The 12 Best Toothpastes for Periodontitis & Gum Disease

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. Selection Criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not intended as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Periodontitis and periodontitis are diseases of the periodontium. The latter involves the tissues surrounding and holding the tooth. The 2 diseases are often mistaken for each other. However, they have different causes, symptoms and therapeutic strategies. Parodontitis is characterised by an inflammatory process. And periodontal disease usually proceeds without it, although in some cases it may be present.

Distinctive features of periodontitis and periodontal disease

For ease of perception, we have collected the signs, causes and consequences of periodontitis and periodontal disease in a table:

Criteria for comparison


Periodontal disease


Poor oral hygiene, plaque, certain systemic diseases, a poor family history, or a weak immune system

Possible factors of development: heredity, gastrointestinal pathology, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus

Frequency of dissemination

Diagnosed in more than 80% of the population

Extremely rare (2-3% of patients)

Clinical manifestations

Inflammatory process

Dystrophic changes in the tissues

The nature of the course

The symptoms are pronounced, and the inflammatory process develops rapidly

Most of the time it is asymptomatic or passive


Can affect individual teeth or the entire jaw

Always affects both jaws

Bleeding gums

Is the first symptom

In most cases, it is not observed

Tooth mobility

Can be noticed in the beginning, but with the right treatment is completely eliminated

Appears very late, when the periodontium is affected by half or even more

Periodontal swelling

Present in most cases

Not observed

Presence of pockets of the periodontal localization

Depth of periodontal pockets depends on the severity of the pathological process

Are shallow or completely absent

Increased enamel sensitivity

Some dental necks may be exposed

Chipping of enamel in the cervical area

Tooth position

In moderate to severe periodontitis, there may be fan-shaped separation of the teeth

Definite gaps between the teeth

With periodontitis, if the treatment is chosen correctly and started immediately, the patient can count on the rapid elimination of symptoms and stop the progression of the pathology. And because periodontal disease is a systemic disease with no obvious clinical signs, patients need lifelong preventive therapy to achieve a permanent remission.

It is important to choose the right toothpaste for daily oral hygiene in these pathologies. It should ideally be recommended by the dentist, taking into consideration the condition of the gums and teeth. Therapeutic toothpaste should be a priority. They can be positioned as anti-inflammatory or anti-bleeding gums. In this review, we’ll take a look at the best of them.

Best Toothpaste for Periodontitis and Parodontosis

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best anti-inflammatory toothpaste1BioRepair Plus Parodontgel790€
2R.O.C.S. Gum balm240€
3Dental C
  • nic 2080 Medicinal Herbs and Biosolutions
  • 122€
    4Revidont with Neovitin250€
    5Asepta Parodontal Activ190€
    6AltaiBio Cedar Fir88€
    The best toothpastes to get rid of bleeding gums1




    3Lacalut aktiv181€
    4Splat Aktiv87€
    5Parodontol antibacterial60€
    6Forest balm for bleeding gums42€

    The Best Anti-inflammatory Toothpastes

    Anti-inflammatory toothpastes for periodontitis and periodontal disease will give tangible results if used along with medication therapy. Often these pastes contain serious ingredients that should not be used on a regular basis. They can cause dysbacteriosis if used systematically instead of continuously.

    BioRepair Plus Parodontgel

    Popularity Rating:* 4.9

    BioRepair Plus Parodontgel

    Italian company BioRepair manufactures Plus Parodontgel toothpaste. It contains microcrystals of medical hydroxyapatite, similar to natural hydroxyapatite, which is part of bones and teeth. Extracts of witch hazel, calendula, spirulina have anti-inflammatory, soothing effects. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes sensitive periodontal tissues, prevents inflammation, stimulates healing.

    Biorepair Parodontgel Plus in 75 ml tubes. The product has a pasty white consistency and a pleasant, non-pungent, minty taste. For periodontitis and periodontal disease the manufacturer recommends squeezing a small amount of toothpaste onto the brush and brushing teeth in a circular motion. Plus supplement this with a gentle massage of the gum. After that, when rinsing, the liquid must be withheld for 20-30 seconds.

