The 8 best glass electric kettles

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. It is necessary to consult with an expert before buying.

The heroes of our review – glass kettles. This variety of small appliances appeared on the domestic market only a few years ago, but quickly gained popularity. The main advantage of these models is the original appearance due to the transparent tempered glass body. Often the manufacturer equips the kettle with LED backlight, which turned the usual process of boiling water in a bright action that not only children but also adults enjoy.

For our review we have selected the best glass electric kettles from popular Russian and foreign manufacturers. We look at 8 nominees, each of which has its own distinctive features and advantages. For user convenience, all presented models are divided into two groups according to price – cheaper or more expensive than 2000 rubles.

We chose specific models of electric kettles based on various criteria, including popularity of the brand, technical characteristics, convenience for the user. One of the key factors was the practical side of the question – how exactly behaves this or that model in operation. To do this, we studied feedback from real customers who have been using these appliances for a long time, which allowed them to identify all the advantages and disadvantages.

The information for the review was taken from manufacturers’ websites, feedback pages, popular marketplaces and other public sources.

8 best glass electric kettles

Inexpensive glass electric kettles (up to 2000 rubles)4Great Rivers Neva-61 050 €
3LUMME LU-1581 595 €
2Kitfort KT-6551 689 €
1MAUNFELD MGK-612BK1 790 €
Electric glass kettles for medium and premium segment (over 2000 rubles)4Scarlett SC-EK27G481 699 €
3Kitfort KT-6562 490 €

olaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home

4 120 €
1Garlyn K-1106 900 €

Inexpensive Electric Glass Kettles (under 2000 rubles)

In this category we gathered 4 models from popular brands from Russia and other countries. Despite the fact that between the nominees have a lot in common, each of them has its own distinctive features and advantages that stand out from the competition.

Velikie Rivers Neva-6

Rating: 4.4

Great Rivers Neva 6

Our review opens with the Velikie Rivers Neva-6 electric kettle. This is a Russian brand that produces small kitchen appliances and budget kitchenware. Among the advantages of products worth mentioning is the optimal combination between cost, quality and functionality in its price range. The appliances are manufactured in China in modern enterprises, working under OEM contracts.

This model has a modern design, so it will fit in almost any kitchen. The disk heating element and the inner part of the lid are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life. Comfortable black plastic handle doesn’t get hot and doesn’t slip.

Kettle equipped with dual safety system – auto shut-off at boiling and locks the power on without water.

The model is very popular among consumers, as evidenced by its high rating and a mark of the “buyers’ choice” on Marketplace Yandex.Market. The advantage of technology users have attributed the low price, capacity and fast boiling. No critical disadvantages were identified, given the cost of the device. Some consumers note the lack of brightness of the backlight, but this is a subjective opinion, which can not be considered a disadvantage.

We recommend Velikie Rivers Neva-6 to all buyers, who want to buy a quality and reliable glass kettle without overpaying for the brand.


  • Low price.
  • Volume 1.8 l.
  • Dual safety system.


  • Low brightness of the backlight (according to consumer reviews).


Rating: 4.5


The next position in our rating is LUMME LU-158. This is another Russian brand that belongs to the concern “Stingray” (St. Petersburg). Technique belongs to the budget class and is sold mainly in Russia. Traditionally, products in this category are made in China by the OEM.

In terms of technical equipment, the kettle has the traditional dual safety system (stop at boiling and lock on without water), as well as a disk heater made of stainless steel.

The model differs from most analogues with its original design of a glass kettle, which has a convex wavy edges, giving the technique a stylish look. The electric kettle is available in five different colors, making it easy to select the appropriate solution for a specific kitchen design.

The power of the device is 1800 W, and the volume of the bulb is 2.2 liters, which is quite a high indicator among household kettles. LED strip with blue LEDs on the bottom of the contour.

The owners of the kettle praise its capacity, fast boiling, low noise and stylish design. The disadvantages some consumers refer to the lack of water level marking on the bulb, as well as a strong plastic smell from the new kettle.

The original appearance, good electrical performance and affordable price allowed the glass kettle LUMME LU-158 to become one of the best among the budget analogues.


  • Stylish design.
  • Large capacity.
  • Quiet enough work.


  • No level marking on the flask.
  • Strong plastic odor (according to consumer reviews).

