14 best remedies for blisters

*Editor’s top picks. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement, nor is it intended as a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

When you start wearing a new pair of shoes, you may be in danger of getting a blister because of a number of factors: poorly chosen shoes or sandals, rough tailoring, small size. These formations on the skin are different in nature and come in three varieties:

  1. Water CallusIs a blister with fluid under the thin epidermis peeled off as a result of friction. Corns are often painful to touch, and if not treated or cared for properly, they can turn into an inflammation and festering wound.
  2. Dry callusKnown as a corns, it is a keratinized skin resulting from the transformation of a watermelon or a gradual thickening of the epidermis as a result of minor friction. It occurs more often on the feet and fingertips. Dry calluses are often a problem with people doing hard physical labor or creative work, such as painters, weightlifters, and longshoremen.
  3. Callus StemFormed on various parts of the body, it is a thickened area of skin with a nidus inside that has a small rod (callus) and a depression. Another name for it is ingrown, the root is just the rod.

Wet and dry calluses can be treated at home, for this purpose, the means presented in our rating are suitable. If you have a pilar callus, you should seek help from a dermatologist – such a mass requires medical intervention.

Rating of the best remedies for calluses

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best antimuscle patches1Compid368€
2Cosmos Hydro-Act for wet calluses145€
3LEIKO Salicylic Patch76€
Best Corn Gels1Severina care blister and corns softener580€
2SEVERINA reinforced callus and corns softener360€
3Irisk Corns Remover
  • quid
  • 129€
    Best Corn Creams1Sea of Spa M
      ti Intensive Foot Cream
    1 200€
    2Foot cream with magnesia Sea of Spa560€
    3Nail and corns creamNeutrogena309€
    4Topical Remover S.O.S for feet803€
    5Callus Removal CreamNATURA SIBERICA ACTIVE182€
    The best blister preventing pencils1Compeed blister pencil533€
    2Blister Protective Pencil for Women Salton Feet Only187€
    3Callus pencil protective Sticky105€

    The best antimuscle patches

    The easiest way to heal blisters and reduce painful symptoms is with the. Unlike conventional medical and bactericidal tapes, they are impregnated with a complex of acids that have a healing effect on blistering. The patches are primarily used to heal watery calluses.

    Compid patch for wet calluses on the feet

    Rating: 4.9

    Compid Wet Blister Band-Aid

    The first bandage from Johnson Johnson widely advertised and demanded Compeed, which has a preventive and therapeutic effect. The product line includes tapes for dry calluses and watery corns, they are effective for every stage of skin imperfection. So, if the heel is just chafing and discomfort is felt, the Compeed patch will not let a blister form, taking on the force of friction and simultaneously relieving inflammation. Thus the foot gets used to new shoes faster. For each area of the body there are special patches: for the heels, between the toes, universal – they are distinguished by the form of strips of woven body-colored hypoallergenic material that stick to the skin tightly and permanently, then remove without pain.

    Compeed patches belong to the group of medical products.

    The average price of a set of plasters is about 340…350 rubles.


    • Prevents the growth and development of calluses;
    • They have a healing and antibacterial effect;
    • Large selection of patches for warts and calluses of different type in each area.


    • High price.

    Cosmos Hydro-Act Wet Blister Band-Aid

    Rating: 4.8

    Cosmos Hydro-Act

    Cosmos Hydro-Act #5 for the prevention and treatment of blisters and blisters that form on feet and fingers. Unique action in accelerating the natural process of tissue regeneration and creating a soft pad of absorbed callus secretion to protect against infiltration of bacteria and relieve painful symptoms. The patch is made of elastic woven material of a color close to the shade of the skin, so almost invisible on the body, and also very durable – lasts up to 4 days, which, incidentally, is beneficial: the formed environment “preserves” the wound, providing favorable conditions for skin repair and healing.

    The cost of a pack of 5 strips – about 300 rubles.


    • Bactericidal and healing effect;
    • Pain relief;
    • Creates a natural environment for the regeneration of the skin;
    • Stays on the skin for days.


    • High price;
    • Can only be used on a treated and disinfected callus.

