GEFEST 6500-03 0045

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GEFEST 6500-03 0045

General characteristics

Controlsmechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer
The ignition switchhob + oven
Type of ignitionautomatic
Clockthere is
Sizes (WxHxV)60x60x85 cm


Oven volume52 l
GrillThere is, rotisserie included
Gas control of the oventhere’s
Oven featuresBacklighting


Worktoptempered glass
Cast iron gridsit is
Number of burnersGas: 4, quick heat: 1
Gas burner controlit is
Safety switchno
Control panel lockno


Cookware drawerthere is

Reviews on the GEFEST 6500-03 0045

Advantages:Overall, the stove as a stove is good, bakes great in the oven (doesn’t burn), but ….
Disadvantages:More likely not a bad model, but the hands are crooked, who and where are they kitted out!, not to mention service. 1. The ignition switch on the two back burners failed before a year had passed. 2. Then there were problems with lighting the left rear burner from a piezo lighter (native died).You can light it with matches, but it certainly will not start working on the first try… 3. About the same time I started to screw up the motor of the electric spit. Once again, it occasionally spun forward and backward, but since some time it spins only in one direction or forward or backward (if you use the power button. 4. The handle for the rotisserie fell apart almost immediately (chipped edge). Fastened it with a clamp and glue, but now it is loose on the thread of the embrasure and the embrasure with the content can lose (fall down) at any moment. Found a way out of the situation – a thick tack. 5. The support (bracket) for the skewer that is near the oven door is such an inconvenient fixing thing that this same bracket can fall out of the slot at any time, for example, when you take the skewer out of the stove. And it is hot! And the stove is not 20 degrees.. and still have to manage to put it in these very slots on top of the oven. Not to mention the fact that the enamel on these grooves seem to be a little flaky …
Disadvantages:About the good and bad of the mechanism written, but I have to add the main thing. My stove was purchased a little over a year ago in Moscow. The warranty is 2 years, but where to fix it if not in Moscow is a problem. According to the warranty card there is a service center in Tver, too, but after contacting them, I found out that they do not service these stoves !!! I couldn’t find the coordinates of the manufacturer’s representative of this engineering marvel from Belarus in Russia… The store where it was purchased – has passed away, so you can not ask, and in general, there is no need to, if there is a warranty service! It does not!! That’s all there is to it…

Dima Putin

Advantages:I like it all! And the oven is great and the surface. Looks very nice. Washes just fine. Bought in December 2014, no complaints so far.

Romanova Julia

Advantages:Gas grill with rotating skewer, design and functionality unmatched in its price range.
Disadvantages:Have not found yet.
Disadvantages:We bought the stove to replace the Soviet one, which had been in use for over 28 years (and was working properly when it was disconnected), so we were pleasantly surprised by its functionality and design. I have no complaints about the hob, the cooking plates, oven, grill and timer work more than satisfactorily. If you were buying a second time, would buy a modification with an advanced electronic timer that allows you to turn off the flame at the end of the countdown.

Hubble John

Advantages:Glass – easy to clean, Italian burners, gas grill, gas control of everything, price compared to similar setups.
Disadvantages:Glass – you can see the dust and dirt (let’s say – the other side of the coin), the bottom drawer, or rather the attachment of the glass front of the drawer, the poor quality of drawing on the glass, old-fashioned gas control.
Disadvantages:Stove bought due to the complete absence of analogues in this price range, a similar set of features is only in the Kaiser, but the price tag is almost 3 times higher! In Bosch and Hans missing some features and reviews on them are negative, and again the price tag. The stove is very happy, everything works. The delivery set included a rack, a pan for frying and a baking tray (made of aluminum and inserted into the special. It came with a frying and baking tray (made of aluminum and set into a special indentation in the rack), a spit, a pan stand for small pans, a set of nozzles for liquefied gas, and adjustable plastic feet. Burners are Italian, give a steady blue flame (mains gas). Gas control is obsolete – the tubes (in modern stoves, it is electric, the connection of the electrovalve with a thermocouple with an ordinary wire), but it works effectively and very quickly. The ignition candles are ceramic and prone to destruction if rapidly cooled (say, if wiped with a wet rag without giving it a chance to cool), but on the other hand are sold in stores specializing in spare parts for gas equipment (a set of 4 pieces costs about 100 rubles). The oven is chic, large. Removable bottom wall – easy to clean. Graduation in degrees, like an electric stove. Spit starts spinning when light comes on. Lighting – two lamps, one on the left side wall, one on the back wall. Lower burner doesn’t give a golden crust on the chicken, but there is a grill for that. Quality of the print (picture) up close is not good. The glass facades are thin. The glass front of the lower shelf is glued to the shelf itself with hot melt glue. The shelf has no handle, there is a recess for your hand and you have to pull the glass itself, and it unpleasantly bends. The shelf itself is very large and convenient, on roller rails. The only disadvantage, even not the stove, but the color – the complete absence of brown glass hoods available in the price segment (well, at least not more expensive than the stove), Gefest hood for this stove (brown glass with a print like on the stove) in Russia practically do not sell. I recommend to buy for those who need a stove, not glamour.

Demidov Ivan

Advantages:Great design. The grids are separate (if something ran away on one, you can remove half of the grill and easily wipe it down without removing all the pans). The oven is very voluminous. The drawer is a godsend! I keep there pans and small pans, ladles. Plenty of room upstairs. I put two big frying pans and they don’t disturb each other. Gascontrol. The glass is easy to clean.
Disadvantages:Well, in the first three minutes after plugging in a sparkle broke on one of the burners. A jamb, of course, but for me survivable. Especially this is the smallest cooktop, and I don’t use it much. Maybe once a month and then by promise. The burners are on a stainless steel base and the rest of the surface is glass. So between this platform and the glass is a small gap of half a millimeter. I mean, you shouldn’t dirty the stove too much, because debris gets in that crack and it’s hard to wash it properly afterwards. But I solved the problem simply: every night I just wipe the stove, I do not let myself unravel, so to speak. But the stove is always clean and nice to cook. For me, this is not a minus, but just a little thing, but I think it is necessary to report it.
Disadvantages:I am very happy with the stove, despite the small bugs described above. In its price range, it’s great! I can’t get enough of the tempered glass surface! The only thing I miss is the lock buttons for setting the clock and timer. At home, a little kid 1, 5 years old and he is constantly poking these buttons. One time the timer went off at night, apparently my son set it for a long period of time. The timer beeps loudly enough, but not deafeningly, enough for me for a two-room apartment. I can’t say anything about baking, because I haven’t tried it yet, but the chicken, meat in a sleeve, and fish bake perfectly. For some people the presence of the lid is fundamental, to me, frankly, violet. My kitchen has an “apron” and the wall are cutting boards, so once a month to wipe the “apron” is not difficult for me. :-) My overall impression: I am satisfied. But I’m by nature a man that is demanding in moderation and the little things I can turn a blind eye. :-)

Maria Kondrashova

Advantages:Availability of gas grill. Availability of gas burner control sensors on the hob, oven, grill
Disadvantages:After a month the ignition switch of the gas grill broke (and it is the latest model of this company gas stoves), two weeks later the ignition switch of one of the burners. t.To connect myself, the service requires reconnection by specialists in gas appliances ( and this already costs money), and then do the repair. Called a gas fitter (450 p.). The tariff is their approval) Repaired under warranty, but after 3 weeks, the gas control sensor on one of the burners (the biggest and favorite) and it was not working, will call again.
Disadvantages:It turned out that the auto ignition switches on Gefest are the most common breaks. Otherwise well made and of high quality.

Universe Galaxy

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