Panasonic MK-GH1

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Panasonic MK-GH1 Specifications

Overall performance

Power200 W
Number of speeds5
Additional modesimpulse
Number of nozzles2
AttachmentsWhisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body materialplastic


The button to disconnect the nozzleshave
Protective lid on the bowlno
Power cord length1.7 m

Panasonic MK-GH1 reviews

Advantages:The mixer is just like a mixer
Disadvantages:Inconvenient speed change (horizontal)
The disadvantages:Used once a week to make mostly muffins. It worked for exactly one year after the warranty expired… It never smoked or fell, it just stopped working and that’s it. Was in two shops, they did not take it to repair, said it was cheaper to buy a new. I’ll buy a Bosch or Polaris, but not Panasonic.

Lorina Lora

Disadvantages:I love cooking, I often bake, so I could not decide on the mixer for a long time. I bought a Panasonic and do not regret it. Works properly. Doesn’t make any noise, has multiple speeds. My last mixer burned out in two weeks. This one has been working for over half a year and everything is fine. Now our family has more joy with pastries. And all thanks to the new mixer.)

Grishaeva Tamara

Advantages:The powerful – you wouldn’t even say it’s only 200 watt, the whiskers are all-metal and the quality of the construction is top-notch.
Disadvantages:No mixer at all!!!
Disadvantages:After Scarlet, which smoked, smoked and eventually choked on mashed potatoes, I did not spare money on the mixer – and was completely satisfied.

Shaban Andrey

Advantages:Recently bought this mixer, actually strong for its 200W. The sound is smooth, nothing sparks or knocks. Moreover, the first speed is enough for normal beating with a whisk something medium-thick, for example, porridge. If you put it on maximum, the mush would fly out the window :). Hasn’t made meringue yet, but should be just as good as a blender. Small size, comfortable to hold, while the weight is normal, that is, the stuffing is not plastic, good ventilation, on 4 sides, stickers have not seen such quality for a long time. Those where the name, address of the manufacturer and so on. Sturdy, all-metal nozzles, good build, a real Panasonic factory, even though in China. Although the instructions recommend to take care of the dishes, the walls of the container with whiskers do not scratch, there are no sharp parts, all neatly made. Button that pushes out the nozzles, works easily, wire is normal length.
Disadvantages:No very low speed to gently start mixing in the flour, for example, as already written, the first speed feels like third or fourth. The speed switch walks hard, if you do on the weight, the pot in one hand, the mixer in the other, then turn off without taking out of the mixer, you may need a third hand, but it can be solved, the wire is long, you can put a container on the table, then the free hand switches everything without problems.
Disadvantages:I don’t know why, but it’s powerful (claims 200W), well-built, not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Worth the money. I like it, the drawbacks are ridiculous.

juredc juredc

Advantages:The mixer is amazing – it works like a beast, it has very high speed, everything is whipped just by the count of times. It is impossible not to notice that the whiskers are bigger than the usual ones, so that everything is mixed more intensively, cheerfully and cheerfully
Disadvantages:you put it on its heel and it starts to rotate around its axis, the wire somehow turns it around, I put it on a towel now
Disadvantages:I like this model very much – it has such a peppy action, it runs so dashingly, it’s a pleasure to use, and the device is not so big, and the controls are nice to use

Kuzmina Olga

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