8 best remedies for scars and scars

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before buying.

Scars and scars are mostly cosmetic defects, but in some cases they lead not only to dysmorphophobia and dissatisfaction with their appearance, but also to a real decrease in quality of life. For example, scar contractures on the small joints of the hand after trauma or burns lead to limited range of motion in the fingers, and this can even lead to a transfer to another job and loss of profession (for example, in pianists, watchmakers).

Modern medicine, including plastic surgery, has a rich arsenal of different methods of elimination of already formed scars and scars, but the most effective and timely way is to prevent their formation, or to fight with them during their formation. It is at this time the rumen of fresh connective tissue is most susceptible to the effects of various means for local application, which include various ointments, gels and creams.

It is very important that everyone can use these products at home, and not spend a lot of money to visit a cosmetologist. First of all, this rating of drugs will be useful for those who have fresh and shallow scars and scars. In case the scar tissue has existed for a long time, an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary, because such scars become the most difficult problem.

This review will also show those quite healthy people, who often, for mysterious reasons, form a variety of small keloid scars in place of the usual, trivial scratches, wounds and cuts.

Why do you need to consult a dermatologist??

Before we go on to list the ranking positions, you need to remember that rarely will a scar disappear completely without any trace. Treatment success is considered achieved when the scar or scar is less noticeable on the skin, it has lost its sheen, the amount of movement in the affected joint has increased, or the feeling of tightness has disappeared. If the scar or scar is fresh, a big plus will be the elimination of surrounding inflammation, and stopping its growth.

It should be understood that the best effects of topical means are those scars and scars that do not protrude above the surface of the skin. If they stick out considerably upwards, or if they look sunken and flabby, you need professional help from a beautician.

In addition to the usual keloid scars, which arise in the place of various skin injuries, burns or operations, these means are used for fresh stretch marks, as well as various small focal scars that arise in the place of pustular skin lesions: carbuncles or furuncles. Nevertheless, it is advisable to start treatment with a consultation with a dermatocosmetologist. This is necessary because some of the products listed in the rating are more suitable for prevention, and are more helpful in preserving the wound without secondary microbial infection and contribute to its normal healing. Other products are indicated if a scar has just begun to form, but with the untrained eye it is easy to miss this point.

In the rating of these products for the treatment of scars and scars included those means, which can be bought in domestic pharmacies at a reasonable price. Internet reviews often mention remedies that are expensive, and can be purchased only in a few pharmacies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, or in specialized clinics or beauty salons.

Top gels for scars and scars

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best creams for scars and scars1Clearwin105€
3Kelofibraza1 500€
The best ointments for scars and scars1Dexpanthenol139€
2Solcoseryl ointment318€
Top gels for scars and scars1Contraktubex569€

The best creams for scars and scars

Creams have a light consistency and most frequently take the form of an emulsion, which does not penetrate as deeply into the skin as an ointment, but much deeper than a gel-based product. Creams can be applied several times a day, after a few minutes of massage they do not stain clothes and do not leave a greasy residue on them, unlike the ointment, which is therefore preferably applied at night or under bandages.


Rating: 4.9


This cream is indicated for the treatment of scars and scars in children and adults, and is a dietary supplement. It is developed by specialists of Indian, or Ayurvedic medicine, and contains various phytoextracts and antioxidants. Therefore, this product is more likely to be used for the prevention of fresh scars and scars in those people who have a tendency to their appearance in placetsarapin and minor skin injuries.

When applied, the cream penetrates well deep into the epidermis, improves the oxygenation of skin tissue, and slows the formation of melanin, so after an injury spot or scar will not be subject to increased pigmentation. The cream is also successfully used in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women. It can be used on the face, for pigmented spots, for puffiness under the eyes and as part of an acne treatment. The product is applied twice a day on cleansed skin. Clearvin is produced by the domestic company Realkosmetiks, and costs surprisingly inexpensive. One tube of 25 g can be purchased for 60 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the cream is clearly the low cost and widespread distribution in most pharmacies of different forms of ownership. The tool is used in children, and perhaps the only inconvenience will be the necessary pre-treatment of the skin, with the usual soap, scrub or makeup remover. Also Clearwin can be successfully used in pregnant women, on the face, but sometimes it can develop an allergic reaction due to individual intolerance to the components. Therefore, if the patient has an allergy to aloe, turmeric, and other ingredients listed in the instructions, you need to be careful, and check the skin reaction by applying the cream to the area of the elbow bend.