    According to the reviews, this Italian toothpaste is able to make the periodontal tissues pink and healthy. This product effectively gets rid of blood on the toothbrush, eliminates swelling, heals wounds. Alleviates periodontal hypersensitivity after the first few uses. It also gives a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Its use in the initial stages of periodontitis will allow you to postpone going to the dentist. Some people are confused by the fact that this toothpaste uses up quickly.


    • Well-designed, multi-component composition;
    • does not contain SLS, parabens, titanium dioxide;
    • pleasant consistency and taste;
    • Quickly eliminates hypersensitivity;
    • relieves inflammation;
    • gets rid of bleeding.


    • fast dispenser.

    R.O.C.S. Gum balm

    Popularity Rating:* 4.8

    R.O.C.S. Gum Balm

    The next nominee of the review was the toothpaste Gum Balm from the popular Russian brand R.O.C.S. This product contains a natural anti-inflammatory complex based on extracts of medicinal plants. This product does not contain fluoride, antiseptics or synthetic dyes. When using this Balm you can forget about the blood on the toothbrush and the inflammation that occurs with periodontal disease.

    Toothpaste from R.O.C.S has a creamy, non-tight consistency. It has a pleasant minty odor and is white in color. It has a slightly salty aftertaste. Given that this product is called a “balm”, to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to spit out the excess paste after the hygiene procedure, but do not rinse your mouth. And then for another 30-40 minutes do not eat or drink.

    Consumers share that the inflammation in periodontitis begins to go away on the 3rd day of using this product. It cleanses plaque perfectly and leaves the breath fresh for a long time. For periodontitis and periodontal disease, it can be a godsend. This paste can be used on a permanent basis. It is very economical to use. But for some people, the xylitol makes it seem very sweet.


    • contains a natural anti-inflammatory complex;
    • A pleasant minty taste and aroma;
    • You do not need to rinse your mouth after using this product;
    • Quickly relieves inflammation on the gums;
    • Prevents bleeding;
    • One tube lasts long.


    • Too sweet for some people because of the xylitol.

    Dental C
  • nic 2080 Medicinal Herbs and Biosolutions
  • Popularity Rating:* 4.7

    Dental C<li></div><p>nic 2080 Medicinal Herbs and Biosols” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/73016666195211-6912.jpg” height=”440″ title=”Dental C</p><li>nic 2080 Medicinal Herbs and Biosolutions”><p>Toothpaste by Korean brand Aekyung contains extracts of honeysuckle, dandelion, wormwood, chamomile, thyme, pine oil, biosol, vitamins E and B. It is designed to keep gums healthy and young. This product is designed to prevent periodontitis and periodontal disease. Can be used by adults and children from 6 years of age.</p><p>This toothpaste comes in a plastic tube. It has a handy lid that is removable by side squeezing, and closes by snapping. The consistency of the paste resembles a gel. It has a streaky color (pearly honey) and herbal aroma. The taste is immediately noticeable with a salty hint. Product saves money. The foam formation is moderate, but this is enough for good cleansing.</p><p>Consumers comment very highly on this Korean toothpaste. They like how this product relieves inflammation in periodontitis and periodontal disease. At the same time, the product makes the enamel less sensitive and the breath fresher. The product does not sting or burn the lips while cleaning. But the distinctly salty aftertaste may not be to everyone’s liking.</p><h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>a good combination of salts and herbal ingredients;</li><li>Stops inflammation in periodontal disease;</li><li>Protects the gums from bleeding;</li><li>Pleasant flavor characteristics of the toothpaste;</li><li>convenient cap on the tube;</li><li>The toothpaste lasts for a long time.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not everyone likes the salty aftertaste.</li></ul><h3>Revidont with Neovitin</h3><p>Popularity rating:* 4.6</p><div style=Revidont with Neovitin

    Russian company NPCRIZ manufactures Revidont with Neovitin. The product contains such active ingredients: birch bark extract “Betulavit”, complex “Activitin” (chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John’s wort), complex “Neovitin” (ginseng biomass). This product is recommended for the effective prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, protection of the oral cavity from allergies and candidiasis.

