Fornelelli PGA 45 Fiero WH

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Features of Fornel
  • PGA 45 Fiero WH
  • Overall performance

    Type of panelgas cooktop
    Dimensions (WxH)45 x 51 cm
    Dimensions for installation (WxH)42.6 x 45.5 cm


    Panel materialtempered glass
    A total of burners3
    Gas burners3
    Express burners1
    Triple crown gas burners1

    Control panel

    The location of the panelfront
    Electric ignitionThere are, automatic


    Gas control burnersthere is
    Cast iron gridsthere is
    ColorThe burner panels are white
    Additional infoAccessories: nozzles for liquid gas, adapter for WOK-pots

    Fornel reviews
  • PGA 45 Fiero WH
  • Advantages:Unusual appearance, large powerful burners, easy to care for, great price
    Disadvantages:Haven’t noticed yet
    Disadvantages:I have been using it for about two weeks now, no problems and I think it will continue to be, the stove looks trustworthy and all mechanisms work well

    Vodianova Vika

    Advantages:– On the burners is stamped Made in Italy. Just a glimmer of hope – metal handles – wok burner – rubber seals around the perimeter on the inside surface to keep liquids in. I haven’t seen gaskets like this on the other
    Disadvantages:– KETAY! The sticker on the inside buried hope – Price! For the same price you can get the European counterpart – Without plug. Although this is the case with everyone these days
    Disadvantages:Needed a small bachelor and light panel. Not much choice on these. This one seemed the cutest. Let’s see how it behaves. Maybe I will change my rating one way or the other UPD. The large burner whistles and smells like burnt rubber. Stink has been going on for a month and won’t go away. The cast iron is coarse and not lacquered – it is hard to turn pans on it. The middle cooktop has to be corrected often – it comes apart. On the plus side – a large burner is a beast. Boils everything instantly.


    Advantages:I really like the way it looks!!!
    Disadvantages:Certainly happy with not only the appearance of the panel, but also the features that it has. First, the installation is independent and among the burners there is one with a triple crown. Secondly, it is made of tempered glass and the control is located in the front. The grates are cast iron, also a big plus. Electric ignition is automatic. In general, when buying this hob it is impossible not to be satisfied, I think.

    Tamara Pajova

    Advantages:Excellent work surface cleaned easily appearance large burner is ideal for cooking pilaf)
    Disadvantages:have not yet been identified
    Disadvantages:I do not know how to install it properly? I have installed it on a rubber gasket, I doubt very much that it should stick out of the countertop, in my opinion it should be built completely flush!! Or am I wrong?

    Mockingbirds Vyacheslav

    Disadvantages:3 large burners, the grids are easy to remove and so on.o. the stove is easy to clean. Mechanism auto-ignition works without delay, the switches themselves are close to each other and quite large, but not inconvenient. Been using it for a week, love it. Appearance is attractive.

    Kasharina Lena

    Advantages:Very nice. Easy to clean – just wipe with a cloth or sponge. The burners are conveniently located – even three at the same time is convenient to use, dishes fit well on it. On the largest burner water boils very quickly.
    Disadvantages:If very picky – cast iron grates sometimes do not fit perfectly.
    Disadvantages:If you are not tall, note that the height of cast iron grates is quite large, respectively pots and pans will be higher than you may be used to. With my height of 157 cm I still get used to it.

    The user has hidden his data

    Advantages:Beautiful Compact Functional
    Disadvantages:Pots and pans can easily tip over There seems to be no gas control The most sought after burner(medium) is far away
    Disadvantages:When I was redecorating I could hardly find anything in Moscow. Performs its functions, looks good, but there are disadvantages.

    Ilya Kleymenov

    Advantages:Very stylish design. Fits perfectly in a small kitchen. The HOB burner works as a welding machine.
    Disadvantages:Have not revealed yet
    Disadvantages:I had my doubts about the three burners, but practice has shown that more is not needed almost never. A great model. Made everything with no inaccuracies, nicks, etc.p. The strength of the glass has not yet tested.

    Sergey Makarov

    Advantages:Appearance, quality, convenience.
    Disadvantages:Did not notice
    Disadvantages:Everything works I ordered with the kitchen in the kit. Comfortable quality handles. Automatic ignition works well.

    Vadim Shutenko

    Advantages:I like that this stove has 3 burners and not 4 as often happens. Three is always more than enough for me. There is gas control – a plus to safety. Automatic electric ignition (after the old gas stove without auto ignition it feels like a plus).
    Disadvantages:Simple and nice gas stove, easy to cook on it.

    Albina Korchazhkina

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