    LEIKO salicylicyl patch

    Rating: 4.7

    LEIKO Salicylic Patch

    LEIKO patch, which ranked third in the rating, is designed for healing of dry and ingrown calluses. Salicylic acid, with which the healing tape is impregnated, softens keratinized skin and peels off dead epidermis, while disinfecting the wound and minimizing discomfort. Acid filled plastic membrane that prevents the active ingredient from spreading to healthy skin. The patch is made of cotton with an adhesive layer of rubber resin and zinc oxide. 2×7 cm strips packed in individual sealed envelopes. LEIKO Band Aid Kits are relatively inexpensive, only 80 roubles, due to the low cost of the components.


    • Softens and regenerates rough skin of dry and ingrown calluses;
    • Disinfects the surface of the skin, which is important for studs;
    • Stays on the skin for 24 hours;
    • Resistant to water;
    • Low price.


    • The patch is colored and visible on the body;
    • The strips are not equally suitable for all areas of the body.

    Best Corn Gels

    Dry calluses and corns – a lot of thickened keratinized skin layers, which are often removed by mechanical means – scraping with chisels, pumice stones and files, especially desperate in spite of the prohibitions of doctors and dermatologists are used blades. Callus gels make the task much easier – they penetrate the structure of a dense bump and soften it, thus facilitating the process of its removal. Provides care for the skin and promotes its regeneration at the same time.

    Softener of corns and corns Severina caring action


    At the top of the rating category is a gel of domestic production Severina, softener of dry and ingrown calluses with caring complex of vitamins and oils. A weak alkaline environment contributes to the softening of the rough layers of the epidermis, with daily use, reducing corns to zero, after which the gel can be used for the usual care and prevention, to maintain the correct pH balance.

    Softener gel Severina is suitable for the treatment of corns of varying degrees of neglect at home, is also an excellent tool for use in professional pedicure as a gradual replacement for abrasive machines. The product has a pleasant floral fragrance, does not cause allergies, does not dry out the skin in contrast to the acidic creams and solutions, requires careful washing after the procedure.

    Packaged bottle with a handy dispenser, 250 ml Severina costs about 500 rubles, enough for a month or more of daily use.


    • Suitable for all types of dry calluses;
    • For all skin types;
    • Suitable for the treatment and prevention;
    • For home and professional use;
    • Comfortable packaging.


    • Not defined.

    Severina, softener of corns and corns with enhanced formula

    Rating: 4.8


    In second place is a gel for dry calluses of the same domestic brand Severina, but unlike the leader of the rating means with a reinforced formula for neglected and rough formations. On sale you can find a gel with a concentrated acid or alkaline environment, they are suitable for different tasks: hydroxide means created for classic pedicure, including hardware, in the home or beauty salon, the gel with an acidic environment – only for professional use in clinics and specialized salons, this is used for the most complex cases of hyperkeratosis feet, the effect is achieved by holding five-minute procedures.

    Products with a strengthened formula ranked second in the category because of their specific use: they are not for a wide range of consumers, respectively, are not suitable for regular use, mainly for therapeutic purposes. They also have a number of side effects in the form of varying degrees of drying and sometimes irritation, which occurs mainly on sensitive skin or when violating the rules of application of means.

    The cost of a 30 ml bottle of gel is quite affordable – about 80 rubles.


    • Products for neglected corns and dry calluses;
    • Have an enhanced formula;
    • Does not require constant and daily use;
    • Fast action – only a few treatments are needed to remove the keratinous bumps.


    • Requires a professional approach;
    • Must strictly follow the instructions for use, otherwise you may experience unpleasant side effects.

    For removing corns and dry calluses: Irisk Corns Remover
  • quid
  • Rating: 4.7

