Beurer KS 32

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Specifications Beurer KS 32

Overall performance

Weighing capacity5 kg
Accuracy of measurement1 g
Tarot CompensationIs
Consistent weighingIs
Measuring volume of liquidsno




The design of the containerbowl
Removable bowlthere is
Bowl volume3 l
Case materialplastic
Weight921 g

Reviews for Beurer KS 32

Advantages:Accuracy Convenience Versatility
Disadvantages:We almost don’t use the bowl (only for bulk products), but otherwise the scale is very handy and accurate. Fashionable to weigh both in a large plate and in a small one – the display is still visible.


Advantages:Comfortable Bowl
Disadvantages:They constantly glitch.
Disadvantages:Tired of taking the battery out and “tapping” all the time to turn it on. May be it’s faulty, but I was disappointed with the purchase. Looking for a new, these do not advise to take.

Demidov Andrey

Advantages:The scale works reliably and accurately. Haven’t changed the battery in a year. When giving a gift of this model – the gift will look more solid because of the big box. This model is recommended for those who would bake their own bread.
Disadvantages:I am not very comfortable that switching from grams to other units is very easy (press and hold for a few seconds) the only button. Have to return it sometimes. Plus, it confuses the wife. Quickly turn off. The time of weight indication is very small. Sometimes it’s not enough, especially when you need several ingredients to pour in and need a total weight.
Disadvantages:I don’t use a bowl, just pour it into a container, a ceramic bowl or a pot. The bowl is big, takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher, and is plastic. For everyday needs, we prefer glass bowls. Such large bowls are rarely used. That’s why the bowl is gathering dust on a far shelf for now.

Moiseev Ivan

Advantages:Quality, accuracy, versatility. It is seen that the plastic is expensive. Bigger numbers. I liked the scale very much. Weighing weight – up to 5 kg and not up to 3 kg. 3 years warranty! Germany.
Disadvantages:The only one – you can not always get the bowl, and the kitchen plate almost always covers the display so that you have to bend down to see the result. But you can’t do it any other way – but it’s compact.
The disadvantages:Great scale, I recommend it.

Semenov Alexey

Advantages:Quality Convenient storage Simplicity
Disadvantages:No measuring scale for liquids
Disadvantages:Handy scales for the kitchen, bought for my wife along with a bread machine

Alexey Mikhaylov

Advantages:– rubberized bottom of the bowl; – large readable font; – accuracy of each subsequent weighing of the same mass, almost no different from the previous one (max 1 mg).
Disadvantages:have not found yet!
Disadvantages:Great stuff. No unnecessary gadgets that no one uses anyway. Easily “surpassed” all sorts of tefal and other punt brands!!!!!!!

Pinkas Andrew

Advantages:The cup is big handy and if you turn the scale on when there is already a cup on it, oh they automatically minus its weight. A Fairy Tale!!I have a sieve from Ikea, so I sift flour into this bowl and look at the scale.
Disadvantages:Not detected yet.
Disadvantages:Bought specifically for the 930r. Thanks to them everything went right the first time


Advantages:Good quality plastic, easy to store (you can put the scale in the bowl or cover it with it), easy to use. Large comfortable bowl with a spout, the bowl does not slide on the table, t.k. Has a rubberized base.
Disadvantages:Not detected yet
Disadvantages:Summary – good stuff!

Natalya Shatokhina

Advantages:Was looking for a scale on which you can weigh both in a bowl and separately in any other container. The bowl is very handy, but there are times when you don’t need to use it. Can be stored separately and used separately
Disadvantages:After weighing, if you move the products in the bowl, the weight can change +-5 grams, but I’m not sure that this is a problem with this particular model.
Disadvantages:Good scale for this price category. You can use without a bowl. There is a weight in grams and funath. Measuring the volume of liquid, stated on all websites I have not yet found.

Scrabkova Maria

Advantages:Large cup, easy to use, accurate, stylish :)
Disadvantages:The battery was a little loose at the beginning, it needs to be pressed harder
Disadvantages:Great balance, I recommend it to everyone!

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