15 best phytoestrogens

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Phytoestrogens are substances extracted from plant materials that are similar in structure to estrogens produced by the female body. Is an excellent alternative to synthetic hormones for regulating hormonal levels in the beautiful sex after 40 years. Phytoestrogens are also called “youth hormones”.

They have the following effects on the female body:

  1. Reduce the number of wrinkles as well as delay their appearance in the future;
  2. Improve skin firmness and elasticity;
  3. Inhibit the growth of fatty tissue;
  4. Accelerate carbohydrate metabolism;
  5. Soothe the symptoms of estrogen deficiency (fever in the upper body, sweating, nervousness, poor sleep quality).

Phytoestrogens are available as oral supplements and creams. Their range is well-represented on Iherb. In this review, we’ve compiled the best internal and external phytoestrogens sold on this site.

Top phytoestrogens ranking

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best phytoestrogens for oral administration1Nature’s Plus Advanced therapy isoflavone Rx phytoestrogens1 457€
2Natural Balance Ladies Choice1 050€
  • Soy isoflavones
  • 1 371€
    4FutureBiotics EstroComfort1 095€
    5Nature’s Way Soy isoflavones standardized1 175€
    6Bluebonnet Nutrition non-GMO soy isoflavones1 251€
    7Solaray Female Hormone Blend SP-7C495€
    8NatraBio Tides and Menopause479€
    9Solgar Clopogon cysticum root extract1 361€
    10New Chapter Estrone2 604€
    11Now Foods Soy isoflavones1 269€
    12Nature’s Bounty Black Stalker670€
    The best phytoestrogen creams1Emerita phytoestrogen body cream1 155€
    2Source Naturals phytoestrogenic cream1 395 €
    3Bioidentical progesterone cream Organic Excellence Balance and Treatment1 724€

    Top Phytoestrogens for Oral Consumption

    Phytoestrogens are divided into 2 groups of chemical compounds: isoflavones and lignans. The best studied by far are the first. Their high content is found in soybeans, pomegranates, clover. They are often included in supplements on Iherb.

    Nature’s Plus Advanced Isoflavone Rx-Phytoestrogens Therapy

    Rating: 4.9

    Nature's Plus Advanced Isoflavone Rx Phytoestrogens Therapy

    The Nature’s Plus brand presented on IHERB produces the Advanced Therapeutics Isoflavone Rx-Phytoestrogen. This product contains soy isoflavone concentrate (genistin 25 mg, daidzin 19.25 mg, glycitin 5.75 mg), as well as a proprietary probiotic complex. No genetically modified soybeans are used in the production of this phytoestrogen.

    Soy isoflavones from Nature’s Plus are sold in the form of tablets coated with a pharmaceutical glaze. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Each bottle of dark plastic contains 30 pieces. The pills are relatively easy to swallow. They are recommended to be consumed in 1 piece per day. It is best not to take on an empty stomach but with a meal.

    The phytoestrogen supplement from Nature’s Plus has many positive consumer reviews on Iherb. Women note that with this remedy, they more easily endure the symptoms of menopause, and their gastrointestinal function improves. They also note that this dietary supplement significantly improves the condition of the skin, which with the onset of menopause are often very dry. Soy isoflavones are usually well tolerated, but can cause allergic reactions in some women.


    • Natural soy without GMOs;
    • The composition is enriched with probiotics;
    • It is not difficult to swallow the tablet;
    • One bottle lasts 30 days;
    • Soothes the appearance of menopause;
    • It relieves dry skin.


    • Allergies cannot be ruled out.

    Natural Balance Ladies Choice

    Rating: 4.8

    Natural Balance Ladies Choice

    The Natural Balance brand produces the Ladies Choice complex. This dietary supplement contains phytoestrogens (soy isoflavones, trans-resveratrol, brushwood, vitex sacred, red clover), as well as other beneficial components for the female body. This product is designed to relieve the menopause and is a natural alternative to taking hormones.

    Ladies Choice by Natural Balance is sold on IHERB as a standard-sized vegetarian capsule. Sixty in a bottle of thick plastic. It is recommended to take the dietary supplement in 1 capsule 2 times a day. Keep bottle of phytoestrogens in a cool, dry place. This product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

    According to reviews, Natural Balance Ladies Choice is a very effective remedy. It allows women to do without the need for synthetic hormones. Female users say that during the use of this supplement they have more energy, improve their emotional state, eliminate hot flashes, and normalize the quality of sleep. But since this complex is rich in herbal ingredients, unexpected reactions in individuals cannot be ruled out.