Rating: 4.8


Epitonex is also a domestic parapharmaceutical means, and is a phytocream specifically positioned against scars and scars. It contains herbal ingredients: rosehip extract, sophora and aloe, skin irritant onion extract, which improves blood circulation in the epidermis, as well as allantoin, which has a soothing and moisturizing, nourishing effect and beeswax to improve the skin’s regenerative capacity.

Assign this tool not only at flat, but also with protruding and atrophic scars, fresh scars and stretch marks, including, after furuncles and acne. The cream is well tolerated, and the instruction manual recommends rubbing a small amount of cream into the skin until it has been completely absorbed. The frequency of application during the day is regulated only by necessity, and can be repeated more than 3-5 times. Produces Epitoneks Russian cosmetics company Fitoros, and buy the tube volume of 30 milliliters you can buy for an average price of 380 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with other topical products containing botanical and natural ingredients, this cream is gentle on the epidermis and is recommended more in combination therapy if you have aged scars and stretch marks, or if scars stick out well above the skin surface. But this cream is very good, as the previous remedy, for the prevention of minor scars, as well as for the treatment of the most recent ones. Individual intolerance to the natural components of the cream rarely develops, and it can be worthy of its place in the home medicine cabinet, especially during the summer, when the most frequent occurrence of various micro-traumas, especially when working in the garden.


Rating: 4.7


Kelofibrase is already considered “heavy artillery” and is produced by the well-known German pharmaceutical company Sandoz. This cream contains highly purified urea. Everybody knows that it softens dry skin very well, and there is even a well-known Uriage line of the highest quality cosmetic products, based on this action of carbamide.

In addition to urea, Kelofibrase contains sodium heparinate. We have already encountered this substance when describing topical remedies for the treatment of varicose veins, for the prevention of edema and reduction of vascular reticulation. Heparin not only improves blood circulation, but also promotes blood flow and eliminates bruising. It is able to prevent thrombosis, improves tissue regeneration, reduces the shrinking effect of formation of scars.

The third active ingredient of this cream is camphor. It cools tissues with a menthol-like effect, relieves pain, and reduces symptoms of local inflammation. Camphor activates the capillary blood flow, and everyone knows that the scar is formed the more intensively and the rougher the less blood flows to it, because fibroblasts and connective tissue in general most intensively develop in conditions of tissue hypoxia.

Kelofibraza is applied to the skin with fresh stretch marks, any scars and scars, will be highly effective in the prevention of scarring, and is indispensable for dry skin. It is dryness that can contribute to the formation of micro-tears and continued scar growth. Apply Kelofibraza should be 2 to 4 times a day, on the desired area, followed by a gentle massage until the cream is completely absorbed. In the case of old or hard scars, a comprehensive treatment with hardware techniques, pronounced massage and application of compresses with cream is necessary. The cost of a 50 g package of Kelofibraza is high and costs an average of 1700 rubles., A pack of 25 g does not cost half as much as you might think, but costs an average of 1400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Kelofibrase include its unique balanced composition, which helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling, prevent thrombosis, simultaneously activate blood circulation in the thickness of the skin and significantly soften it. The disadvantage of this product is a very high price, with a small volume of tube, and the availability of components. But some craftsmen bypass this as well, simply applying a homemade “cream” of pharmacy camphor, urea of the required concentration, igeparin cream or ointment, according to self-made prescriptions. According to reviews, this highly independent treatment can be just as effective as using Kelofibraza.

The best ointments for scars and scars

Scars and scar ointments should be applied in the morning and evening; if possible, they can be applied once at night if the ointment is an ointment with an oily base. The best way to apply the ointment will be a night ointment dressing, which will allow any remedy to be deeply absorbed and have an effect within a few hours. It is among the ointments are the most popular and cheapest representatives, which are shown not only to treat scars and scars, but also to accelerate regeneration and healing of wounds in the stage of scarring and the appearance of granulation.


Rating: 4.9


This drug is known for its dermatotropic and provitamin effect. Dexpanthenol helps improve tissue nutrition, enhances the regenerative ability of the skin, and improves cellular nutrition. Which means that Dexpanthenol is able to prevent hypoxia deep within the skin, it normalizes oxygen consumption by skin cells, which reduces the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts. As a result, the growth of newly formed scars and scars is reduced.

Dexpanthenol is widely used in various sprays, creams to treat burns, wounds. In this case, the ointment will be light yellow, with a slight odor, and is a source of pantothenic acid. In addition to treating and preventing fresh scars, Dexpanthenol is applied to burns and scrapes, postoperative stitches, and trophic ulcers. It is used for diaper dermatitis and chick flakes in children, for treating cracked nipples in nursing mothers. Dexpanthenol in the form of an ointment can be applied simply to dry skin, in order to moisturize it.

