The 10 best gas ovens

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The present material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with an expert before purchase.

This review focuses on built-in ovens. We have selected 10 best models from renowned manufacturers, including Russian companies. For convenience, we have divided all nominees into 3 categories – the best inexpensive models, the best medium and premium class ovens, and the best compact oven with a front width of only 45 cm.

When selecting specific models we were not only guided by the popularity of the brand, functionality and practicality, but also took into account the characteristics of technology in real life. To do this, we studied reviews from customers who have been using a particular gas oven for a certain amount of time, so that we can identify all of its drawbacks, advantages and features. Such information is very helpful when choosing a particular model.

All the data for our review was obtained from public sources of information – the sites of manufacturers, thematic forums, various “otzoviks” (for example, or otziv-), as well as from the Yandex marketplace.Market.

How to choose a gas oven

When choosing a gas built-in oven, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Volume and dimensions.
  2. Accessories.
  3. Functionality.
  4. additional options.

Gas ovens come in two sizes – standard and compact. In the first case, the front of the technique has a width of 60 cm, and in the second – 45 cm. Note that models with a narrow body are very few, so count on a huge range in this case will not work. This is quite a specific technique, so not every company has mastered its production.

There are many more standard sized ovens, so there will always be something to choose from in this category in terms of appearance, equipment and functionality.

Gas ovens come in two configurations – gas only or combined. The first one has a bottom burner inside and an open grill (not on all models). The second option – the bottom is gas and the grill is electric. Electric grill is considered more practical and safer than an open gas burner, but a completely gas oven does not consume electricity during operation (the light bulb does not count).

The functionality of the oven directly depends on its configuration and equipment. Among the useful options are the presence of a rotating spit for grilling chicken and other dishes, as well as convection for even cooking of all ingredients (especially important for baking).

The functions that provide comfortable use of technology, it is worth attributing the presence of a timer with shutdown and delayed start (in the budget models, there is only a mechanical timer with audible alarm). You should also pay attention to the oven cleaning system, which can be hydrolytic (water is poured into the tray, which evaporates during heating, softening the grease on the walls) or catalytic (special enamel with self-cleaning function).

The right gas oven will cook a variety of dishes quickly, conveniently, and safely – from simple casseroles and grilled chicken, to cakes and other baked goods.

Rating of the best gas ovens

The best budget gas ovens5GEFEST GHE 601-01 A12 490 €
4Beko BIGT21100X22 331 €
3GEFEST DEG 621-0316 870 €
2MBS DG-60422 620 €
1Indesit IGW 324 IX28 799 €
The best gas ovens in the medium and premium price segment4Electrolux EOG 92102 CX50 312 €
3De’Longhi CGGBA56 900 €
2Kaiser EG 637254 406 €
1Smeg SF6341GVX97 790 €
The best narrow gas oven1Krona STRETTO 45 WH32 905 €

Best cheap gas ovens

For this category we have selected 5 models from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers. Pay attention to the fact that the concept of “cheap gas oven” is deceptive, as these models, even with the basic functionality will cost more than their electric counterparts. If the price range for electric ovens is considered average, 20000-30000 rubles, then for gas ovens it will be inexpensive.

Each of the presented models has its own features (functionality, equipment, design, control system), which make it the best in its product group.


Rating: 4.5


We begin our review with the model GEFEST DGE 601-01 A from the famous Belarusian manufacturer. The oven is produced at the modern factory of the company “Brestgazoapparat” and has a one year warranty.

Laconic design in matte black, so it blends well into any modern or classic kitchen.

Oven is equipped with a mechanical two-hour timer, temperature knob and programmer. The user can choose one of the three traditional modes – bottom heating, top and bottom, as well as a rotating grill. Note that the grill in the oven is electric, which makes cooking faster and more environmentally friendly (compared to the open gas burner).

For user convenience, the electric ignition of the main burner is built into the handle, and the presence of a “gas-control” system will ensure safe operation of the technique.

