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Specifications LG GA-B489 YEQZ

Overall performance

Freezer compartmentfrom below
Color / Cover Materialbeige / plastic/metal
Energy consumptionA++ class (237 kWh/year)
Inverter type compressoryes
Number of compressors1
RefrigerantR600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras2
Number of doors2
Overall dimensions (WxHxV)59.5×68.8×200 cm


Freshness zoneThere is
Defrosting of the freezing chamberNo Frost
Defrosting the refrigerator compartmentNo Frost
Mode “Vacation”there is
Freezing powerUp to 14 kg/day
Additional featuresSuper freezing, temperature display


Total volume360 l
Refrigerating chamber volume255 l
Freezer compartment capacity105 l

Other functions and features

Displaythere is
Childproofingthere is
Ice generatorno
Shelf materialglass
The possibility of hanging the doorsee
Noise levelUp to 40dB
Climate ClassSN, T
Weight86 kg

Reviews about LG GA-B489 YEQZ

Advantages:Works like clockwork, no quality complaints. Beautiful, matched our kitchen interior very well. Quiet (once slept two meters away from it – no discomfort). The noise makes periodically, but not too much, does not bother. No moving problems: I have to roll it away sometimes – I don’t unload anything from it, so I roll it away without any problems.
Disadvantages:No noise, everything is fine.
Disadvantages:I think that the price/quality is quite adequate. If I had to choose a refrigerator again, it is difficult to find competitors in quality and appearance, maybe only in a different price range.

Samarin Sergey

Advantages:Been running a couple of weeks.. All like it so far
Disadvantages:Have not found yet.. If only that the bottom drawer where the freshness zone does not extend fully if the door is not opened 180 degrees. But still have access.
Disadvantages:Handle is simple, not easy to open. But it is not a problem. Thought it would be noisy.. But it is really quiet.

Sorokin Vladislav

Advantages:I am satisfied with the fridge for now. All the pros are already listed.Big freezer. Design .Good lighting, folding glass shelf, hinged, separate areas for food, no frost,sound alarm when not closed tightly.87 kg weight has rear casters – empty is easy to mix.
Disadvantages:Not for small kitchens, as the door (it is oval) freezer (in the presence of shelves) must be opened completely and it needs more space (about 3cm from the wall) (not so beige, more white).The power cord comes from above and it is enough if the outlet is at the very bottom no further than 40 cm from it .Price and quality is good.
Disadvantages:Refrigerator stands in the room does not make more noise than my computer system unit, sleep is not disturbed( although there are refrigerators even quieter). The first day really made a sound like a small bumblebee got stuck and worked without turning off for hours.


Advantages:The name speaks for itself LG QUALITY!!!
Disadvantages:have not found.
Disadvantages:Good afternoon to all!!! I want to advise you only this online store, very responsive sellers prices are not great, I needed a fridge advised this refrigerator is very good, roomy, design is great, very large volume of both the refrigerator and freezer, due to the thin walls and doors. Very economical, and silent noiseless even at night whether it works or not. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one.

Vitaly Golovach

Advantages:Convenient, understandable, the shelves are solid, and in general the whole thing itself is so beautiful
Disadvantages:no flaws
Disadvantages:I am satisfied with my refrigerator, and first of all, it fulfills all the features provided by the manufacturer. The bottom shelf inside is the invention of the century)) Just kidding, but my previous refrigerator didn’t have one and if you knew how much trouble I was in. In the fridge compartment there is a drawer for fruits. Shelf pockets on the door (pretty much standard for many refrigerators). Nice backlighting. The freezer has 3 roomy drawers, no backlighting but I don`t need it somehow

Gulyaeva Paulina

Advantages:Silent, quite capacious, the energy consumes more than indicated, but not critical
Disadvantages:Quiet, roomy enough, energy eats more than indicated, but not critical

Osipov Alexey

Disadvantages:Broke right after the warranty expiration, but the warranty is separate for the fridge and compressor separately. The compressor was replaced under warranty. but all the same it was necessary to pay for repair, a call, diagnostics. After a month of use, the plastic freezer drawer collapsed. I ordered a new one from the office center and it was delivered very quickly and for only 1000r. After a few months, another plastic drawer from the freezer collapsed. The device does not make any noise when it is new, but after a short period of use it became as noisy as an old Soviet fridge, after replacing the compressor it makes the same noise.
Disadvantages:my fridge broke down as soon as the warranty expired. Called the wizard from the official service. turns out the official service in russia is one name. They just redirect orders to various other one-stop service centers that deal with all companies in a row. The repairman came in a week later. diagnosed and replaced the circuit board. took 9000r for repair. As a result the fridge didn’t work and doesn’t work any more. Continuing disassembly with the service. Repairmen don’t understand how to repair this miserable thing and what to do with it at all. Just change everything by poke and prod method.

Yuri Zubko

Advantages:Design Huge capacity No need to defrost (as it was with the old refrigerators)
Disadvantages:Light a bit dim
Disadvantages:I really like this fridge The copper color blends in perfectly with my kitchen. Enjoyed the capacity (you can put the largest pans on the shelves). The fridge is very quiet, sometimes you get the feeling that it has turned off at all.

Panteleimonov Georgiy

Disadvantages:Never once regretted that I bought this particular model. The refrigerator is good – freezes perfectly, functional and ergonomic. Appreciated the benefits of the No Frost system, defrosting everything became much easier and more convenient. Doesn’t make any noise or heat, runs quietly. Powerful. I like the display – clear and understandable, you can check the temperature in the freezer and in the fridge at any time. There is a lot of space inside the fridge and it has a lot of room to move around. I can not smell food in it, it usually smells nice and fresh. In general, the model is rarely thought out and successful

Zaitseva love

Advantages:Large and roomy. Fits perfectly into the interior. Zonal distribution for food storage very happy wife. Probably will buy another one of these for the country house soon.
Disadvantages:Beautiful fridge

Vidyakina Anastasia

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