    Irisk Corns Remover<li></div><p>quid” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/94216666195241-4414.jpg” title=”Irisk Corns Remover</p><li>quid”><p>Irisk’s professional line of products includes Corns Remover gel to remove dry calluses and corns</p><li>quid. It does not have a miraculous effect, unlike funds Severina, but it significantly helps to soften the rough epidermis on the feet and accelerate the professional pedicure. The remover is applied to cleaned and preferably steamed skin for 10-15 minutes, after which the peeling and softened tissue should be removed with a file or grater; the rest of the solution should be thoroughly washed off. The floral aroma makes the procedure more pleasant.<p>Cost of Corns Remover bottle</p><li>The 30 ml quid from Irisk is 130 rubles, and you can buy it at any professional beauty supply store.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>With regular use gets rid of corns;</li><li>Accelerates the pedicure procedure and facilitates the work of the master;</li><li>A handy bottle with a spout for dosing the product;</li><li>Reasonable price.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The effect of cleansing the skin is not achieved immediately, but after several procedures;</li><li>Risk of skin irritation.</li></ul><h2>The best creams for corns</h2><p>Creams have the effect of softening corns and dry calluses, but contain less active ingredient than gels. Suitable for the treatment of new growths and their prevention, more often used as a foot cream for daily care.</p><h3>Sea of Spa M<ul>Title=”Sea of Spa™ Intensive Foot Cream</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Sea of Spa M<ul></div><p>ti Intensive Foot Cream” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/25816666195241-3714.jpg” title=”Sea of Spa M</p><ul>ti Intensive Foot Cream”><p>The first Sea of spa m</p><ul>ti intensive foot cream, the main effect of its use is a deep softening of the skin, systematic struggle with corns, dry epidermis and formation of cracks on the heels. The main active substances are herbal ingredients: lavender, jojoba, honeysuckle, camellia, aloe and other oils. When applied, they do not clog pores and do not form a film, but actively absorb and penetrate even deep into the keratinized layers. The cream has a preventive, therapeutic and tonic effect, as evidenced by the positive feedback from users. Suitable for the prevention of varicose veins due to the complex strengthening of blood vessels in the upper skin.<p>Sea of spa m</p><ul>ti intensive foot cream is sold in tubes of 150 ml for prices starting from 900 rubles.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Softens rough skin, including calluses and corns;</li><li>It has a healing action;</li><li>Effective for treating heel cracks;</li><li>It absorbs quickly in a small amount;</li><li>Natural composition.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>High price.</li></ul><h3>Foot Cream with Magnesia Sea of Spa</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Foot Cream with Magnesia Sea of Spa

    The second place in the rating went to a cream with slightly less effectiveness, Sea of spa, which includes magnesia and minerals from the Dead Sea. The product actively and deeply softens the skin, including in the areas of corns and calluses, restores the epidermis, but has more prophylactic than therapeutic properties. The additional benefit – reduced sweating and natural deodorization of the skin and the prevention of the development of fungal lesions, possible thanks to the main active ingredient – magnesia mineral. It also relieves swelling and irritation, so the cream is also recommended for the prevention of varicose veins, relieving muscle tension, it should be applied from the feet to the knees with massage movements daily.

    A vertical tube of cream with a capacity of 150 ml costs about 420 rubles.


    • Softens and cares for the skin;
    • It calms swellings and inflammation;
    • Has a deodorizing effect;
    • Prevents the development of fungal diseases of the epidermis;
    • Optimal price for average consumption.


    • The moisturizing is not deep enough for the treatment of corns.

    Neutrogena Foot Cream for calluses and corns

    Rating: 4.7


    The Neutrogena cream is formulated specifically to soothe dry foot skin and reduce the thickness of keratinized epidermis in problem areas. The active ingredient alantoine helps the vitamin complex penetrate deeply into the solid barrier of the skin and absorb it, and bisabolol soothes irritated skin.

    Using Neutrogena foot cream for calluses and corns daily in combination therapy with steaming and cleaning with a pumice stone/grinding stone, you can get rid of the keratinized parts within a few days or a couple of weeks, depending on the condition of your feet. Great for soothing the epidermis and preventing corns. Its disadvantage is the high price, for a bottle of 50 ml you have to pay at least 325 rubles.


    • Deeply softens the skin;
    • Unique therapeutic formula to reduce and remove corns and dry calluses;
    • The cream is certified by state standards of the Russian Federation;
    • Suitable for daily use as a prevention of calluses;
    • Soothes sensitive skin.


    • High price.

    Topicream Restorative S.O.S for feet

    Rating: 4.6


    On the fourth line of the rating cream for very dry skin of the feet, suffering from dry chafing. urea and allantoin quickly and deeply soften the epidermis, they contribute to the gradual peeling of keratinized layer, smoothing the skin and healing cracks. The revitalizing effect is achieved after a few days of using Topicrem cream.

    It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue on the skin, so you can immediately put on socks and put on your shoes. Beeswax, which is part of the cream, creates a natural preservation effect of moisture in the skin without clogging pores, so feet and heels will remain soft throughout the day.

    Topicrem is tested and proven to be effective. Manufacturer’s claim hypoallergenic means ambiguous – no one has cancelled the reaction to individual components, the cream is not suitable for people with intolerance to bee products.

