The 7 best cake molds

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with the expert before purchase.

Despite the abundance of pastry shops and the large assortment presented in them, many hostesses prefer to make desserts with their own hands. But the prepared cake must be not only tasty, but also aesthetically appealing, to please the birthday boy or all the household on a family holiday. Some people have learned by years of cooking experience, while others use accessories that help non-professionals to make a high-quality and beautiful product.

In order for the cake to be perfectly shaped, you need smooth cakes, and it is quite difficult to do this without special devices. Have to cut the edges by hand, and not always this process ends successfully. Cake baking molds are ideal for the hostess, as you can create a round dessert of a certain diameter, square, triangular, rectangular, shaped, without spending much effort. Regardless of the consistency of the dough, the cakes turn out like an experienced pastry chef, and the time to assemble a treat is significantly reduced.

Forms are produced by many manufacturing firms. Popularly used split models, which are fixed by a clamp and make it easy to remove the finished product from the container. Different materials are used. The most common – non-stick coated steel. It provides good heat conduction, even heating, resistant to wear, practical. Silicone cake moulds are no less in demand.

To make cooking a pleasure and not a chore, we suggest you take a look at the following molds in our review. With it, even inexperienced housewives can bake cakes, and the subsequent care is easy.

Rating of the best cake molds

Rating of the best forms for baking cakes1Rondell MoccoLatte RDF-4421 500 €
2Tescoma 6233801 860 €
1 020 €
4Fissman 65791 500 €
5Regent INOX 93-CS-EA-5-13565 €
6Atlantis Cake780 €
7Appetite SL4012655 €

Rondell MoccoLatte RDF-442 baking dish

Rating: 4.9


On the first position is a high quality and functional product from the famous German company Rondell. It comes in a noble brown color. It has a 26 cm diameter. First quality carbon steel 0.4 mm thick with innovative Quantum coating was used for production. It is suitable for all types of pastry, which is heated on all sides for perfect final density. You can easily prepare sponge cakes, toasted sandwiches, layer cakes and shortcake in the mould. The removable bottom is made of heat-resistant glass. It can be used as a serving plate and is safe for cutting a cake in portions.

Form can be used in the oven and microwave. Silicone layer makes it easier to remove the cooked product. Easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. A hostess bonus is the included illustrated booklet with recipes for desserts with chocolate and coffee.

Mould makes a great gift. The manufacturer has produced it in a gift box with a comfortable handle grip, which speaks volumes at a glance about the quality of the contents, created by the German brand, the world leader in kitchen implements.


  • The legendary brand of premium cookware;
  • certified materials;
  • Reinforced non-stick coating;
  • Heat-resistant glass bottom;
  • beautiful gift wrapping.


  • have not been identified.

Tescoma Cake Mould 623380

Rating: 4.8

Tescoma 623380 Cake Mould

Second place goes to the Czech brand, which produces products for household and professional use. Original designer design combined with functionality and practicality. Many Russian housewives have been able to appreciate the quality of Tescoma products. Cake mold is universal. It is adjustable in size. Maximum diameter 30 cm, minimum 16 cm. This means it can be used to bake small biscuits, large birthday cakes and other desserts on a case-by-case basis.

Height of the walls – 8,5 cm. This allows you to prepare poured cakes of ideal shape, as well as evenly cover them with liquid frosting, mastic or cream. The product is made of top-quality stainless steel that can withstand intensive use. It is easy to clean, heats the dough evenly, retains heat for a long time. The clamp holds on to any diameter. The mold can be used in electric and gas ovens, hot-air ovens.

Customers love the versatility of the product. With it, the preparation of all kinds of cakes is easy and high quality. After baking the cakes with the help of the mold, they are assembled into a single structure, which in appearance does not differ from the purchased confectionery products. Many noted the quick adjustment, easy care, and durability.


  • Professional Cookware;
  • adjustable diameter 16-30 cm;
  • high-quality steel;
  • For baking and assembling elaborate cakes;
  • It holds firmly in place the chosen size.


  • not identified.

Taller baking tray-6315

Rating: 4.8

forma dlja vypechki TALLER<tr></div><p>-6315″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/10316666197581-447-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”TALLER Cake Mould</p><tr>-6315″><p>The third prize winner is a brand that has become popular for its quality and stylish stainless steel products. In addition to pots and pans, hostesses also appreciate the baking molds that meet all their requirements. Model</p><tr>-6315 has a sturdy 0.8 mm thick steel body. It is warp-resistant; it warms the dough evenly. Special double layer coating guarantees that the cake can be removed without the edges breaking or sticking to the bottom. It is created with ceramic particles, which provide enhanced non-stick properties.<p>The design, despite the split type, is airtight, so there will be no surprises while cooking the cake. To make it leak-proof, the manufacturer enlarged the diameter of the underside. It also fulfills a decorative function, transforming from a cake stand into a beautiful serving dish. The clip is bolted to the mold. It closes and opens easily.</p><p>Cleaning is effortless for the user. Dishwasher safe. According to reviews, the mold lasts a long time, preserving its original appearance.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>top-quality stainless steel;</li><li>the latest Quantum 2;</li><li>The TALLER Baking Mould has a foolproof locking mechanism;</li><li>The bottom platform with additional edges;</li><li>Solid, thickened walls.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>have not been identified.</li></ul><h3>Fissman baking dish 6579</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Fissman baking dish 6579

