Best vitamins for men for conception

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

For some reason so many men are surprised when their girlfriends, or, less frequently, doctors, advise them to prepare for conception as well. They are perplexed: If they are not going to have a baby, what is the point of preparing for it?? The answer is very simple. If only a woman is involved in pregnancy and childbirth, two people are involved in the process of conception! That means two people should also prepare for conception. The amount of genetic material that a man passes on is exactly 50%. And half of the success depends on the man!

The problem of infertility in the modern, civilized world is very high. And while there are regions with low living standards with high fertility (and therefore high maternal and infant mortality), there are also developed countries where child and maternal mortality is extremely low. But in Europe couples as a rule have not more than one or two children, and even then at a late age, unlike in Asia, and especially in Africa and Latin America.

It is to developed countries that the definition of infertility for a married couple applies, since both the man and the woman regularly seek the help of reproductive specialists. This made it possible to define infertility for a married couple as follows:

“If a woman is unable to become pregnant one year after beginning a regular sexual life with a single sexual partner, then that couple is officially considered infertile.”.

The condition is that there must be at least two sexual contacts (which end with ejaculation) per week, without the use of any means or methods of contraception.

How common is the problem? According to the World Health Organization, about 8% of married couples face the problem of infertility during the entire period in which it is possible to conceive and bear a child (that is, during the reproductive, or fertile period). And of course, men almost always blame women for infertility, but they are no less to blame. How common is male infertility and what can cause it?

Causes of male infertility

Statistics state that:

  1. 30% of infertile couples have a female problem when the man is completely healthy;
  2. male infertility is the cause of 30% of families failing to conceive! That is, in this sad statistic, the equality of the sexes is fully respected;
  3. In other cases, there is combined infertility, when a man and a woman have certain problems.

Let’s find out why a man can have problems with his fertility and his ability to conceive. The most important of these are:

  1. Ejaculation disorders, that is, the inability to secrete semen at the end of intercourse. At the same time, sperm may produce complete, but, for example, such a phenomenon as retrograde ejaculation is possible. That is, the sperm is not ejected outside but inside, in the bladder. It occurs with various neurological diseases, and violation of the innervation of the genitourinary organs;
  2. Impotence, sluggish erection, or erectile dysfunction, which is very common in mature men;
  3. anatomical changes.

These are various abnormalities of the structure of the male reproductive organs. For example, it is an obstruction of the vas deferens, their congenital absence, or the result of any surgical treatment. For example, if the man himself has decided that he “has had enough children”, he will undergo vasoresection, that is, the spermatic cord is crossed. As a result, he can have full sex with a woman, ejecting fluid at the end of intercourse. But it will no longer be sperm, as it will not contain sperm. It will only be the secret of the prostate gland, and such a man can also be considered infertile, but “of his own free will.

But much more often, obstruction of the vas deferens is caused by stagnant, prolonged and untreated urological infections, or by sexually transmitted diseases. Much less often the obstruction is due to the accumulation of thick secretion inside the seminal tubules, which occurs in some hereditary diseases such as cystic fibrosis;

  1. Various diseases of the endocrine glands, endocrine pathology. These include elevated prolactin concentrations (hyperprolactinemia), hypogonadism, feminization. All this leads to disorders of spermatogenesis, and most often it is associated with a lack of testosterone;
  2. Primary damage to that epithelium in which spermatozoa are laid, born and mature.

This may be a testicular trauma, orchitis, suffered as a result of mumps (or mumps in adults, the effects of toxins, high temperatures, dropsy testis. As a result of these harmful factors either decreased or ceased production of sperm, without losing the ability to have intercourse, and his hormonal background is perfectly normal.

  1. Various hereditary diseases, chromosomal genetic disorders;
  2. An immunologic problem when anti-sperm antibodies are formed against your own spermatozoa.

To these reasons should be added simple, understandable not only to doctors, but also to any man:

  1. Frequent taking of hot baths, excessive use of saunas, tight and tight trunks made of synthetic materials, excessive heating of car seats, excessive cycling – this is a thermal and mechanical factor;
  2. certain types of medications (hormones and antibiotics, antidepressants and blood pressure medications), drug addiction and alcoholism is a chemical and toxic factor;
  3. Carrying cell phones in trouser pockets, prolonged stay in the wi-fi zone, frequent work with a laptop on your lap can lead to exposure to the radiation factor;
  4. lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, work without rest lead to the influence of the stress factor;
  5. Finally, improper diet, sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, can also be regarded as factors that depress spermatogenesis.
  6. By the way, how do sperm cells form and mature??


