The 12 Most Reliable Washing Machines

Back in the ’90s, many people had a situation where their washing machine malfunctioned. It was a common situation back then. Nowadays such appliances are more reliable and durable. Although some models are prone to failures. If you want to buy a durable device, then first look at our selection. In this one, we’ll talk about those washing machines that are considered the most reliable. The percentage of their defects is minimal, to put such a device out of order is possible only intentionally (or by leaving a knife or some other metal object in your pants pocket).

Rating of the most reliable washing machines

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the most reliable washing machines1Asko W6984 S89 900€
2Miele WWE 660 WhiteEdition94 900€
3Electrolux EW7F3R48S55 941€
4Bosch WAT 2854177 430€
5Samsung WD806U2GAGD44 599€
6AEG L 574270 SL49 803€


65 070€
8Electrolux EW6F3R41S53 190€
9Vestfrost VFWM 1460 WG49 430€
10Samsung WW65K42E08W25 890€
11Bosch WLT 2444024 999€
12Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06W19 167€

Asko W6984 S

Rating: 4.9

ASKO W6984 S

This is one of the most advanced washing machines among those distributed under the brand Asko. It is also the most reliable. Fully leak-proof. However, you can be sure that it will never come in handy – the motor installed here can run for decades without any complaints. And work quietly – during the washing the noise level barely reaches 46 dB. This appliance is only heard well during spinning – at such moments the noise level can be 75dB.

The body of this model is painted in silver. Inside this washing machine is a stainless steel tank. The inside of the drum is accessible through a 31 cm wide access door. Special sensors monitor the imbalance and foam level. In a word, it is impossible to pick on the appliance in this sense. Its reliability is proven by the fact that the motor is an induction motor.

And how well this machine handles its main tasks? Almost perfect. Capable of washing 8kg of dry laundry at a time. Many washing programs for the user to choose from. In particular, a prewash is available – for laundry that is extremely dirty. There is also a button on the dashboard that orders the electronics to prevent the laundry from wrinkling. By the way, all the buttons can be blocked from accidental pressing by children – we have to admit that not every washing machine has such a function.

For one wash, the appliance consumes about 65 liters of water. Not a lot, but for small loads of laundry you can choose economy wash, in which case the consumption will be reduced. It is also worth mentioning the low power consumption, as evidenced by the corresponding class A++. In terms of spin and washing efficiency, it corresponds to class A, which is also quite good.

Please note, this washing machine is a full size. That means you need 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep spaces. In many spin modes, the appliance allows you to select a spin speed. Maximum 1800 rpm available. Only jeans and some other dense fabrics can withstand such drum rotation. When washing underwear and bed linen, it is recommended to choose a lower spin speed. And it is not at all terrible that in this case the laundry will have to hang on the rope for some time.

Perhaps, the Asko W6984 S is one of the best and most reliable washing machines among those that can now be found in Russian retail chains. It is nice that it has a timer for delaying the start of washing – it is important for those people who pay a reduced rate for electricity at night. It also has a possibility to set the washing completion time – a kind of analog of the timer. Well, a nice bonus can be considered the automatic opening of the door. This allows the laundry to start drying immediately after spinning – forgetful people will definitely appreciate this feature.


  • There is a timer for delaying the start of washing;
  • Stylish design;
  • The large loading hatch;
  • Quiet operation during washing;
  • High reliability of the induction motor;
  • Implemented the automatic opening of the hatch door;
  • A large number of washing programs;
  • High spin speed when spinning;
  • Fully leak-proof and child-proof button lock;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Huge capacity.


  • Decent water consumption;
  • Very high cost.

Miele WWE 660 WhiteEdition

Rating: 4.8


This representative of our rating is painted in white. However, this only applies to the instance we are considering. As it is easy to guess, there are versions with other colors. However, most buyers make absolutely no difference what kind of housing their washing machine has, usually installed in the bathroom. The only thing is that this body is leak-proof. The model has this protection. It also has a honeycomb drum, the design of which contributes to a better washing.

Everyone knows that a child can disable any thing. Fortunately, about the washing machine Miele WWE 660 WhiteEdition this can not be said. Its control panel can be locked, after which pressing the buttons will lead to nothing. And not just lock, and set a PIN code! How unusual to see such a function in a washing machine! But it can boast of more than just that. It has a drum cleaning function – it is recommended to use it after each wash of laundry that has been very dirty. It should be noted that this will increase the service life of this appliance even more.