    Revidont Toothpaste with Neovitin packed in soft tubes. Its consistency is creamy. The color of the paste is white, and the taste and aroma are dominated by lemon. The product gives a sufficient amount of foam when brushing teeth. It is very comfortable to use. Very economical to use. No staining of the enamel. Revidont with Neovitin specifically targets the tissues surrounding the roots and the neck of the tooth.

    According to reviews, this Russian toothpaste noticeably reduces pain and swelling in periodontitis and periodontal disease, prevents the appearance of blood during brushing. With systematic use of Revidont with Neovitin, you can count on the prevention of periodontal tissue damage. Plant extracts are excellent for soothing inflammation and healing wounds in the mouth. This toothpaste also gently but effectively removes plaque.


    • innovative composition;
    • pleasant flavor characteristics;
    • is delicate in its application;
    • It is economical to use;
    • Quickly stops the inflammatory process;
    • Excellent prevention of periodontal disease.


    • have not been detected.

    Asepta Parodontal Aktiv

    Popularity Rating:* 4.5

    Asepta Parodontal Aktiv

    Russian pharmaceutical company Vertex produces Asepta Parodontal Activ toothpaste. This product contains extracts of sage, calendula and St. John’s wort that have a strong antimicrobial effect and quickly reduce inflammation. Among the active ingredients are xylitol and papain enzyme. Inflammation and blood on the toothbrush with periodontitis can be completely forgotten with this toothpaste.

    Asepta Parodontal Activ is sold in a laminated tube (75 ml). This paste is creamy in consistency, and its color is pleasant mint. The taste is dominated by lime and mint. It is mild, not scalding, but very refreshing. The manufacturer recommends brushing your teeth for 3 minutes, 2 times a day. Asepta Aktiv has average foaming and is quite economical to use.

    Consumers confirm that with this product it is possible to get rid of pronounced inflammation and bleeding in periodontitis. Asepta Parodontal Activ significantly improves oral hygiene; and. The product rinses out completely and does not leave a soapy taste. However, some consumers note that after using this paste their enamel becomes more sensitive. Because of this, they do not recommend using it all the time.


    • A good combination of ingredients in the composition;
    • pleasant taste;
    • The tube lasts for a long time;
    • Solves the problem of bleeding in periodontitis;
    • it stops an inflammatory process;
    • Does not leave a soapy aftertaste.


    • Cures enamel sensitivity in some people.

    AltaiBio Cedar Fir

    Popularity rating:* 4.4

    AltaiBio Cedar Fir

    Russian AltaiBio Cedar Fir toothpaste contains 5 herbal extracts, menthol, sodium fluoride and colloidal silver concentrate. This product has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used for the prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease. AltaiBio Cedar Fir can be used for hygienic manipulations every day.

    Toothpaste is packaged in plastic tubes in quantities of 100 grams. It is quite thick, does not drip when squeezed on the brush. It has a white color. The taste is fir with a minty aftertaste and a flavor of pine nuts. The fragrance is tart, but quite pleasant. The toothpaste foams slightly, but for many this is a plus. The way to use this product for periodontitis is standard.

    Many people speak highly of AltaiBio Cedar Fir Toothpaste. They confirm that it eliminates bleeding while brushing teeth, eliminates inflammation and periodontal pain perfectly. Makes periodontal tissues more dense. For the prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, many choose this product. But some people are confused by the fact that along with the very useful active ingredients this toothpaste contains parabens.


    • A good set of active ingredients;
    • Pleasant texture, taste and aroma;
    • periodontal tissues stop bleeding;
    • Heals minor injuries in the mouth;
    • corrects inflammation.


