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Physics rules the world through its laws. And since man exists in the physical world, they apply to man. Based on the principle of thermodynamics, it turns out that it is much harder to get fat than to lose weight. Now you will learn the magic formula for weight loss based on solid physical laws. Those who understand physics can read no further. So, in order to lose weight, you need to lose a little more energy during the day than you consume.

Physics intervenes..

If a person receives with food energy for a day less than he dissipates it in the form of heat and work produced, then he is inevitably, with more or less speed, but absolutely guaranteed to lose weight. It would be much harder for those who want to get better. It would seem that in order to get better you need to make your daily energy loss less than your intake, it’s worth flipping the rule the other way around, and that’s it! It’s not that simple: there is a state of least energy.

Every open, unclosed system (and man) is going to go into a state of minimal energy, being at rest, and squandering it in every convenient way. It’s about the same as how a balloon behaves when placed on some uneven surface. It will roll until it finds a depression or the smallest hole where it can stop. We’ve all seen the janitor pouring a bucket of water on the asphalt demonstrates this law to us: the streams flow out all strictly toward the slope, that is, where the water will have the least potential energy. And no stream of water is going to run up the hill. But they’ll argue: What if the system is internally fueled by energy from the outside?? The plane is flying upwards!

Biology resists

Yes, but a man is not an airplane. Biology intervenes. A person may consume so much food that he cannot eat more, but he does not lose weight because the incoming energy is dissipated in the form of heat formation, and does not get into plastic metabolism. For example, such processes occur in cases of severe thyroid hyperfunction and thyrotoxicosis. A person loses weight, but his body temperature rises in spite of his gluttony, and this is how the body gets rid of excess energy.

It is much easier to put on weight if a person has been out of weight for a short time, for example, if he went on a starvation diet or had a serious illness. The body has its own genetic memory as well as the memory of its own heredity. If the patient had obese relatives, his risk of obesity will be higher than that of a person whose relatives are lean.

More news: the body tends to catch excess energy, and store it in the form of fat. Think of bears, which gain fat before hibernation, many rodents, and in general there is a concept of “fattening up” for the winter. The body, unlike inanimate nature, has the ability to store energy in the form of high-energy compounds – fats, which are then used for their intended purpose in the absence of food. The same mechanism remains in man, And if fat people really were deprived of food for several months, such problems of obesity for our humanity would be in principle, deprived.

But now there are already about 2 billion. people are even slightly overweight, 300 million women and 200 million. men at the first doctor’s checkup can already get a diagnosis of at least first-degree obesity. The prognosis is sad: due to urbanization, and the diminishing need of industry for production related to human physical activity, the tendency to get fat is increasing. In today’s world, there is robotic manufacturing and agriculture, and humans can pursue their favorite pastimes, literature, and music. But alas, in order to lose weight, one must play works by Beethoven and Rachmaninoff on the piano for many hours until one is completely exhausted. And consciously leading an athletic lifestyle, and looking after oneself, can only be done by strong natures.

What to do about obesity? First of all, to lose weight without medication, just as we should treat high blood pressure first of all without medication, with a change in lifestyle.

Historical attempts at medicine

The old doctors were right when they said, “Eat less and move more. Quite right, it is this kind of lifestyle modification that will get you on the right track to a healthy, physiological weight that matches a person’s height. But civilization has gotten in the way of the normal weight loss process. Everyone knows that the wheel was invented by the lazy to get rid of hard physical labor.

Medical science, too, has taken the same path. Let’s not test a person’s willpower, let’s not fight over ourselves, let’s just make life easier, it is after all a matter of civilization and scientific and technological progress! And in this sense, medicine has come to a standstill: it has made life easier for people, and there were drugs for weight loss, which allowed the most impatient people to take the path of least resistance at once. Here are examples of such “benefits”.

To actually cope with the extra weight(for one day) very simply, but these methods would be very crude and harmful, although they are still used today.

If you take, for example, 2 tablets of furosemide, you will lose one, two, or maybe more kilograms per day by dramatically increasing the volume of urine. Yes, you’ll feel lighter due to the fluid you’ve lost. But you have not lost any fat. Yes, if you had a swollen face, then after taking diuretics you will really look taut.