There are removable metal rails inside the chamber, and a special heat-resistant enamel ensures easy cleaning. The oven is equipped with a double lighting system, which provides a full view of the entire interior.

According to reviews on the site Yandex.Market, the model has a rating of 4.7, with 100 percent of buyers recommending the oven for purchase. On the positive side, users include an affordable price, easy operation, high-quality gas thermostat with an error of no more than 5 degrees and stylish appearance. Among the disadvantages of the owners of technology note the lack of an external thermometer for visual control over the temperature.

Reasonable price, simple and reliable design, good functionality and user-friendly controls make the GEFEST DGE 601-01 A model to occupy one of the leading positions among inexpensive gas ovens.


  • Electric grill with spit.
  • Metal guides.
  • The ignition is built into the handle.


  • No external thermometer.

Beko BIGT21100X

Rating: 4.6

Beko BIGT21100X

Beko BIGT21100X – gas oven in the inexpensive price segment from the popular Turkish brand of large home appliances. The model is manufactured in a modern factory in Turkey and has an official two-year warranty.

The oven has a modern design and its striking appearance is accentuated by a combination of dark glass and stainless steel. The model is equipped with mechanical controls that are located on the front panel. In total, there are three rotary switches – the first is responsible for the operating mode of the lower gas burner, the central knob is a mechanical two-hour timer, and using the third switch you can activate the electric grill with a rotating spit.

Oven is equipped with metal wire guides that protect the walls of the chamber from scratches and provide easy leveling of the tray (5 levels in total).

The model received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark on the Yandexst resource.Market. The owners of the oven note the high quality of construction, stylish appearance and good value for money. No critical flaws were identified, only some users would like a richer steel color on the front panel, and that more color options were available.

We recommend the Beko BIGT21100X to all users who want to buy a quality and reliable gas oven for cooking various everyday and festive dishes.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Modern design.
  • Simple to use.
  • The rotisserie.


  • The timer does not turn off the oven.


Rating: 4.7


Our review continues with another oven from the Belarusian manufacturer Gefest – GEFEST DGE 621-03.

The model is equipped with advanced equipment and premium features, while maintaining an affordable price around 15-17 thousand rubles. Of the features, it is worth noting the presence of telescopic rails and an additional glass baking tray, which is supplied by default with all ovens purchased after January 2020.

The lower burner of the oven is gas, and the grill is electric. Presence of the drive with a rotating spit allows you to cook grilled chicken, fish or a large piece of meat.

The oven has a combined control panel and consists of two rotary switches, between which is a display with touch buttons. You can set the current time on the screen, as well as a timer. Availability of timed shutoff option allows you to automate the cooking process.

The right handle is responsible for the gas burner. The user can set the desired temperature, which will be automatically maintained with a gas thermostat. Electric ignition burner is built into the handle.

Handle on the left controls electric grill and rotisserie. The user can select one of three modes – grill without rotisserie, grill with rotisserie, rotisserie without grill (combined with the lower burner operation).

Double lighting allows you to easily control the cooking process without opening the oven.

According to the reviews of owners of the technique to the positive points should include a stylish appearance, good equipment and extensive functionality. Among the disadvantages, many users note a strong door heating.

We recommend the GEFEST DGE 621-03 to all users who want to buy a stylish, reliable, and most importantly, functional and practical gas oven for the modern kitchen.


  • Well equipped.
  • Telescopic rails.
  • Multi-function timer.
  • Convenient control.


  • The glass is very warm (according to user reviews).

MBS DG-604

Rating: 4.8

MBS DG-604

The next position in our rating is MBS DG-604 from the Russian brand with Swiss roots. The equipment is made in China in a modern factory, and the manufacturer guarantees long life under conditions of high humidity and temperature (which is relevant not only for home cooking, but also for the semi-professional kitchen). The warranty on the oven is 3 years.

The model is made in a modern style, in a combination of stainless steel and glass. There are metal runners inside and the package includes a universal tray, rack and rotisserie frame.