It is safe to say that this washing machine is unlikely to break down in five or six years. For someone it will serve even a few decades, especially if a person will not leave metal objects in the pockets of clothes. This appliance works quite quietly. This is important, because some people will activate it at night, when there is a reduced tariff on electricity consumption. And it is not necessary to go to the washing machine after midnight – the device has a full-fledged timer for delaying the start of washing.

The Miele WWE 660 WhiteEdition stands out from the competition. First, this appliance has a huge capacity – the manufacturer claims 8 kg of dry laundry. Secondly, it has the control from your smartphone. This feature is most often used to receive end-of-wash notifications. Thirdly, the automatic detergent dosing is implemented here. This is great, you can not puzzle over how much powder to pour into the appropriate compartment. Fourthly, the device received energy class A+++. It is impossible not to admit that competitors are usually able to boast a smaller number of pluses.

Unfortunately, there are differences for the worse. For example, many potential buyers are intimidated by the weight of 96 kg. If you live on the fifth floor, and there is no elevator in the entrance, it is better to consider buying some other washing machine. Also the spinning efficiency class B is disappointing. Although the drum in this mode rotates at 1400 rpm – this is a very decent value. But the most annoying thing is that the depth is beyond the standard – it is 65 cm. If you intend to install a washing machine in the kitchen, it can protrude beyond the garnish. In short, in this case, too, it is better to consider other models.

It is almost impossible to complain about any other characteristics of this model. There is a control of imbalance and foam level, and even an adult can understand the control panel. In short, a great specimen! Although it is impossible not to admit that some people will find the design of this machine boring.


  • Huge capacity;
  • It is possible to control from a smartphone;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Quiet enough operation;
  • The user is provided with 22 washing programs;
  • There is a timer for delaying the start of washing;
  • Reliable leak protection;
  • The control panel can be locked with a pin code;
  • Has an automatic detergent dosing system.


  • Too big dimensions;
  • The Electrolux EW7F3 is a great toy;
  • Very large weight;
  • High cost.

Electrolux EW7F3R48S

Rating: 4.7


Another very expensive representative of our rating. In Russian stores for this model are asking about 80 thousand. rubles. The reason for this is not only a stylish appearance. Although some people will buy this machine also because of the design. This washing machine will definitely make your kitchen or bathroom more modern. However, many people will pay attention to the huge capacity, low power consumption and high-quality washing in the first place. Well and on, of course, increased reliability.

The dimensions of this appliance are 60x57x85 cm. They allow you to hope that the machine will fit in most kitchens, if the buyer does not have room in the bathroom. As for the capacity, the manufacturer stated 8 kg of dry laundry. It is not difficult to place it in the drum, because the product has received a huge loading hatch. You can start the wash both immediately after placing the laundry in the drum, and some time after that – the device has received a timer for delayed start.

The drum of this machine rotates inside a plastic tank. Partly thanks to this the weight of the Electrolux EW7F3R48S is not at all prohibitive. The drum rotates quite quietly, the noise level during the washing barely reaches 51 dB. Spinning – that’s another conversation. If you activate the speed of 1400 rpm, the noise level increases to 75 dB.

The control panel of this washing machine has a large number of touch keys. However, they are unlikely to confuse an older person, let alone a younger customer. Alas, the machine has no wireless modules, that is why it cannot be controlled from a smartphone. In total, the user is provided with 14 washing programs. Not a record number, but usually enough to wash any type of fabric. By the way, herein lies the main surprise of this model. One of the modes implies steam. This makes it possible to remove even those stains that are deeply embedded in the fabric structure. Though it does not hurt to use a stain remover in this case.

The washing machine is leak-proof. There is also a protection against children, who like to press all kinds of buttons. Of course, imbalance tracking is also implemented here. The situation when the drum is filled with too much foam is also unlikely to occur – this is also monitored by the electronics.

In a word, this car does not cause any caveats. But is it really worth buying it for the money that they ask for it outside of various sales?? This is a good question. As you can see, cheaper models have similar features. They do not offer, maybe, only the steam.


  • There is a compartment for liquid powder;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Steam can be supplied;
  • Built-in timer to delay the start of the wash;
  • Not very noisy operation;
  • Reliable motor;
  • Implemented child and leakage protection;
  • Effective spinning (class A);
  • Very large capacity;
  • Design should please everyone.