    • phytoestrogen complex;
    • Easy to swallow capsules;
    • Pack lasts four weeks;
    • Soothes the appearance of menopause.


    • Unexpected reactions may occur.

  • Soy isoflavones
  • Rating: 4.7

    <li></div><p>FE EXTENSION SOY ISOFLAVONS” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/55816666195261-915.jpg” height=”450″ title=”</p><li>FE EXTENSION SOY ISOFLAVONES”><p>Brand name</p><li>Fe Extension manufactures Soy isoflavones dietary supplement. This complex contains a set of soy extract with isoflavones (genistein, daidzein and glycitein) in the correct proportion – 60:50:10%, as well as fermented soy product (natto), which increases the effectiveness of the supplement. The remedy is purely genetically modified products.<li>Fe Extension Soy isoflavones are vegetarian capsules which are quickly swallowed. It is placed in a bottle made of high-quality plastic. Take this phytoestrogen 1 capsule 1-2 times a day during main meals. Not everyone can swallow them easily. Keep bottle in a cool, dry place with cap tightly closed. Pregnant and lactating women are contraindicated.<p>Icherb customers speak highly of the dietary supplement</p><li>fe Extension Soy isoflavones. They like that it is mild and allows them to stop taking synthetic hormone replacement therapy, at least for a while. Women have noted that with this complex, they forget about the pain in the head, and they also have increased visual acuity. Feeling of fever in the upper body and sweating is almost non-existent. Tolerability of the dietary supplement is very good.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The right proportions of isoflavones;</li><li>The effect is mild;</li><li>Helps relieve headaches;</li><li>Soothe the manifestations of menopause;</li><li>Do not cause side effects.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Some people find it difficult to swallow the capsule.</li></ul><h3>FutureBiotics EstroComfort</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=FutureBiotics EstroComfort

    The supplement EstroComfort from the FutureBiotics brand is sold on the IHERB website. This product contains B vitamins as well as soy isoflavones (reduce hot flashes and night sweats), cystenium clopogenum extract (provides visible relief from menopausal symptoms) and L-theanine (a non-protein amino acid that reduces emotional stress and promotes relaxation).

    FutureBiotics EstroComfort is a vegetarian capsule. There are 56 of these in a dark glass bottle. The treatment course is 28 days. It is recommended that you take two capsules once a day with meals, preferably in the morning. Take the complex with pure water and no gas. Caffeinated beverages are not suitable for this purpose.

    According to consumer reviews from Iherb, EstroComfort supplements are easy to swallow. The capsules are small and have no unpleasant smell or taste. This product provides a boost of energy and good mood. Great for reducing fever in the upper body and perspiration at night and during the day. This product eliminates hypertension and heart rhythm disorders. Usually this dietary supplement is tolerated without problems, but it may cause allergies in some people.

    Advantages of

    • phytoestrogens with vitamins;
    • the capsules are easy to swallow;
    • Gets rid of the frequent feeling of fever in the upper body;
    • Improves emotional well-being;
    • Gives strength and energy.


    • May provoke allergic reactions.

    Nature’s Way Soy isoflavones standardized

    Rating: 4.5

    Nature's Way Standardized Soy Isoflavones

    Nature’s Way makes a dietary supplement Standardized Soy Isoflavones. In addition to soy extract, this product contains red clover. Soy phytoestrogens not only replace a woman’s own estrogens, but also have antioxidant properties and act as anticoagulants. This dietary supplement is free of gluten, lactose, sugar and yeast.

    Nature’s Way standardized soy isoflavones are available in herbal capsules (60 capsules) on Iherb. They are placed in a bottle of quality plastic with a convenient snap lid. It is recommended to take these phytoestrogens 1 capsule a day. Best taken with a meal and 100-200 ml of water. Once opened, the bottle should be stored in a dark, cool place.

    In reviews, female consumers report that this dietary supplement from Nature’s Way markedly improves their condition during menopause. Younger women may also benefit from this product. It helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. This dietary supplement improves physical, emotional well-being as well as makes hair, nails and skin more beautiful. Side effects of this product are extremely rare.

