LG MS-2343BAR microwave oven

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Features LG MS-2343BAR microwave oven

General characteristics

Internal volume23 l
Dimensions (WxHxD)48.5x28x38.5 cm
Diameter of the pan284 mm
Camera interiorenamel
Weight14 kg

Modes of operation

Lower grillNo
Microwave power800 W

Control panel

Type of controlelectronic
Displayit has


Defrost modesee
Automatic cookingavailable at
Automatic defrostavailable
Ability to put your recipes into memoryno
Programming the cooking processNo
Automatic temperature controlno
Extra programsRapid defrost function


Other features and functionsLighted camera, buzzer, child lock
Opening the doorhandle
Color of the casesilver

Reviews for LG MS-2343BAR microwave oven

Advantages:Design, works so far without problems, heats evenly and quickly compared to the previous one, does not warm dishes. Sound indication is nice. Quick start. I am satisfied with the purchased one
Disadvantages:1. External Handle 2. No timer 3. I would like the inside more, but I have not found a decent model by review, and of the stand alone everywhere flaws or design or mechanics 4. Feet are not rubberized, had to glue rubber bands
Disadvantages:This review is based on a comparison with my previous microwave oven. Before my previous microwave oven was Panasonic NN-GF560M. 1. Design is almost the same as LG except for the door handle 2. LG heats much better and doesn’t warm dishes, heating is even 3. Sound indication is almost the same 4. The size. LG’s interior area is decently smaller. There are dishes that don’t fit. It is difficult to call this a disadvantage. Initially understood this. 5. Who is used to the timer it will not be here, myself was disappointed it was very convenient 6. Gone are a bunch of buttons from the panel that were not used at all. 7. Quick start, it is much more convenient than poking a bunch of buttons to heat up a cup of tea After panasonic you will sigh. Normal heating and timer and everything else fades into the background Bottom line I recommend the purchase.

Belinsky Maxim

Advantages:Beautiful. Performs its function.
Disadvantages:Very unstable on the surface of the legs are not rubberized. The door with a backlash, maybe I was unlucky with this instance. Biggest disadvantage is the straight plug wire. This series has a convex surface on the back, plus a straight plug and it is impossible to put this miracle tightly against the wall.
Disadvantages:If you have an outlet is supposed to be right behind the microwave, not your option, will stand in the center of the table.

The user has withheld their information

Advantages:Design Functionality Minimum heating time 10 sec.
Disadvantages:Slides heavily on the table
Disadvantages:Great model in its segment, the touch buttons are very easy to press (and don’t trip accidentally). Minimum warm up time of 10 sec. – Very convenient if you have a small child. Quiet enough to work when heating. The only downside is the slippery feet, you either need to glue rubber bands or put some kind of rubber mat underneath


Advantages:Defrosts quickly, heats well, cooks deliciously.
Disadvantages:Child lock turned out to be unnecessary for me, but who knows, who knows)))
Disadvantages:According to the characteristics of microwave oven though not a high power, it is enough to cope with the declared tasks of cooking and heating food. And reliable. My old one failed after a couple of months of purchase. I’ve had this one for almost a year now and it works great

Nikita Smolyanov

Disadvantages:It has a nice handle, but the cord is a bit short. Can even heat for 10 seconds, which is very convenient, especially for a child. We have kids warming up on their own, take it out and don’t burn their fingers.

Anton Makarov

Advantages:Great volume of the oven, very stylish appearance, fast heating and defrosting, trouble free work for more than a year.
Disadvantages:Given that I use the microwave mainly for heating, I could have chosen a cheaper model, but the cheaper models are not as presentable appearance.

Krylov Nikita

Advantages:It’s a great stove for cooking and heating.

Olga Derzhavina

Disadvantages:On the downside, the noise when heating.
Drawbacks:I like that you can pause it while it’s cooking and warming up, which allows you to taste the dish for readiness. Tried several times to cook seems normal and the meat is well cooked. It heats quickly and thus economically.

Sergey Bakhvalov

Advantages:Large volume, high-quality and stable operation for 1 year already.
Disadvantages:Good volume oven with 800 watts of power, and a volume of 23 liters. Very attracted by the design of the oven, the quality workmanship and the price. But there are microwaves and cheaper, but this model was recommended to us.

Larisa Chupova

Advantages:Electronic control, lots of recipes.
Disadvantages:Great helper in the kitchen.Beautiful design, simple and easy to use.Reheats quickly and evenly, no crust remains on the food after defrosting!


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