    • Contains parabens.

    The best toothpastes that get rid of bleeding

    Pastes that protect periodontal tissues from bleeding often have the prefix Active in their name. The presence of the latter indicates that this product is suitable for use in periodontal disease. They can be effective in controlling bad breath if it is caused by inflammation of the gums.


    Popularity Rating:* 4.9

    President Active

    Italian toothpaste President Active contains triclosan, which is quite strong antimicrobial agent. By eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, it reduces bleeding gums. Also among the active ingredients is hawthorn, which strengthens the gums, healing capillaries, as well as sanguinaria, which improves blood clotting and fights inflammation.

    The volume of toothpaste President Active in a tube is 75 ml. It is quite thick, has a white color, a pleasant minty aroma and taste. When squeezed onto a brush, it doesn’t drip. Foams quite weakly. This product is therapeutic, so it should be used only as needed. The course of its use in case of exacerbation of periodontitis should not exceed 2-3 weeks.

    According to reviews, President Active fully justifies the promises of the manufacturer. It is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent for periodontitis and periodontitis. Already after 2-3 days of using this product, no blood remains on the brush. The oral cavity eliminates inflammation and swelling in case of periodontitis. It effectively removes plaque and freshens breath.


    • a good combination of therapeutic ingredients;
    • It has a pleasant aroma and taste;
    • Eliminates the problem of bleeding periodontitis;
    • It relieves inflammation;
    • it refreshes for a long time.


    • not all components of the composition are safe.

    The Fluoride Formula

    Popularity Rating:* 4.8

    Parodontax with fluoride

    Toothpaste from Slovenia Parodontax with fluoride contains the following active components:

    Mineral salt, ratatania, sage, peppermint, myrrh, chamomile, echinacea. It is suitable for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease. Parodontax is specifically designed to remove plaque, reduce bleeding periodontal tissues, as well as to prevent caries.

    Parodontax toothpaste with fluoride is characterized by a thick consistency. When applied to the toothbrush, it will not smudge. Fine grains in the texture. Its color is dusty pink. Instead of the usual sweet toothpaste, it has a strong salty taste (due to the minerals and salts it contains). This product is recommended for people over 14 years of age.

    The toothpaste with fluoride copes well with all the main manifestations of periodontal disease. After only 5-7 days of using it you can forget about bleeding while brushing your teeth. Periodontal tissues get a healthy pink appearance, their swelling is eliminated, small damages are healed. This product is also an excellent enamel cleanser, and it is also a breath freshener.


    • An excellent combination of salt and herbal ingredients;
    • Gets rid of bleeding periodontitis;
    • Eliminates inflammation, swelling;
    • Combats bad breath effectively;
    • Effectively removes plaque from enamel.


    • specific taste.

    Lacalut aktiv

    popularity rating:* 4.7

    Lacalut aktiv

    German toothpaste Lacalut aktiv is designed for people suffering from inflammatory gum diseases: gingivitis, periodontitis. It contains aluminum lactate, which seals loose gums and reduces their bleeding. Fluoride in the paste strengthens enamel and protects it from cavities. The effective and safe abrasiveness of the toothpaste allows it to remove plaque and bacteria from the enamel well.

    Lacalut aktiv is a therapeutic paste and should be used in courses. It is housed in a soft plastic tube. Its consistency is firm, the color is white. It has a pleasant, minty taste. After applying the paste leaves a slight astringent feeling and a pleasant freshness in the mouth. After cleansing, product residue should be spat out, but not rinsed out of the mouth, so that the active ingredients remain in contact with the periodontium longer.

    From consumer reviews, it seems that in the initial stages of periodontal disease, Lacalut aktiv can be a real godsend. This toothpaste is excellent for fighting bleeding and strengthening the periodontal tissues. It also copes very well with plaque and tartar. Many people have noticed, however, that after only one week of treatment, their tooth enamel becomes more sensitive.