  • The machine becomes noisy during spinning;
  • Very high cost;
  • Doesn’t fit in every bathroom.

Bosch WAT 28541

Rating: 4.6


One of the most capacious washing machines among those that made it to our rating. The manufacturer of this model claims 9 kg of dry laundry! This is the maximum for an appliance with dimensions of 60x59x85 cm. And such a capacity is already a surplus for many families. Especially for those who do not yet have children. Interestingly, the spinning of the huge drum does not consume the greatest amount of energy. This is evidenced by the energy class A+++, which is assigned to the washing machine after numerous tests.

This model is controlled by touch buttons and a traditional knob. The latter are used to select the washing program, while the buttons are used to change some or other parameters. For example, the user can activate the washing of sportswear and additionally order the electronics to reduce crumpling. This will especially appeal to those people who do not like to fumble with the iron.

This model allows you to set a specific time to complete the wash. It also boasts a compartment for liquid powder. As for its tank, it is made of plastic. The drum is made of stainless steel. It is interesting that there are LEDs inside it. Such lighting allows you to notice a sock left in the drum in time, even if the bathroom light is off.

It should be noted that this washing machine can be installed even in the kitchen. Rest assured, it will not inconvenience you. During washing the noise level reaches only 48 dB. It is not a record, but close to that value. Of course, during spinning the noise level increases – the claimed 73 dB. And how could it be otherwise, when the drum begins to rotate at 1400 rpm? By the way, the experts assigned the washing machine spinning efficiency class A. Not bad ! The laundry will not hang on the rope for a long time for sure.

The motor used here is not only quiet, but also reliable. It is unlikely that something will happen to it even after 10 years. As for the door, its diameter is increased to 32 cm. All for the convenience of the user! There is also a function of drum cleaning, regular use of which will extend the life of the product even more. Although some will be sorry for a few liters of water that are wasted when activating this mode.

The complete water leak protection is reliably implemented here. Also, the electronics monitor the imbalance and foam level – you can’t have any problems with all that either. Finally, there is also a child protection, which is also important.


  • It is possible to set the washing completion time;
  • There is lighting of the drum;
  • The large loading hatch;
  • Cute design;
  • Quiet operation, especially during washing;
  • Full protection against leaks;
  • Implemented direct injection;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • A good spin;
  • Large capacity.


  • The cost can not be called low;
  • The touch screen display is not blocked during the wash;
  • Condensation may occur in the powder tray.

Samsung WD806U2GAGD

Rating: 4.6


This washing machine has a dark silver color. This model boasts a very high reliability. But it has to pay a lot of money, the Russian sellers ask for at least 62 thousand rubles. RUB. However, the price issue goes into the background when you learn about the presence of a full-fledged dryer inside this appliance.

Note, the capacity of this washing machine varies depending on whether you plan to use the dryer. If you don’t need your laundry to dry quickly, you can load 8kg of laundry in the drum. If you plan to still activate the dryer, then load half as much laundry.

It should be noted that with the presence of the dryer, the high-speed spinning is no longer necessary. Apparently, that is why the manufacturer has limited the drum rotation speed to 1200 rpm. As a result, the appliance received the spinning efficiency class B. Well, many washing machines without any dryer can not rotate the drum faster.

It is noticeable that the manufacturer has spared no expense on the electronic component. Only 10 washing programs are available for the user to choose from. Some people will not find it enough. In our opinion this is an ideal amount. Practice shows that older people begin to get confused when they see 15-20 programs. And young people, too, for that matter. There is a spot removal program, washing outerwear, washing delicate fabrics, washing wool – most people should have enough of these modes. There is no steam, direct injection or anything like that – you can see that the main money was spent on the realization of drying. And on the motor.

The motor built in here is an inverter. This means that it turned out to be reliable and quiet. And even if any problems occur in the future, the machine allows you to diagnose errors through a special app on your smartphone. The laundry is placed in the drum through a very large hatch, the door of which swings open all 180 degrees. Another thing that can not be ignored is the presence of a timer for delaying the start of washing. However, two- and three-zone tariffs for electricity consumption in our country are not too popular, so many buyers will not even notice this timer.

Why this washing machine does not open our rating? The fact is that it is not able to boast of maximum reliability. For some reason, its manufacturer has been limited to a partial leakage protection. But this is the only disadvantage of this plan. Control of foam level and imbalance is not forgotten. Child protection is also present here. As for power consumption, the product belongs to the appropriate class A+.