Unlike the female body, in which a mature follicle turns into a single egg once during the menstrual cycle, and which can be fertilized during ovulation, in the male body myriads of sperm cells mature continuously, from the moment of puberty until the end of life. The normal cycle of male spermatogenesis from the very laying of the sperm until it is “sent for storage” in the seminal vesicles is about 2 months.

Spermatozoa appear and mature in the testicles. The testicles are moved outside the abdominal cavity because the formation of complete sperm cells requires a lower temperature compared to the temperature of the internal organs. The future germ cells pass through three stages during this time: the division stage, the growth stage, and the maturation stage:

  1. During the fission stage, the spermatogonia are the source of the spermatozoa. They can be considered as special stem cells, just as red bone marrow stem cells are constantly transforming themselves into various blood cells. As a consequence of the division of the spermatogoniums, a kind of sperm rudiments arise, but they do not yet contain half the genetic material as in a normal sperm cell, but a full set of chromosomes, that is, 46. At this stage, the divided cells begin to form, resulting in the formation of the so-called 1st order spermatocytes. They also have a diploid set of chromosomes, that is, 46 pieces;
  2. At the growth stage, first order spermatocytes are actively growing, They are “supplied” with nutrients, synthesis of proteins and enzymes, they are prepared for division, because they will have to divide twice, and this requires a decent supply of “building materials”.
  3. At the ripening stage, the first order spermatocytes will have to split in half twice.After they split up for the first time, it creates spermatocytes of the second order that also have a doubled set of chromosomes, or 23 pairs. Then they divide in half again, and now each of the resulting cells, which is called a spermatid, receives only half of the hereditary material. This process is nothing other than meiosis, or the division of germ cells.As a result, one spermatocyte of order 1 produces four spermatids, and each of them becomes a spermatozoon. When dividing into four spermatids, two of them get a male sex chromosome, or Y chromosome, and they are male candidates. The other half gets an X chromosome, and these are the girl candidates.

Let us remind you that it is up to the man to decide whether or not it is a boy. After all, only males have a Y chromosome, which determines the sex of a boy. The woman has no influence whatsoever on the conception of a boy.

During the course of all three phases, the maturing germ cells are surrounded by special nurse cells that provide them with food, and they are not yet separated from each other, but are connected by special cytoplasmic bridges. As a result, fully formed and mature sperm cells contain only 23 chromosomes. They are highly specialized cells that cannot exist by themselves because they contain only half of the genetic material. Their task, of course, is to join with an egg cell, which also has half the genetic material, and give birth to a new life. Naturally, thousands of spermatocytes, spermatids, and so on mature at every moment.

Normal spermogram and abnormalities

So, with spermatozoa we have solved. But the spermatozoa must be placed in a nutrient fluid having an alkaline environment, in order to live for a certain time, and to perform their function of fertilization in the acid environment of the female genitalia. In addition to spermatozoa, the sperm also contains the secret of the prostate gland.

It is clear that if the prostate is not functioning well, and does not secrete prostatic juice, then the sperm will also be incomplete, despite the fact that all sperm have formed correctly. So how to check the quality of sperm, and whether it is necessary to take any vitamins for conception for men additionally?

For this there is a simple test, perhaps the single most pleasurable unquote, in all diagnostic medicine, where the man is obliged to achieve orgasm in order to obtain the result. As you can guess, it’s about obtaining sperm naturally for laboratory examination, and creating a spermogram. It is the spermogram that is the key to deciding whether a man needs to take any additional vitamins and medications for conception, or whether he is perfectly normal.

Normal values of the spermogram

A normal spermogram of a healthy man, according to the WHO regulation of 2010, should have the following basic data:

  1. the volume of sperm necessary for conception should be at least 1.5 ml;
  2. The total number of sperm in the total volume of sperm – at least 39 million;
  3. in one ml should be 15 million sperm or more;
  4. 40% of sperm or more should be motile;
  5. 32% of sperm should have a progressive movement, that is, to move forward, rather than floating in a circle;
  6. Viable, that is, mobile sperm should be more than 58%.

