Gorenje GI 52339 RW

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Gorenje GI 52339 RW characteristics

General features

Controlmechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer sound
Electric ignitionhob + oven
Type of ignitionautomatic
Clockit is
Dimensions (WxHxH)50x60x85 cm


Oven volume56 l
Grillis, gas
Gas controlled ovenit is
Number of oven door glassestwo
Oven Featuresbacklight


Work surfaceenamel
Cast iron gridsavailable
Number of burnersgas ovens: 4, fast heaters: 1
Cooking gas controlit is
Safety shut-offno
Control panel lockno


Cookware drawerthere is
Additional informationtrack levels: 5; removable guides

Reviews for Gorenje GI 52339 RW

Advantages:Design.Cast iron grids. Adjustable feet.Sufficient and necessary quantity of pans.Removable oven rails.
Disadvantages:Can’t tell what the temperature is in the oven.
Disadvantages:After the Soviet stove, you have to learn how to turn on gas burners with the gas -control function.Get used to it.The burner in the oven is in the center (the old burner was located on the side).Maybe that’s why the food to be baked gets a little too dry. Carefully read the instructions.Select the desired mode.

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Advantages:There are a lot of advantages! Cast-iron grills, backlighting! Easy to remove the glass lid of the hob, also easy to remove the oven door for example for washing in the bathroom! Very nice! The brass details are very decorative! Gas control is a great thing! I put marshmallows or tomatoes in the oven to dry and go about my business. It dries quietly for about eight or ten hours. Roomy drawer at the bottom for storing trays. My stove is five years old. It bakes just awesomely! There is no better, more convenient stove! Only need to carefully study the instructions first! Just found out myself that the oven door is easy to remove for washing ))))
Disadvantages:Handles of course warm up, brass ones after all))) On the rings of the knobs over the years the temperature markings have worn off. After a year the oven seal on top broke (I unsuccessfully turned on the grill to full and closed the oven(((( My son-in-law found it on the Internet, bought it and installed it himself easily. The quality of baking was not at all affected by the seal! Well hangs and hangs a cord))))
Disadvantages:After five years, from a long drying of tomatoes in the oven, the faucet of the oven broke.((( The technician replaced the faucet, was very surprised at the failure, said that this happens after 10-15 years of operation! And that the stove is just the Porsche of other stoves! My friend has the same stove, the same age as mine. Works wonderfully, no mishaps. Well once a week there are only pies or cakes!)))) The stove is great! If you know how to read and your hands grow out of the right place, I can safely recommend this stove to cooking masters as an indispensable and handy assistant!

Galina Konstantinova

Advantages:The design in beige tones a la retro, cast iron grates and safety – that’s what I bought this model of stove for.
Disadvantages:Everything in this oven is great, except for the knobs on the burners. A few days after buying the stove they began to fly out of the grooves, and the oven knob was completely out of alignment. Almost every time you have to “put it back on” after turning on the burners. No temperature sensor in the oven, due to which I have to almost touch the temperature. The handles get very hot when the oven is in operation – you can’t grab them without oven mitts.
Disadvantages:I’ve been using it for over five years now, and it’s just about satisfactory. You have to be careful not to scratch the enamel. If the above disadvantages are not important, the stove is quite usable and copes with its main functions perfectly.

Nagorny Rodion

Advantages:design, fuses
Disadvantages:The oven modes do not correspond to reality, the handles are hot as hell when the oven is in operation – I have to use a tack to turn on the burners, the grill burns aki hellfire, it takes a very long time to turn on the oven
Disadvantages:I was won over by its design. But after a month of use we realized that the stove is still G. Or rather, as a stove-ok, but the oven is horrible. Either stays raw or goes to the coals. I tried to use the grill only once, but I dare not use it again – it burns after 30 seconds, even when the grill is at the lowest setting. And the whole stove gets really hot. Expensive, beautiful and useless

sn sv

Advantages:Beautiful, reliable
Disadvantages:Stove knobs get hot when oven is on
Disadvantages:Good stove. I used to think I couldn’t bake, but now voila!…Biscuits, meat, fish. And everything bakes great. The manual describes in detail what to bake at what temperature. Even the new dishes succeed the first time.

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Advantages:Beautiful and cast iron grates.
Disadvantages:No temperature sensor in the oven.
Disadvantages:The stove is very beautiful. The oven door is glass. Bottom drawer for dishes. Ectro ignition and gas control are very important to us, t.We have a young child and he is interested in everything. Cast iron grids that do not burn is also a big plus. We have had it for two years and it is as good as new.)) We are satisfied. Really bought cheaper of course.


    Disadvantages:Oven is horrible or burns or dries. Tried all the positions of the tray.. The handles get very hot when the oven is on. After 7 months the seal in the oven broke and hung down. Hanging on the cord. There is no sealing in the service centers.
    Disadvantages:The graduations that indicate the temperature in the oven in my opinion are not true.Actual temperature is less. Nothing outstanding about this stove for the money. Had a daco stove before, baked better in my opinion, just no breakage.

    Ludmila Gunina

    Advantages:Beautiful, with cast iron grate, gas grill, everything works, bakes wonderfully, very aesthetically pleasing, recommend to all
    Disadvantages:I have not found yet, and hopefully will not find))))
    Disadvantages:I have been using it since October 2012, I decided to write this article after reading some bad reviews.

    Timofeeva Galina

    Advantages:Design and gas control
    Disadvantages:Small oven depth. The oven takes a very long time to ignite. The handles of burners get VERY hot when the oven is on. After an hour you can burn yourself on them. I can imagine how they get hot when the grill is on.
    Disadvantages:It is not worth it to buy this model. Too big price for such shortcomings.

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    Advantages:A reliable brand, beautiful removable rails, removable inner glass oven door, double grate – easy to clean a set of trays
    Disadvantages:Unrealistically long to light the oven visually the oven door is not closed tightly, the gap at the top a little wider than the bottom. I don’t know if it’s mine or all of them. Find out before you give up the money.
    Disadvantages:I needed a beige stove, so I put up with the price (by the way, if you’re looking for a kitchen, you need to look at the live, very ambiguous color) I hope that I can cope with the nerves of starting the oven Water in the kettle boils a little longer than on the previous stove (13-year-old ARDO). Chicken baked well, everything according to instructions. After a few months of use the largest burner stopped lighting up, gas control worked. Called a technician, under warranty removed the malfunction, “jammed the thermocouple”, I think so. Now it works. And ignite all four burners, in my opinion, even faster than before.

    Lopasova Natalia

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