Perhaps this washing machine is worthy of the money spent on it. You will hardly find another appliance with bubble washing and well-implemented drying that has a lower price tag. What is interesting, this model is also very compact! Its depth is only 45 cm. It is amazing how with such a parameter it was able to get an 8-kilogram capacity!


  • The washing machine is made narrow;
  • Huge capacity;
  • There is a built-in dryer;
  • Bubble washing is possible;
  • Quiet and reliable inverter motor;
  • Not very high power consumption;
  • There is a protection against children;
  • There is a timer to delay the start of the wash;
  • Stylish Design.


  • Only partial leakage protection;
  • Noisy spin.

AEG L 574270 SL

Rating: 4.5

AEG L 574270 SL

This washing machine has a more familiar appearance. Most of its metal body is painted white. The only exception to the rule is the boot lid – it turns out to be silver. Herewith the price of the device does not differ from the price tag of the above reviewed competitors – for this washing machine they ask the same 62-65 thousand. rubles. So, here, too, we should expect a full-fledged dryer? Alas, it is not.

Unfortunately, the appliance does not really have a dryer. But it has received more energy-efficient insides. For each kilogram of laundry wastes about 0.12 kWh of electricity. As a result, the appliance received an appropriate A class+++. Even more someone will like the water flow rate, not exceeding 45 liters. In short, at one time you will spend a fairly large amount, but in the future you will save on payments for electricity and water.

Another great thing about this representative of our rating is that it is fully leak-proof. But it is hardly useful, as here are used reliable components, which are extremely difficult to break. The intuitive control panel allows you to select not only the washing program, but also the water temperature. By the way, among the list of modes there is one that is needed for washing curtains – such a program is found in such appliances very rarely. The washing is very quiet: 49dB is barely audible even in the kitchen. However, the situation changes during the spin cycle. The drum starts rotating at up to 1200 rpm, as a result the noise level rises to 73 dB. If you use the delayed start timer, it is better to set a lower spin speed, otherwise the washing machine may wake you up. By the way, it has received a spin class B from the experts, and you shouldn’t expect ever dry clothes in any case.

Otherwise, AEG L 574270 SL is unlikely to surprise you. Moreover, the device is even a bit disappointing. The saddest feelings arise after getting acquainted with the capacity – it is only 6.5 kg. If you have a couple or two kids living in your family, this will definitely not be enough. By the way, there is a protection against children here, so if you properly lock the buttons will not lead to anything. And the system monitors the foam level and fights with imbalance. But even cheaper washing machines can do it.

Unfortunately, this device does not reach the maximum reliability. The fact that there is no direct drive. Instead of it the bearing system is used. If you read the reviews, two of them say that there were problems. One of them has to do with bearing failure, and that’s a very expensive repair.


  • The depth of the machine is only 45 cm;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Economical consumption of water;
  • Full leakage protection;
  • A child protection is implemented;
  • Both imbalance and foam level are controlled;
  • There is a timer to delay the start of the wash;
  • There is a storage compartment for liquid powder.


  • Noisy wringing;
  • It is possible to buy a defective copy;
  • High cost.



