Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

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Fornel characteristics
  • FEA 60 Duetto mw IX
  • General Specifications

    Ovenindependent electric
    Capacity44 l
    Energy consumptionclass A
    Dimensions (WxHxD)45.5 h 59.4 x 54.5 cm


    Heating modes11
    Microwave functionthere is
    GrillYes, electric
    Convectionthere is


    The switchesrotary
    TimerYes, with off


    oven doorHinged
    Number of door glassesThree
    Oven cleaningHydrolysis
    Other features and functionsBacklit camera, cooling fan, childproofing system, safety shutoff
    ClockIt is electronic
    Color of the bodysilver


    Additional infoRemovable collapsible door, 3D heating; complete set: two grills (high and low), “plate” for the grill

    Fornel reviews
  • FEA 60 Duetto mw IX
  • Advantages:Microwave and oven in one box is convenient and saves space Bakes well Nice knobs (not touch buttons)
    Disadvantages:Expensive The autocooking programs are described very concisely in the manual
    Disadvantages:Two months, flight normal. Even complex dough comes out delicious. I have had the glass tray included; no problems with it – it is not cracked until now. I recommend the appliance.

    Topalov Veselin

    Advantages:Looking for an oven that will also have a microwave, but this model is optimal for us in all respects. It also has our longtime favorite grill with two grates and a hydrolysis cleaning feature.
    Disadvantages:It is a pleasure to use the oven, thanks to the touch screen is much easier to control the functions than with models that are not equipped with such a chip. I’m also happy with the presence of a timer, turn on the cooking and forget it until you hear the beep. Convenient.

    Ivan Bubnev

    Advantages:Great model, especially if you, like me, can find it in stores at a discount. Touch screen, low power consumption, microwave – for me it’s just a dream, not an oven. Plus, there’s convection, which I missed so much, and a grill, which I really love.
    Disadvantages:I have been using it for about a week and it has no flaws, I especially love the grilled food. Yummy!

    Danilevsky Kostya

    Disadvantages:Time cannot be reduced or increased during operation.


    Advantages:Pros on all fronts: quality, energy consumption, appearance, durability of surfaces
    Disadvantages:Very interesting solution to combine the microwave and oven in one, this immediately attracted. Don’t have to put the microwave separately, which means more space in the kitchen. The microwave itself works well – powerful enough. No drawbacks or defects I have not yet seen.

    Vadim Bolshakov

    Advantages:The touch control is very cool, it has a grill, generally a multifunctional thing. Appearance is cool. Easy to use, in short I bought it and was not disappointed!
    Disadvantages:Not even found!
    Disadvantages:My girlfriend also appreciated the purchase) she really liked to cook in this oven.

    Mukhanov Oleg

  • FEA 60 Duetto mw IX This oven is ideal for us, t.k. Installed in place of the failed. I decided not to save money and got the function of child protection and microwave.
  • Disadvantages:I do not see any disadvantages, I like it very much.
    Disadvantages:Despite the many functions, the oven is easy to use, I quickly figured it out. Cooking is a pleasure on it.

    Shustova Elena

    Advantages:Nothing anymore
    Disadvantages:Advantages: none Weaknesses: Chinese product. Had the misfortune to buy a gas cooktop – so one burner categorically refuses to burn,
    Disadvantages:Would not recommend it even to the enemy

    Victoria Yurievna

    Advantages:Great electric oven. We were looking for a dish drawer underneath that would not be too high. Of all the rich choice, we settled on it, because. previously bought a fornelli cooktop and are very happy with it. Price is not low, but it is not the biggest among the competitors. Looks very neat. We have understood the control rather quickly. Built-in microwave that can be used to heat several dishes at once (depending on the size). There is a simultaneous operation of the microwave and oven. Has a warming mode. It heats up very fast. It is a pleasure to cook. If you cook not pies on the griddle, but something else in a container and put it on the stand on the bottom rotating surface, everything will be browned or baked evenly.
    Disadvantages:None, just a warning – the turntable is glass.
    Disadvantages:The built-in microwave oven means that we can get rid of the microwave oven that usually sits on the table and allows us to have more workspace. Cooked everything possible on different modes. Have not used the defrost mode just once.

    Xpym Kramus

    Advantages:Great solution – combining the oven and microwave in one compact body. Saves space and money
    Disadvantages:The front panel gets dirty
    Disadvantages:Fornel model
  • – A normal, multifunctional oven with microwave. With top and bottom heating, grill, microwave and a bunch of modes. Meat, baking – everything cooks great. The menu is not convoluted, for the constant operation in the mode “warm up plate in the microwave” is very convenient. Furniture doesn’t warm in any mode, front glass is cold. Not to be confused with models from Samsung and others that are basically just microwaves with a grill. This cabinet does everything right :) Of the disadvantages – the glass front panel gets dirty, wipe often. The built-in clock is bright and in night mode, so it’s off. I think that’s it. Very happy with the oven.
  • Gryzunov Egor

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