The dosage regimen of this drug – 3 times a day on average, it is possible – at night, the ointment should be lightly rubbed into the skin surface. It is preferable not to apply Dexpanthenol to soaking wounds. Produces this remedy domestic company Vertex, 100 g of ointment can be purchased for 500 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dexpanthenol can be considered not only an ointment solely for scars and scars, but a universal cosmetic and therapeutic agent. It can be used in children and pregnant women, and has long been proven in practice to be highly safe in a variety of medical fields. Side effects and allergic reactions to it are rare, but just keep in mind that this ointment should be applied to infected, and moreover, festering wounds and trophic ulcers should only be thoroughly cleaned with preparations containing antiseptics or antibiotics. After all, Dexpanthenol – a means to improve the trophicity of the skin, but to fight microorganisms, especially in the active phase, he is not able to alone.

Solcoseryl ointment

Rating: 4.8

Solcoseryl ointment

Solcoseril ointment refers to a group of drugs, or means, also capable of restoring the trophic of the skin and accelerating healing, or epithelialization. Healing implies skin recovery, not scarring at all. With normal healing, there should be no scarring, and Solcoseryl, as well as other reparatives, such as methyluracil ointment, helps physiological healing. Solcoseryl is made by the Swiss company ICN, and consists of the same substance as the well-known Actovegin in ampoules for intravenous injection. It is purified, and protein-free, dairy calf blood serum, dried, standardized, and dispensed into an ointment base.

Such a protein set is necessary for the skin to stimulate healing, and solcoseril ointment has a protective, regenerating and wound-healing effect. It is applied, except for fresh scars and scars, with minor skin lesions, with light degrees of burns of 1 and 2 degrees, including burns by solar radiation, with frostbite. The drug is applied two or three times a day, possibly overnight application for a few hours under an occlusive dressing. Before application to possible infected wounds, a surgical treatment is necessary, or you must wait for granulation to appear. One pack of 20 gram ointment in a tube will cost from 260 to 310 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Solcoseryl is considered a biological drug that is completely safe, applied topically, has low allergenicity, it has no symptoms of overdose and almost no individual intolerance. The disadvantage of Solcoseryl is the lack of an antibacterial component in it. Therefore, the ointment can be a tidbit for pathogenic microbes, especially if the newly formed scar tissue shows signs of inflammation. In this case the treatment with Solcoseril should be stopped and antibacterial and antiseptic treatment of the scars and scars should be started.

The best gels from scars and scars

Gels, unlike the ointment and cream base, dry out quickly and are not so deeply absorbed into the skin surface, so their purpose is to “work” with young scars and scars, or the prevention of their appearance. In cases of hard, prominent keloid scars, old scars and stretch marks, or vice versa, atrophic and retracted scars such as in systemic scleroderma, the gels will not be very effective. In this case it will be necessary to apply them in a complex, and most likely to combine them with hardware techniques and various types of cosmetic massage. But gels have their advantages. They absorb the fastest, don’t stain clothing at all, and can even be rubbed into capron stockings.


Rating: 4.9


Contraktubex is considered a highly effective gel, which is often found in pharmacies and contains the ingredients we are already familiar with: they were found in other representatives of the rating. They are heparin, onion extract, and allantoin. The combined action of these components Contraktubex promotes normal skin healing. It is indicated for application of Contraktubex, except for skin fibrosis and various scars and scars, in case of joint immobility, in case of rheumatic lesions of tendons and synovial membranes, as well as when applied to postoperative sutures for prevention of their scarring.

It is a light brown translucent gel, which has an anti-inflammatory effect due to its onion extract, heparin prevents thrombosis and allantoin moisturizes and breaks down the keratinous layer, i.e. it is a keratolytic. Important in the action of Contraktubex is the proven slowing of the proliferation of fibroblasts, of which the scar is composed.

