Bosch TAT 6101/6103/6104/6108/61088

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Bosch TAT 6101/6103/6104/6108/61088 features

Technical Data

Power900 W
Number of compartments2
Number of toasts2
Type of controlMechanical
Adjusting the degree of fryingis, stepless
Toasting on one sideNo
Cancel buttonthere is
Defrosting functionthere is
Warming functionThere is
Thermo-insulated caseavailable


Automatic toast centeringis
“Toast Extra LiftThere is
Automatic rise of toastno
Plate for heating bunsis
Crumb traythere is
Case Materialplastic
Cable compartmentThere is
Overall dimensions (WxHxH)21.2×19 cm
More info6 degrees of frying, automatic shutdown in case of stuck toast

Reviews for Bosch TAT 6101/6103/6104/6108/61088

Advantages:Very happy with the toaster. We use it all the time.

Lyudmila Vitvitskaya

Advantages:Works very well

Olga Vorotnikova

Advantages:Simple, fulfills its function
Disadvantages:Appearance (not compact), a lot of crumbs
Disadvantages:Toaster works at 100� We use it every day, it is not too loud, on the contrary even being in the other room, you can hear the readiness, there are a lot of crumbs, I think the tray should be cleaned more often) one must get used to the work mode, when re-loading, bread is toasted more, in the same mode, we use it more than a year, only positive emotions)

Vasiliy Evgeniev

Advantages:Unfortunately or fortunately there’s not much to compare it with, Chinese toasters don’t count. But I use it for about three years, and it works (ugh, ugh, ugh) not a single shadow has not burned (as it was on the Chinese toasters), the bread is still frying as it did the first time. So reliability is probably the biggest plus.
Disadvantages:Very noisy. When the frying process finishes, the bread pops out with such a rattle that at first we shuddered, but then we got used to it and did not pay attention to it anymore, although the guests sometimes pinch themselves :))) And it is probably not very convenient to wash it, though there is a tray for crumbs, inside them all the same a lot is accumulated. I didn’t wash it myself, my wife does it. Also, I don’t think it’s too deep. Or we make bread like this?
Disadvantages:In general, a good model, as already said to compare, except for cheap Chinese devices with nothing, I expected that after a year and a half, the unit will die, but it proved to be worthy and works up to now. We toast bread every morning in two batches (4 pieces), in the evening and during the day we almost never use it. In general, the unit is satisfied with its duties copes with excellent!


    Advantages:Does a great job with its functions
    Disadvantages:A little big.
    Disadvantages:The toaster is great, we use it every day. The only thing is that I removed the top rack, I do not need it. Bread cooks evenly, has a few heating and drying modes that is very convenient. The only thing is that it is very big. Takes up a lot of space on the work surface.

    Denezhko Anastasia

    Advantages:Has been working properly for 3 years with no complaints. Fries evenly Each step corresponds to the degree of frying, even on the last one (6ka) does not give out coals
    Disadvantages:It has been working properly for 3 years without problems. Often have to pull out the bread with a fork, but this is due to the fact that we use small slices of bread; not stressful. In general, this affects all toasters. The purchase was well worth it.


    Advantages:No advantages noticed.
    Disadvantages:Rounded shapes take up too much space. It has to be turned on at full power for the toasts to brown a little. Toast lowering mechanism is not reliable. Due to the fact that it has to move in an arc uses a lot of hinge joints, over time the connections loosen, there is a backlash and the mechanism just clicks. Repairs extend the life of the toaster for a month at most..

    Pinchuk Vladimir

    Advantages:+ Nice look + Deep and wide grooves – fits any piece of bread + easy to clean
    Disadvantages:The disadvantages are the size, but in fact it is not very big – just because of its semi-circular shape, it is a couple of inches longer than normal brick toasters.
    Disadvantages:Not the most powerful toaster, but it is felt only with very thick black bread. I practically don’t eat this kind of food, so the range is good enough for me, I don’t turn it up to the max. Overall a very solid model that is a pleasure to use. Makes my mornings kinder :)

    User suppressed his data

    Advantages:I like it all, the bombastic toaster, someone wrote that it is very noisy, nonsense it all. We are very happy with the purchase, we get delicious crispy toast, we use it every day)

    The user has withheld their information

    Advantages:Easy to use
    Disadvantages:Small crumb tray, snaps off very loudly
    Disadvantages:We bought this model 28.10.16, we use every morning, snaps off of course, very loud, but you can get used to it. No other complaints, my boys are satisfied.

    chebotayev andrey

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