Fourth place goes to the mould made of silicone and heat-resistant glass. Produced by the famous company Fissman, which uses only certified and safe materials and has carefully thought through product designs. Model 6579 meets high quality requirements. The silicone mold is split, which is quite rare among products made of this material. High thermal conductivity guarantees even frying of even thicker crusts. The material does not affect the taste of the food.

The glass bottom can serve as a support, and you do not need to transfer the finished product in a serving dish. It can also be used to cut it without any risk of damaging its appearance. Form can withstand temperatures up to 220 ° C in the oven and microwave oven. It can also be used to create frozen desserts. dishwasher safe.

The packaging pleases the aesthetically demanding customer. Bright colors will satisfy a variety of tastes. High sides, easy extraction, no leakage of liquid dough were mentioned in the reviews.


  • 100% eco-friendly silicone;
  • easily detachable design;
  • Bottom made of heat-resistant glass;
  • Suitable for use in microwave ovens
  • Bright gift box.


  • not identified.

Regent INOX 93-CS-EA-5-13 baking dish

Rating: 4.7


On the fifth line is a split mold with a diameter of 28 cm. It bakes cakes, biscuits, desserts. The ribbed bottom avoids the food sticking or burning and makes it easy to remove. Carbon steel has high thermal conductivity. It is not prone to corrosion, easy to clean off food debris. Once assembled, the construction is leak-tight, preventing any leaking of the liquid batter. The latch locks firmly, easy to open.

Italian manufacturer uses only certified materials that are suitable for the manufacture of dishes. Ceramic non-stick coating is made of natural raw materials. It is environmentally friendly, does not release toxic substances when heated. Another important advantage is that ceramics do not collect odors, which makes the mold suitable for sweet and savory dishes.

The black color scheme looks exquisite. The form retains its beauty after many years of intensive use, which has been attested to by many customers. They liked the wide edges of the tray, which additionally prevent the prepared mass from leaking, as well as the ease of care with the use of a dishwasher.


  • High, sturdy sides – 7.7 cm;
  • even heat distribution;
  • High-quality materials and workmanship;
  • quick-release design;
  • Special embossed enlarged bottom.


  • have not been identified.

Atlantis Cake mold

Rating: 4.6

Atlantis Cake mold

The sixth place is awarded to molds made of certified silicone that can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +240°C. It is ideal for baking cakes, sponge cakes, casseroles as well as freezing dessert mix in the fridge or freezer. Silicone is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit toxic substances, does not smell, does not change the taste and aroma qualities of ingredients. Thanks to its flexible design, the finished product can be easily removed without losing its marketability.

Diameter 24.8 cm, wall height 5 cm. The dough doesn’t stick, bakes evenly, the edges of the cakes are even, no adjustments required. The mold does not need to be oiled, sprinkled with flour or baking chips. It can be turned inside out, and even then, it will not be deformed. After cooking, simply rinse the product with water.

Design will delight you with its futuristic drawings. Several colors are available in the range. Customers love the quality of the Atlantis silicone mould. Does not bend the sides, holds liquid dough well. Their height not only makes it possible to bake individual crusts, but also biscuits, layer cakes and other items.


  • High level of heat resistance;
  • Dense plastic food-grade silicone;
  • stable non-stick properties;
  • Colorful and memorable design;
  • habitual care without extras.


  • not observed.

Appetite SL4012 baking dish

Rating: 4.5


Closes the top 7 best forms for baking cakes kitchen accessory, which will help both young and experienced hostesses to create culinary masterpieces without much effort. The main thing is to turn on your imagination and please your guests and family with delicious desserts. The round shape is made of durable steel that conducts heat well, eliminating burning on top and non-baking on the inside. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. The height of the side molds makes it easy to bake puffy cakes.

The embossed base facilitates subsequent hygienic cleaning by removing the ready product without distorting it. Appetite SL4012 is made with Xynflon non-stick material. It is durable, does not accumulate odors, does not emit carcinogenic substances. Split design. The cake tins come away easily from the sides and the bottom after the cake clamp has been released. No leaking of liquid dough when filling it up.

Reviews say that the inexpensive product has proven itself well in the kitchen. It can be used in ovens and mini ovens. Despite the low price, the product is practical, the walls do not “stray”, durable. It can be easily disassembled and assembled. The baked goods can be removed without damaging the edges, which are perfectly flat.


  • Uniform baking on all sides;
  • Washable in the dishwasher;
  • Durable non-stick coating;
  • Does not change the color or flavor of baked goods;
  • High quality carbon steel.


  • are not detected.
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