The 10 best casserole pots

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

The casserole dish is the ideal dish for those who like to serve food in its own juices in an interesting way. By the way, it makes life easier for cooks: put the food in a bowl, close the lid, put it in the oven and all you have to do is wait until it’s ready. Then you don’t need additional dishes for serving – the pot is designed for eating out of it, less cleaning up after dinner. In general, the ideal solution for the practical housewife.

Here is an overview of the most interesting baking pots. Available in various sizes, including those in which you can store spices or bake julienne or muffins.

10 best baking pots

The best ceramic baking pots1Terracotta Tree of Life TLY4098-4-TL-AL1 300 €
2Kungurskaya Ceramics 1168810, 2 l, 25 cm808 €
3WALMER Iron-Black, 1,5 l, 18,5 x 21 cm1 799 €
4Borisov Ceramics #5 with handles, 0.5l, 10.5 cm555 €
5Elan Gallery Terracotta 3×100 ml Tradition 570114682 €
The best porcelain baking pots1Elan gallery Iceberg 540041, 1.3 l, 29×24 cm1 320 €
2Wilmax 450 ml baking pot, fireproof china, with lid1 581 €
3Horex Verde notte, 4733412, 0.5 l, 11.5 cm631 €
4Walmer Classic, 0.12l, W10300009273 €
The best clay pot for baking1Red clay “Carved pattern”, decor, 2 L1 471 €

The best ceramic roasting pots

Ceramic pots are the most common. A versatile and inexpensive option for everyday and holiday cooking.

Terracotta Tree of life TLY4098-4-TL-AL

Rating: 4.9

Terracotta Tree of Life TLY4098-4-TL-AL

The Terracotta “Wood” pot is a little masterpiece for the kitchen. Its barrel is decorated with an artistic composition in the form of a tree with a fence and the inscription “The

ee of
  • fe” (from the English word “fe”). “tree of life”), alluding to family values and possibly a healthy and delicious diet.

    The pot of 0.5 liters has convenient handles and a lid with a good grip. Cookware has a pleasant taupe color of natural clay, no chipping enamel. The pot will be an interesting decoration of the table. Made in China.


    • comfortable handles;
    • interesting design;
    • Quality fired glaze;
    • lid.


    • undefined.

    Kungurskaya Ceramics 1168810, 2 l, 25 cm

    Rating: 4.8

    KUNGURSKAYA CERAMICS 1168810, 2 L, 25 CM

    The city of Kungur is famous for its craftsmen, the production of ceramic products has been developing here since the middle of the nineteenth century. Pots and other clay products are handmade according to tradition.

    Pot-roaster with a capacity of 2 liters is designed for cooking for a company or family. It has a wide neck, has grip handles, a lid, but not with the most convenient lid. Pot is made of red clay, glazed on top, which is well fired, but it should not be scrubbed hard with cleaning agents and a hard brush. No ornaments on the dishes, they look presentable as they are.


    • A versatile roaster with thick walls;
    • red clay color;
    • comfortable handles on the sides of the pot;
    • Large volume of 2 liters;
    • wide neck, there is a lid.


    • not the most comfortable handle on the lid.

    WALMER Iron-Black, 1.5 l, 18.5 x 21 cm

    Rating: 4.7

    WALMER Iron-Black, 1,5 l, 18,5 x 21 cm

    Ceramic pot WALMER Iron-Black will be appreciated by housewives and cooks, who prefer black color. The product is made of black clay covered with a matte glaze. On the sides of the pot easy to grasp handles, the top – the lid.

    WALMER brand from Britain makes thick-walled ceramic cookware; pot is sturdy and durable. Can be washed in dishwasher, coating will not break off, and wall properties will not change. It is designed for use in ovens at temperatures up to +250ºC, the product can withstand temperature changes up to 160 degrees.


    • Black clay is a natural color;
    • comfortable handles;
    • The lid with a handle that is easy to grip;
    • dishwasher safe.


    • are not defined.

    Borisovskaya Ceramics № 5 with handles, 0,5 l, 10,5 cm

    Rating: 4.6

    Borisov Ceramics №5 with handles, 0.5 l, 10.5 cm

    Borisov Ceramics pot is hand-made by craftsmen in a large factory for the production of red clay crockery near Belgorod. In the line of pots series #5″ there are products not only in natural clay red, but also covered with colored glaze – you can choose from several options. The hardening of the top layer is sufficient to merge with the base, which means the dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.

    Pot volume 0.5 liter – standard for one portion. It can be put in the oven, in the microwave oven. Cookware has small handles on the sides and on the lid – they are not the most convenient, but you can pick up the pot with a tack.


    • Several pot colors to choose from;
    • can be washed in the dishwasher;
    • wide neck;
    • Natural clay pattern.


    • Uncomfortable little handles, good only for holding.

    Rating: 4.5


    An elegant set of pots is not suitable for cooking – the products are very small, only 100 ml and 7x7x8 cm each, it is convenient to store spices in them. Pots are complete with a wicker basket as a support. The set can be given as a gift.