But these kilograms will come at a high price: metabolic processes in the body are sharply disrupted, the amount of potassium ions has dropped, the volume of circulating fluid. Potassium lost with urine would be so great that muscle cramps, and heart rhythm disturbances could occur. After a day, your body will make you replenish the lost liquid through thirst. Such methods are still used, for example in bodybuilding and bodybuilding, to “dry off” before a performance. But the momentary effect is important: five minutes on stage!

There’s another silly way to lose weight.It’s prescription laxatives to “get it right” for weeks at a time. Not too convenient, really?

You can use pyrogens, or drugs that raise the temperature. With fever, the body gets rid of excess energy by breaking down the heat stored in nutrients. Finally, doctors began treating obesity with thyroid hormones, also activating catabolism.

Then amphetamines came into the scene, even before World War II. They were used to combat sleepiness, gluttony, but the uncontrolled use of amphetamines eventually led to serious side effects such as loss of strength, depression, addiction.

Weight loss has also been tried with a drug such as fenfluramine. There was meaningful and promising weight loss on it, but the side effects were so unfavorable (increased blood pressure and brain hemorrhages) that it had to be abandoned.

All over the world, research is constantly going on to find harmless drugs that would lower body weight. Different groups of drugs have been created that attack a person’s metabolism from many different flags, trying to find the most vulnerable point of fat loss without affecting the rest of the metabolic stages, but it is not so easy. Recall that the most important opponent to weight loss is appetite, increased appetite, the desire to eat, and its much more powerful ally: hunger.

The great enemies of weight loss: appetite and hunger

Appetite is not just a feeling or desire. Satisfying the sense of hunger is a deep and ancient instinct that, along with satisfying the sense of thirst, ranks first among all aspirations and interests, except the instinct of self-preservation. In order to satiate and survive, a person must take a number of specific actions. Therefore, the nervous mechanism underlying appetite and its satisfaction is extremely complex. In clinical practice, drugs that reduced, and even completely suppressed appetite were tested and used, but they all had high risks, up to and including death, and could not be used to treat obesity.

The situation is further aggravated by the fact that the hard-earned stores of fat in the human body are protected from unnecessary use and stored away. Hormones, enzymes, behavioral modification are standing by to protect our fat reserves.

Therefore, at present there is still no single, complete medication that is guaranteed to lose weight without changing your lifestyle and diet, and has no contraindications for use. Perhaps the closest thing to this is RDT, discharge diet therapy, or therapeutic fasting.

However, there are a number of drugs that can be used in short courses, strictly on the instructions of the doctor, along with exercises, diet, increased physical activity and other known methods of reducing body weight. Very few drugs can be used safely for a long time, for a year or more. Let us look at some groups of drugs that are used in our country as well as abroad to reduce body weight.

Weight loss products in pharmacies

Increase burning (utilization) of fat1L-carnitine1 090 €
Reducing intestinal absorption of fat1Digestive blockers – Orlistat (Xenical, Xenalten, Orsothen)500 €
Anorectics and antidepressants: no appetite or hunger!1Sibutramine (Meridia, Reduxin, Slimia, Lindaxa, Goldline Plus)1 650 €
Highly risky: dietary supplements1Turboslim express weight loss660 €
Insulin production stimulants: liraglutide (Victoza, Saxenda)1Metformin (Glucophage, Glyformin, Sioformin)170 €

Drugs for weight loss

These drugs are few and far between, and each one is almost the only representative of its group. Among drugs to treat obesity or, more precisely, to reduce body weight, we will not find a large abundance of drugs. There are whole lines and generations of medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These are ketoprofen, meloxicam and nimesulide, and celecoxib, paracetamol and diclofenac. All of them are effective, but also quite different.

The same variety can be found among hormonal medications, among cough medications, among antiulcer drugs and among medications for headaches. But for the treatment of obesity, unfortunately, we have not yet found the desired abundance. If the drug is used in Russia, the commercial names are given for it, as well as the price range, which is valid for the fall of 2020.

All drugs are arranged according to their mechanism of action. There is no ranking in the proposed list, no arrangement by possible efficacy. The order is arbitrary.

As with many medications, they have a number of side effects, such as agitation, insomnia, increased blood pressure, a tendency to chronic diarrhea, and even more severe effects, such as addiction.

Getting water out fast, but not losing weight!

Above we have already cited the example of diuretics, the entire purpose of which is to reduce the amount of water in the body. In some cases it is simply necessary: it is chronic heart failure, the presence of massive edema, insufficient kidney function. The heart simply can not cope with a huge amount of fluid, and a person needs diuretic therapy.

