Tefal BF 9252 Silver Ion

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Features of the Tefal BF 9252 Silver Ion


Volume1.7 l
Power2200 W
Heating element typeClosed coil
Heating Element Coatingsilver
Case materialplastic


SafetyLock on without water
Filterthere is
Water level indicatorthere is
Power indicatorit has
Cord compartmentis
Additional Informationsilver ion coating

Reviews about Tefal BF 9252 Silver Ion

Advantages:Ergonomic design, nice color.
Disadvantages:Started to work intermittently. It doesn’t turn on (it just shuts off when you press the power button). Sometimes after about 30 seconds it shuts down. I will take it to repair.

Petrov Sergey

Advantages:High-quality materials, very good plastic. Easy to clean. The plastic does not stink. All mechanisms work perfectly. The water heats quickly.
Disadvantages:After two years, the silver paint on the lid button is a little rusty from the hands on it.
Disadvantages:In several years of use, no complaints. We will buy a new one. Before it was “
Aun”, lasted three years and the power button broke. There is an opinion that the manufacturers specifically adjust the service life of products to buy new ones later. Once bought a “Vitek” with a beautiful backlight, so it generally shit rare, the lid broke on the second day, returned under warranty and, as not repairable took the money.

Rozhnov Oleg

Advantages:Works for a long time. The optimum volume for the family.
Disadvantages:Good kettle. Worked for 5 years, then it leaked. Replaced by the same model almost, which we do not regret.

The lid is shiny and the lid broke on the second day and the money came back under warranty

Advantages:Comfortable, practical, flawless!
Disadvantages:Not detected.
Disadvantages:I recommend


Advantages:Worked for almost 10 years! Has gone through three moves :) the price quality is perfect, such a kettle in three families, my relatives. Only positive reviews everywhere.
Disadvantages:Leak at the end, I’ll be so old I’ll also leak :)


Advantages:Quality ++++ ! Works fine for now . We’ll see more . How long will it last? .
Disadvantages:Great design .

Duzbaev Kairat

Advantages:Price, quality, durability
Disadvantages:did not find
Disadvantages:We have had this kettle for about 10 years exactly. It was originally at my parents house, then moved in with me and has moved three times with my family. Still using it. There is no problem. Fast heating, works pretty quietly. When it breaks, I will buy one from the same company, unequivocally. Easy to clean. Good plastic, does not heat up too much. Take it, it will last a long time.

Zatorskaya Irina

Advantages:Good quality for the warranty period, does not smell.
Disadvantages:The lid is coming off shiny and very fast, in a month the first molds appeared. The plastic gets dirty and is difficult to clean. The Tefal inscription also came off after half a year. Worked for 3 years and leaked around the scale.
Disadvantages:Previous cheap chinese vitek lasted in the same conditions and with the same water for more than 6 years! One of the reasons why I did not buy metal was because of leaking on the scale of all stainless steel kettles, and here is such a fiasco… Probably worth the money (1700) if you take it for the warranty period, but all the time shaking to not leak at one point and not short-circuit something is not desirable.

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Disadvantages:The on/off switch does not work correctly
Disadvantages:Constantly turns off without boiling.

Afanasiev Vladimir

Advantages:Price and quality
Disadvantages:the second time I get this model

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