    Advantages of

    • noteworthy composition;
    • convenient packaging;
    • The capsules are easy to swallow;
    • Normalize the menstrual cycle;
    • Help you cope with the symptoms of menopause.


    • undetectable.

    Bluebonnet Nutrition GMO Free Soy Isoflavones

    Rating: 4.4

    Bluebonnet Nutrition Non-GMO Soy Isoflavones

    Bluebonnet Nutrition brand makes a non-GMO soy isoflavones supplement. This product contains pure isoflavones from natural, non-transgenic soybeans. These phytoestrogens do not contain gluten, lactose, yeast or other undesirable components that can provoke allergic reactions. The supplement is vegetarian and kosher.

    On Iherb, these phytoestrogens from Bluebonnet Nutrition are sold as easy to swallow, plant-based capsules for maximum absorption and assimilation. The dark bottle contains 60 units. This nutritional supplement is recommended to take 1 capsule once a day. It is not right to take this complex on an empty stomach. The supplement should be drunk with 100-200 ml of water.

    Many women respond very well to phytoestrogens from Bluebonnet Nutrition. They like that this product is very effective at leveling out hormones. With them, you can forget about hot flashes and increased sweating. Female consumers note that with this supplement they become stress-resistant, calm, and less likely to snap at loved ones. The dietary supplement is well tolerated, but can occasionally provoke allergic reactions.

    Advantages of

    • Natural non-GMO soybeans;
    • The capsules are easy to swallow;
    • Excellent balancing of hormones;
    • Normalize the menstrual cycle;
    • Calm the psyche.


    • May cause allergic reactions.

    Solaray Female Hormone Blend SP-7C

    Rating: 4.3

    Solaray Female Hormone Blend SP-7C

    The Solaray brand makes a dietary supplement Female Hormone Blend SP-7C. This product contains 12 plant components, including the root of Clopogon cysticum, which is a popular phytoestrogen. Thanks to this complex it is possible to reduce the risk of developing hormone-dependent and cancerous diseases of the female genitalia.

    SP-7C Female Hormone Blend by Solaray on IHERB is sold as a vegetarian capsule. They are in a bottle of quality plastic in an amount of 100 pieces. It is recommended to take this phytoestrogen complex 1 capsule 3 times a day during meals. Take the supplement with plenty of water.

    According to reviews, the mixture of female hormones SP-7C has a sedative effect, normalizes sleep, improves psycho-emotional state. This supplement eliminates the neurovegetative disturbances typical of the menopausal period. Keep in mind that this complex can increase blood pressure, so it is contraindicated in hypertension.


    • Multi-component herbal composition;
    • Has a sedative effect;
    • The capsules are easy to use;
    • Treats neurovegetative disorders.


    • Contraindicated in hypertension.

    NatraBio Tides and Menopause

    Rating: 4.2


    NatraBio brand produces homeopathic remedy Tides and Menopause. Among its components is a phytoestrogen – tsimitsifuga. This drug quickly and effectively relieves the symptoms of menopause, as well as normalizes the menstrual cycle in the period before menopause. This homeopathic complex is not drowsy or addictive.

    Sold by NatraBio in the form of small pills that must be swallowed. It tastes nice and sweet. In the package there are 60 pieces. The manufacturer recommends sucking one tablet every 2 hours until symptoms are resolved. Then take 4 tablets a day. For best results, it is recommended that you brush your teeth before taking it, and rinse your mouth well.

    According to customer reviews from the site Iherb, this homeopathic remedy is very effective. This product eliminates painful sensitivity in the breasts, hot flashes, irritability. It also has an excellent effect on the psycho-emotional state. It eliminates melancholy and loss of energy. Tolerance of the supplement is good, but the first days of use may provoke a worsening of symptoms.


    • An excellent homeopathic formulation;
    • Pleasant to swallow tablets;
    • stabilizes the emotional state;
    • Eliminates painful sensitivity in the breasts;
    • Relieves the flush.


    • Worsening of symptoms may occur in the first few days.