If you are going to lose weight for some reason with the help of diuretics, you can do it only once, for example in a month in order to look better at the party. Naturally, we are only talking about the face. It will be less swollen and more toned. The body shape will not change at all, and neither will the amount of fat.

Diuretics are the leaders in speed of weight loss, they are more effective only with a surgeon’s knife. But their effect is for a very short time. After two days, the body will regain the necessary amount of water. If you continue to use diuretics without a doctor’s prescription, you will soon be able to die from dehydration, severe arrhythmia and disorders of kidney function, water-electrolyte balance.

Here is an example of competent use of a diuretic on the example of the same furosemide, or Lasix. Never, under any circumstances, with the purpose of losing weight, take more than two pills at once, i.e., more than 80 mg. Be sure to take 2 or even 3 tablets of Asparkam or Panangin along with them, to immediately compensate for the loss of potassium, which will be excreted with urine. Without Asparkam, or Panangin, furosemide will cause painful cramps and leg cramps. The action of the drug will develop in 2-3 hours, and will last another 3-4 hours, so it is recommended not to take a diuretic at night. By the way, a similar therapy with diuretics, but compensating the loss of fluid with a large amount of drunk mineral water, can be practiced in order to get out of a binge.

There is a misconception that such therapy with diuretics, carried out for several days, revitalizes, rejuvenates, and promotes the removal of toxins. It is quite possible, but there are two arguments against it. First, immediately in the body, the excreted volume will be replenished by the same fluid that you consumed, the eating habits will remain the same, and the body will accumulate these toxins again. And the second argument against it: this way of combating toxins will lead to nothing, because one of the main organs releasing toxins is our skin. Much more effective than diuretics will be a systematic visit to the bath, though without temperature and alcoholic excesses.

Increasing the burning (utilization) of fat!

Those who lived immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, remember the boom that accompanied the appearance of such a food supplement as “Bromelain superfat burner”. Nutritional supplements and their advertising did not exist at all at the time. Everyone has fallen madly into the belief that papaya extract can burn fat, and using bromelain as a simple dietary supplement (without even changing your eating habits) will guarantee you weight normalization in a few months, or even weeks. What can be answered to this? The reason – too trusting of the Russians, the first contact with the market economy. “The “magical” effect of bromelain capsules is about the same as the “1,200 percent APR” you get at Selenga Russian House.

The current situation with preparations that burn fat is as follows. These are supplements that help speed up fat metabolism. They can also be called “metabolic booster pills.”. But to speed up the metabolism is even worse than speeding up the processor of your computer, or speeding up the car without thinking of the consequences.


Rating: 4.9


Perhaps the least fearful is taking l-carnitine preparations. L-carnitine is a relative of vitamin B and refers to amino acids. L-carnitine activates acetyl coenzyme A, a special coenzyme that is needed to utilize or oxidize fatty acids. This compound helps with fat metabolism, or lipid metabolism, fat metabolism. L-carnitine deficiency can lead to various forms of obesity, heart and kidney pathology.

L-carnitine is a substance produced in small amounts. And, although it comes with food, athletes, fitness trainers, and those who are overly active and undergoing physical activity need additional sources of this compound. It speeds up the metabolism, but just not for the whole time, but for the time of intense physical activity.

Carnitine helps to increase endurance and improve workout performance and intensity. For example, on a long bike ride, when you feel tired and can no longer physically push the pedals, a chocolate bar with carnitine will give you more energy and help you get to your destination more efficiently than a chocolate bar without carnitine.

L-carnitine is available in pills, capsules, and powders. For example, domestic carnitine will be sold at an average price (capsules) from 140 to 230 rubles., 30 pills – from 160 to 450 rubles., Oral solution – from 200 to 325 rubles., And 20 fizzy tablets – from 420 rubles. If we take an imported, American product from the company Solgar, then a pack of 30 pills will cost an average of 2,000 rubles.

If you play an active sport, you need 1.2 grams of l-carnitine per day, in two meals per day. The first half in the morning and the second half a half hour before the workout. There are other options, but usually sports physicians and fitness trainers know about the different schemes of taking carnitine, so we will not dwell on these details.

Lowering the absorption of fat in the intestines!

