where the list of major shortcomings ends. Otherwise, the smartphone only pleases. For example, it can transmit and receive data over LTE networks – the download speed should suit every buyer. The device also supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Allows the device to use the payment technology and Apple Pay. Work it provides the processor Apple A9. This is only a dual-core chipset, but for image processing with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels its power is quite enough. It remains to add that the 4-inch display used here is created by IPS technology.


        • Compact size and light weight;
        • Not the worst back camera;
        • Elegant and recognizable design;
        • The screen has a fairly high pixel density;
        • 4K video shooting is available;Support
        • The device is equipped with high-speed wireless networks;
        • There is a fingerprint scanner.


        • Disgusting front camera;
        • Little memory;
        • The screen is created by IPS technology;
        • The smartphone turned out to be fragile;
        • The new version of iOS does not work too fast here.

        Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

        Rating: 4.8

        Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

        This South Korean flagship was released in the spring of 2016. It would seem that in the meantime, it should have become terribly outdated. But that didn’t really happen. Moreover, its price went down to 21-22 thousand dollars. rubles., resulting in an even better purchase. For relatively little money you get a great unit with a 5.1-inch display created by AMOLED technology. Most importantly, the South Koreans have implemented here a special technology through which the screen displays the time, date and some other information in a continuous mode. The display resolution is 2560×1440 dots. There are 576 pixels per inch of space – I doubt that’s not enough for someone! There are no side frames – instead the edges of the screen are elegantly curved. Under the display there is a physical key, which is also used to scan the fingerprint. Well, above the screen is the front camera lens. Perhaps, there is nothing special to say about it. It shoots quite well, albeit only with 5 megapixel resolution. Creating masterpieces is definitely not about this one. However, a few years ago a rare manufacturer tried to build a perfect “frontal” in its creation.

        If we talk about the rear camera, then at the time of the official announcement it was top-notch. Alas, a lot has changed since then. Now 12-megapixel resolution will surprise no one. Nevertheless, we can not say that the camera shoots poorly. No, it just doesn’t provide anything unusual. It is gratifying that the manufacturer has equipped its creation with an aperture of f/1.7. Together with the optical stabilization allows you to get good pictures even in low light conditions. The camera also boasts the ability to shoot 4K video, although only at 30 fps. Saving the resulting video is offered either in internal memory (32 GB) or on a microSD card (drives up to 256 GB). The only pity is that the memory card slot here is combined with space for a second SIM card.

        The smartphone has water protection standard IP68. It is also supplemented with a heart rate sensor. To access the Internet are used LTE-A ninth category modules and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Someone may need the ANT+ module, which is used to synchronize with medical and sports sensors. The product has also received NFC-chip, which allows you to replace the smartphone bank card.

        All of the above hardware is powered by the Exynos 8890 quad-core processor. In its time it was the top chipset. And now its power is quite enough to run any heavy application. In games, it activates Ma

      • -T880 MP12 – impressive graphics gas pedal.

        It should be noted that this device is relatively small and lightweight. And not everyone likes the so-called “shovelheads”. We can say that this is one of the smallest and lightest devices among those that score over 134 thousand in AnTuTu. points. The buyer can please not only the power of the processor, but also the rapid charging lithium-polymer battery. You can only complain about the connectors. If the presence of 3.5 mm audio jack must be praised for the device, micro-USB is gradually beginning to seem outdated element. Not everyone will like the glass case, which is very slippery.


        • There is dust and moisture protection;
        • Weight does not exceed 152 grams;
        • Built-in powerful processor;
        • There is a fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor;
        • Great AMOLED screen with curved edges;
        • High-speed wireless networks are supported;
        • Sufficiently large amount of RAM;
        • There are modules ANT + and NFC;
        • Not a bad back camera.


        • Slippery glass case;
        • The battery capacity could be higher;
        • The micro-USB connector is used;
        • Little permanent memory.


        This is the list of the best smartphones, which cost barely or slightly more than 20 thousand rubles. Almost any of the devices reviewed are recommended for purchase. You can hardly be disappointed with these models. But do not forget that these are not the flagships, so even these smartphones have some kind of flaws that you have to put up with.

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