One of the features of the model is that it has not only a gas bottom burner, but also a grill, which is quite rare in modern gas ovens (usually a combination of gas bottom and electric grill). The presence of convection adds to the functionality of the appliances. Ovens in the medium and expensive price segment are usually equipped with a convector.

On the control panel there are 3 rotary switches. The left handle allows you to select the lower or upper burner (ignition is built into the handle). In the center, there is a mechanical timer for 90 minutes, which gives an audible signal when the time has elapsed. The knob on the right hand side allows you to select the mode of lighting without operating the burners (used to clean the oven from dirt), as well as to turn on the convection and activate the rotisserie.

According to reviews on the resource Yandex.Market, the oven received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark with a rating of 5.0. The owners of the appliances from the positive moments note the wide functionality, easy operation and even cooking. The disadvantages some users are the lack of a built-in thermometer and temperature indication on the control panel.

The presence of convection, good equipment, simple controls, gas top and bottom burner, as well as the low price allowed the oven MBS DG-604 to become one of the best in its product group.


  • Convection.
  • Gas top and bottom.
  • Auto ignition in the handle.


  • Can not accurately determine and set the temperature (according to user reviews).

Indesit IGW 324 IX

Rating: 4.9

Indesit IGW 324 IX

Completes our review of budget gas ovens Indesit IGW 324 IX from the popular Italian manufacturer. This model is made in Poland and is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The oven is designed in a minimalist style, so the technique perfectly fits into modern kitchen interiors. Despite its laconic appearance, the model has good functionality and sufficient equipment for cooking various dishes.

Lower gas burner provides rapid heating of the working chamber, and the upper electric grill allows you to get a crispy crust.

On the front panel there are 2 rotary switches, one of which is a mechanical timer with an audible signal, and the other allows you to select the oven’s operating mode.

Thanks to the C Technology

  • Ck Clean the inner glass panel of the door is easy to pull out for easy cleaning.

    The oven differs from most analogues with the increased useful space, which amounts to 71 liters.

    The owners of the appliances to the advantages include a large volume of the chamber, easy operation, sleek appearance and even cooking of products. Among the disadvantages, some users note the absence of the rotisserie, as well as the difficulty of buying an additional tray because of its non-standard size.

    The minimalist design, basic functionality without “superfluous” expensive options and affordable price make the Indesit IGW 324 IX oven one of the leaders in our rating.


    • The modern, laconic design.
    • Enlarged net volume (71 liters).
    • System C
    • ck clean for easy cleaning of the glass.


    • No rotisserie.
    • Difficult to find an extra pan because of the non-standard size (based on user reviews).

    The best gas ovens in the medium and premium price segment

    For the category of the best gas ovens in the medium and premium segment, we have selected 4 models from popular foreign manufacturers. For the convenience of users, we have arranged the nominees in ascending order of cost.

    Electrolux EOG 92102 CX

    Rating: 4.7

    Electrolux EOG 92102 CX

    The Electrolux EOG 92102 CX from the famous Swedish manufacturer of large home appliances opens our rating of the best gas ovens in the middle and premium price range. Oven assembled in Italy and covered by a one year factory guarantee.

    Modern and striking, with a combination of dark glass and stainless steel. All metal parts of the facade have a special coating that prevents fingerprints and significantly simplifies the care of the surface.

    The working chamber of the oven has a volume of 70 liters. What allows you to cook food in a big pot. It comes with a traditional enameled deco, aluminum tray, rack, and a frame with a rotisserie. All trays move on metal rails, which eliminates scratches and other damage to the side enameled walls.

    The lower burner is gas and the upper burner is an electric heating element. The presence of convection allows you to cook on several levels with the same temperature and even heating.

    On the front panel there are 3 rotary knobs, with which the user can select the mode of operation of the cabinet (bottom, grill, convection, grill and rotisserie), set the heating temperature and use a mechanical timer.