The second category of drugs refers to digestive blockers. They are also called fat burners, but this is incorrect. These are drugs that prevent fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized from the intestine. Unlike remedies from the previous group, they are less harmful to the body, but also, up to a certain limit. Let’s consider modern remedies that are actually successfully used for weight loss, and have proven effectiveness. However, they should not be used in cases of intestinal motility disorders, bile stasis and liver disease. With frequent, prolonged intake there may be side effects associated with the accumulation of neutral fat in the intestinal lumen, and, most commonly, chronic diarrhea.

Digestive blockers – Orlistat (Xenical, Xenalten, Orsothen)

Rating: 4.9


Our pancreas produces a special enzyme that breaks down fats (pancreatic lipase), and the bile, which is produced by the liver, helps to translate these fats into a convenient phase for lipase action. So if you somehow inactivate this lipase, then the fats that come with food will not be broken down in the intestines and will be excreted unchanged in the feces. This is how Xenical works.

If it is used in the recommended doses, the absorption of fat is reduced by one third, but the metabolism is not changed. Reduced intake of fats in the bloodstream decreases the ability to store them as a reserve. Using this drug without changing the diet and without exercise allowed patients to lose an average of about 6 kg of weight over 4 years.

This proves that the preparation works, but if the person follows the diet and increases his physical exercises, then the same amount of kilograms can be lost not in 4 years but in 4 months, or even faster, without detriment to health.

If fat is not absorbed, it should be excreted in the feces. If the stool contains too much fat, the fat will accumulate on the walls of the large intestine and cause mechanical irritation, so that the surface of the intestine will literally slip out of the stool. This phenomenon of steatorrhea is well known in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Because of a lack of enzymes, their stools are very greasy, which makes it necessary to use a toilet brush, because the fat is not easily flushed out with water.

In the Russian market, Xenical is represented by the Italian company Roche, and a pack of 21 tablets will cost an average of 950 rubles. Orsotene by KRKA will cost somewhat less, about 800 rubles. This remedy should be taken in one capsule together with a meal.

Anorectics and antidepressants: no appetite or hunger!

However, there is another way: to create a medicine that would “trick” the brain and send it a signal that the person is full. Sense of fullness, even if false, blocks appetite and hunger. Yes, there is such a group of drugs, which refer to antidepressants, some of them have quite a strong this effect – anorectic (anti-digestive). This is why these “special” drugs are called anorectics.

One of the best known and most scandalous drugs of this series is sibutramine, which happens in pharmacies. But those, who are consciously trying to lose weight with sibutramine, should be fully aware that in many countries of the world it is forbidden. Of course, there are other antidepressants that are very popular throughout the world, but they do not blunt hunger as much as sibutramine, and this is considered a side effect.

For example, patients who were actually treated for depression and anxiety with paroxetine, and were on a long-term course of treatment, along with positive changes in mood, noted that they had slightly reduced their body weight, although they had no desire or goal to consciously lose weight at all. Many drugs belonging to the group of SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, have this side effect.

Sibutramine (Meridia, Reduxin, Slimia, Lindaxa, Goldline Plus)

Rating: 4.9


Sibutramine in any form has been prohibited in the countries of the European Union for about 10 years due to the development of high risk of heart and vascular complications. In America it can be used, but with the obligatory mentioning in the official instructions that any cardiovascular disease is a contraindication to the use of this drug for any reason. In the Russian Federation, sibutramine is available, although with a prescription, and it is included in the list of highly potent drugs. But if you want it, you can get it by prescription.

Sibutramine with high blood pressure causes significant complications, and besides its harmful effect on the cardiovascular system it causes constipation, irritability and insomnia, headaches appear. The slimming fanatics with Sibutramine may very well end up fatally.

It is much more dangerous that Sibutramine may not be sold openly, in its pure form, with official instructions, but may be included in the category of “gray”, not registered as a medicinal substance, various dietary supplements and food supplements. At the same time its concentration in a tablet or capsule may be several times higher than permitted for a single dose. At the same time, the fact that the food supplement contains sibutramine may be simply concealed by the manufacturer, and this component is not mentioned in the instructions. This is why you need to choose your weight loss medication very carefully, especially if:

  1. In the pharmacy, it is in the dietary supplement section;
  2. If it is purchased over the Internet;
  3. If the manufacturer is China or other Southeast Asian countries.
  4. One of the most purified drugs is Meridia, which is manufactured by Abbott and is sold in 15 mg capsules, in a pack of 28 capsules. It should be prescribed when the body mass index exceeds 27 or higher. The result can be considered a 10% reduction in body weight after 6 months.