There are other indicators as well, but it is difficult to explain them for non-specialists.

Deviations from the normal range

We will not name complicated medical terms, as this article is intended for people without a medical education. Therefore, we will not overload the presentation with the terms “asthenozoospermia,” “teratozoospermia,” etc.d. Let’s just say that the following would be considered deviations from the norm:

  1. Below the norm can be the concentration of sperm, their low mobility;
  2. Sperm may not be present in the ejaculate at all;
  3. there may be a lower than normal volume of sperm ejected per ejaculation;
  4. there may be an elevated concentration of white blood cells in the semen;
  5. spermatozoa can all be completely immobile;
  6. There may be an extremely low number of sperm in the volume of the test material. And to detect them, the sperm must be centrifuged to separate the cellular material from the liquid;
  7. blood may be present in the sperm;
  8. There may be single motile sperm in the sperm, which are obviously few;

Abnormal sperm may also be present in the semen. These are cells with an irregular structure, such as having two flagella, which cannot ensure uniform forward movement. Such sperm with abnormalities should not be more than 4%.

It is clear that a spermogram is a simple, high-quality and obvious way to understand whether a man is capable of fertilization, or not. Of course, in some cases described above, such as urological diseases, if the sperm is ejected back into the bladder, it cannot be obtained for analysis, but the man may be fertile and able to fertilize. In such complex cases, doctors should deal with: urologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, neurologists. Sometimes genetic counseling is needed.

Naturally, vitamins before conception improve the quality of sperm. But before we talk about what in the modern market of dietary supplements there are useful and high-quality vitamins for men before conception, it is necessary to remind how a man should behave before conception. Compliance with such rules should be mandatory in order to get a cheerful, active and healthy baby who will grow and develop normally.

A man in the period of planning to conceive

Let’s list the necessary rules that every loving husband and conscientious father-to-be must follow. It is necessary to correct your way of life. After all, it should be remembered that life partner also intensely prepares to become a mother. So, in the period of planning a pregnancy, a man takes part as follows:

  1. A complete withdrawal from bad habits, from alcohol, smoking, not to mention more severe addictions, is necessary. Both nicotine and ethanol significantly impair the quality of spermatogenesis;
  2. A man should undergo a medical examination, and preferably not only fluorography and Rh factor tests. It is necessary to test for HIV, syphilis, parenteral viral hepatitis B and C, get tested for blood group, sexually transmitted diseases;
  3. It is advisable to take a spermogram, and if it will be any deviations, it should be tested for hormones, as well as an ultrasound of the abdomen and reproductive organs;
  4. it is advisable before conception to visit a geneticist together with the future mother and have a blood test, for example, for karyotype analysis, or, on the advice of a geneticist, carry out other studies. This is especially important if the father-to-be or mother-to-be had any suspicious diseases in the family, which perhaps in their opinion, or according to family lore, have been passed down from generation to generation;
  5. It is necessary to eat right. Men need to refrain from refined foods, fast food, all kinds of canned foods, smoked meats, and from all irritating dishes. The basis of the diet should be only fresh products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, easily digestible saltwater fish, eggs, it is desirable to drink more fresh water. In the diet must be present fiber for normalization of intestinal function;
  6. The future father should increase his physical activity, especially if he is an employee of intellectual labor. Moderate exercise on machines, recreational running, swimming, Nordic walking, skiing. It is advisable to approach the time of conception with a normal body weight;
  7. exclude excessive exposure to computers, smartphones, being in a wi-fi zone, or at least, as mentioned above, refuse to carry phones in trouser pockets and jeans, work with a laptop on your lap;
  8. Refuse to go to the baths and saunas, constant trips to the steam room weaken the quality of sperm, they become sluggish and inactive.

It is desirable to put your emotions in order, to avoid stress, to cope with anxiety and restlessness, to get rid of neurosis, to establish a psychological climate in the family and to make the main joint goal – the birth of a child.

Vitamins for men to help conception

Naturally, if a man has health problems, (or even if he is considered completely healthy), then taking vitamins that improve conception increases the chances of having a healthy baby, for quick and successful fertilization. This is all the more important if, according to the spermogram, there are some small deviations in it, but no diseases requiring urgent treatment, the man has not been identified.