This gel is applied to the desired surface and is easily rubbed in. It is applied briefly up to three times a day, and a one-month course is usually sufficient for the treatment of fresh scars. Mertz manufactures Kontraktubeks German company and a tube of 20 g costs from 500 to 650 rubles. A similar tube dosage of 50 g will cost an average of 950 rubles. Contraktubex is also available as a handy plaster with an area of 12 by 3 cm, i.e. 36 square centimeters, and a pack of 21 such plasters to be applied to the skin at night under a bandage is on average 1140 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This drug, despite the relatively simple composition, distinguishes affordable, although not the lowest price, as well as the ability to apply the product to previously steamed after a hot shower or bath, which contributes to an even greater reduction of scars and scars. Contraktubex is in the form of a patch, which is convenient for nighttime dressings, and hypersensitivity to the drug rarely develops. It was found that the drug is able to penetrate deep into the dermis within 4 hours, which is quite unusual for gels, because gels are usually surface agents. It has the role of heparin. In general, Contraktubex has a good rating for the treatment of uncomplicated scars and scars, and can be recommended for use both for the treatment and prevention of these unpleasant formations.


Rating: 4.8


Fermenkol stands a little apart, since it does not contain any herbal ingredients, but is a set of animal enzymes that break down collagen. And of collagen, as we know, and consists of scar tissue, as collagen is produced by active fibroblasts. The active enzymes are produced from sea creatures, and they are most active precisely for abnormal, pathological or cicatricial collagen, which makes up the hypertrophic scars and keloids. This particular pathological scar collagen is characterized by a swirling and nodular arrangement of individual fibers. Healthy collagen, on the other hand, which is characterized by a linear spreading pattern, is not destroyed by this drug. Fermenkol has a selective effect on pathological scars and scars.

Fermenkol is indicated for the treatment of many different kinds of scars and scars, but it is certainly preferable to begin treatment as soon as possible. In the case where there was an open wound, then no sooner than 3 weeks after the appearance of granulation can be applied this gel. Fermenkol is applied in the form of a gel, and is usually applied up to 3 times a day, and the course of application is up to a month and a half, with recommended repetition of courses. The drug can also be used as part of professional treatment, this method of electrophoresis and phonophoresis. Produces fermentocol by the domestic company Biopin, which also produces a very good remedy of the same name against burns and microbial contamination of wounds. The cost of a tube of 30g gel is an average of 1500 rubles, and a small package of 10g can be purchased at a minimum price of 740 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The obvious disadvantage of this product is that it is too expensive. However, the high activity stated in the instructions, specific selective action against abnormal scar tissue, and the possibility of using in a variety of ways allows this tool to be in the home medicine cabinet for the treatment of fresh scars and scars, and be in demand in the office of hardware cosmetology. The drug is well tolerated, individual intolerance develops very rarely. Even patients with an allergy to various marine organisms (shrimp, crabs), as a rule, this allergy is not observed, because the gel contains not suspended fragments of organisms, but only special enzymes – proteases, a certain set of molecular weights from 23 to 36 kilodaltons.

Dermatix – gel: high price with the usual composition

Rating: 4.6


This is an American parapharmaceutical, which is produced by Hanson Medical Inc, and it is the most expensive in the ranking. For example, a pack of 15 gram tubes costs at least 2,100 rubles., And the maximum is 3160 rubles in August 2018 prices for a major city of the Russian Federation. What causes such a high price?

This gel contains a mixture of polysiloxanes, or polymeric organosilicon compounds. This is confirmed by the fact that the gel has neither color nor odor, it is transparent, and resembles in its structure the well-known sorbent Enterosgel, and various silicone pastes, no matter how strange it may sound. According to the manufacturer, Dermatix prevents the formation of scar tissue and is used immediately after wound healing, as well as for immature and fresh scars. The product softens and smoothes maturing scars, reduces inflammatory symptoms such as itching, pain, notification of discomfort. Dermatix can be used for a long time, including up to 2 years after the wounds are closed. The gel is applied twice in the morning and evening.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of silicone gels include inertness and safety. But what is the effect, and how it is explained? The manufacturer does not explain or comment on the anti-inflammatory properties of organosilicon compounds. In a YouTube video called: “Dermatix,” the magical effect is explained by the fact that, like the most common gel, it creates a protective film on the skin. But there are a great many silicone gels for hand protection, silicone creams which are used for the same purpose, and none of them is even close to 3000 rubles for a small tube of 15 grams. Therefore, each of us can make our own choice, and try to apply this remedy in practice. But in any case, it is obvious that a two-year course of using this drug will be extremely expensive, even if this gel contains the know-how and cures like no other gel in the world. The choice is yours.

In conclusion, it should be said that before you start treating yourself, you should assess your strength and capabilities. So, if the scars are over an extensive area, it is likely that self-treatment will not bring much result. Only under the supervision of a specialist using a variety of means, including hardware techniques, you can achieve a pronounced positive effect.

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