Scarlett SC-KP45S01

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Scarlett SC-KP45S01

Overall performance

Bowl capacityno info
ControlNumber of speeds: 1


Attachmentsgrater: 2 included, slicing attachment total number of attachments: 4


Designbody: plastic
Power cordwith storage compartment
Rubberized feetthere’s
Other informationchocolate grater

Reviews about Scarlett SC-KP45S01

Advantages:Described in the comments
Disadvantages:described in the comments
Disadvantages:Definitely not going to use daily, I don’t really like washing the whole vegetable chopper every time. I recommend washing with a toothbrush, otherwise you can cut your hands. The same disadvantage is that chunks of vegetables fly to the sides, that is, after use, you have to wash the entire kitchen, from the unit itself to the floor. Disappointed with the cabbage mower, it cuts the cabbage in the wrong way, I get thin strips and large chunks. But convenient to shred beets and carrots in large quantities, freeze and use as needed. Their vegetable slicer slices very quickly. That is why the impression of purchase ambiguous – not a great delight, but to say that the model is bad, too, I can not.

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Advantages:I liked it all
Disadvantages:Alls describedneath
Disadvantages:How many times because of the banal laziness or lack of time to do everything by hand had to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. With this chopper you can whip up a soup dressing in seconds, and for gravy, and salads – and so quickly and easily that it’s a sheer delight. Now even tired after work, it is not difficult to please the family with normal, wholesome food, not so, hastily thrown on the griddle. Pleasantly pleased that the thing is not noisy at all, I like that the button is fixed and it does not have to be clamped to work, the throat is roomy, no need to grind vegetables before planing. I recommend it in general!

Archei Vlada

Advantages:The sound of the motor is silent and saves my precious time.
Disadvantages:All in all
Disadvantages:Once I saw this chopper on Youtube in a video on YouTube – I wanted it!! It saves so much time, just a nightmare! Huge bucket of lettuce in 15 minutes! Moulinex I wanted to get, but they are more expensive by order, and this model is just perfect)

Baikal Olga

Advantages:Nice, low sound of the motor. Power 200 W. We used to use a Kitfort grater, it made a mean high-pitched noise, squealed like a piglet :-D
Disadvantages:1. Unfortunate shape of the serrations on the grater nozzles, hard to clean, vegetables constantly get stuck in the grater, you have to clean only with a brush, and very long. 2. Tightly inserted in the nozzle compartment of the cabinet. 3. When shredding the cabbage, the nozzle cylinder gets clogged up and I have to fork out the tightly tamped cabbage with a fork or screwdriver))) 4. Very large in height. Does not fit in any cabinet)))
Disadvantages:Returned it to the store. bad model.


Advantages:Design, does a great job. Perfect set of nozzles.
Disadvantages:Haven’t found it yet.
Disadvantages:I needed a vegetable slicer but not a food processor. Bought a Binatone at first, but had to return it. Did not fulfill my expectations. As for this model, super! Power is enough. Processed a bucket of carrots quickly and without problems. The Turf nozzle looks unaccustomed, but the slices come out just right. Small pieces are not jammed up anywhere, the nozzle and the body fit together tightly. Very convenient loading chamber, it is roomy enough. The trigger is fixed, you don’t have to hold it all the time. Another bonus – the cord fits into the compartment in the cabinet. The only thing I have is that the nozzle compartment is very tightly inserted into the case. And the carrots make the white plastic stain a little bit. But the overall impression in no way spoils. I am happy with the product.

Savranskaya Alisa

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