Smeg SR775RA

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Smeg SR775RA features

Overall performance

Type of plategas cooktop
Dimensions (WxHxH)3.2 x 68.5 x 50 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxH)56 x 48.2 cm

The burners

Panel materialenamel
A total of burners5
Gas burners5
Express burner1
Double crown gas burners1

Control panel

Location of the panelFront
Electric lightAre, automatic


Gas burner controlit has
Cast iron grillsit has
Colorburner hobs – copper

Reviews for Smeg SR775RA

Advantages:Unusual design
Disadvantages:Chrome burner bezels
Disadvantages:We chose it because of the beautiful design, but after the first use, the chrome rims on the burners are covered with brown streaks of burnt grease. Could not be cleaned with any chrome cleaner. In the end I had to use detergents, which of course erased the chrome. The view is disgusting! Very problematic to clean! I regret the purchase!


Advantages:Unusual appearance (to me the interior is very interesting, great quality for the best price.
Disadvantages:Went shopping for a long time, wanted to choose some more or less adequate option for the money and that in the interior fit well. The consultants advised this company. Have not had any problems with it before, but the impressions are extremely positive. Excellent workmanship and quality materials.

Mihota Lena

Advantages:Brass fittings – very expensive looking Central burner is very powerful, the water boils instantly Cast-iron grill in three sections Auto ignition, gas-control Design fit perfectly into our kitchen Easily washable, no streaks
Disadvantages:Difficult to find an oven that matches the color of the hob.. No childproofing Copper fittings are a little dull
Disadvantages:Very convenient grates – they are on the same level, you can move the pans without lifting them. And consist of three sections, if you get dirty, you can easily take one out and wash it in the sink or dishwasher. Used daily for over a year – works great! Very high quality Italian-made panel. The vintage design is a must-have! It looks expensive, bright and impressive! Completely satisfied with the purchase!

Sanya Akulich

Advantages:A good product for the price. Not bulky, its surface is easy to clean from escaping milk/soup (a nice plus for non-slobs). Smooth action of the controls. It looks nice – the design is a feature of this company’s products.
Disadvantages:Did not find.
Disadvantages:A good product for its price, but it could be a bit cheaper.

fywaf affs

Advantages:Matched the kitchen design perfectly, the copper color looks very interesting and rich. The grids are made of cast iron, easy to remove and clean. Automatic ignition. Gas control. Really liked the burner with double burner and two knobs.
Disadvantages:You could write that the price, but it’s worth it.
Disadvantages:My kitchen was redesigned and the designer advised me to buy this panel because the design and quality of the product is similar to that of other well-known manufacturers.

Nikolay Nikolayevich

Advantages:Very handy thing in the household, as it does not take much space (unlike a full-fledged gas stove), has a double burner which is controlled by two different knobs, which I really liked. I really like that it has an auto ignition. The color and design fits perfectly into our kitchen. No problems with washing the surface.
Disadvantages:Wouldn’t be bad if there was at least one more electric hob. It would be nice if the handles were smaller round (I mean at least oval or ellipse-shaped with a sharp spout). And the price would be even lower.
Disadvantages:My husband bought it for me as a gift and I am very happy with it.

Kherov Pasha

Advantages:Very nice cooking surface. On the price/quality ratio the best among the competitors. There is a gas control function, which is important. Convenient location of burners.
Shortcomings:I have not found any disadvantages after three months of use. The only thing I would advise the manufacturer would be to use more color colors.
Disadvantages:If you’re still thinking about whether or not to take this surface, then by all means take. It is worth the money.

Maslakov Ilya

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