    Topikrem S regenerating cream.O.S for the feet costs 790 rubles for a tube of 75 ml.


    • Quickly absorbed and moisturizes even very dry skin;
    • Natural active ingredients;
    • Heals cracks and smoothes the epidermis.


    • High price.


    Rating: 4.5


    Completes the rating in the category of creams from calluses product from NATURA SIBERICA. The action of Foot Cream “Active” is aimed at softening the dead skin on the feet, this contributes to a natural extract of sour cherry tree Yakutia and high doses of vitamin C. The oil of Siberian fir is responsible for restoring skin structure and maintaining its tone, which also has bactericidal and refreshing properties. D-panthenol combined with natural beeswax normalizes and nourishes the skin, eliminates cracks and heals wounds. Moisturizes the epidermis naturally and leaves the skin breathable without clogging pores.

    Cream “ACTIVE” from NATURA SIBERICA suitable for the prevention of corns and daily foot care, judging by reviews, get rid of corns may not always. Cost around 200 rubles for a 75 ml tube.


    • Natural composition;
    • Soothes and moisturizes the skin;
    • Promotes skin regeneration and healing of cracks.


    • The cream does not cure calluses and is only suitable for prevention.

    The best blister preventing pencils

    Calluses of any kind are the result of friction between shoes and delicate skin, caused by too rigid inserts in the shoe last design, or by wrong size, mostly small shoes or boots. To prevent blisters and corns, it is necessary to minimize or eliminate the rubbing of the epidermis in advance. If you can’t avoid uncomfortable shoes or can’t artificially stretch the leather or leatherette in problematic areas, special pencils can help, leaving a layer of lubricant-lubricant on the epidermis. It should be noted that the pencil is not a panacea: if the style is completely wrong or the size does not fit your foot, chafing can not always be avoided.

    Compeed Blister Gel

    Rating: 4.9

    Compeed blister pencil

    The Spanish brand Compeed is recognized as the most effective remedy for preventing corns. The consistency is greasy, the substance forms a layer of lubricant to prevent friction of the heel and foot skin on the inner parts of the shoe lasts. Formulation of the stick not only prevents friction, but also cares, softens the epidermis, has a natural color, so it is completely invisible.

    Most reviews and the Compeed pencil are positive, it is indeed able to prevent the formation of calluses, but does not guarantee the integrity of the skin under extreme pressure and friction. The cost of the product is about 500 rubles.


    • Effective protection against wet blisters;
    • Does not smell, does not leave a greasy residue;
    • Softens the skin;
    • Stika 8 gr. lasts a season.


    • In the summer season is flying out of stores and drugstores like hotcakes;
    • The price is relatively high.

    Blister control pencil for women Salton Feet Only

    Rating: 4.8

    Salton Feet Only

    Salton feet only pencil received the second place in the rating for high efficiency – it perfectly protects the skin from the formation of water blisters, it is useful for constant friction of the individual parts of the pad against the skin. Natural plant extracts and oils make the formula especially valuable: plantain and panthenol heal, shea butter, wax and vitamin C soothe, nourish and protect the skin. The softening effect is felt immediately: the lubricant immediately removes friction from the pressure of the heel when walking, the skin becomes less sensitive to rigid shoes.

    Salton feet only pencil didn’t top the category because of its shorter-lasting effect – the layer must be refreshed regularly. But the cost of the stick is only 250 rubles – 2 times cheaper than its Spanish analogue.


    • Protects against rubbing of the heel and side pads of the feet;
    • Relieves inflammation, irritation, takes care of the skin;
    • Reasonable price;
    • High volume of 14 ml.


    • Need to refresh the application layer.

    Sticky Blister Protective Pencil

    Rating: 4.7

    Sticky Callus Protective Pencil

    The inexpensive (about 110 rubles) and smallest (4.5 g.) Sticky Callus Protect Pencil. It is suitable for infrequent use due to the compact size of the stick, as well as not the highest of its effectiveness – it only relieves friction of the shoes on the skin for a while. Sticky Pencil is sold at drugstores.


    • The compact size of the stick (only 4.5 gr.);
    • Lubricant of instant action;
    • Lowest price in the category of blister-proof pencils.


    • It doesn’t last long;
    • Only has an effect for a few hours.
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