Rating: 4.5

LG FH-6G1BC<h2></div><p>N” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/11416666193321-6212.jpg” title=”LG FH-6G1BC</p><h2>N”><p>In its time, it was the LG company that began to implement the direct-drive motor in its washing machines. The South Koreans guarantee that this motor will serve at least ten years. Also, this motor is able to boast of quiet operation. And how many options of drum rotation are available to him?! In short, to buy LG FH-6G1BC</p><h2>N is only possible because of the motor used here. However, this is not the only advantage of this washing machine.<p>As you may have noticed, the appliance got a huge loading hatch. The manufacturer even had to place the control panel on it, since the upper part of the machine is closed with this very hatch. It has benefited the design – many of your guests will be surprised by such a washing machine, as it is very different from most competitors.</p><p>The drum of this product is also very large. Manufacturer claims loading capacity of 12kg of dry laundry! It turns out that this machine can wash a down jacket and a blanket, and many other things that usually do not fit in the drums of competitors. Moreover, not only washing, but also drying! The thing is that this device has a built-in dryer. When it is used, it is possible to load the drum with eight kilograms of laundry. Interestingly, the machine is able to send a notification of the end of the drying process to your smartphone. It was to be expected, because the South Koreans have been producing not only household appliances, but also cell phones for quite a long time.</p><p>Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage in such a large drum. And it is not about the noise level, which even during the washing reaches 56 dB. The machine itself is quite large. Its front side is convex, so that the depth of the device reaches 64 cm. Consequently, the appliance would not fit in every bathroom. You don’t always have room for it in the kitchen, either. But if your place of residence is still able to accept such a monster, then after the purchase you will not be disappointed!</p><p>This machine can be connected to hot water. This is recommended if you are not worried about subsequent bills for its consumption. If we talk about safety, it is impossible not to note the child protection. And a small child will definitely want to press the buttons, since they are in an unexpected place. It also has a leakage protection. Not forgotten is the electronic control that monitors the imbalance and foam level.</p><p>12 programs in total are provided to the user. Among them, you can find all the most necessary washing modes. There is even a steam feed! However, how could you do without it, if the washing machine has a dryer, and its size – so impressive? The start of the wash can be delayed, the maximum available 19 hours. At the end of it starts the rinse. Then the spinning starts. The drum rotation speed in this mode is regulated depending on the selected program. The maximum speed available is 1600 rpm. Perhaps only jeans can be spun in this way, other fabrics can be damaged by the centrifugal force.</p><p>This model meets the spin and wash efficiency classes A. The same here and the power consumption class. And this can no longer be called an advantage – as you may have noticed, the devices discussed above are more energy efficient.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Unusual appearance;</li><li>There is a built-in dryer for 8 kg of laundry;</li><li>Huge capacity;</li><li>It is possible to control from a smartphone;</li><li>Motor with direct drive;</li><li>Excellent spinning;</li><li>It has electronic control of foam level and imbalance;</li><li>Implemented protection against children and water leaks;</li><li>Do not forget the timer delaying the start of the wash.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Rather high power consumption;</li><li>Quite a loud spin;</li><li>Large size;</li><li>High cost;</li><li>A bit shaky when you set the speed.</li></ul><h3>Electrolux EW6F3R41S</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=ELECTROLUX EW6F3R41S

Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux is also known for the fact that many of its devices are very reliable. For example, to put the washing machine EW6F3R41S out of operation only on purpose. Or leaving heavy metal objects in your pockets. But it is impossible not to admit that this appliance is very expensive. Russian retail chains are asking about 73 thousand for it. rubles. Is it worth the money??

To begin with, this washing machine has turned out to be quite narrow. Its depth is only 52 cm. This allows you to place the device in a small bathroom, kitchen or hallway. At the same time the manufacturer has squeezed out of the above-mentioned parameter all possible. The drum used here holds 10kg of dry laundry! This means that even a down jacket and other outerwear can be washed in this machine. What is important, the device tries to conserve water and electricity. Only 46 litres of water are used per wash; in some modes even less. The buyer should be pleased with the energy class A+++. However, higher power consumption was not to be expected, as there is no built-in dryer.

It is obvious that the Swedes decided to concentrate their skills on creating a powerful motor. Its capacity is quite enough to spin the drum to a speed of 1400 rpm. It makes your shirts, panties, and other such clothes just about dry. Well, items of less thick fabrics should be spun at a slower drum speed, otherwise they would be torn.

Only 14 washing programs are provided to the user. There is no steam or something similar here. But there is an “Anti-allergy” mode that provides an intensive rinse, which removes all traces of detergents from the cloths. By the way, you do not need to use the traditional detergent every time – there is a compartment for liquid detergent.

This machine has a timer to postpone the start of washing. It also has a leak protection, albeit partial. There is a child safety feature. This is important because such roomy washing machines are usually purchased by families with several small children who love to press the various buttons.


  • Huge capacity;
  • The machine is quite narrow;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Excellent spin;
  • High spin speed of the drum during spinning;
  • The low water flow rate;
  • There is a control of imbalance and foam level;
  • Not forgotten is the timer for the delayed start of washing;
  • There is a compartment for liquid powder.


  • Very high cost;
  • The noise level cannot be called low.

Vestfrost VFWM 1460 WG

Rating: 4.4


One of the most atypical washing machines in our rating. Its manufacturer has thought of the fact that usually the user is not interested at all in watching the laundry rotating in the drum during the washing. So he decided to give his creation a tinted glass. He also made a little fiddling with the control panel, which also differs from the analogues in other washing machines. At the same time, the price tag of this device does not make you grab your heart – Russian sellers ask about 50 thousand. rubles.