Let us list the official contraindications to taking sibutramine:

  1. Organic obesity, i.e. when the cause is connected with any disease. You need to cure the disease first, and maybe along with that the obesity will go away, and there will be no need to use the rather risky sibutramine;
  2. The presence of appetite and eating disorders – bulimia;
  3. mental disorders;
  4. Taking MAO inhibitors (Nialamide, Aurorix)
  5. Cardiovascular disease or the presence of arterial hypertension;
  6. Increased thyroid function (hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis)
  7. Chronic kidney and liver failure;
  8. Prostate adenoma, adrenal tumor (any, cortical or brain matter);
  9. glaucoma;
  10. childhood;
  11. Pregnancy and the lactation period;
  12. chronic alcoholism;
  13. drug addiction.

Thus, not all obesity can be treated with sibutramine.

Russian drugs containing sibutramine on the market – Reduxin and Goldline Plus in their composition, except sibutramine, have microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). This will be discussed in the next section. As for the price, even domestic sibutramine drugs such as Reduxin and Goldline Plus are not cheap. The minimum cost of a pack of Reduxin, produced by the domestic company Ozon in 30 capsules will cost from 1530 rubles at the end of 2020.

There are other drugs from the antidepressant group, such as fluoxetine, venlafaxine, paroxetine. These are antidepressants that are used for appropriate indications. A decreased appetite and weight loss would be a side effect. You will not be able to buy them on the open market. However, even if these antidepressants are prescribed for the indications, they have adverse reactions common to the SSRI group. For example, dry mouth, restless legs syndrome at night, and ejaculatory disorders in men (inability to ejaculate).

Cheat your stomach: it’s full, but no calories!

If anorectics tricked the brain and sent a sense of false satiety, it is possible to send a sense of true satiety to the brain as well, but what is in the stomach will have no energy value. Otherwise, it is a ballast substance, bran, fiber, and one of the most convenient forms for this type of weight loss is MCC, microcrystalline cellulose. It is also called “ersatz normal nutrition.”.

It is not absorbed by the body and has no medicinal effect, but it swells up and creates a false feeling of fullness, like bran or ordinary cellulose. So in case you really want to lose weight, but are rightly afraid of the side effects of sibutramine, just eat plain bran. It is both beneficial and low-cost, and will eventually lead to weight loss. Our parents simply drank a glass of kefir with bran, or oat flakes “Hercules” instead of any MCC

There are a lot of such pills in pharmacies, and they are labeled as such: MCC. They are the cheapest pills in pharmacies to lose weight, reduce food intake throughout the day, and in fact, slowly but surely can help reduce weight. Indeed, cellulose, once in the stomach and intestines, is very much swollen, forming a food volume, and significantly reduces the risk of overeating.

Bran is quite useful, and can cleanse the body, but it is still necessary to do a short course, and in no case use cellulose constantly. Excess ballast in the body leads to digestive disorders, the emergence of chronic constipation.

Additionally, you need to understand that if you consciously reduce your diet, due to an excess of ballast substances, then the body will not use useful substances, vitamins and trace elements. As a result, in a few months there may be signs of chronic avitaminosis, anemia, deterioration of health, shortness of breath. Do not think that microcrystalline cellulose and bran are useful for everyone, they can be harmful for patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is an acute and chronic erosive and erosive-ulcerative gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, especially in the acute stage, and a tendency to bleeding.

What advice can be given to fans of this type of body cleansing and weight loss? You can add these tablets to your evening meals in order to relieve yourself from the evening hunger and not to provoke yourself to eat before going to bed. Morning and lunch portions may well be left unchanged. Thus, you will still be consuming a balanced menu. You can halve your evening dose with extra cellulose. This kind of dietary supplementation will be beneficial, because you will continue to eat a full meal, with all the proteins, fats and carbohydrates your body needs. But it is worth remembering that this way, although the safest, is also the longest.

Cellulose tablets are very, very cheap. The domestic pharmaceutical company Evalar produces MCC Ankir-B tablets. The cost of such tablets ranges from 140 to 180 rubles. per package of 100 pieces. Some manufacturers add additional rosehip extracts, medicinal fungus, vitamins, trace elements and other ingredients to the cellulose. Of course, they’ll cost a little more.

