Tefal FF 2200 Minifryer

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Tefal FF 2200 Minifryer features

Technical Specifications

Oil volume1 l
Potato slices capacity0.6 kg
Removable bowlno
Controlsmechanical, up to 190°C, operation/heat indicator
odour filterthere is


Sight glassAre
Body materialstainless steel
Non-slip feetthere is
Further Informationremovable lid

Tefal FF 2200 Minifryer Reviews

Advantages:Cute design, fast heating and convenient temperature control, convenient instructions for cooking times for a variety of fryers. Everything turned out delicious, but that’s understandable in view of the cooking technology:)
Disadvantages:The bowl doesn’t pull out of the base, the oil is drained by turning the fryer upside down (the first time I poured oil all over while trying to do it more or less accurately, even though I have a drainage groove on the bowl – not convenient). In the abstract it says that they fry 600 grams of potatoes at a time, but in fact even poured on the maximum oil (1 liter) does not cover a full mesh of potatoes. 1.5 kg of potatoes for good frying and similar to real fries, I divided into 4 runs, that is 375-400 grams – optimal. That is, to make an appetizer for 4 you need to constantly stand at the fryer and get everything portioned. Well also a small minus, that the fish in the batter in some places stuck to the grid (I think because of the shallow depth of immersion in oil – before contact with the grid, the batter did not have time to seize, not to stick to it). And the chicken schnitzels in dry breading turned out great, but to fry them, again, only one at a time! The “fancy” glass on the lid is completely useless, t.k. The oil splashes one way or another and you just can’t see anything and will check if it’s ready by opening the lid.
Disadvantages:Once we wanted to invite friends for Fish Chips, for this event, it was decided to buy a deep fryer. Stayed with Tefal solely because of trust in the brand. Fryer in my opinion is very small in volume (although maybe they are all like this for home use – ordered online, did not see them in person). The feeling in general: nothing special, for rare occasions is good, but in general I expected more.

Lavrishko Olga

Advantages:Compact, requires little oil, easy to clean
Disadvantages:Weak power
Disadvantages:Fries potatoes, but it doesn’t quite get it right. At a dip of 0.5kg of potatoes, the oil temperature drops to ~120g and stays like that, the energy flies away with the steam. There are two different fryers in the household, there is something to compare.

ykov vladimir

Disadvantages:Did not find.
Disadvantages:Ordered at Eldorado through the Internet with a 10% discount, the price was 3679r. When I came to get it there was a queue, decided to walk around the store. Offline price was 3399r. Like this.

Dmitry Romanov

Disadvantages:Warms up quickly, compact size in the lid a window to observe the cooking processor.

Nefedchenko Oksana

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