This model has a capacity of 8 kg of dry linen. This was achieved, among other things, by increasing the depth to 58 cm. Yes, to install this appliance you will have to look for a solid piece of space. But you’ll get a roomy washing machine that does a great job. And not only with the main one, it is quite good at spinning! The drum starts rotating at 1400 rpm in this mode, unless a limit is set in the selected washing program. All sorts of small things after that become half-dry! Of course, a stay on the clothesline will still be necessary, but it will not be long.

For one wash, this appliance consumes about 60 liters of water. The only exception is the economical washing modes. And if you can still complain about the water consumption, then there is no question about power consumption. This is evidenced by the corresponding class A+++.

Of course, there is a protection against water leaks. Full or partial – this is a question, even on the official website of the manufacturer this item is not specified. Moreover, there is child protection here – to lock the control panel one should perform simple actions. The built-in electronics also fight imbalance and control the foam level.

Of particular note is a well-thought-out set of programs. It even has direct injection, which makes it slightly better at removing serious stains. There is a night mode. In it, the noise level is significantly reduced, albeit at the expense of a longer wash. In normal mode, the noise level is 53dB. During the spin it goes up to 74 dB. By the way, the motor is brushless – this contributes not only to the silence, but also to a long service life.


  • There is a timer to delay the start of the wash;
  • It uses a 33 cm loading hatch;
  • Quiet and durable motor;
  • Child and leakage protection are present;
  • There is a control of the foam level and imbalance;
  • A very efficient spin;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Decent capacity;
  • Unusual design.


  • Quite a loud spin;
  • High water consumption;
  • The cost can not be called low.

Samsung WW65K42E08W

Rating: 4.3


At one of the consumer electronics shows, Samsung has managed to surprise not only ordinary visitors, but also seasoned journalists. It has introduced a series of front-loading washing machines that support reloading! It is implemented as simply as possible – in the hatch built in a separate door, the water from which does not splash out, even if the drum is filled to half. This is the boot door of the relatively inexpensive Samsung WW65K42E08W washing machine, the price of which in Russian retail chains amounts to 30-35 thousand roubles. RUB.

Perhaps it is the additional loading of laundry that is the main distinguishing feature of this appliance. In other respects, the washing machine is unlikely to surprise. With a depth of 45 cm, it fits even in small bathrooms, not to mention kitchens and hallways. As for the drum used here, it can only take 6.5 kg of laundry. For a family of two it will be enough, more filled families are in question. Interestingly, the drum has special holes, thanks to which the bubble washing is implemented. If you believe the manufacturer, then this method of washing copes adequately with the elimination of heavy dirt.

Samsung is known for its smartphones that sell millions of copies. So it is not surprising that even such an inexpensive washing machine has a wireless module. It allows you to control the device from a smartphone, using a special app for this. Basically, this feature is needed to receive notifications that the washing and spinning is complete.

If we talk about the functionality of the machine, it cannot be called extraordinary. The control panel provides 12 washing programs. The most interesting of them is the stain removal program, which can be supplemented by steam. This allows the detergent to penetrate deep into the fabric structure. Here is available and economical washing. But even without it, the machine consumes only 39 liters of water.

Alas, but this model can not be called energy efficient. The washing machine only gets energy class A. And the spin class efficiency of B, which will upset someone even more. Alas, 1200 rpm is not the speed at which the laundry becomes absolutely dry. Fortunately, these are the only serious disadvantages of the washing machine. However, we can attribute the partial leakage protection to it. If we forget for a moment that only much more expensive models have full protection.

It remains to add that the control panel of this washing machine allows you to lock itself against children. The user can also set the end of the washing to a certain time. And don’t forget about drum cleaning! If you use this function regularly, it will last even longer.

Advantages of

  • High-quality ceramic heater;
  • It is possible to set the time of the end of the washing;
  • Steam supply is available;
  • There is a protection against children;
  • Imbalance and foam level control is implemented;
  • It is possible to load more laundry;
  • The washing machine turned out to be narrow;
  • Minimum water consumption per wash;
  • It is possible to control from a smartphone;
  • The cost can not be called very high.


  • Not the best spin;
  • Rather high power consumption;
  • Noisy spin;
  • Steam does not work in the best way.

