The 10 best three burner hobs

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a sales pitch. Please consult with an expert before purchasing.

The heroes of our review are three-burner built-in hobs. This type of technology is just beginning to conquer the domestic market, but every year there are more and more stoves with three burners. The reason of popularity – compact size. Statistically we almost never use all 4 burners at the same time, plus three-burner hobs take up less space. It is suitable for small kitchens or studio apartments.

For our review we have chosen 10 of the best models of hobs. All nominees were divided into three categories according to the principle of operation – induction hobs, electric and gas. In this review we did not include equipment of the premium segment, as it does not fit in several criteria for selection, namely the ratio between cost and quality.

When selecting models we considered build quality, functionality, price, design and technical parameters. We also paid special attention to the practical side, namely how the hobs showed themselves in real people’s use.

For information, we used data from review sites, forums, official websites of manufacturers, popular marketplaces and other public resources.

The 10 best three burner hobs

The best three burner induction hobs4Weissgauff HI 430 B40 030 €
3MAUNFELD EVI.453-BK31 990 €
2Haier HHY-Y53NVB22 990 €
1Kaiser KCT 6736 FI59 899 €
The best three-burner electric cooktop3Weissgauff HV 431 B27 570 €
2Korting HK 6351 B326 389 €
1Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK34 305 €
The best gas cooktops at three burners3Simfer H45V30M42015 340 €
2Weissgauff HGG 451 XFH18 990 €
1GEFEST PWG 2100-01 K3323 803 €

The best three burner induction hobs

In this group there are 4 cooking plates from popular manufacturers in Russia. Each of the models has its own features that make them stand out from the competition.

Weissgauff HI 430 B

Rating: 4.6

Weissgauff HI 430 B

We start our review with the Weissgauff HI 430 B panel from the Russian manufacturer with German roots. The surface is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Laconic design makes this model perfect for modern kitchens. Instead of traditional circular marking of heating zones the manufacturer uses original designations in the form of crosses.

The touch control panel is at the bottom right. It is intuitive and uncomplicated. Among the main functions of the hob is the power control for each cooking plate (from 1 to 9), child lock, timer to shut off (from 1 to 99 minutes). There’s also a safety shutoff system for overheating or other device malfunctions.

According to the manufacturer, the sensors are calibrated so that they work in one touch, even if the user has wet or cold hands.

One of the features of the cooktop is the Booster function, which is implemented on two of the three burners (as evidenced by the appropriate inscription). When you activate this option, all the power of the stove will be directed to a specific burner, which will significantly speed up the cooking process.

The model is very popular among consumers, as evidenced by the “buyers’ choice” mark on the Yandex resource.Market. Users note the stylish design, easy operation and the presence of a timer for turning off. The disadvantages are higher noise level during operation.

Thanks to the optimal combination between quality and price, as well as the absence of expensive options Weissgauff HI 430 B cooktop looks favorably against competitors and takes one of the leading places in our rating.


  • The original design.
  • Booster mode.
  • Convenient control panel.


  • Increased noise background (according to consumer reviews).


Rating: 4.7


The next cooktop in our rating – MAUNFELD EVI.453-BK from Russian brand with English registration. The stove is assembled in China, and it is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Despite the relatively low price, the model is equipped with a wide range of features. The first thing I want to mention is the slider control of burner power. It’s more convenient and simpler than a traditional one, allowing you to control the heating zone faster and more accurately. As an additional option, there is a timer to turn off each heating zone. Two out of three burners support Booster function, which, when activated, directs all the burner power for a short period of time to a single circuit.

The hob is equipped with a multi-stage safety system – it will not turn on if it is plugged in incorrectly, will automatically shut off if it overheats or if water gets on the control panel. There is also a child lock system.

Two powerful built-in fans are used to cool the heating zones.

Buyers appreciated the fast heating, easy slider control and safe operation of the hob. To the disadvantages of the owners of technicians include a loud hum at maximum power, as well as discrete (pulse) heating mode, during which the stove does not work constantly, but turns on for a while and turns off at certain intervals.

The optimal combination of cost and functionality allowed the cooktop induction cooktop MAUNFELD EVI.The 453-BK has earned the trust of consumers and become one of the most popular models in its price category.


  • Slider control.
  • Multi-stage protection system.
  • Rapid booster mode.
  • Boost function.


  • Discrete heating.
  • A strong rumble at maximum power (according to consumer reviews).

Haier HHY-Y53NVB

Rating: 4.8


Haier HHY-Y53NVB is a three-burner induction hob from a major Chinese manufacturer of home appliances and electronics. The model will be covered by a 12-month warranty.

One of the features of the plate – it’s spectacular appearance, which is achieved through the square outlines of the heating zones and oblique 45 degree edges of glass ceramic cloth.

