Steba PG 4.4/PG 4.3

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specifications Steba PG 4.4

G 4.3

Overall performance

Power2,000 watts
Surface Materialmetal
Temperature controlavailable at
Non-stick coatingIs


GrillIt has


Dimensions and weight6.40 kg
Height adjustmentit has
Extra InformationThe lock on the grill handle, waffle molds on the back of the grids; cooking surface size 23*37 cm; baking mode, mode of the roasting surface with the top of the grill tilted down

Steba PG 4 reviews.4

G 4.3

Advantages:I guess the advantages are there but the disadvantages override them.
Disadvantages:The thermostat was lying from the very beginning, it seriously underheated. Everything just boiled. Plates are coated, but everything sticks to them like they’re plain metal. Very hard to clean afterwards. No oil drip tray.
Disadvantages:I would not recommend it, it feels like it was assembled in a back alley. Half the good quality parts but the plates and the thermostat assembly negate the quality.


Advantages:Build quality, ability to make waffles and wash in dishwasher. The grease does not splash out of the grill, but gently drains into a special container. The meat is nicely cooked. Toast in general is great! The device has no extra functions that can break.
Disadvantages:1. Meat sometimes sticks to the top plate.
Disadvantages:Happy with my purchase. The main thing is to read the instructions and preheat the grill: in this case, the steak is cooked in 3-6 minutes. Probably better to buy the grill from Germany: the price there is about 30% lower even taking into account the shipping. Too bad that my friend told me about it after I had bought it.

Fauzer Vitaly

Advantages:Powerful, easy to use, reliable
Disadvantages:Did not find
Disadvantages:Simple and easy to use grill, after some experimentation we got great steaks! One of the great qualities – the power, many grills do not go far enough and the crust is not fast enough to keep the juicy core. This one does a good job. Easy to clean. We used it regularly and with pleasure for six months, then we accidentally broke it (no technique could survive such a fall) and bought a new one of the same kind.

Postnikova Olga

Advantages:Removable plates first of all, the plates are not thin, apparently cast aluminum with a nonstick coating. Deep fries meat well, just don’t salt it before cooking it gets juicier. Vertical storage, width of the plates and they are two-sided. Thin and heavy.
Disadvantages:Cooking time does not match the painted 1.5-2 times exactly. The meat should be fried for 5-7 minutes and you should fry it for 10-14 minutes. No flat plate in the kit.
Disadvantages:Very useful and handy tool, even comes out very good. The guests friends have already appreciated and tried the cooked vegetables zucchini eggplant tomatoes peppers onions, etc. I would not advise to fry potatoes or raw and dry or burned. It cannot be done in a pan like this. Of course there is a problem with washing, but I do not pay attention to the darkening, it does not affect the cooking process. The fat drains properly, it does not get on the heating elements. But drains into the bowl next to the grill. If you have fatty meat, fat is sure to fly to the sides, cover the perimeter of the grill with towels. Heating to full about 8-10 min. Price is right in line with its parameters. Recommended for purchase.

Yuri Muraev

Advantages:Takes up little space when storing, folds out into two large plates, you can bake pancakes, heats quickly, everything is delicious
Disadvantages:Totally creepy plates. Teflon quality is terrible, everything sticks. Regularly divides potatoes in half – on top and bottom, same with meat. The dough on the smooth plates is still okay, but the ribbed ones are a total creep. You have to level the grill precisely to let the fat drain out evenly into the bowl, otherwise everything drains under the plate on the grill and you can never wash it off, nothing drips from the smooth plates, everything bubbles up on the plate
Disadvantages:Ordered mine from Germany. I don’t know how the ones delivered to Russia behave. Seems like the manufacturer was going to change the coating on the plates, but haven’t heard anything yet.


Advantages:Removable panels (3pc) are easy to remove and wash. Self-adjusting, full thickness food hinges. You can fry it like on two grills, but you have to turn it upside down;)
Disadvantages:Doesn’t seem to be very strong (thin) plastic. No on/off button on the hob, only plug out of the socket. Recommended cooking time does not match the actual cooking time .
Disadvantages:Cool stuff. Everything turns out very tasty. I’ve tried everything frying meat, vegetables, fish and for the kids cookies)). The only… Just need to figure out the cooking time and that’s it… no way to get a tasty lunch or dinner.

Elena Elena

Advantages:Comfortable and well made. Removable panels for frying different types that are great to clean.
Disadvantages:Uneven cooking of food.
Disadvantages:Bought the grill about a month ago. Thought for a long time, chose even longer. I wanted everything at once. On some sites is described as a super machine, but there are pros and cons. Pros: interchangeable panels, very easy to clean and take care of the unit; contact grill, very much like cooking on a fire (too bad only without the smoke); ability to do not only grill, but also waffles – my kids really liked it; self-adjusting hinges – very convenient. Disadvantages (as always a sore spot for the manufacturer): temperature control does not match the stated (less than 10-15 degrees); uneven frying, although the heaters are installed qualitatively and well, the stated cooking time for meat products reduced at least twice, for vegetables 1.5 times. Basically as an every day exotic cooking unit I liked it, cooked vegetables and waffles every day, maso, fish and chicken alternating. RECOMMENDED for purchase.

Usik Igor

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