    Solgar Extract of Clopogon cysticum root

    Rating: 4.1

    Solgar Clopogon cysticum root extract

    Solgar, a popular brand on Iherb, produces a dietary supplement Clopogon cysticum root extract. This product contains black clopogon extract, its root powder, as well as soy isoflavones concentrate. This supplement is a popular phytoestrogen for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. It is also useful in the treatment of migraines, kidney disease and neuralgia.

    Solgar Clopogon cysticum root extract is sold as a vegetarian capsule. The good quality dark glass vial contains 60 capsules. Women suffering from natural or surgical menopause are advised to take 1 capsule once a day. It is better to do this with a meal, with a glass of clean water.

    In reviews on Aicherb women note that tsimitsifuga from Solgar effectively reduces sweating and eliminates hot flashes during menopause. Also with the use of this dietary supplement noticeable improvement in overall well-being. Also eliminates nervousness or emotional lability. Normalizes the quality of sleep. The supplement is usually well tolerated, but if unusual symptoms occur, treatment should be discontinued.


    • tsimitsifuga and soy isoflavones;
    • high-quality packaging;
    • Relieves hot flashes and reduces sweating;
    • Improves emotional well-being;
    • Normalizes the quality of sleep.


    • Some people are confused by the size of the capsules.

    New Chapter Estroton

    Rating: 4.0


    New Chapter brand name produces the drug Estroton. In its composition it has six herbs, which effectively influence the hormonal balance of the female body. The phytoestrogen present here is cymicifuga. The product supports the female body in the period leading up to and following menopause. The formula has been verified to be GMO-free.

    On Iherb, New Chapter Estroton is sold as vegetarian capsules with liquid content, no flavors or dyes. But they are quite large, so for some people it can be difficult to swallow. The bottle contains 60 units. Take 1 capsule of Estroton per day with breakfast. The drug should be used with caution for women who have liver problems.

    According to reviews, Estroton is a very effective remedy for multiple flushes and increased sweating, especially at night. Many women suffering from symptoms of menopause note that this remedy brings them back to full life. Against the background of the use of such a drug in them markedly improves psychoemotional state and they become less irritable.


    • well-designed botanical composition;
    • no GMOs;
    • taken once a day;
    • Significantly reduce the number of hot flashes;
    • Improves their mood;
    • eliminates nervousness.


    • not easy for everyone to swallow.

    Now Foods Soy Isoflavones

    Rating: 4.0

    Now Foods Soy isoflavones

    Now Foods, which is a leader in sales on IHERB, produces dietary supplements Soy isoflavones. The powder with the active ingredient does not contain GMOs. This product supports cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of breast cancer, alleviates the effects of menopause, and prevents the development of osteoporosis.

    Soy isoflavones from Now Foods are herbal capsules, which in a bottle of thick plastic contains 120 pieces. They are quite large, but swallow almost no problem. The supplement is non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten-free. We recommend that you take 1 capsule 1-3 times a day. After opening, the bottle should be stored in a cool, dry place.

    Phytoestrogens from Now Foods are generally well-reviewed by women. They like that they are calmer and sleep better at night with this product. Feeling hot in the upper body and excessive sweating are less of a concern. However, they note that the result of the drug is cumulative. Action is noticeable two weeks after application. Tolerability of the supplement is good. Allergic reactions are very rare.


    • Non-GMO soy isoflavones;
    • The capsules are easy to swallow;
    • Reduce the number of flushes;
    • Calms the nervous system;
    • sleep normalizer.


    • First effect after 2 weeks of use.

    Nature’s Bounty Black Stalklist

    Rating: 4.0


    On Eicherb you can buy phytoestrogen Black Stalklist from the Nature’s Bounty brand. This is another name for cymicifuga or clopogon. The supplement is designed to alleviate menopausal symptoms: reduce night sweats, minimize hot flashes, and normalize psycho-emotional state. This product is suitable for long-term use.

    Sold by Nature’s Bounty in gelatin capsules without coloring or flavoring. Encased in dark green snap-top bottles. Women are advised to take 1 capsule a day with meals. Or its contents can be used to make tea. Keep the bottle with the food supplement in a cool place.

    Female consumers on the Iherb site speak very highly of this product. They like the fact that this natural remedy almost completely gets rid of their hot flashes. Against the background of the use of this supplement also improves overall health, there is a burst of strength. Even the appearance becomes more attractive, as dryness of the skin is eliminated, there is a shine on the hair. Usually such a remedy is well tolerated, but some may have an allergic reaction.


