15 best preparations with vitamin E

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consult with a health care professional before buying.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is fat-soluble and has strong antioxidant properties. It exists in nature in 8 different forms. Each is different in its biological activity and the functions they perform in the body. The beneficial properties of vitamin E include the following:

  1. Slows geriatric processes;
  2. Improves nutrition at the cellular level;
  3. Activates the body’s defenses;
  4. Improves tissue repair and regeneration;
  5. protects the skin against harmful radiation;
  6. It promotes the absorption of scars and scars;
  7. Protects against oncopathologies of the prostate, bladder;
  8. Gives strength and energy;
  9. Strengthens muscle fibers.

With a lack of vitamin E appear the following symptoms: apathy, lethargy, nervousness, impaired concentration, dystrophy of muscle fibers, disorientation, frequent headaches, gynecological problems in women, deterioration of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin E can be found in many different foods of vegetable and animal origin. But it is not always possible to make up for its deficiency with food alone. If this is the case, vitamin E preparations can help. In this review we will look at the best of them in pure form or in combination with other nutrients.

Rating of the best drugs with vitamin E

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best pure vitamin E preparations1Solgar Naturally Sourced Vitamin E 200 IU1 170 €
2Now Foods Gamma-E Complex2 007 €
3A.C. Grace Company Unique E982 €
421st Century E-4001 050 €
5Zentiva Vitamin E151 €
6Lumi Alpha-tocopherol acetate54 €
7Vitamin E61 €
The best vitamin E complex formula1Supradin586 €
2Merz specialty drops798 €
3Doppelgerz Aktiv A to Zinc288 €
4Pregnakea460 €
5Complivit Shine383 €
6Alphabet Classic282 €
7Evalar Aevitamin95 €
8AEVIT Myrrolla38 €

The best drugs with vitamin E in pure form

Many people prefer vitamin E in its pure form. It can be ordered on the Internet (American dietary supplements) or purchased in any pharmacy.

Solgar Naturally Sourced Vitamin E 200 IU

Rating: 4.9

The German pharmaceutical company Bayer produces a multivitamin preparation Supradin. It contains 12 vitamins and 8 minerals/microelements. Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate 50%) with 10 mg. This complete multivitamin complex helps prevent and treat common avitaminosis.

Supradin is an oval, oblong orange-red coated tablets. They are quite large, but it is quite realistic to swallow them without much trouble. Available in blister packs. It is recommended to take Supradin vitamins 1 time a day after a main meal (preferably after breakfast). If you take the drug on an empty stomach, you may experience stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea.

According to reviews, Supradin is excellent for overall health and appearance. Vitamin E has an important role to play in this respect. Consumers get a rush of strength and energy with this complex. They wake up in the morning with ease and stay awake the whole day. Women note that with Supradin, their hair and nails grow back quickly, and their skin becomes smooth and fresh-looking. Psycho-emotional well-being improves as well.


  • A multivitamin product that contains vitamin E;
  • 1 tablet per day;
  • Increases stamina;
  • Contribute to the active growth of hair, nails;
  • Makes the skin healthier.


  • Gastrointestinal discomfort when taken on an empty stomach.

Merz special tablet

Rating: 4.8

British pharmaceutical company Vitabiotics manufactures the drug Pregnakea. This product is intended primarily for those who are planning a pregnancy, already nursing or breastfeeding. The formula contains 11 vitamins (including D-alpha-topherol succinate 21 mg) and 5 minerals. This remedy effectively prevents and corrects vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Pregnakea comes in the form of hard brown gelatin capsules. Company logo and product name written in white letters. The capsules are placed on blisters. There are 30 vitamins in a pack. It is recommended to take 1 capsule a day after the main meal. Some women note that after taking the vitamin they have a slight aftertaste and sometimes stomachaches.

According to reviews, Pregnakea is excellent for supporting the female body during special periods of life. They not only improve overall health, but also affect the appearance of hair, nails, and skin, which often suffer during pregnancy or lactation. With this drug, women’s hair and nails grow back better, facial skin becomes much cleaner. Also thanks to Pregnakea, the body’s defenses are noticeably strengthened.