    According to consumer reviews on the resource Yandex.Market, the oven is rated 4.6, and is also awarded the prestigious “buyer’s choice” mark, with 95% of users recommending it for purchase. Among the model’s advantages are its stylish aesthetics, the quality of its assembly, the presence of convection and rotisserie units, and its excellent equipment. The disadvantages some owners of technicians include the lack of a built-in thermometer and a timer for switching off.

    We recommend Electrolux EOG 92102 CX for all users, who want to buy high-quality and reliable appliances of the well-known European brand with simple control and good functionality.


    • Convection.
    • Easy to use.
    • Stainless steel with anti-fingerprint finish.
    • Power-driven rotisserie.


    • On-off timer.
    • No thermometer (according to consumer reviews).

    De’Longhi CGGBA

    Rating: 4.7

    De'Longhi CGGBA

    The next nominee is the De’Longhi CGGBA gas oven from the famous Italian home appliance manufacturer. The model is made in Italy and has a one-year factory warranty.

    The distinctive feature of the oven is its appearance. Design is made in a retro style, and as the main color is used “ivory. The door handle and switches have a bronze color, which blends harmoniously with the base color.

    The oven has a gas grill and a gas bottom burner, and the Combi-Gas system ensures even heating of the entire chamber, even at the minimum temperature of 130 degrees, without the risk of burner fading. On the rear wall there is a convector that provides even distribution of airflow inside the oven for quicker and better food preparation.

    On the front panel are two rotary knobs and a mechanical timer, made in the form of an analog clock with a dial.

    The model is equipped with a triple safety system – the system “gas control” on both burners, the gas lock for the lower burner when the door is closed, as well as automatic ignition integrated into the handle.

    Another interesting feature of the model – the gas grill operates with the door closed (in the vast majority of analogues supplied with a metal visor, which is inserted in the gap between the ajar door and the body of the oven. Its task is to lock the door to ensure draught and protect the control panel from burning). Traction is provided when the door is closed, allowing you to use the gas grill.

    According to the owners of technology, the positive qualities of the oven should include a stylish appearance, extensive functionality (including convection), gas grill and cooking any food evenly. Among the disadvantages, some users noted the lack of a timer to turn off.

    De’Longhi CGGBA strikes with its elegant appearance and pleases with good functionality. We recommend this model to all fans of Italian classics and high quality appliances.


    • Gas grill works with the door closed.
    • High security level.
    • Convection.
    • The original retro design.


    • No timer to turn off.

    Kaiser EG 6372

    Rating: 4.8

    Kaiser EG 6372

    Kaiser EG 6372 is a gas oven from the German brand. The model is made in Poland and is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    The oven is designed in a modern style with a stainless steel finish on the front. The metal has a special coating that prevents fingerprints from sticking to it.

    On the front panel there are two rotary knobs and a large display with touch buttons. The user can set the current time, timer, and take advantage of other options. Controls are user friendly and intuitive.

    It comes with two enamelled trays and one grid. There is also a rotisserie with a frame. All trays are placed on five-level metal rails with one sliding “telescope”.

    The bottom burner of the oven is gas, and the grill is electric. The presence of the convector provides uniform distribution of air masses inside the oven, which improves the quality of cooking various products.

    Among the features of the model can be noted the presence of a catalytic cleaning system. Unlike most other manufacturers’ analogues, in this model not only the rear wall is covered with a special enamel, but also the two side walls. It makes the oven much easier to care for.

    According to consumer reviews, the positive qualities of the model is a good complete set, the presence of convection, touch screen display and full catalytic cleaning system. The disadvantages include the fact that despite the coating of stainless steel against fingerprints, you can still see traces on the metal.

    We recommend the Kaiser EG 6372 because of its stylish modern appearance, extensive functionality, and ease of operation and care.


    • A convector.
    • Tangential refrigeration system.
    • Electronic multifunctional display with touch control.
    • Catalytic cleaning.
    • Convenient control.


    • Fingerprints remain on the stainless steel despite the protective coating (according to user reviews).

