Hansa BHGI63100018

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Specifications Hansa BHGI63100018

Overall performance

Type of panelgas hob
Dimensions (WxH)60 x 50 cm


Panel materialstainless steel
Total burners4
Gas burners4
Express burner1

Control panel

Disposition of the panelSide
Electric ignitionis, automatic


Gas burner controlThere is
ColorBurner panel is silver

Reviews for Hansa BHGI63100018

Advantages:-Price – gas control
Disadvantages:– The location of burners – gas regulation only in two positions – cheap materials handles and stainless steel panel – attachment to the table top
Disadvantages:It all started with the installation – the corner in the set comes with a “ruff”, so bought separately a corner with a socket. Stainless steel top panel does not fit snugly to the countertop, no matter how you fasten it. The small flame burns only if held for some time. Very shiny, I compare it to the stainless steel on the oven, though it too is a Hansa. The middle burners are on the second line, although in our case they are the most popular. The gas control is only in two positions. The hob is really for country houses or on loan.

Samofal Maxim

Advantages:Modern design
Disadvantages:The paint rubbed off the first “wash”, it takes a very long time to hold the igniter for the fire to come on
Disadvantages:Picked for price and design, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired… Almost all of the paint on the rotary switches erased after the first wash with detergent. Otherwise you can not wash out the grease! The hob was brand new, so very disappointing! I have nothing to compare it with, but I would not recommend it to anyone!

Kuptsova Vera

Advantages:Doesn’t look bad, works
Disadvantages:Hemorrhoids when installing
Disadvantages:The gas connection, as already written, rests on the countertop, you need to look for an angle fitting and not everyone will fit, you need a restrictive rim under the gaskets. Between the countertop and cooktop is laid a seal from the kit, a good idea if the attachment of the stove to the countertop was done differently, but so, self-tapping screws (yes, self-tapping screws without any embedding, directly into the metal case, instead of normal screws) twisted in the metal plate, not able to compress it and ruining the seating.

Smith John

Advantages:Price, appearance. There is an electric ignition and gas auto shut off at fading (I was surprised)
Disadvantages:Did not figure out the mount when installing
Disadvantages:After several years of using the old Idel stove, this cooktop is awesome, so my review will probably not be entirely objective. I think for the money it is a good model. In general, I do not understand what can be special in the hob, it is not an oven.

Muratov Damir

Advantages:Price, design, gas control
Disadvantages:Not very comfortable gas knobs
Disadvantages:Looking for a silver color hob, was attracted by the design and price. In principle, the model is not bad, burners are located conveniently, different sizes. The presence of gas control function, which makes it safe. Leaves a lot to be desired with adjustment knobs, no smooth gas adjustment.

Marchenko Konstantin

Advantages:Convenient location of the large burner, the location of knobs closer to the small burner too – they do not get hot. Auto ignition, gas control works. Light.
Disadvantages:The panel is flimsy, the handles are plastic also do not inspire confidence. The grills are not cast iron, crooked.
Disadvantages:I have not seen it in person before buying it. As a temporary option, you can take, but it’s better to pay more and buy normal at once. I regretted saving money.

Bearded Inusik

Advantages:Laconic design, comfortable location of gas knobs, easy removable grill, electric ignition, gas control, price
Disadvantages:Not a very accurate gas adjustment, marking (however, it is inherent in all appliances made of stainless steel and can be easily eliminated by regular cleaning)
Disadvantages:The only criticism is the gas adjustment. I didn’t find it very smooth, t.k. When you turn the knob gradually, the flame does not diminish or increase as smoothly. Roughly speaking the burner has a strong flame, a medium flame and a low flame. The largest burner has not so small flame, so that to put out on a low flame on it will not work (it may depend on the total pressure of gas in the system). But the other burners are doing fine. I’ll add a comment about the connection. According to the manufacturer’s idea, the gas hose to this panel connects to the connector (it is screwed to the panel). Gas fitters, who connected the panel, said that this connection is less reliable than the connection to the corner (sold in any plumbing store). As I understand the difference is that the hose is stretched to the nozzle and screwed into the corner. Ended up unscrewing the connector when connecting and replaced it with an angle. And did not have to sharpen anything. The main thing is that the angle was with the stop (inside the corner of the additional ring). In general, the purchase is very satisfied.

Petrenko Andrew

Advantages:Price, first of all, the quality of workmanship, completeness, ease of use.
Disadvantages:A peculiar nipple, some dirtiness.
Disadvantages:First of all, about the purpose and objectives of the purchase: the panel was chosen as a temporary option to install it in the Ikea countertop during the repair. That is: inexpensive, high quality and not pitiful at the same time. All of these requirements the product meets completely. The entire set is well assembled, the metal is solid, the surfaces don’t play. There was a suspicion that under the “borscht” would sag, but no – all in order. We were pleased with the light grids: they are sturdy, easy to remove and wash. The panel itself is a bit dull, but wiping in the evening and an innate desire for purity does not allow the dullness to develop. Do not believe those who say that the igniter lasts very long – nonsense. I would express myself more strongly, but the review will not pass moderation. Lights up in a second: three clicks of the piezo and the burner works; no need to wait a hundred thousand five hundred years, as some write. Apparently, these people have a special perception of time. The flame is easy to regulate, the handles are comfortable, and the designers did their money’s worth. Also, he who compiled the translation of the instructions in Russian did not work in vain – be sure to read, the man with a good sense of humor approached. Very easy to assemble, all the necessary things in the set are present. There is an adapter adapter for connection to a cylinder. But one thing is sure to please everyone: the fitting on the inlet. In my opinion it has too short a thread. The first tap was eliminated because of the lack of internal shoulder, in which the nozzle must rest, otherwise nothing will work. The storming of plumbing stores and the cherished branch at 1/2 under 90 with an inner shoulder already attached. Do you think it fits?? Nothing like this: again not enough threads and this despite the fact that the branch was taken with the smallest number of turns. Take a grinder or an emery to remove a couple of millimeters, so that the nipple certainly rested in the collar and the case in the bag. Also, the factory adjustment of the nozzles is a scope for creativity: everything works, works decently, but there is something to adjust. Karach, the hob is great, for the price of the hob there is nothing better to look for.

Ivanov Paul

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