Highly Risky: Nutritional Supplements

As you know, dietary supplements are not medicine. They do not receive a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor as a medicine, and before registering them as a dietary supplement the manufacturer must state that “the product being registered has no therapeutic or medicinal properties”. But the unfortunate consumer does not know about it, while advertising claims the opposite. Who needs to buy a supplement that has no healing, medicinal, or therapeutic properties? The consumer wants magic pills.

Since dietary supplements are not drugs, they do not go through the three phases of clinical trials that are mandatory for every drug. Accordingly, for dietary supplements there is no information at all on overdose, side effects, interactions with other medicines on the limitations of their use by children, pregnant and lactating women. No supplement manufacturer will conduct long and expensive studies, he does not need to.

So in the best case the supplements will bring you neither harm nor benefit, but in the worst case you risk to seriously damage your health. This is especially true not for domestic supplements of well-known and respected pharmaceutical companies, such as Evalar, but for dubious Chinese. If you buy a Chinese supplement on the Internet, then in the worst case there will only be instructions in Chinese, and in the best case there will be a translation into Russian. But even in this case it will not tell you much, because such a supplement may contain dozens of unknown ingredients. Among them there may be some that are harmful. For example, a supplement that promises to cleanse the bowels and get rid of constipation, may contain phenolphthalein, and it is known to be able to cause malignant tumors with prolonged use. The safest supplements are the domestic ones. Consider one of them.

Turboslim slimming express

Rating: 4.9

Turboslim fast weight loss

These are the products of the well-known Altai company, which has specialized in supplements for many years, Evalar. The price for 18 capsules and three Sachets on sale in the online store is also not small: 870 rubles. What is included in the composition? It is quite complex:

  1. In the white capsule: guarana, seaweed, calcium carbonate, grape leaf extract, ascorbic acid;
  2. Pink capsule: garcinia extract, opuntia cactus flowers, fennel, corn sprouts, senna laxative, chromium picolinate;
  3. Blue capsule: garcinia, melissa extract, fucus extract, senna, chromium picolinate, l-carnitine;
  4. One sachet contains: soluble dietary fiber, lemon juice, prunus flowers, artichoke extract and green tea, fennel.

The official instruction is quite correct: Turboslim is a dietary supplement, a source of many useful compounds and substances, and is most of all indicated for persons controlling body weight. Thus, legally, the wording is flawless. The manufacturer does not claim at all that this supplement will help lose weight: it is for those who control body weight. It also says that you should consult a doctor before using it, and it is not a medicine. This is probably the only dietary supplement that can be consumed.

Since the company Evalar has very firmly occupied a section of the dietary supplements market in Russia, it is the leading manufacturer, and produces Turboslim active fiber, protein bars, alpha-lipoic acid, calorie blocker, enhanced formula, for figure correction, appetite control, cleansing, protein nutrition and many other varieties.

Beware of the air!

However, there are also “air sellers.”. There is a popular dietary supplement from a domestic manufacturer. A pack of 100 tablets in pharmacies can be bought starting from 600 rubles. The manufacturer states that one tablet contains affinity purified antibodies to a certain receptor.

The production technology is homeopathic, and a system of dilutions is used, at the end of which a volume many times larger than the modern universe was needed to find one molecule of the antibody. Thus, this nutritional supplement fully meets the words of Euclid: “what has been accepted without proof can also be rejected without proof”.

As you know, homeopathy does not cure, its effect on the body is impossible to measure or prove, at least because of the actual absence of the active ingredients. Infinitely more gold molecules can be found in a single drop of tap water than there are molecules of these purified antibodies in the entire world’s oceans.

Insulin stimulants: liraglutide (Victoza, Saxenda)

If you read the official instructions, liraglutide is not used for weight loss. Diabetics need it to lower blood sugar when other medicines do not help them. The second reason to use it is to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke too in diabetic patients if they have heart disease. But in America, this drug is still sold in pharmacies for weight loss, but again, also for diabetics.

Domestic weight loss seekers are unlikely to like liraglutide because it is not taken orally in the form of tablets or capsules, but injected subcutaneously. This remedy resembles a special peptide or protein that has an affinity for the human counter-insulin hormone glucagon. Such a drug could not have been created without biotechnology and genetic engineering.