It is in this case, mineral complexes and vitamins will increase sperm motility energy, and contribute to the overall improvement of men’s health. It is necessary to take into account that spermatozoa according to the minimum terms mature within two months, and therefore it is advisable to start taking vitamins two months before the planned conception. Naturally, to carry out the rules of a healthy lifestyle is desirable to begin much earlier. And before we proceed to the description of the supplements that stimulate male conception, let us describe the necessary microelements and vitamins, which must be paid special attention to.

Of course, all micronutrients and all vitamins are necessary and important, but still, for good and active spermatogenesis the future father should pay attention to the following substances:

  1. Carnitine, or vitamin B11, up to 3 g per day. Promotes an increase in sperm motility;
  2. Folic acid, or vitamin B9, 0.4 mg daily. Increases the number of normal forms of sperm, reduces the number of defective sperm;
  3. Tocopherol, or vitamin E, 18 mg per day, increases the speed of sperm movement, normalizes the hormonal background;
  4. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, 90 mg per day. Strengthens the male immune system, increases the absorption of iron, is involved in the synthesis of the male sex hormone testosterone, in general affects the quality of sperm;
  5. special micronutrients: selenium and zinc. Selenium is necessary in an amount of 0.08 milligrams per day, it improves the quality of sperm, helps the functioning of the thyroid gland. The zinc dose of 15 mg per day stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is the main hormone regulating sperm production;

The father-to-be also needs iodine. It is food for the thyroid gland, for the formation of thyroid hormones. The connection between thyroid hormones and reproductive hormones is known, so it is advisable not to forget about iodine.

The best dietary supplements and complexes that help male conception1Zinc Picolinate1 040 €
2Spermstrong1 010 €
3Speroton1 640 €
4Tribestan1 820 €
5Orthomol Fertil Plus7 900 €
6Alphabet for Men200 €
7Duovit for men760 €
8Spermaplant875 €
9Selzink Plus560 €
10Profertil5 555 €
11Doppelgerz VIP Spermaktiv950 €
12AndroDose2 100 €
13Folic acid (vitamin B9)45 €

The best supplements and complexes that help male conception

Before we tell you about the numerous vitamins that help men to conceive, we should warn you right away: these are not drugs. All these products are dietary supplements.

The fundamental difference between a supplement and a medicine is that the action of all drugs is confirmed by independent tests, or three phases of clinical trials. The action of the medication is guaranteed by the regulatory body. The action of the supplements is not confirmed and not guaranteed. For dietary supplements only a guarantee of safety is enough. Of course, this does not mean that the dietary supplement does not work, just that the effect has not been tested and quantitatively processed.

Naturally, it is much easier and cheaper to register a dietary supplement than a medicine. A self-respecting producer of food supplements can organize some trials of his products, but the result of these trials will probably be biased, in the best case it is difficult to call it independent and guaranteed… This is why all supplements are, in a sense, closer to food than to medicine, so they can be bought even in grocery stores.

It should be remembered that the prescription of drugs is either to eliminate the symptoms of diseases, or the mechanisms of disease development, or the causes of. Assignment of biologically active supplements: strengthening of immunity, recovery of organs functions, improvement of metabolic processes, normalization of metabolism, etc.

Food supplements do not have to eliminate the symptoms of a disease, or cure a disease itself. The legislation clearly distinguishes between medicines and dietary supplements and, moreover, it is forbidden to state their possible therapeutic effects in advertisements of dietary supplements. All the men who take these products and think that they will have a guaranteed effect must understand this. It is very likely that some positive effects will occur, but in the worst case the supplements will be useless. But it’s worth a try.

All the products in our review are non-prescription dietary supplements and vitamins, and vitamin-mineral complexes. The fact that medications that would normalize the production of sperm, or improve sperm motility with guaranteed results, just does not exist. So we have to make do with dietary supplements.

In this review, dedicated to vitamins, minerals and complexes to improve conception, there are several domestic and foreign supplements. We usually indicate in the drug reviews that the drugs on the list are recommended by international and national protocols, and are present in national and international clinical guidelines for the treatment of certain diseases.