Kitfort KT-655

Rating: 4.6


Continues our review Kitfort KT-655 – electric kettle from the Russian manufacturer of small household and kitchen appliances. Manufactured in China on modern contract plants.

The flask of heat-resistant glass is made of a classic design, equipped with a disc heating element of stainless steel with a capacity of 2.2 kW. With this heater a full volume of 2 liters boils in minutes. On the bottom perimeter there is a blue LED backlight, as in most similar models from other manufacturers. The spout has an inserted grid that traps particles of limescale.

Glass kettle deserved consumer confidence and is very popular, as evidenced by the “buyers choice” mark on the Yandex website.Market. The advantages of the kettle owners include an affordable price, good capacity and fast boiling water. Among the disadvantages – excessive noise and the need to manually open the lid.

We recommend the glass electric kettle Kitfort KT-655 because of its stylish appearance, high-quality workmanship and good capacity.


  • Volume 2 liters.
  • Convenient spout.
  • Limescale net.


  • Noisy.
  • The lid must be opened manually (according to consumer reviews).


Rating: 4.7


MAUNFELD MGK-612BK completes the category of inexpensive glass electric kettles. It is a Russian brand with pseudo English roots. Originally the company made large appliances, but a few years ago, its range of electric kettles and other small kitchen appliances. This kettle is assembled in China.

Before us is a classic model of a glass teapot with a flat disc heater. The product is made in a strict, concise design of glass, metal and plastic.

One of the features of the model is a closed handle, which has a textured surface on the inside. It provides a comfortable and secure grip even with a wet hand. Blue backlight gives the process of boiling water a spectacular view. For convenience, the cord is stored inside the base.

The owners of the kettle point out the good build quality, the comfortable handle and the water level scale. Critical drawbacks have not been identified, but some consumers note increased noise during boiling (this is normal for powerful kettles with a disc heater).

Modern design, reliability and well thought-out ergonomics allowed the glass electric kettle MAUNFELD MGK-612BK to become one of the best in its product group.


  • High-quality assembly.
  • Measured scale.
  • The compartment for the cord in the base.


  • A bit noisy (according to consumer reviews).

Electric glass kettles in the middle and premium segments (over 2000 rubles)

This category is represented by four models of glass electric kettles in the medium and high price segment from popular domestic and foreign brands. Unlike budget analogues, this technique has expanded functionality, as well as other features that distinguish it from competitors.

Scarlett SC-EK27G48

Rating: 4.7


Opens the category Scarlett SC-EK27G48. It is a popular brand in Russia, under which inexpensive but quality small household and kitchen appliances are produced. Country of manufacturer – China.

This model belongs to the limited-edition Silver collection

  • ne, which is released in honor of the 25th anniversary of the company. This product is covered by a special extended warranty of 25 months.

    The kettle has an elegant design that combines elements of modern and classic style. The flask is made of rugged CRYSTAL PRO glass, and the steel lid has an original textured pattern. A level indicator will allow you to clearly determine the amount of water, and a built-in nylon filter will prevent the penetration of limescale and other foreign particles in your cup.

    One of the distinguishing features of this model is the ability to open the lid with a button. It is very convenient and practical, as well as safe, because the probability of scalding is excluded.

    At the bottom of the entire diameter of the heater is a LED strip, which provides blue backlighting during operation of the kettle. The device is also equipped with a standard safety system, so the power will not turn on if the kettle is without water, as well as the technique itself will turn off when boiling.

    Customers praised the original design of the kettle, the boiling speed and high build quality. There are almost no disadvantages, but some users note a slight smell of plastic, which disappears after a few boilings.

    We recommend Scarlett SC-EK27G48 to all consumers who want a comfortable, roomy and high-quality electric kettle with a glass flask.


    • Nylon filter.
    • Opening the lid with a button.
    • The bulb made of high-strength glass.
    • Fast boiling.


    • A slight smell of plastic.

    Kitfort KT-656

    Rating: 4.7

    Kitfort KT-656

    Our review includes another kettle from the company Kitfort – model KT-656. Unlike its budget variant described above, this device has expanded functionality and electronic temperature control.

    The kettle itself is made in a modern design, but it looks laconic and strict. The lid is put on a tight fit, similar to the usual kettles for the gas stove. Some users say that it is not very convenient, while others say that it is reliable.