A fragment of human DNA, which encodes the synthesis of this peptide, was embedded in the hereditary material of yeast, and then the yeast multiplied and began to produce this human hormone in factory conditions. As a result, after purification, the resulting liraglutide has 97% similarity to a human peptide. As a result of its connection with receptors, insulin secretion is stimulated, and the barrier of insulin resistance is overcome.

This drug should be administered subcutaneously. Self-administered, at home, put an injection in the shoulder, abdomen, or thigh once a day regardless of meals.

How did you manage to reduce the weight? The average weight loss in diabetic patients to a maximum of 8.5 kg has been reliably found. Yes, it is impressive, but it is also very expensive: the drug Victoza, which is produced by Novo Nordisk from Denmark, costs an average of 10000 rubles. This is the cost of a two-day treatment. The same Saxenda drug produced by the same company will cost 25000 rubles on average. For five syringe pens, that is, the cost of five days of treatment. Accordingly, the cost of treatment with liraglutide for 56 weeks will cost the patient almost 2 million rubles.

Metformin (Glucofage, Glyformin, Siofor)

Rating: 4.8


The second drug, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which as a side effect leads to weight loss in patients, is metformin. But, as in the previous case, it cannot be used to treat obesity in ordinary people.

Metformin is contraindicated in marked renal pathology and chronic renal failure, in cardiac, hepatic, respiratory failure, dehydration, chronic alcoholism.

How much do these products cost? Siofor 850 mg in tablets, 60 pills (company Berlin Chemi) will cost inexpensive, from 260 to 300 rubles. Domestic Glyformin (Akrichin) -120 rubles. per pack (500 mg #60).

Tips for weight loss!

Here are some tips that will never be superfluous to someone looking to lose weight. And compliance with these rules will allow you to carry out the process of weight loss quite gently and comfortably, and not to subject your body to overload:

  1. Do not give up salt completely. Indeed, too much salt retains water, and a diet with a lower salt content removes this extra water from the person and relieves the heart. But a complete rejection is unacceptable, sodium is one of the most important ions for the body, and its deficiency can lead to serious illnesses;
  2. Never use diuretics to lose weight, diuretics are used to remove swelling. Yes, they were listed as part of the remedies that affect the weight of the body, but with their help it is not possible to lose weight, and powerful diuretics can cause irreparable harm to health;
  3. Eat small portions, 5-6 times a day, this will keep you full and in small portions. Large portions, even if taken much less frequently, lead to the deposition of large stores of fat;
  4. If you are losing weight, do not starve. If you are going to fast, it is a separate type of diet therapy with its own rules and stages of entry and exit from fasting. Do not go on a diet before going on a fast. The process of dieting and losing weight by decreasing the caloric content of food is one biochemical process in the body, while starvation is quite another. When starving a person goes through a stage of acidotic crisis, and only then does the slow but steady breakdown of fat begin. A person who takes food and loses weight, but does not starve, the stage of acidotic crisis does not pass;
  5. Do not use strict diets for a long time, especially a vegetarian diet without meat, fish, and egg products. In such a case the person will develop B12-anemia, or pernicious pernicious anemia, in a few months. Only through animal and fish food we get vitamin B12, it cannot be synthesized in the body;
  6. Do not lose weight abruptly, approach weight loss gradually. In a man of average weight, weight loss should not be allowed to exceed 5 kg per month. The problem here is not that the skin can sag. A person’s kidney is fixed in its place in a special fossa, in the renal bed, there is enough fatty tissue. If the fat starts to disappear too quickly, the kidney will start to sink and nephroptosis with its symptoms will occur;
  7. do not consume alcohol, spices, pickles, and pickles. They stimulate the appetite, which will be difficult for the thin person to cope with;
  8. exclude frying from the method of cooking, replace it with baking;
  9. Be sure to accompany your weight loss process with moderate physical activity. It is a bicycle, swimming, light jogging, therapeutic physical training;
  10. Never eat before going to bed, it must be at least 2 hours after eating before you go to bed;
  11. Try to avoid refined products: canned foods, sausages, smoked meats;
  12. limit sugar intake, replace it with sweet fruits.

Finally, drink as much fresh water as possible. Eat fruits and vegetables, use fiber. Above we talked about bran, do not forget about their healing effect. Good luck getting back to normal body weight!

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