Tefal GC702D01

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Tefal GC702D01

Overall features

Power2000 Watt
Case MaterialCombination
Material of the working surfacemetal
Automatic shutoffavailable
Temperature controlis
Non-stick coatingthere is
Grease drip traythere is


Dimensions and weight34.5×36.5×18 cm, 5.20 kg
Additional information32×22 cm countertop; 6 cooking programs: minced steak, poultry, red meat, panini, fish, pork/sausage/lamb; 1 manual mode; easy to read read readiness indicator; fresh frozen food mode; keep warm function

Reviews for Tefal GC702D01

Advantages:Automatically indicates readiness for a given course. Easy to clean. Any degree of frying (even sandwiches). Quick. Clean. Easy.

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Advantages:cool model. Fries quickly and well!!!
Disadvantages:have not found yet

Sadovaya Bogdana

Advantages:Nothing burns, even without oil. Meat is cooked quickly.

User suppressed data

Advantages:I ordered this item from Europe in December 2016, the price is much more reasonable than you know where. So, after half a year of use, here’s what I have to say: 1. Quality (10): All assembled well, plastic does not melt, wiring is intact, buttons are not rubbed off, frying panels are not ruined, i.e. like new. 2. Cooking: – Roasting even very thick (5-7cm) pieces of meat is good – Defrosting works decently – Full automatics (if you want, but there is a lot of BUT!!!) – Cooking speed by individual programs – Cooking variation not included in program (and their varieties) by standard (but not intended for this) programs – Quick cool down ( +/- 15 min.) while cooking up to hand-washing stage – Temperature variation During cooking, the automation gradually varies the temperature and speed of reaching the desired, but as I understood the meat cooks the same on “Currito” and “Gaviano-porkito” modes – first roasts the top, then heats the middle, then roasts again (not always good) – Uniform frying (Provided that you have pieces of the same thickness)
Disadvantages:Well, after some euphoria from the sky down to earth: 1. Program heating speed: at first it seemed fast, but then when you run home with a burning ass, it seems to take forever to heat up, especially in the “Gaviado-Swinnito” mode. If you compare it with gas, it’s 1/3. 2. The russian manual is missing (if purchased from abroad), but it can be freely found and printed on the Internet. 3. Automation is a bunch of catch because it doesn’t work as intended. What does the commercial tell us – you take a fresh 5 cm steak, turn on the button and the machine does everything for you, up to the fact that it turns off by itself. Well, it is if you’re really frying a five centimeter steak. Otherwise, the combination of temperature sensor / thickness sensor works strange. For example: you select the program, purple light comes on, then the signal goes off, you open the lid, put the piece on, close the lid, the program automatically measures the current thickness of the piece, and once it has done that, the blue light goes on and the process is started. The problem lies in the fact that the top roasting plate itself with the body is too heavy for pieces of less thickness. To make the situation worse the water evaporates from the slice and the juices that flow out decreases its thickness, as a result the meat is thinner, but the program is designed for a different thickness. In short – if you bring a thin piece of meat until cooked (red signal) then you get dry meat. Now for the problem of thin slices. If you put a thin piece of meat on the bar, close it and the blue signal does not change to a cooking signal, the program will not work until you press the OK button. In short, the bottom line is this: You need to experiment and remember what and how the grill cooks, for what program and for what thicknesses and for what other fun is to wipe off the leftovers after grilling the first batch (on a hot plate) otherwise the stench from the rest is incredible, because you need to once again select the heating mode for the second party and again wait for the beep:)
Disadvantages:In general, the feeling is positive, my grandmother mastered this apparatus with 10-th time, for ditches is less than two hours. In fact, everything is simple, after one or two frying you fall in love. A very big plus is the automation. Came home, turned it on, scratched the back of my head, put the food on the grill and went to bathe, came out – took the food off and ate. It’s cool Advice to everyone

Orlov maxim

Advantages:Non-stick coating, ease of use
Disadvantages:Unreliable electronics
Disadvantages:No need to write anything, everything is already said before me. Works well from a short period to a little longer, but it all ends up in any case, failure. Mine lasted a year and died happily in automatic mode. Considering the cost of the unit – about 20k, a year of use and put it in the pantry – that’s right very wasteful. Tefal products have really fallen down in my eyes.

Mikheev Paul

Advantages:Grills, really grills and displays the degree of doneness.
Disadvantages:I bought it a year ago in Germany, it was 2 times cheaper than in Mvideo, even taking into account the delivery. Now mostly roast steaks from myrtle and often beef tenderloin (I buy it at the market), less often chicken or turkey for shawarma. Medium Rare in the steaks is the best, for my taste. The grill will take some getting used to, anyway. It seems to work for me, everyone likes it ) Meat lovers, do not doubt this is a worthy thing in the kitchen!

Smoking Yari

Advantages:All excellent cooks, but…
Disadvantages:But it breaks after six months and hello. Goes into manual mode. All autofunctions do not work.

Krysin Roman

Advantages:Easy to wash and requires little attention.
Disadvantages:In fact, it’s only good for frying cutlets – convenient. Steaks this grill cooks, compared steak ribeye cooked on a gas grill – heaven and earth. Essentially the electric grill ruins good meat, even the frying pan turns out better. The timer does not work perfectly, for example cutlets need to be taken out early otherwise the grill will overcook them (if you wait for the smart chef beeping). No calibration or timing, except for the manual mode – you can get the hang of it.
Disadvantages:Bottom line Browning buns for a burger and grilling cutlets is great. For more, not suitable. Bought not expensive abroad, its money in principle worth 6000r – no more.

Brovin Alexander

Advantages:Automatic mode, indicator, cooking quality
Disadvantages:Minus – every time for the next batch to start and wait for heat in standby mode. Still strong smoke and smell from previous batch of leftover product.
Disadvantages:Meets the expectations. Everything is delicious. For breakfast sandwiches with any filling – awesome:) Price is a disadvantage. But took it from a Russian online store for 10600.


  • nda
    Advantages:Cooking quality, perfect auto mode, easy to use
    Disadvantages:Uncomfortable to wash the panels by hand, but there is a dishwasher for that.
    Disadvantages:Been using the grill since the new year – cooked vegetables, beef, chicken, pork, a lot of different sausages, paninis and cutlets. First of all, I appeal to those who talk about broken auto mode and to those who have read a bad review and are afraid: do not break the device, study the instructions! If using a cooking program, wait for full heat, trust the indicator light, not open to see every five seconds. When frying, use pieces of the same thickness, no crooked cuts and normal quality – and you’ll be happy! One clarification: the same steaks from the same piece on the “red meat” and “manual” mode cook differently, the former is much better and more tender. Manual mode is good for grilling toast, sausages, vegetables – generally those foods that were already ready to eat. In general, I recommend that you use the official site of the device, it is full of recipes and cooking tips.

    Korostinsky Andrey

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