In addition to its original appearance, the panel boasts a touch control, nine power levels, the presence of a timer and child lock. Thanks to the Boost function, all the power of the hob is transferred to one burner for 5 minutes, providing the fastest heating.

Owners of the hob note its modern stylish design, as well as the ease of operation and fast heating. Critical disadvantages were not found, but some users complain about the three identical in diameter heating zone, which is not very convenient when working with dishes that are too small or too large in diameter.

We recommend the Haier HHY-Y53NVB induction hob to all users who want a compact, convenient and functional appliance.


  • Modern design.
  • Fast heating with Boost function.
  • Simple touch control.


  • The same diameter heating zones (according to consumer reviews).

Kaiser KCT 6736 FI

Rating: 4.9

Kaiser KCT 6736 FI

The last cooktop in this category is the Kaiser KCT 6736 FI from the German brand of large home appliances. The surface is made in Germany and has a one-year warranty.

A distinctive feature of the product is a glass-ceramic cloth from the German manufacturer SCHOTT CERAN, which is one of the world leaders in the production of glass-ceramic for household appliances. The canvas is resistant to mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations, and the graphic elements are resistant to abrasion and exposure to chemicals and abrasives. It guarantees the appearance of the plate for many years.

Among the features of the panel should be noted all three heating zones of different sizes, allowing the use of pots with different diameter bottom. Each of the burners is equipped with the option POWER, thanks to which for a short period of time the entire power of the stove can be transferred to a particular burner.

Thanks to the slider, you can control the power of the cooking zones more precisely and easily, and a childproof lock prevents you from accidentally knocking over the settings. The timer for each burner allows you to set the exact time of shutdown, which will automate the cooking process.

The modern design of the surface is complemented by beveled faceted edges.

To the advantages of the hob owners of the appliances include a stylish appearance and convenient slider control. Among the disadvantages, some users indicated an uneven increase in heating between power levels.

German build quality, stylish design and simple slider touch control allowed the panel Kaiser KCT 6736 FI to become one of the best models in the price range of about 40 thousand rubles.


  • All heating zones have a different diameter.
  • High power POWER function.
  • German ceramic SCHOTT CERAN.
  • Slider control.


  • Too much power difference between adjacent levels.

The best electric hobs for three burners

In the category of the best electric hobs with three heating zones included three models from popular manufacturers. All of them are made on the basis of glass-ceramic. Metal hobs with “pancake” burners were not included in our rating because of their obsolescence and technical obsolescence.

Weissgauff HV 431 B

Rating: 4.7


Opens the category Weissgauff HV 431 B hob. This is the second hob of this brand in our review.

The feature of the stove is the presence of a double heating zone, which allows you to use pots and pans with different bottom diameters. Under the glass-ceramic cloth are located band type heaters Hi-

  • ght, which have improved reliability and increased heat output compared to traditional heating elements.

    Burners are controlled through a common slider, which makes the process of setting the heating level simple and convenient. As additional options, it is worth noting the control panel lock and timer.

    In case of water on the sensors, as well as overheating of burners or prolonged operation, the security system triggers and turns off the stove.

    The surface is very popular with consumers, as evidenced by the high rating of the product on the resource Yandex.Market and Buyer’s Choice mark. The advantage of the model the owners of technology include quick output of a large burner to the desired level of heat, the availability of slider and low cost. Among the disadvantages, consumers point too short power cord and the long cooling process of the burner.

    We recommend the compact Weissgauff HV 431 B electric hob for the best ratio of price, usability and build quality in this price range.


    • Convenient slider control.
    • The optimal combination of functionality, usability and quality.


    • Short cable.
    • It takes a long time to cool down (according to the reviews of users).

    Korting HK 6351 B3

    Rating: 4.8

    KORTING HK 6351 B3

    The next panel in our review is the Korting HK 6351 B3. This European brand is part of the Gorenje concern. Assembled panel in Italy, and the factory warranty is 1 year.

    The model received two single heating zones of different diameters and one three-circuit burner, which allows you to use dishes with almost any size of day.

    For the convenience of the user implemented slider control. The surface is equipped with all the necessary additional options – timer, safety lock the control panel, the automatic power off in case of overheating.

    The side edges of the ceramic hob have a 45 degree bevel that gives the hob an original look.

    Among the advantages of the panel, users note the presence of a slider, triple heating zone and modern design. No critical faults were found.

    Korting HK 6351 B3 cooktop is considered one of the best in its product segment in terms of quality, functionality and price, so we can safely recommend it for purchase to all users.


    • Slider control.
    • Three-circuit burner.


    • No.

    Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

    Rating: 4.9

    Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

    Completes the review of the best three-burner electric hobs Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK. The surface is assembled in Germany and has an official guarantee of one year.

    Unlike most three-burner counterparts, the model is made in full-size format with a surface width of about 60 cm. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the stove. The downside is that it’s not compact and takes up as much space as a traditional 4-burner hob. The advantage is that three pots with different diameter bottoms can be used on the stove at the same time, so they do not touch each other.

    The features of the model is the presence of a large three-circuit burner with a maximum diameter of 27 cm. Touch control, individual for each burner.

    On Yandex.Market surface Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK has the mark “buyers’ choice”, indicating the quality of technology and a high level of consumer confidence. Among the advantages: large burner, easy touch control and high-quality construction. Disadvantage – no timer.

    Sophisticated configuration of cooking zones and intuitive controls allowed the cooktop Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK to become one of the best competitors in its price group.


    • A triple cooking zone with a maximum diameter of 27 cm.
    • Intelligent placement of the burners.


    • No timer.

    The best gas cooktops on three burners

    In the category of the best three-burner gas burner built-in hobs, there are three models from popular brands. All nominees received high marks from consumers, as well as the prestigious “consumer’s choice” mark according to Yandex marketplace.Market. Each panel has its own unique features, thanks to which it compares favorably with competitors in its product group.

    Simfer H45V30M420

    Rating: 4.7

    SIMFER H45V30M420

    Let’s start the review of this category with the hob Simfer H45V30M420. The equipment is assembled in Turkey at the company’s own plant and is covered by the company’s five-year warranty.

    The base material of the panel is stainless steel AISI-304, which has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The control panel is located on the bottom, each of the three knobs has a built-in igniter. This allows you to easily ignite the burner with one hand.

    The grate is solid, enameled, with protection against corrosion. The large burner is located on the right side, so there is enough space for it. This allows you to use a pan or saucepan with a large bottom.

    The kit includes everything necessary for quick installation of the built-in panel, as well as for connection to the main gas or gas storage tank. No gas hose included in the set.

    Advantages of the surface – compact size, proper positioning of burners, built-in electric ignition in the handle. The disadvantage – the lack of “gas control” system.

    We recommend the Simfer H45V30M420 three-burner hob to all users who want a reliable and practical appliance at a bargain price.


    • Stainless steel surface.
    • Built-in electric ignition.


    • No gas control system.

    Weissgauff HGG 451 XFH

    Rating: 4.8


    The new model in our rating – Weissgauff HGG 451 XFH. The panel is made of stainless steel and has a modern stylish design.

    A distinctive feature from most competitors is the presence of cast-iron grids. Unlike enameled steel, cast iron does not burn or deform, and can withstand heavy loads.

    Control knobs are centered at the bottom, there is a built-in ignition switch. Gas control” system implemented for safe operation. Panel shuts off gas supply if burner flame is extinguished by draught.

    Another advantage of the surface – a large burner with a double row of flame. This not only allows you to cook faster in dishes with a larger bottom diameter, but also to use a WOK pan or wok with a rounded bottom.

    Advantages of the model – “gas control” system, cast iron grids, turbo burner. Disadvantage – there is no included angular adapter for threaded connection (there is only with a nipple for a rubber hose and clamp).

    Good build quality, the safety system, the cast iron cookware holders and the turbo burner differentiate the Weissgauff HGG 451 XFH hob from competitors in its price category.


    • Cast iron grids.
    • Gas control.
    • Turbo burner.


    • No angle adapter for the threaded connection (according to consumer feedback).

    GEFEST PVG 2100-01 K33

    Rating: 4.9

    GEFEST PVG 2100-01 K33

    The last model in this category and in the entire review is the GEFEST PVG 2100-01 K33 from the Belarusian manufacturer of kitchen stoves and built-in appliances. Equipment is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    The distinctive feature of the panel is its design. The model is made in the format “gas on glass”, so as the base is used as a black toughened glass. Holders for dishes are made of cast iron and they are separate for each burner. This combination of materials gives the surface a modern and very stylish look. In addition, the glass base is very easy to care for. The only disadvantage is that the glass can easily be scratched or broken if the surface is not handled carefully.

    Control panel on bottom right hand side. Each handle has a built-in electric ignition, and each burner has a sensor system “gas control”. The right large burner is two-circuit.

    Buyers note the panel design, the presence of a turbo burner, and the cast-iron holders. The disadvantage is the high marking of black glass, which shows the dust and stains from the rag.

    We recommend the cooker hob GEFEST PVG 2100-01 K33 for its original design, clever arrangement of burners and high quality of assembly.


    • Cast-iron brackets.
    • Gas control.
    • Good looks.


    • Marked glass (according to consumer reviews).
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