As for dietary supplements, that’s a separate story, and no one can give any guarantees of action here. The list of vitamins for conception is not an advertisement for manufacturers or individual supplements. In addition to the name, the indicated cost is valid for December 2020 for pharmacies of all forms of ownership in the Russian Federation.

Zinc Picolinate

Rating: 4.9

Solgar Zinc Picolinate

It is not necessary to buy zinc Picolinate, you can also buy zinc chelate. The most important thing is that from this supplement zinc is easily released and absorbed by the body. In women, zinc is responsible for ovulation, in men – for the production of quality sperm, and the synthesis of the main male hormone – testosterone. Zinc deficiency in the male body can lead to weakened potency, low sperm capacity, and in severe cases – even infertility. In addition, zinc is necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate gland. If there is a zinc deficiency, then the total number of sperm in the volume of ejaculate is reduced, as well as the level of testosterone in the blood plasma.

If there are disorders in the spermogram, it is advisable for the man to consume a daily dose of zinc from 2.5 to 6 mg. If there is no desire to take supplements, you can get by with pine nuts, calf’s liver and beef. A man who is preparing to conceive should definitely have these foods in his diet.

One of the highest quality, but expensive drugs containing zinc Picolinate, Solgar, produced by the American company Unifarm, a package of 100 tablets will cost from 1030 to 1700 rubles. The recommended dosage is one tablet a day with food. This provides 147% of the daily requirement of zinc, but not above the upper allowable level.


Rating: 4.9


The following dietary supplement, Spermstrong, produced by a domestic company ViS Ltd. in the form of capsules. Each of them contains 500 mg of a certain composition. This is arginine, carnitine, vitamin C, astragalus extract, vitamins E, B5, B6, zinc sulfate, manganese gluconate and selenium.

Carnitine added to stimulate energy metabolism and protect sperm from free-radical oxidation, or oxidative stress. Arginine improves the blood supply to the testicles and full nutrition of the sperm during their synthesis. Selenium improves antitoxic function, and all together should improve the quality of sperm, increase their concentration, motility, and the ability to fertilize, normalize blood circulation in the genitals, increase sexual function. Take these vitamins for conception in adult men to 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals, for 20 days. After a 10-day break, you need to repeat the course of taking this zinc supplement. The average cost of a pack of 30 capsules for 15 days of treatment is 850 rubles.


Rating: 4.8


Speroton comes in powder form, 5 grams in a sachet, in a package of 30 pieces. It is produced by Vneshtorg Pharma, the owner of the registration certificate is Aquilon. The drug contains I-carnitine, vitamin E and folic acid, selenium and zinc, that is the necessary minimum of vitamins and minerals that support the function of the reproductive system.

Carnitine increases the number and motility of germ cells, stimulates their maturation, vitamin E and vitamin B9 influence the volume of ejaculate and the quality of sperm. Folic acid especially reduces the number of defective sperm, and reduces the risk of hereditary anomalies in the child. Selenium acts as an antioxidant. Zinc helps to normalize the concentration of testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormone.

The manufacturers say that after 3 months of continuous use of the drug increases the likelihood of conception by 15% and sperm motility increases by more than 85%. The manufacturers themselves, by their own efforts have conducted several studies, and now this drug can be considered one of the best on the market. The supplement should be taken in one sachet once a day, for one month. The course can be repeated without interruptions if necessary. The cost of a monthly course of Speroton from 1160 to 1620 rubles.


Rating: 4.8


Tribestan is a Bulgarian preparation of the famous Sopharma company that is a rare phyto medication for men’s health and procreation on the vitamin and fertility market. The tablets contain a dry extract of the herb taproot herb containing furostanol saponins. This herbal remedy has long been used in South-East European folk medicine to enhance male potency and treat impotence.

This drug is desirable not only for spermogram abnormalities, but primarily for decreased libido, and mild erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual activity. The result is an increase in desire and sensations during intimacy by increasing the concentration of testosterone with a slight lack of it.

Increased concentration of testosterone causes a secondary induction of sperm production, and increases their fertility. As it should be the case with dietary supplements, pharmacological studies in humans have not been conducted, and the mechanism of action is still unknown. Tribestan should be used for erectile dysfunction 1-2 tablets 3 times a day, the treatment course of at least 3 months. The cost of Tribestan is from 1500 to 2200 rubles. For 60 tablets. Thus, it is possible to pay about 2000 roubles for a ten-day course, which is quite a lot.