    • aluminum lactate in its composition;
    • tastes good;
    • Excellent for eliminating the first symptoms of periodontitis;
    • It copes well with plaque and tartar.


    • Increases the sensitivity of the enamel.

    Splat Aktiv

    popularity rating:* 4.7

    Splat Aktiv

    Russian toothpaste Splat Aktiv contains highly effective extracts of medicinal plants and is designed for the prevention of periodontitis. For stopping bleeding and anti-inflammatory effect responsible extracts of Baikal skullcap, cloudberry and spirulina. And the vitamins A and E make it an antioxidant.

    Splat Active differs from many toothpastes by its color. It is dark brown because the composition contains natural plant extracts. The consistency of this toothpaste is gel-like, rather thick and dense. It’s homogeneous without any grit or inclusions. The fragrance is pleasant, herbal, the taste is sweet. Foaming of the product is average. The paste is in a soft plastic tube with a stable screw cap.

    Bleeding gums are perfectly protected with Splat Active. It is good for anti-inflammatory processes and prevents the development of periodontitis and periodontal disease. It is also an excellent way to clean the teeth from plaque and get rid of unpleasant odor in the mouth for a long time. This toothpaste does not increase tooth sensitivity and even promotes teeth reminiscence.

    Advantages of

    • Highly effective medicinal plant extracts in the composition;
    • pleasant taste, aroma, consistency;
    • tissues stop bleeding;
    • Eliminates bad breath for a long time;
    • Cleans up plaque perfectly.


    • some people are confused by the color of the paste.

    Parodontol antibacterial

    Popularity Rating:* 4.5

    Periodontol antibacterial

    Russian Antibacterial Toothpaste Parodontol is designed for protection from periodontitis and caries. Nettle and plantain extracts can stop bleeding and reduce inflammation. And they stimulate the healing of inflamed periodontal tissues. And the presence of triclosan reliably protects against bacteria.

    Parodontol antibacterial has a pleasant creamy consistency, white in color, without any granules. Its flavor is minty, moderately expressed. Taste is sweet. This product foams very well. Sparingly consumed. The toothpaste comes in a soft plastic tube with a small screw cap. Additionally it is packed in a cardboard box.

    Many people really like the effect of this toothpaste. In their reviews, they note that their periodontal tissues stop bleeding and quite quickly acquire a healthy, pink color. Tooth enamel feels great after using this toothpaste. And also many people are pleased with the very affordable price of this product, so for the prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, they choose it.


    • Nettle and plantain extracts in the composition;
    • A pleasant texture, taste and aroma;
    • affordable price;
    • Periodontal tissues stop bleeding;
    • improves dental enamel.


    • have not been identified.

    Forest balm for bleeding gums

    Popularity Rating:* 4.4

    Forest balm for bleeding gums

    Toothpaste from trademark Kalina – Forest balm for bleeding gums contains an extract of oak bark and fir, as well as decoction of five medicinal herbs, including chamomile and nettle. This remedy makes blood vessels stronger, eliminates bleeding, has an antimicrobial effect in periodontitis and periodontal disease.

    Forest balm has a creamy, homogeneous consistency and a pleasant green color. It is thick enough and does not slip off the brush. It has a herbal flavor with a clear dominance of fir. It is finely abrasive and cleans the mouth very gently. Foaming of the paste is average. No greenish discoloration is left on the teeth, tongue or gums after hygienic manipulation.

    According to reviews, Forest Balm very quickly solves the problem of bleeding and inflammation in periodontitis. After using this paste there is a feeling of freshness in the mouth for a long time. Many people like very much this budget-friendly and high quality product. With a course of use of this paste, you can safely chew apples and carrots without fear of blood on the gums. For the prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease, many choose Forest Balm.


    • well thought-out composition;
    • Pleasant aroma and taste;
    • Forms a sufficient amount of foam;
    • Reduces bleeding and soreness in periodontitis;
    • Freshens the breath well.


    • have not been identified.

    *The popularity rating is based on an analysis of wordstat demand data..

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