    Smeg SF6341GVX

    Rating: 4.9

    Smeg SF6341GVX

    The last nominee in this category – Smeg SF6341GVX oven from the famous Italian manufacturer. The appliance is made in Italy and has a two-year factory warranty.

    A distinctive design that combines elements of both classic and modern style, making it a versatile appliance for almost any cooking environment. Front panel is made of stainless steel that blends harmoniously with the black glass. Chrome switches and door handle complete the exquisite look.

    The oven has all the functionality you need to cook different foods despite its apparent simplicity. The model has a gas lower burner. The grill is electric, has convection and a rotisserie is included. Eight programs are available, which combine different operating modes to cook any dish to perfection.

    The inside of the chamber is illuminated by a bright halogen lamp, thanks to which you can not open the door to control the cooking process.

    The oven door has triple glazing, which eliminates the possibility of burning by accidental contact. The inside of the door is perfectly smooth, with no metal screws, inserts or other elements. This makes it much easier to care for.

    The owners of technology to the positive moments include a stylish design, the large number of modes, the presence of convection, easy operation and high quality build. No major flaws found.

    The Italian design, high build quality, features and functions make the Smeg SF6341GVX oven one of the leaders in the premium price segment.


    • Stylish appearance.
    • 8 modes of operation.
    • Convection.
    • Security system.
    • The chamber and door are easy to clean.


    • No critical drawbacks identified.

    The best narrow gas oven

    There is only one model in this category. The small number of nominees is due to the fact that not all manufacturers of built-in appliances produce narrow models, and most companies give preference to electric ovens.

    The presented oven has its own advantages and features, which compares favorably with few competitors.

    Krona STRETTO 45 WH

    Rating: 4.9

    Krona STRETTO 45 WH

    Krona STRETTO 45 WH is a gas oven from a popular Russian brand with German roots. The model is manufactured in China in a modern factory, and undergoes multi-step control at each stage of production. The high quality of assembly is confirmed by the five-year warranty.

    The width of the front of the oven is only 45 cm, which allows it to fit into a small kitchen set. The technique is made in a modern style, so it will look equally impressive in a classical or contemporary interior.

    One of the features of the model is its wide functionality. The first thing worth noting is the presence of convection, which is not in all gas ovens of the premium segment, not to mention the budget models. The fan on the back wall evenly distributes the temperature inside the chamber, which ensures high-quality and fast cooking of food, especially baked goods. The oven is also equipped with a gas grill and a traditional bottom burner.

    You can select the desired mode by means of the rotary knobs on the front. The oven has three knobs, one of which is a mechanical timer for 120 minutes, and the other two are used to select the mode of operation. The user can also select the grill mode with rotating spit (rotating spit with holder included), which allows you to diversify the range of prepared dishes.

    The manufacturer paid special attention to safety, equipping the cabinet with various options. Gas sensor on each burner, that cuts off the gas supply automatically in case of burner failure. If the oven door is closed, no gas will flow into the oven, which prevents the oven from filling with gas if you accidentally turn the knob.

    The triple glazed door protects against burns in case of contact, which also increases the level of safety when working with the oven.

    The model is distinguished not only by high safety standards, but also by its practicality and maximum user-friendliness. Inside there are metal racks for trays, one level of which is equipped with telescopic runners for easy extension of the deco. Oven features catalytic cleaning system. The rear wall has a special enamel coating that breaks down all the fat into soluble compounds and water.

    The owners of the technique to the positive moments include a stylish appearance, compact size, easy operation, ease of maintenance and extensive functionality. Among the disadvantages, some users point out the lack of timer switch-off (only a buzzer).

    Style, compactness, practicality, functionality and affordability combine harmoniously in the Krona STRETTO 45 WH oven, which is considered the best model in its product group.

    The advantages of

    • Catalytic cleaning system.
    • Triple glazing.
    • Telescopic guides.
    • Rotating spit.
    • Convection mode.
    • High safety standards.


    • Off timer (only buzzer sounds).
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