Orthomol Fertil Plus

Rating: 4.8


This is a rather expensive complex vitamins for men, produced by the German company of the same name, Ortomol Pharmaceuticals. One pack for a one-month course will cost about 5,500 rubles. Means comes in the form of tablets and capsules, the composition includes: lutein, olive oil and fish oil, vitamin B6, lycopene, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12, chlorophyll complexes, tomato extract, beta-carotene, zinc sulfate, folic acid, coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone, as well as copper sulfate and vitamin E.

Carton of Orthomol Fertil plus – capsules + tablets (30 days): contains 30 capsules and 90 tablets. This remedy should be taken daily in the amount of 3 tablets and one capsule. In some cases, it is prescribed even by specialists-reproductologists, not only for low sperm activity according to the spermogram, but also for the treatment of the real forms of infertility, but necessarily as part of comprehensive therapy.

Alphabet for men

Rating: 4.7

Alphabet For Men

Alphabet for men is a domestic vitamin and mineral complex for improving male health and optimizing conception, manufactured by VneshtorgPharma. One pack of 60 capsules will cost between 400 and 650 rubles at the end of 2020. The capsules are different:

  1. The morning tablet contains vitamin B1, folic acid, eleutherococcus extract;
  2. A daily tablet contains lutein, vitamin E, manganese, zinc and selenium, lycopene;
  3. Evening tablet contains l-carnitine, vitamin D3 and calcium, vitamin K.

This complex is designed to increase energy and support normal functioning of the male genital system through the appropriate trace elements, vitamins and herbal extracts. Take the drug, one tablet of different colors three times a day, with an interval of 4 to 6 hours, for complete assimilation of the components in each tablet without interacting with each other.

We can see that the manufacturer has positioned its “specialty” three colorful pills, But, of course, it is not very convenient to follow these recommendations with a busy work schedule. It would be much easier to make a single form of the drug.

Duovit for men

Rating: 4.7

Duovit for men

Duovit for men is produced by a famous company KRKA from Slovenia. This is an extensive vitamin and mineral complex, which includes a very large number of different components. That’s twelve vitamins, beta-carotene. These are calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, silicon, chromium, selenium. The developers managed to add there even nickel, tin, vanadium and molybdenum, which makes very few manufacturers of vitamins for men’s health. The medicine covers the body’s broadest needs for vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and is designed, among other things, for persons preparing to conceive. Apply in accordance with the form of release used, the cost of one pack of Duovit for men, designed for a month of reception – from 600 to 1000 rubles.


Rating: 4.7


Spermaplant – a domestic development of the company Evalar, from Altai. The drug is packaged in sachets, in the amount of 20 pieces of 3.5 grams. Each such package will cost from 720 to 1000 rubles. As in other cases, the indications for taking it will be a deterioration in sperm quality according to the spermogram or infertility. Still, it is worth remembering that this is not a cure, but a dietary supplement. Each day takes one sachet, the course of reception is 90 days. Spermaplant contains l-carnitine, arginine, taurine, as well as fructose, which provides energy for sperm, citric acid, which is part of the Krebs cycle, as well as nettle extract, which enhances sperm production and libido. Nettle also has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Before using the contents of the sachet should be dissolved in half a cup of water.

Selzink Plus

Rating: 4.6

Selzink Plus

Seltsink Plus is another drug from Eastern Europe, a development of the Czech pharmaceutical company Promed. This is an antioxidant drug for men’s health, and contains the same vitamins for conception. They are selenium, zinc, ascorbic acid, and two fat-soluble vitamins: E and A.

In addition to preparation for conception, indications for taking the drug would be a cold, viral and bacterial infections, malnutrition, diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, all other vitamins for conception strengthen the male body, so they also include these indications. Adults should take one tablet once a day with meals, the course duration is one month. The cost of a pack for a one-month course is from 450 to 700 rubles.


Rating: 4.5


For men it is also a very expensive dietary supplement, a kind of vitamin for conception. Its composition, in addition to already known and found earlier L-carnitine, arginine, coenzyme q10, vitamin E, zinc, folic acid and selenium also includes glutathione. As we know, both selenium and glutathione serve to bind free radicals, and their introduction in the prescription improves sperm motility. The drug can be used both in healthy men and in disorders of spermatogenesis and spermogram. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of this vitamin for conception during a meal or right after a meal with some water. It is desirable to use the preparation for at least two or even three months to cover a spermatogenesis cycle.

