The 5 smallest microwaves for heating only

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In most cases, this microwave is used for defrosting foods and heating them quickly. It doesn’t take much space, time or options. Compact microwave ovens designed exclusively for reheating food come to the rescue. Our experts have collected the tiniest representatives of the microwave world.

Rating of the smallest microwaves for heating only

Rating of the smallest microwave oven for heating only1Gorenje MO20E1S4 890 €
2LG MS-2042DB5 701 €
3Hyundai HYM-D30274 290 €
4Gorenje MO20E1W4 777 €
5Horizont 20MW700-1379CTW3 900 €

Gorenje MO20E1S

Rating: 4.9

Gorenje MO20E1S
  1. Capacity: 20 liters
  2. Power rating: 800 W
  3. Diameter of the tray: 27 cm

The classic free-standing microwave oven from the Slovenian brand will be the perfect addition to any kitchen. A handy alternative to quickly heat foods you’ve already cooked or defrost. This microwave has 2 working modes – automatic heating and defrosting. The product has a mechanical control and is equipped with a rotating plate with a diameter of 27 cm. Microwave oven interior is coated with high-quality enamel. The door is made of glass.

Microwave oven is easy to operate with two rotary switches on the right side of the front panel. If you want, you can choose the best time to use the oven – it is equipped with a timer that sets the maximum working time of 35 minutes.

The manufacturer has paid much attention to safety of the device: there is a function of auto power off and power on lock, if the door is not closed. One of the key features of this model is the steam cleaning (AquaClean) that allows you to keep all the internal surfaces of the product effortlessly clean.

LG MS-2042DB

Rating: 4.8

LG MS-2042DB
  1. Capacity: 20 l
  2. Power: 700W
  3. Diameter of the tray: 24,5 cm

The stylish, ergonomic microwave oven model is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. The patented inner coating (EasyClean) of the appliance is resistant to mechanical impact and grease, thanks to which the food particles can be easily cleaned after cooking. The brand gives a 10-year warranty on the protective coating.

The appliance has the ECO ON function for maximum energy saving after the end of the cooking process. Just press the button and the microwave goes into power-saving mode, reducing the intensity of the backlighting of the display and interior.

The main feature of the model is the technology of uniform distribution of microwaves for fast and deep penetration of heat on all sides of the dish. Dozens of automatic programs with recipes from all over the world allow you to cook tasty meals without much effort.

The model has an electronic control. Smoked glass door design. It can be opened by pressing a button. Total number of modes: 36, of which 4 are auto-defrosting and 32 are for auto-cooking. Among the useful functions of the appliance are: quick start, timer, step-by-step cooking, quick defrost and childproofing.

Hyundai HYM-D3027

Rating: 4.7

Hyundai HYM-D3027
  1. Volume: 20 l
  2. Power: 700 W
  3. Diameter of the tray: 24,5

Ergonomic compact microwave oven model with a white enamel finish and pivot-type tray. The product is made of high quality stainless steel, resistant to mechanical stress. Thanks to its small size, it will fit into the tiniest kitchen perfectly. Despite its modest size, the microwave has 8 cooking modes. Equipped with a timer for convenient cooking (maximum time interval: 60 minutes).

Electronic control: all oven parameters are shown on the display for your convenience. Heating, defrosting, delayed start-up and childproofing can be easily controlled by the rotary knobs. The memory of the device is equipped with a book of interesting recipes.

Gorenje MO20E1W

Rating: 4.6

  1. Volume: 20 l
  2. Power: 800 W
  3. Diameter of the tray: 27 cm

Another microwave oven from the Slovenian brand in our rating is no less functional and easy to use. Freestanding appliance in white with mechanical controls and LED lighting.

One of the useful features of this model is the steam cleaning – a great way to keep the appliance clean without using any household chemicals or making a lot of effort. You just need to put a pot of water in the oven and turn on the AquaClean program. Simply wipe the walls of the microwave with a damp sponge.

Bright and durable LED backlight illuminates the working space of the microwave, consuming several times less electricity than conventional bulbs. The manufacturer did not forget about the safety of users, having equipped the product with a safety switch. One of the useful functions is the “Quick Start” function, which allows you to start the heating process with a touch of a button.

Horizont 20MW700-1379CTW

Rating: 4.2

Horizont 20MW700-1379CTW
  1. Volume: 20 l
  2. Power: 700 W
  3. Diameter of the tray: 24,5 cm

Compact model of freestanding microwave oven with white body equipped with digital display for easy control of time. Simple mechanical control through buttons and rotary knobs. The interior has a bioceramic enamel coating: easy to clean because grease is not absorbed into the material structure. There is 1 operating mode – auto defrost.

Horizont 20MW700-1379CTW microwave oven ensures even and rapid heating of food. The diameter of the tray is quite compact. The appliance is controlled by a rotary mechanism and buttons. The design is complemented by a handy display for time control and a convenient handle on the door. The user can choose from 5 levels of heating power for the food.

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