Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

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Features Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’ features
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  • General characteristics

    Number of tiers3
    Type of controlelectronic
    Maximum power consumption900 W
    Timerfor 60 mins with shutdown
    Turn-on indicatorthere is

    The design

    Case materialPlastic
    Material of the steam basketstransparent plastic
    Removable gratesThere is
    Recesses for boiling eggsthere is
    Filling water during cookingthere is


    Autocookingis, there are 6 recipes
    Delayed startno


    Compact storagethere is
    ExtrasMuffin/muffin mold; defrosting function, frozen cooking

    Reviews for Tefal VC 3008 Steam ‘n’ Steam
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  • Advantages:Silent, large trays, comfortable, beautiful
    Disadvantages:Cracking trays and baskets
    Disadvantages:Been using it for three (3) years. For all its merits, I strongly advise against taking this model now. At an average price of 7000 rubles, now it’s impossible to find baskets and grates. I have 2 grates cracked and a cracked basket №1. If the basket completely bursts, the steamer can be thrown away as the other baskets are not placed on the condensation tray. Today I received a letter from an authorized service center – the supply of spare parts has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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    Advantages:Everything about it is great except for one very significant flaw
    Disadvantages:The latches on the bottoms fly off instantly, especially when trying to wash a still warm basket. New bottoms cost more than 300 rubles each and break within a month
    Disadvantages:I could not find new bottoms bought a second steamer like this, but since it too all the bottoms broke within a month, and using a basket with a rocking bottom is inconvenient, to order parts only with prepayment, far away, switched to a Braun

    User concealed his info

    Advantages:Silent Large trays (great for those who don’t cook just once) Compact to store
    Disadvantages:The bottoms are very bad – they break quickly If the bottom breaks, you can no longer use it The same bottoms are extremely inconvenient to wash Small tray to collect condensation – when cooking on three levels at the same time, you have to change, which is very inconvenient to do in this steam cooker
    Disadvantages:All in all a normal steamer, I have nothing to compare it with – this is the first one. I don’t like it for daily use – it takes me longer to wash it than to cook it. Otherwise, it’s compact and silent, that’s a yes. Color play is nice, but no more. Like the 6 programs – there is no difference in the intensity of steam, only the programmed time changes.

    Yu Yuuki

    Advantages:Cooking muffins! I fell in love))
    Disadvantages:Sometimes it’s hard to put all 3 levels in – they slide and don’t want to fit in the grooves.
    Disadvantages:I will focus on only one function: making muffins in molds. This feature is great for those who are on a sports diet when boiled eggs and omelettes make them sick. Everything is simple: finely chopped carrots + other green vegetables, sent for 12-13 minutes in the steamer, then quickly grind everything with a mixer to leave bits, pour the protein from the bottle (the total volume for 6 forms of ready mix with vegetables about 500 ml), spices, poured into the forms and the steamer. In exactly 18 minutes you get airy, healthy protein muffins. You can buy this steam cooker for this feature alone! Just masterpieces come out as if from a magazine. I don’t know about the whole egg, but the egg whites were colorful, delicious, extraordinary! Always loved tefal steamers but this one is a dream!

    User suppressed his info

    Disadvantages:Doesn’t heat water to steam
    Disadvantages:Disgusting! New steamer, turned it on, put the mantas in – never ate! It steams for a second, then stops…, And so an hour waited and thrown away

    Peregorulko Alexander

    Advantages:Cooks fast enough, there is an option to keep warm
    Disadvantages:The only disadvantages after two years of operation were the strong steam, but this is the inevitable tendency of all steam cookers. BUT the inner bowl is cracked where the rubber band and the heating element are. Can’t imagine why, the steamer never once fell down. Before that, I had an earlier model also Tefal, safely working in the cottage – a total of 6 years.
    Disadvantages:I may have an accidental defect, but I can’t recommend this model.


      Advantages:Good build, looks nice, easy to use, and what many also praise the backlight is very nice.
      Disadvantages:Did not find
      Disadvantages:I have been using it for five years, it has never failed, it performs its function as a steamer very well.

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      Advantages:Meets its purpose perfectly! Large water tank. Beautiful and lights up in different colors on different modes)
      Disadvantages:Overpriced a little. Cooking modes are very conditional, they just turn on a set time, you can still change them manually.
      Disadvantages:This is my first steam cooker. Plenty of water fits, so far there has not been a case of it running out. Button controls are not very familiar. Each button has its own cooking mode, backlight color and set time. Modes are conditional, they do not change anything except the time set and the color that will be lit steam cooker during operation, so you can choose any or the color to suit your mood) Time in any mode can be set manually. There is a mode for frozen foods, it adds +10 minutes to the cooking time..I am happy with the way the steam cooker works in general, it is roomy, it has three tiers. It also comes with a form for boiling rice and a form for steamed muffins. The form for cooking rice can make steamed omelets, but I adapted my silicone molds. The omelettes are great! :) So far everything I’ve cooked tastes great and no need to look after it at all. The chicken breast is very tasty, frozen vegetables from the bags remain bright. I even made dumplings in a steam cooker, in a pot the taste is certainly more familiar, but still tasty! Food cooks a little slower in the second tier than in the first. I have not tried cooking on three tiers yet. During cooking, there is a countdown on the display. At the end of the cooking time the steamer beeps and turns on the heating. The manual recommends vinegar as a remedy for limescale, but it leaves a smell. I just put citric acid in the water tank, poured water to the max and turned it on for about 20 minutes, no limescale and like new) I wash all parts of the steamer (except the bottom unit with the wire) in the dishwasher, very convenient!

      Ivanova Katerina

      Strengths:1. Can cook three dishes at the same time 2. Easy enough to clean 3. Intuitive 4. Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful lighting 5. Not noisy 6. Turns itself off at the end of the program, then keeps food warm for an hour
      Disadvantages:There is no signal that the water has run out. The dough is not cooked well, it is a bit soggy.
      Disadvantages:Good steamer. Cooking on it for half a year, no problems. Only ran out of water once (put a full tank for 45 minutes). The pan almost overflowed once when I cooked three tiers and for a long time. But overall a good thing, especially for cooking frozen vegetables, fish and chicken. The only thing is that you need to get used to this kind of food, or to actively marinate the meat and use spices.

      Elena Sinkovskaya

      Advantages:Beautiful, quiet (this is my third steam cooker) it really barely heard, backlight :) easy choice of cooking mode, compactness (as a steam cooker and containers) capacity for pies (it is also for rice and cereals volume of 1.2 l. – holds 1.5 300ml cups of rice which is enough for 4 good servings )
      Disadvantages:No, except that the plastic is not as high quality as on another French kettle 16 years Tefal Gold :)
      Disadvantages:Great steamer for the money, in half a year I will write about the plastic quality.

      Aquarius Aquarius

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