The cost of one pack of this drug is 60 units for a month course of treatment will not be less than 5000 rubles., But at the end of 2020 in big cities of the Russian Federation it can go up to 6700 rubles. Profertil is produced by the Austrian company Vis Vitalis. However, it is not worth overpaying just because of the presence of glutathione alone. After all, zinc, folic acid, arginine, and other components can be found in more affordable vitamins for men’s health and for conception. It is natural to take the manufacturer’s recommendation for three months to overlap the maturation of one sperm cycle. And as we know, this cycle is 2 months. But there will also be a high cost of a course of treatment. Naturally, for the life of the future child nothing is sacrificed, but the vast majority of the population is not ready for such expenses.

Doppelgerz VIP Spermaktiv

Rating: 4.5

Doppelgerz vip spermaktiv

Not ignored the sphere of male reproductive health known manufacturer – the German company Kweisser Pharma, which produces its products under the brand name Doppelherz. Thus, there is a complex for men with a complex name Doppelgerz VIP Spermaktiv. The composition of this complex, in addition to carotene, folic acid, selenium and zinc, which constitute a certain minimum, the manufacturers added calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, vitamin E, ascorbins, silicon, riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, and vitamin D3 and B12. The result is a pretty good combination, aimed at stimulating sexual function and enhancing libido in men.

The supplement not only increases the severity of sensations and normalization of erections, but also improves the quality and quantity of sperm, sperm motility. This medicine should be taken in 1 capsule once a day with meals, duration of use is 2-3 weeks. As you can see, the manufacturers are not going to cover a long course of 2-3 months of one cycle of “production” of sperm, although it would be logical. The price for a pack of 30 capsules for a month’s reception will range from 800 to 1200 rubles.


Rating: 4.5


Introducing another domestic drug to improve the spermogram – AndroDoz. The drug contains arginine, which is present in large quantities in the sperm proteins and contributes to the production of testosterone, carnitine, contained in the prostate secretion, and contributes to the maturation of sperm and their comfortable stay in the seminal vesicles, anti-oxidant coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone. The supplement also contains selenium, zinc, vitamins. Additionally the originality of the composition gives the introduction of licorice. Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, other flavonoids, and is widely used in urological practice for prostatic pathology, also produces a tonic effect. Androdose contains carnosine as a cellular antioxidant-membrane stabilizer.

AndroDoz should be taken more often than other vitamins for conception: 4 capsules a day with meals, for a month. It is possible to take it again after a two-week break. Buy AndroDoz production by Farmvilar in quantities of 60 capsules at prices ranging from 1900 to 3100 rubles. Accordingly, the cost of a monthly course will be twice as expensive.

Folic acid (vitamin B9)

Rating: 4.5


We should not forget about one single folic acid. Of course, you can also take ascorbic and fat-soluble vitamins one by one, but it is folic acid that plays a key role in reproductive function of all the vitamins. Because it is folic acid is involved in the synthesis of hereditary material, it is necessarily prescribed to women in high dosages during pregnancy planning, and in its first trimester.

As mentioned above, folic acid significantly increases the quality of sperm, and reduces the number of defective, with malformed head, neck, with a split tail, and so on. After all, a defective sperm can also carry a defective genetic code. As a result, the child may have heart defects, Down syndrome, congenital forms of epilepsy, and so on.

Men also need to take folic acid, about a dosage of 0.4 mg, the maximum dosage is 1 mg per day. But before this, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Taking into account the spermatogenesis cycle, folic acid should be taken two months before the planned conception. If a man smokes, it leads to the destruction of folic acid, so you should stop smoking for these other reasons.

You can find folic acid in legumes, citrus greens, Brussels sprouts, and pumpkin. It is one of the cheapest drugs for men’s health. 50 pills of 1 mg will cost in pharmacies from only 26 rubles., Of course, domestically produced. But if you want to buy a real expensive imported folic acid, which, in theory, should not differ from the usual, it will cost you 600 rubles., True, for 100 tablets (folic acid Solgar).

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