Moulinex YG230/231

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features Mo
    inex YG230/231

Overall performance

The principle of operationConstant heating
body materialplastic
The material of the jarsglass
Number of jars7, with a capacity of 150 ml
Displaythere is
Timerit has
Operating indicatorthere
The signal for the endsee
Automatic shutdownthere is


Further informationExpiration date marker on the lid

Mo reviews
    inex YG230/231

Advantages:Quality, design
Disadvantages:No disadvantages detected
Disadvantages:Makes great yogurt

Makarova Marina

Advantages:Easy to control.
Disadvantages:The main drawback is the temperature mode. Heats to 47 degrees.
Disadvantages:Many people measure the temperature of heating, but has anyone ever wondered how much beneficial bacteria remains in the resulting product? I use Mo
    inex YG230/231 four years, yogurt, sour cream, ryazhenka, tastes better than store-bought, but it is not clear how useful they are. Question why manufacturers don’t write temperature rating? Certificates of conformity show that the product is electrically safe and electromagnetically compatible.

Boris Krepak

Advantages:Easy to use, no frills, good quality for the money
Disadvantages:Not detected
Disadvantages:I have been using this yogurt maker for about 7 years and it works all the time, yes the buttons are worn out, sometimes the trigger falls down, but it works and works very well, we make yogurt not for 8 hours or even 6 hours as written in the manual, 4 hours and it turns out delicious… We use our own yogurt for sourdough, sometimes we use shop-made yogurt, a lot depends on the milk, we use milk “Domik v derevne 3,2%”, about overheating, nothing like that was not observed.


Disadvantages:It overheats too much in temperature, bifidocultures die
Disadvantages:Beautiful but useless thing, t.k. Doesn’t do the job. It overheats too much. We made yogurt 10 times, it turned out only the first time, the rest – it heats over 60 C.

Alexandrov George

Advantages:I’ve been using this yogurt machine for 4 months now and it consistently delivers a very good, homogeneous, tasty product, I make not only yogurt but a lot of fermented milk, yogurt dairy, cottage cheese, etc.d. I was immediately attracted to this model because there are ready-made jars that can be tightly sealed and can be taken anywhere with you, and the cooking system is automatic – everything is clear and simple. I use Bakzdrav dried starter, I take Prostokvashino or “House in the village” milk, but it is fattier. I am very happy with the equipment!

The user has withheld their information

Advantages:Homemade yogurt, sour cream, ryazhenka
Disadvantages:Unfortunately, it overheats
Disadvantages:Disadvantages: I’ve been using the yogurt maker for over a year, I won’t write about the benefits of homemade yogurts, the most important thing in the preparation of healthy drink is to respect the temperature, many sourdough can not overheat, and the yogurt maker overheats, I have to adapt to this problem and deal with improvised means.

Gordon Yana

Disadvantages:It overheats too much.
Disadvantages:Yogurt maker overheats very strongly. Temperature is over 55 degrees, which is unacceptable. It’s not a yogurt maker, it’s a sourdough maker. Even placing cardboard and towels on the bottom of the bowl does not help. What’s more, under a towel, the bottom of the yogurt maker heats up to the point where your hand can’t tolerate. With prolonged use, it will simply burn out eventually.

User deleted

Advantages:In use for several years now. I made yogurt with store-bought and dried starter (lactoferm and evitalia). In both cases, the results are excellent. Now planning to buy my mom, I will buy exactly the same.
Disadvantages:I did not find any disadvantages.

Poplenkina Kristina

Advantages:satisfied with everything!
Disadvantages:Been using YG230 for 1.5 years. No complaints. I take 100gr of sourdough per liter of pasteurized milk or a cup of classic yogurt “activia” or “bomax” (I don’t use cream or powdered milk) time 8-9 hours. Add sugar or berries before use! Very tasty!

Lilikina Olesya

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