  • high content of vitamin E;
  • The capsules are easy to take;
  • boosts the immune system;
  • It gives strength and energy;
  • the hair and nails grow back better;
  • cleanses the skin of the face.


  • The aftertaste after taking the vitamin;
  • stomachaches.

Complivit Shine

Rating: 4.6

Vneshtorg Pharma produces Alphabet Classic dietary supplement. The complex contains 13 vitamins (including vitamin E – 10 mg) and 10 minerals. This product is appropriate to use to make up for the lack of useful substances, especially when dieting and unbalanced diet. This dietary supplement is contraindicated for persons with hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

Alphabet Classic is available in biconvex tablets. They have different colors (white, blue, pink) shells. Each of them contains a different set of useful components. Vitamin E is in the blue tablet. In one day you should take 3 vitamins of different colors. They must be taken at intervals of four to six hours. Usually carry out 2-3 courses, taking a break between them – 10-15 days.

According to reviews, Alphabet Classic helps to increase vitality and improve mood. These vitamins help stop hair loss and strengthen nail plates. They are also good for the condition of the skin on the face and body. Tolerability of this drug is usually good, since there is a competent combination of components, reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions.


  • A competent combination of ingredients;
  • tablets that are easy to swallow;
  • No allergic reactions;
  • increase vitality;
  • Improve their mood;
  • Stop hair loss.


  • You need to take the vitamin three times a day.

Evalar Aevitamin

Rating: 4.5

The popular Russian company Evalar produces the dietary supplement Aevitamin. It contains α-tocopherol acetate – 100 mg, and retinol acetate (or retinol palmitate) – 100,000 ME. Another ingredient is soybean refined oil. Doctors of various specializations prescribe such a complex of two important components for their patients. They are also indicated for anyone who has hypovitaminosis or an increased need for vitamins A and E.

Aevitamin is available in soft, ball-shaped gelatin capsules. They are transparent, filled with a yellowish oily liquid without a rancid odor. The capsules are placed in a jar of thick plastic. It is recommended to take the vitamins 1 piece 1 time a day during the main meal. Duration of use – 4 weeks. If taken on an empty stomach, the stomach may react badly.

Reviews about the dietary food supplement Aevitamin mostly good. Consumers note that these vitamins have helped them solve various dermatological problems. Women praise this drug for helping them normalize the menstrual cycle and relieve them from the excruciating symptoms of PMS. Many people complain that they have a burst of energy and moping after taking the vitamins.


  • not overloaded composition;
  • Easy to swallow capsules;
  • Taking it once a day;
  • Eliminate dermatological problems;
  • Normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • improve mood.


  • when taken on an empty stomach may provoke GI disturbances.

AEVIT Myrrolla

Rating: 4.

AEVIT Myrrolla

Domestic pharmaceutical company Mirolla produces a complex AEVIT. It contains a-tokopherol acetate (vitamin E), retinol palmitate (vitamin A). And as an auxiliary component – unrefined olive oil. The drug is intended for use from 14 years of age. Such vitamins have found widespread use in various fields of medicine.

AEVIT Myrrolla comes in the form of small round capsules – pills. They are transparent and their contents are oily, yellowish. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule of this dietary supplement, regardless of food intake, for a period of 20-40 days. A break should be taken between courses – 3-6 months. However, consumers say that it is still better not to take these vitamins on an empty stomach, because diarrhea, stomach pain, or nausea may occur.

According to reviews, AEVIT Myrrolla can significantly improve health without having to shell out a pretty penny. Consumers note that with this supplement they have a noticeably strengthened immunity. In the season of colds they are practically not infected or recover quickly. Some people have also noted improvements in vision. And most praise these vitamins also for their effect on the skin, nails and hair.


  • A good combination of vitamin A and E;
  • easy to swallow capsules;
  • taken once a day;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • improve vision;
  • Get rid of asthenic syndrome.


  • When taken on an empty stomach may cause stomach discomfort.
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