    Elan Gallery Terracotta pots are made in Russia. They are made of red glazed clay, just like standard pots for cooking in the oven, so you can make baked paprika, for example. Some chefs manage to cook small portions in them, replacing them with julienne pots. Pots can be washed in the dishwasher, but should not be soaked and kept near heaters to maintain uniformity of clay and glaze.

    There are no handles on the pots themselves – you must take them by the neck, but there is a lid.


    • Miniature crock pot set with basket included;
    • an interesting idea for a gift;
    • You can store spices;
    • has a lid;
    • dishwasher safe.


    • not suitable for cooking dinner – a small portion of 100 ml.

    The best porcelain baking pots

    Porcelain pots, like other fine clay crockery, are more suitable for fine dining than for everyday use, but the latter is a matter of taste.

    Rating: 4.9

    Elan gallery Iceberg 540041, 1.3 L, 29x24 cm

    Pot-roaster Elan gallery Iceberg snow-white, made of porcelain, with a wooden handle on the lid and a stand to serve the table with hot dishes directly from the oven. You can bake portions of a meal or a treat for a couple of people at once in it. The pot can be put in the oven, microwave oven and heated in the acceptable range for the technique.

    Rectangular shape is another distinctive feature of this pot from the Russian brand. Cookware size 29x24x13 cm, capacity 1.3 liters. The pot is heavy – almost 2 kg. The lid is made of glass and has a hole for steam escape – great for maintaining optimal temperature and pressure when cooking in the oven.


    • wood base included;
    • steam-removable lid;
    • Handy grab handles on the sides of the pot;
    • wooden handle on the lid.


    • not defined.

    Wilmax Baking Pot 450 ml, heat resistant china, with lid

    Rating: 4.8


    The Wilmax 450 ml porcelain pot is a very strong product, compared to other china cookware. It has slightly thickened walls while being slightly transparent, which makes the cookware look sleek and sophisticated.

    The pot has a classic round shape and convex lid, the handles on them are easy to pick up. Glossy surface is perfectly white, durable, so the pot can be washed in the dishwasher. Suitable for the oven, microwave, for cooking and serving for a daily or festive lunch or dinner.


    • Compact 0.45 liter pot;
    • The thickened, translucent porcelain;
    • Handy handles on the pot and lid;
    • You can wash it in the dishwasher, put it in the microwave.


    • are not defined.

    Horex Verde notte, 4733412, 0.5 l, 11.5 cm

    Rating: 4.7

    Horex Verde notte, 4733412, 0.5 l, 11.5 cm

    Unexpected to see a non-white pot in the porcelain product line, isn’t it? Horex Verde notte is one of these – it’s dark green, it’s a colored glaze. Particularly sturdy pot for baking and serving dishes. It has the classical 0,5l portion size, thickened walls for strength and durability of the product, keeping food warm, perfectly smooth surface of the walls, wide neck for convenient food and meal. No handles, but a convex neck for easy grip. The lid has a handle. Despite the thickened walls, the pot weighs little more than half a kilo.

    Horex Verde notte pot can be recommended as a gift idea, cooking utensils for everyday or holiday.


    • The unusual dark green color (glaze);
    • thickened walls for durability and temperature maintenance;
    • wide neck;
    • lightweight product.


    • no handles on the pot.

    Walmer Classic, 0.12 l, W10300009

    Rating: 4.7

    WALMER CLASSIC, 0.12 L, W10300009

    The only pot in our rating without a lid Walmer Classic is suitable for cooking julienne, muffins and other small portions. Rather, it is a porcelain baking dish, with a diameter of only 9 cm and a height of 4.5 cm. The product is perfectly white, exquisite, with translucent walls. You can not only cook in it, but also serve it.

    Walmer Classic 0,12 l pot is designed for baking dishes in the oven, but you can also put it in the microwave oven.


    • pot-shaped cocotte;
    • white translucent porcelain walls;
    • miniature size of the pot;
    • low price – about 300 rubles.


    • no lid;
    • very small volume.

    The best clay pot for baking

    Seemingly ceramic and clay are one and the same. We put the pot in a separate category because it is made of pure red clay without the use of additional protective compositions.

    Red clay “Carved pattern,” decor, 2l

    Rating: 4.9


    The “Carved pattern” roasting pot is completely unique, even products within the same series are different from each other. The secret is the completely handmade process from molding to decorating – no templates or machine stamping.

    The size of the pot is 21x21x12 cm, the volume of 2 liters, you can cook lunch or dinner in it at once for the whole family or company, it is not a portioned dish. It can be used at home, at the cottage, bake on it in the oven or in a real oven, in a microwave oven. The pot is weighty – 1.8 kg, this is because of the thick walls and massive lid. No handles on the pot, the grip is on the rim – not very convenient.

    The “Red Clay Carved Pattern” pot would make a great gift for a person of any age or gender. It is ideal for stews, especially meat.


    • unique handmade pattern;
    • thickened walls;
    • keeps food warm for a long time;
    • large volume of 2 liters.


    • No handles, it is not convenient to take it by the edge.
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