Bosch WLT 24440

Rating: 4.2


Finishing our rating are those washing machines, which can hardly be called any unusual. For example, Bosch WLT 24440 is a typical narrow model, the depth of which is 45 cm. Its loading hatch has a silver rim, and inside the drum installed there is room for 7 kg of dry laundry. To control the machine uses touch buttons, the purpose of which will be understandable even to an elderly person. Someone will be pleased with the presence of a timer for the delayed start of washing. When using it, the night mode of washing comes in handy – it makes the process last longer, but it is quieter.

This appliance includes an EcoSilence Drive motor. Thanks in part to it, the noise level during washing is barely 49dB. When wringing, of course, the situation changes – the noise level rises to 72 dB.

A total of 15 programs for the user to choose from. Among them, direct injection is particularly interesting. It also has a quick wash and super rinse, which are the most popular programs. Not forgotten and a separate mode for washing jeans.

The low cost of the device forced the manufacturer to abandon the dryer. And it did not achieve the surprisingly high spin speed. The drum is able to rotate at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm. Experts have given the machine a spinning efficiency class of B. This indicates that the laundry needs to be dried on a rope. But the appliance does not need large amounts of electricity to spin the drum – the washing machine boasts energy class A+++. Nothing bad can be said about water consumption – one typical wash takes 38 liters.

This model has received full protection against water leaks. And this despite the relatively low cost of the device! This is also equipped with a childproof lock. Of course, the electronics knows how to monitor the foam level, as well as the imbalance.

Expertology writes not only about the positive aspects of the products under consideration, so we must mention the main disadvantage of the washing machine that got into our rating. Buyers of Bosch WLT 24440 complain that after a few months they begin to notice the sagging of the loading hatch. To close it, you have to lift the door, which does not please at all. Also not everyone understands why the machine does not show the correct washing time.


  • The diameter of the loading hatch reaches 32 cm;
  • There is a timer to delay the start of the wash;
  • Quiet and reliable motor;
  • All the most necessary programs are available;
  • Full leakage protection;
  • There is a possibility of locking the control panel from children;
  • There is control over the level of foam and imbalance;
  • Minimal water consumption;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Decent capacity.


  • The spin cannot be called perfect;
  • The rubber gasket regularly accumulates water;
  • There is a problem with the sagging of the hatch;
  • Displays incorrect remaining wash time.

Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6S4R06W

Rating: 4.2


One of the easiest washing machines in our rating. Not only does it have a white housing, it also has a white door frame. This makes the device boring, but for it they ask only 20 thousand. RUB!

The dimensions of this model are 60x38x85 cm. It is safe to say that the device will fit even in a fairly small bathroom. But one should not count on large capacity with such dimensions and such a low price tag. The manufacturer claims only 6 kg. Needless to say, there is no dryer. But the most disappointing is the spin cycle. When this mode is activated the drum is capable of rotating at up to 1000 rpm. As they say, not enough will be. Not surprisingly, the experts awarded the washing machine spin efficiency class C.

Otherwise, it is difficult to pick on the product. It spends about 43 liters of water in one wash. And even less if you set it to economy mode. Also the machine can boast of energy class A+++. Whether the appliance is fully leak-proof – unknown. But some kind of protection is definitely present here. Also the user can lock the control panel against children. In short, the accidental pressing of certain buttons is not terrible!

In total, there are 14 washing programs. Surprisingly, it even delivers steam! However, do not hope for perfect results when you activate it. The modes used for washing jeans and sports clothes look much more useful.

The machine can be programmed to start after a certain time – the timer can be set for up to 20 hours. Still the product is able to please the compartment for liquid powder. As for the noise level, it is quite acceptable – during the washing it does not exceed 58 dB. It’s only during spinning that the noise level starts to reach 76dB.


  • Childproofing;
  • Both foam and imbalance levels are controlled;
  • All the most useful programs are available;
  • Implemented steam supply;
  • Not forgotten is the timer delaying the start of the wash;
  • Built-in compartment for liquid powder;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Low water consumption;
  • Low cost;
  • The machine is quite narrow.


  • A frankly bad spin;
  • Small capacity.


Now you know what washing machines are the most reliable among those sold now in the Russian retail. Note that their other characteristics also evoke positive emotions. It is unlikely that any of the washing machines reviewed here can seriously disappoint you. But they’re not without their drawbacks. Practice shows that even the most expensive models have them.

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