    The next feature of this model is a built-in brewer, which looks like a stainless steel cylinder with a fine mesh. Now you can make tea directly in the glass flask. Another interesting solution – a special stand for boiling eggs, which is placed inside the kettle on the heating element.

    A key feature of the model is the electronic temperature control. On the handle at the top of the control panel with two buttons and indicators. The user can turn on the kettle in a standard mode (boiling and off) or select the temperature to which it heats the water (40, 70, 80 and 90 degrees). This allows you to brew different kinds of tea or prepare water for baby food. In this case, the color of the backlight will be individual for each temperature mode, which provides additional visibility.

    This model of kettle is very popular, as evidenced by the mark “buyers choice” on the resource Yandex.Market. The owners of the appliances note the good functionality, well-thought-out construction and convenient electronic control. No particular disadvantages, but I would like a longer cord and a larger volume.

    Extensive functionality, smart design and the availability of additional options (brewer and boiling eggs) allowed to make the glass kettle Kitfort KT-656 one of the best in its class.


    • Built-in stainless steel teapot.
    • High capacity for boiling eggs.
    • Electronic heat control.
    • The ability to select the temperature.


    • Cord length of about 1 meter.
    • Maximum capacity of 1.5 liters.

    olaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home

    Rating: 4.8


    Continues the review of Polaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home. This is a kettle from a Russian brand with Swiss roots. Such equipment is traditionally made in China.

    The model is made in a modern design, and its body is made of glass, plastic and stainless steel. The kettle can be filled with water from the top, without removing the lid. This was made possible by the special design of the lid with a movable semi-transparent flap, which acts as a valve – it opens under the weight of the water to be comprehended, and then returns to its original position. The lid itself can be easily removed, which allows you to conveniently wash the flask. Disc heater, made of “medical” stainless steel (according to the manufacturer).

    A key feature of the model is the presence of “smart” functions. The device is controlled from a smartphone through the proprietary Polaris IQ Home app. The user can select the temperature mode and remotely turn on the kettle. The function of maintaining the set temperature for two hours is implemented. The appliance can work with the virtual assistant Yandex.Alice through a system of voice commands.

    You can operate the unit manually. On the handle at the top there are two buttons and a temperature scale.

    To control the process of water heating it is used the controller of British company STRIX, which has a resource of about 10 years of daily operation.

    Among the advantages of the device are the possibility of selecting a temperature mode, remote control via smartphone and the ability to pour water without opening the lid. Among the disadvantages, many users note unstable connection via Wi-Fi.

    Modern design, “smart features” and quality build allowed the kettle Polaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home to become one of the best in its product group.


    • Control via smartphone.
    • Temperature selection.
    • Maintains the set temperature mode.
    • Backlight of different colors.
    • Water can be filled without removing the lid.


    • Unstable Wi-Fi connection (according to consumer reviews).

    Garlyn K-110

    Rating: 4.9

    GARLYN K-110

    Electric kettle with a glass flask Garlyn K-110 completes the review. Production of the next Russian company that orders equipment from Chinese OEM factories. TM Garlyn is a quality kitchen appliances in the medium price range.

    This kettle differs from all of the previously reviewed models in that it has an electronically controlled base. There are 4 buttons on the front panel and a bright round display in the middle. Among the additional functions should be noted the temperature control from 40 to 100 degrees in increments of 10 degrees, as well as hold the set level of heating for 2 hours. The display will show the current water temperature, which together with the backlight makes the boiling process as clear as possible.

    Included is a stainless steel brewer, which is made in the form of a cylinder with small holes. It screws on the inside of the lid that allows to prepare your favorite kind of drink directly in the kettle. To control the level of water on the side of the bulb there is a scale with marks.

    On Yandex Marketplace.Market this glass electric kettle was marked “buyers’ choice”, indicating high consumer confidence and quality of the product. Owners of equipment note the stylish design, high-quality assembly, convenient operation and good functionality. There are no serious disadvantages, but some users talk about the loose fit of the lid, which can cause condensation to come out.

    We recommend Garlyn K-110 for all fans of aromatic tea of different sorts, as well as for those people who want to buy a reliable, stylish and functional electric glass kettle.


    • Stainless steel brewer included.
    • Possibility to set the desired temperature.
    • Convenient control panel with a display.
    • Mode of maintaining the set temperature.


    • The lid is put on not hermetically (according to consumer reviews).
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