Bosch HBN231E4

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Bosch HBN231E4 specifications

Common features

Ovenelectric independent
Volume67 l
Power ConsumptionClass A, power connection 2.80 kW
Size (WxHG)59.5 h 59.5 x 54.8 cm


Heating modes6
Grillavailable at
Convectionit has


The timeravailable at


Oven doorhinged
Number of door windowstwo
Other features and functionsLighted interior, cooling fan, childproofing, safety shutoff
Clockit is electronic
Color of the bodysilver

Reviews for Bosch HBN231E4

Advantages:Looks nice, bakes well, reasonable price.
Disadvantages:Non-recessed knobs
Disadvantages:Recommended for purchase.

Kapakov Bulat

Advantages:Quality, reliable, beautiful oven. It bakes well, not hot, and what else do you need?. Beeping yes, but not critical.
Disadvantages:Made a lot of things, from chicken to pies. No flaws so far.
Disadvantages:You need to adjust to it, understanding what, how much and where comes with experience. You have to follow the instructions at first, it really helps to avoid some difficulties, but then it goes by itself after some trial and error. By the way I also have the 04, the handles are not push-in.

Prokhorova Marina

Advantages:How did I live without it before!!)) Uniform baking, intuitive controls, clock, timer.
Disadvantages:Its main function is excellent!!! Good value for money. Ease of use.


Advantages:Great for baking, cooks in it more than on the cooktop) Timer
Disadvantages:Childproofing is just a name) Probably would have been better in this case the recessed controls.
Disadvantages:Very happy with the oven itself, bakes great.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages:The oven works perfectly! Bakes evenly, has a clock, timer.

Makarenko Denis

Advantages:1. The usual plug that plugs into the socket 2. Yes there are really 3 glasses (the outer is practically not heated) and do not have to fear that the child will burn his hand. 3. Seems to be Bosch, seems to be reliable) 4. The timer is fine, turns off by pressing the button with a bell=) 5. Two trays (enameled steel and aluminum) + grid 6. After the oven is turned off, the cooling fan continues to work, means the oven lasts longer. 7. The furniture near the oven does not warm up 8. Generally an ordinary oven that performs its function=)
Disadvantages:Did not find any
Disadvantages:The aluminum baking tray is great for baking!

Dozhdov Alexey

Advantages:Concise, stylish, fits great.
Disadvantages:Kitchen installed but have not used it yet. Remodeling.))

Family Hotel Courchalet

Advantages:Good quality materials, large oven capacity. Recommend.
Disadvantages:Non-retractable handles – but it’s not even critical, less likely to break.
Disadvantages:This model Bosch HBN231E4 has four more Bosch HBN231E4 -01, -02, -03, -04. And unscrupulous sellers do not specify it, fill in an incomplete description, mislead the buyer. I assume that this article means the knobs are recessed or not, maybe something else. We have the gift code -04 on the case, if completely, then: Bosch HBN231E4-04 right there and it says so. Apparently the recessed knobs, which are written about in other reviews, are present in other articles -01, -02 or -03. I assume that different gift items are sold in different regions or even in different chain stores. And the oven is great.

Nesterov Alexander

Advantages:Heats evenly. Temperature seems to match the set temperature. There is a timer that automatically turns off. Electronic controls are handy. Bosh-there’s hope that it will last a long time. Two trays and a grid included – nice! Quality assembly.
Disadvantages:Auto shut off timer beeps for about 3 minutes after time has elapsed. How to make it so that it does not squeak – is not clear. Sometimes I want to put the oven on a timer and go to sleep, but I have to listen to the beeping of the oven after cooking is finished (or get up and turn it off). Short wire included – about 120 cm. I didn’t have enough length to plug the oven into the outlet. I had to change the wire, the good thing is easy access and I understand how to do it.

Bolgov Alexander

Advantages:Everything is perfect
Disadvantages:All my life I’ve cooked with gas, and I’ve always thought that electric stoves and ovens were inferior to the regular gas stove. That’s what I thought before I bought this model. It’s not inferior to the gas board, and in many ways even superior. I cook in it not so often, and as a rule I bake the meat. It bakes evenly and very quickly. What really struck me was the ease of cleaning the cabinet. Even if the grease dried up, even after a few days, it is instantly wiped with an ordinary damp cloth, without detergents. It comes with a rack and two trays (silver and black), wash as magically as the oven. In use the oven about half a year, I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend it!

Ignatieva Daria

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