Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-BR-R

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Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W Specifications-

General specifications

Freezing chamberfrom below
Color / Cover Materialbrown / plastic/metal
The controlelectronic
Power consumptionClass A+
Inverter type of compressorYes
Number of compressors1
RefrigerantR600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras5
Number of doors5
Overall dimensions (WxHxV)65x70x182.1 cm


Freshness zoneis, dry and wet
Defrosting of the freezing chamberNo Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamberNo Frost
Autonomous cold storageup to 12 hours
Mode “Vacation”there’s
DisplayOpen door – light and sound
Additional featuresSuper-cooling, super-freezing, temperature indication


Total volume381 l
Refrigerating chamber volume304 l
Freezing chamber volume57 l
Zero chamber volume20 l

Other features and functions

Antibacterial coatingThere’s
Child protectionit is
Ice generatorincluded
Shelf materialglass
Noise levelup to 37 dB
Climate classSN, T
Weight106 Kg

Reviews on Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-

Advantages:All modern “frills” including inverter type compressor. My husband said that it makes sense to take only this one now, it will last us the rest of our lives.As for the main features of the refrigerator, they are all. Dry and wet freshness zone, the food stays fresh in the cooled state for a long time, there are all the necessary indications and protection. Volume and arrangement of the shelves are optimum.
Disadvantages:I hope we didn’t invest in it for nothing, so far it looks like it.

Zykina Lydia

Advantages:Huge, roomy, stylish (very chic brown, metallic).
Disadvantages:Rather high cost of the product, not everyone can afford it.
Disadvantages:We purchased this refrigerator because of the large number of features. The purchase was very satisfied, I will say this, the presence of features such as “Vitamin Factory” which increases the shelf life of products with LED lighting, the presence of an ice maker, which produces pure ice. All the compartments of the refrigerator are separated from each other and equipped with temperature sensors. There is a sound and light signal if the door is open for more than 1 minute. A lot of large shelves, removable side tray. There is also a child protection. On the whole, the fridge looks stylish, expensive and rich.

Veronika Zhukova

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