    • A good concentration of stems;
    • Easy to swallow capsules;
    • Take once a day;
    • Almost completely gets rid of hot flashes;
    • Improves overall health and appearance.


    • Allergic reactions possible.

    The best phytoestrogen creams

    Phytoestrogens can be taken not only orally, but also with cosmetics that contain them. Such products are designed to slow down the aging of the skin and eliminate the general symptoms of menopause. On the Iherb site, you can choose very effective creams with estrogens.

    Emerita body cream with phytoestrogens

    Rating: 4.9


    The Emerita brand produces Body Cream with phytoestrogens. The product contains no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum products or animal origin. It is enriched with a large number of beneficial substances. The phytoestrogens present here are cymicifuga root extract and meadow clover flower extract. This cream has not been tested on animals.

    On Iherb body cream with phytoestrogens from Emerita is sold in tubes of 56 g. It has a pleasant consistency. It is recommended to squeeze a dime-sized amount of the cream in your hands and apply it with massaging movements to the area of the chest, abdomen, arms, or inner thighs. It spreads easily. Has a pleasant fragrance. Comes in very economical quantities.

    According to reviews, this body cream from Emerita noticeably improves the condition of the skin in the area where it is applied. But more importantly, it affects the hormonal background of menopausal women. Phytoestrogens have an overall positive effect on the body. Reduces the number of flushes, and women return to fullness. This product is usually well tolerated, but it may cause individual hypersensitivity in some.


    • effective composition;
    • The cream contains no parabens or other harmful substances;
    • The product has not been tested on animals;
    • Improves skin condition in the area of application;
    • The phytoestrogens have an overall positive effect on the body.


    • Individual intolerance is possible.

    Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogenic Cream

    Rating: 4.8


    Source Naturals brand products are available on Eicherb. It produces phyto oestrogen cream. It contains phytoestrogens isoflavones, pomegranate juice extract, red clover extract, as well as other useful components. This product is paraben-free and has advanced liposome delivery.

    This Source Naturals cream is sold in jars of 113.4 grams. The product has a pleasant consistency and fragrance. We recommend rubbing half a teaspoon of the cream into smooth skin areas (wrists, face, neck or chest) twice a day. Do not use on mucous membranes. This cream may be used for a period of 4 weeks. Once opened, the jar should be stored in a cool, dry place.

    Women speak very highly of Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream. They like the process of use and the result, which does not make you wait long. When using this product, consumers noticeably reduce the number of hot flashes and improve their overall well-being. Women also like the feeling that they look prettier when they apply it to their faces. However, allergic reactions cannot be ruled out, especially if the dosage is exceeded.


    • the well thought-out composition;
    • pleasant fragrance and consistency;
    • Does not contain parabens;
    • Improves the condition of the skin;
    • It gets rid of hot flashes;
    • Makes you feel better overall.


    • Allergic reactions possible.

    Bioidentical cream with progesterone Organic Excellence Balance and cure

    Rating: 4.7

    Organic Excellence Balance and cure bioidentical cream with progesterone

    Organic Excellence has a product called Balance and Cure, which is a bioidentical cream with progesterone. It contains FSUS progesterone with added phytoestrogens. The remedy promotes balance and restoration of the body, mental faculties and emotional state. Does not contain fragrances or any harmful ingredients.

    It is sold on IHERB in 85.5g pump dispenser bottles. In the presence of menstruation, start using it on the 13th day of the cycle and continue until the 26th day. In the absence of menstruation, it is recommended to start on the1st of each month. Use for 25 days in a row, taking a 5-day break. Apply the cream 1/8-1/4 teaspoon in the morning and evening on areas with thin skin (in the forearms, chest, neck, face, hands).

    According to reviews, the cream is easily and completely absorbed, and the effect comes very quickly. Women note that the flushes practically recede, the quality of sleep normalizes, and a burst of energy appears. There is also a marked improvement in the skin at the application site. The product is economical to use, but it can be difficult to dose accurately.


    • Progesterones and phytoestrogens in one bottle;
    • no odor;
    • Fast absorption, leaves no sticky film;
    • It is economical to use;
    • Prevents hot flashes;
    • Improves appearance.


    • May have difficulty with dosing.
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