Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV

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Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV features

General characteristics

Color / coating materialSilver/plastic/metal
Power ConsumptionA+ class (412 kWh/year)
Number of compressors1
The refrigerantR600a (isobutane)
Number of chambers2
Number of doors2
Dimensions (WxHxV)70x74x186.5 cm


Fresh Proof Areais, dry and wet
Freezer compartment defrostingNo Frost
Defrosting the refrigerator compartmentNo Frost
Stand alone cold storagetill 21 h
Freezing powerUp to 14 kg/day
Minimal temperature in the freezer compartment-24 °C
Displaytemperature rise – audible, open door – audible
Cold accumulator includedavailable
Additional featuresSuperfreezing, temperature indication


Total volume508 l
Volume of the fridge compartment374 l
Freezer compartment capacity134 l
Zero Chamber Volume39 l

Other features and functions

Glass doorsyes
Antibacterial coatingis
Ice generatorno
Shelf materialglass
Noise levelup to 44 dB
Climate classSN, ST
Weight111.5 kg
FeaturesGranite-colored doors in tempered glass

Reviews for Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV

Advantages:Impressive size, stylish design; There is a fresh zone; NoFrost system in both compartments; Quiet enough
Disadvantages:Not yet marked
Disadvantages:As a fridge I am completely satisfied with it – big, modern, reliable. But this is what I took because of the design, it fits perfectly in the kitchen.

Chernyx Vlad

Disadvantages:I will add my opinion, I was looking for a large and reliable fridge. This seemed to me ideal. Refrigerator compartment is large, the space inside is really thought out, even the biggest pot fits without any problems. Convenient freezer, large sturdy drawers, freezer walls do not freeze “snowballs”, interesting place for ice molds. This fridge is a real pleasure to use. I recommend it to everyone!

Sergey Kharchev

Advantages:Unusual design; Modern functionality; Huge capacity
Disadvantages:I think there are none in this fridge, at least I’m completely satisfied with it
Disadvantages:Have made the modern repair in the kitchen but when it was time to choose the fridge there was a problem, there was nothing with non-standard design in retail at all! Saw this model by chance and fell in love… It looks very spectacular. Surprisingly the food is stored much longer comparing to the old refrigerator. And it freezes much more quietly and does not need constant defrosting.

Tashchilova Elena

Advantages:Design, looks expensive (as well as costs) and modern; Large capacity; Proper use of space; Easy control, easy switching of modes, fast freezing function; Practically silent operation
Disadvantages:They are not here
Disadvantages:I didn’t expect to find the fridge with such a design, I was going to put a granite film over mine to match the general style of the kitchen, and here it’s not even a film but glass. It looks expensive, of course, in principle, as well as costs)

Moshchenko Alexander

Advantages:Huge walk-in cooler, air filtration, huge zero zone, convenient drawer layout Awesome design, high-quality tempered glass (door), good plastic, bright LED backlight
Disadvantages:I think that this fridge has no shortcomings, at least not yet
Disadvantages:It seems that they have thought of everything in this fridge. There was a case, an accident in the house, there was no light for almost two days – the food did not go bad, and in the freezer even nothing melted! What a technique!

Olga Dmitrieva

Disadvantages:Original design, now the main attraction in the kitchen!) No complaints about the size – I do not have dishes that would not fit in it. Runs quietly and continuously, even if the power goes out, keeps its cool inside. Definitely worth it!

Melnikova Marina

Advantages:Interesting design, high quality build, low power consumption, reliable performance
Disadvantages:Not many refrigerators can boast of such design. I would not say that it is bulky, but the volume is really big, there are all the necessary shelves, drawers and racks. No defrosting required, keeps the temperature as it should be. It has a fast freezing function which really helps in the summer.

Bakhtiyarova Denmark

Advantages:Very roomy, fresh zone, fast freezing mode, NoFrost mode
Disadvantages:We have been using this fridge for almost a year now and haven’t noticed any problems. Interesting coloring, looks very nice. Good stuffing, in addition to a variety of shelves, there is also an isothermal container, works like a thermos, you can take food with you on the road and do not worry about them.

Zhelyabova Evgeniya

Advantages:The original appearance, the granite-colored doors The great choice of programs and functions
Disadvantages:For its appearance and internal volume, the price is more than adequate. Been using it for over a year, no problems at all!

Shaikhullina Albina

Advantages:Small but spacious refrigerator; Silent operation; Convenient touch screen.
Disadvantages:Have not identified
Disadvantages:The interior of my kitchen is made in the style of high-tech, the choice of a refrigerator took very seriously. Chose this refrigerator for the unusual appearance, the black coloring is chosen so that it fits perfectly with the interior of my kitchen!

Svetlana Evstafieva

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